How To Pray In The Will Of God – Radio Classic – Dr. Charles Stanley – How To Talk To God Vol 2 Pt 2

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In this illuminating message, Dr. Stanley explains that we don’t have to wring our hands and wonder what the Lord is up to. God promises to show us how to pray His will for every situation we face. All we have to do is wait and trust Him.
This message is Part 2 of the series: How to Talk With God – Volume 2

Today’s Word

We all face dreams and obstacles that seem too big for us, but God has all the power in the world. The key is our faith. God works through our faith. If you believe little, you’ll receive little. If you think small and talk small, you’ll get stuck where you are.

The Scripture talks about different levels of faith. In Matthew 8, the disciples were in a boat with Jesus when a huge storm arose and the waves swept over the boat. They woke Jesus up and cried out, “We’re about to die!” He responded, “Why do you have such little faith? You’ve seen the miracles I’ve done. You know I can do anything. Why are you still stuck at this low level of faith?” If you’re going to reach the fullness of your destiny, it’s not going to happen with weak faith, doubting faith, or average faith. It’s going to take great faith. The good news is, it’s in you, but you have to awaken your great faith. You have to dare to believe big, to take the limits off.

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