Identifying the Things That Are Hindering Your Life | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Identifying the Things That Are Hindering Your Life | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn reveals the things that may be hindering your life and how to overcome them. Learn valuable lessons from Bible heroes and discover the keys to living a focused and victorious life. Don’t let anything hold you back from achieving your purpose and potential!

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of God’s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of God’s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the world’s most needy.

All the parts of my life are moving to the same goal. Could be a million things, but it’s moving.
That doesn’t mean you can have a great time. You can relax, but it’s all part of glorifying them.
Take inventory.
You have to you look at your life and whatever is not sharp or focused, whatever is not consistent with your goal and you’re calling in god that’s dulling you, whether it’s a sin, whether it’s an attitude, whether it’s a distraction, whether it’s an idol, Whatever is not consistent, not one with a purpose that god has called you to, that’s dulling your edge.
And that’s making you less effective and weakening you. Get it out.
For in Samson, Going out with Delilah, not a good idea. It was not consistent with his calling.
Nor was drinking wine, nor was the net all that, actually almost nothing was consistent.
He would have been better off simply turning away from from the beginning.
Paul had such a high calling that many things would not be consistent because it was so so high.
But I believe god has given you a high calling. Sin, of course, takes away.
Sin, of course, makes you waiver.
But, also, there may be other things that might not be called sin, but they’re not god’s will for Paul or for you could be wasting your your time, wasting your energy, wasting your your your focus distracting you, and the enemy uses it.
Paul had to turn away from what was not god’s best, because he’s focused.
John the Baptist, here’s another another focused person.
He could have settled in a comfortable life. In Jerusalem, he was a priest.
He had a lot of privileges he could have had, but he didn’t. It wasn’t his calling.
He had to put aside everything everything else to focus on god’s best his god’s calling for his life.
What else do you have to take out, turn away, put out?
Whatever is not clear or out of focus. Whatever is not clear, that’s not in focus.
If there’s something in your life that’s not clear, in other words, If there’s something in your life that is questionable, that it’s not really god’s will.
It’s questionable. It’s not clear. Get it out.
You can never be clear if you’re dealing if you have unclear things in your life. Focus.
Whatever is back and forth and back and forth. That wavering back and forth, you gotta get it out.
Get out the back so you only go forth. That’s what Paul is doing.
Whatever is compromised, it’s gonna it’s gonna take away your focus.
Whatever is a different direction from god than god gave you, you gotta get it out.
That you only have one direction. Now you can do a lot of things with that one direction.
You know, you may be a, you know, could be a businessman.
You could be, uh, you could be a a politician. It could be a million things.
As long as it’s god’s calling and it’s all for the purpose of god, not for something else.
There are many people who have sought out a ministry and they were pure and it was focused, but then they even though they’re doing the ministry, their thing became money or became something else, became power.
Whatever habits you have, if there’s a habit that’s not consistent with your calling, get it out because it’s dulling you.
So it’s all consistent that you get total whole 100%.
Whatever is not decided, and if there’s something you have to decide, you know, I have decided to follow Jesus.
Whether if it’s supporting you, that it’s not decided on something. In god, you have to decide it cut.
That’s decision. Make the decision once and for all. I’m ruling this out.
So I can be all out for god. Whatever is of doubt, wavering doubt, get it out.
You said, well, I don’t know.
We’ll we’ll go with what you believe And what you don’t what what you’re having a problem, give it to god, but go on what you believe.
And beyond reading yourself of these things and getting them out because they’re they’re hurting you.
You have to decide you’re not just gonna hang out here on this planet.
You’re not on you’re not here to hang out.
You’re not here to be comfortable even though it’s great when we are.
You’re not here to get by, survive, That’s living without aim.
You’re here to live with a purpose, a focus, a purpose, not enough to just be a focus.
You know, there are people who can be focused, and I think and they get things done because of that, but they may not be good.
You have to focus on what is of god. What is good?
Your goal, your focus can’t be selfish ambition.
God can use all sorts of things and he can lift you up, but that’s not your goal.
Your goal has to be to seek the kingdom of god first and his righteousness.
Your goal has to be lord, I’m here to glorify you with my life. That’s my calling.
Your goal is to fulfill your calling.
You are to be a focused sharp vessel of god that can accomplish a lot that can cut through a lot.
And your life will be doubly good because it’s, you know, it’s one thing to be good and to do god.
You’re a nice person. That’s all good, but it’s another thing to be focused in that.
You’re gonna be even greater. The one who’s focused in love, focused with intentional. They’re gonna do more.
They’re gonna do more in god. You know, organizations have mission statements, statement of purpose.
How about making a a mission statement for your life? Why are you here? What’s my mission in life?
What is it? Because you gotta know it. You can’t have focus without knowing what your mission is.
Knowing what your goal is. Here is my goal. Here’s why here’s my big goal. Here’s why I’m on earth.
Then here’s how I’m going to go there. Here’s how and so once you do that, it puts all things.
That doesn’t mean you can’t have you can’t do other things. You can be single. You can be married.
You can be a million things, but this is what it all has to be.
Everything in my life has to line up with that if it doesn’t, it’s out. What’s the purpose?
What are you called to do? Put it down. Get a piece of paper. Make it real.
Make it clear. It’ll make things clearer. A focused life.
Because a focused life like a focused blade everything comes together in it.
So what it means is it’ll bring all these things in your life to the one purpose.
Everything in your life will be unified because it’s not all over the place. It’s for a purpose.
You do all things for god’s glory. Everything you have, my abilities, my reputation, and everything.
I use it for him. That’s what I want. All in line.
The Olympic runner has to bring every part of his or her life into the aim of victory, and that’s for something that’s just an earthly thing that fades very quickly.
Paul says we have something so much greater. He said as they aside self control.
He says, I wanna, in my life, every day, I get everything into submission to this.
All the parts of my life are moving to the same goal. Could be a million things, but it’s moving.
That doesn’t mean you can have a great time. You can relax, but it’s all part of glorifying god.
It’s all part of it. If an if a champion is if somebody is running the Olympics, they can’t stay up all night eating junk food.
And run the race and win. Same way. You can’t be having spiritual junk food all the time.
You have it in your life and expect to win.
You gotta put everything in your life Is it is it serving the purpose?
It says, let us run the race with perseverance, put off the sin that so easily entangles you.
So run the race, you have to turn on the race.
You have to put away that which is not of the goal.
You have to be able to say no. Say no. There’s a holy no, number 1, to sin.
No to that temptation, no to that habit, no also to the distraction, no to what’s not your calling, You know, I get invitations all the time.
I can’t do them all, or else I’m not gonna do what god called me to do.
You know, they may some may be good.
They may may be good, but doesn’t mean that’s what I’m calling for.
I have to ask, is that god what you want me to do? People have their agendas.
They may have good agendas. They may have good events and all, but doesn’t mean it’s god’s will for me.
So I have to be able to say no So I could say yes to what god has as the calling of my life.
To live a focused life, I have to decide You have to decide that life is not gonna determine my course.
Circumstance is not gonna determine my course because if I I don’t have a if I don’t have a goal, then it’s then I’m gonna be just brushed away just back and forth by circumstance.
People are not gonna determine my goal unless it’s god talking through them. Only god.
And therefore, I’m not gonna live, and you’re not gonna live reacting to everything, reactively.
Because if you react if you react to everything, it means you don’t have a goal.
I mean, yes, there are things you gotta address. That’s not but but I’m gonna live you’re gonna live proactively.
Meaning, I’m gonna I’m I’m not gonna be just responding to the next event, the next problem, and and hoping things go I have a purpose.
I’ve got a mission. I’m moving ahead. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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