How to Maintain Your Righteous Stance – Episode 2

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How to Maintain Your Righteous Stance – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
You are counted righteous because of your faith in the lord Jesus Christ, you are not counted righteous because of your good works and your good deeds.
Now good works and good deeds will be born out of a person who have been made righteous because they believe in Jesus Christ, but the good works are not responsible for you being made righteous.
You are made righteous because of Jesus Christ, and out of that righteousness, you produce all type of wonderful things born out of love.
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This is your world.
So let’s I’ll make it a better place.
Oh, uh.
We wish you luck today.
We are changed.
Some of you think that god can’t use you anymore because of your past and your mess ups and stuff like that.
And he used 3 murderers in the Bible, and you don’t think he can use you.
Somebody said, say, what?
Yeah. He Moses, murderer, the apostle Paul murderer, David, Peeping Tom, and murderer.
So get over that and start focusing in on your identity.
I am the righteousness of god. I have been made righteous. I have not become righteous.
I didn’t do nothing to deserve righteousness. I believed in Jesus, and he made me righteous.
He made me righteous. I am righteous because of Jesus And as long as Jesus is alright, I am alright.
Let let me show you something in in the when the law was given, at the same time, if you look in Exodus that the law was given, This the, uh, sacrificial system was instituted where the lord said that we’re going to inter introduce the sacrificial sacrificial system, would you bring a sacrifice that’s acceptable?
And if that that that sacrifice is acceptable, then I will bless you because of the sacrifice.
Now those sacrifices could never take away sin, it could only cover sin.
He says, I bless you because of the sacrifice.
Which y’all medically knew when he gave the commandments.
He’s he said, I know that I’m gonna be able to keep them.
So that’s why I got to figure out a way where I can bless them.
Oh, my goodness. I’ll bless you because of the sacrifice.
So if the sacrifice presented, wasn’t not wasn’t alright, you ain’t gonna be alright.
So you gotta bring a sacrifice that’s that’s acceptable.
But for all of us, Jesus
is our sacrifice.
And, I mean, you know, he’s acceptable.
So if the sacrifice is alright, you are right.
If the sacrifice Alright. Yeah.
So if you go around thinking, oh, hey, righteous, no more, I’m gonna go to Jesus. You alright?
He said, yeah, I’m I’m still good. I’m and I’m thinking, well, what they doing? He’s still good.
We’re still good. I’m still good because he’s still good. He’s the acceptable sacrifice.
He died once and for all, praise God.
I am the righteousness of God today, tomorrow, when I’m up, when I’m down, I’m the righteousness of God.
As long as I am focused and still tied in to Jesus, I believe that him praise God He has made me righteous.
I received my righteousness. Are y’all are y’all getting this? I’m I’m Can you see?
I’m just drilling this in.
This is going to be your foundation for the year.
Look, the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world.
So they treated Jesus like the worst center.
Think about what he went through. They treated him like the worst center ever.
Wicked with a cat of 9 tails, nailed to a cross, spit on,
Then after all of that, he, who had never seen, went to the hail.
That was our hail to go to.
But he took our place and went to the hail that we were supposed to go through.
Ah, god. Why did he do that?
He was treated like the worst center ever my goodness.
So that you and I could be treated like the best righteous person.
Ever. He, who had never sinned and didn’t deserve the treatment, did it so that we who had sin and were made righteous and didn’t deserve the treatment of a righteous man?
That’s what it is. I will become the sinner.
Let them treat me like the worst sinner world so you can become the righteousness of god and be treated like the righteous
of the world.
Thank you, Susan. Alright. Thank you. Uh,
Okay. Maintaining your righteous stance. That’s what we’re talking about.
Now let’s look at Romans chapter 4 versus 1 through 8.
Let’s look at it again in the NLT. Romans 4, 1 through 8.
I didn’t get a chance to really get to this last week.
Got to part of it, but let’s look at the whole thing here. Are you seeing this?
It it’s it’s it’s people would get born again if they knew this.
But not they’re not getting this.
What they’re getting is all the rules you got to keep in order
to be born again. You
What are you talking about all the rules you have to keep? It was a gift.
Listen to me. If righteousness, if, uh, if the blessing is a result of your good works?
Watch this, then you should get the credit for it.
But if righteousness is a gift,
then Jesus should get the credit forward.
So now what we’re gonna see here is, what do you really think?
You really you really think you all at? So then you should get the credit for it.
But if it’s a gift, he should get the credit for it. Watch this.
They’re gonna talk about Abraham here, and this is awesome because in in the book of Genesis, The Bible says that Abraham Believe God in Genesis before Jesus, and heaven said, you’re righteous.
Before Abraham did any good and good at thing. Abraham believed god, and heaven said you’re righteous.
And then somebody said, oh, Abraham was perfect, oh, far from it.
Oh, dude, we can show some scriptures about Abraham, the coward, Abraham the liar, Abraham, oh my goodness, the fear person.
And god says, it’s too late.
I’ve already made him righteous So even when he lied about Sarah, being his wife, even when he was coward and was fed up for even when all of that stuff happened, he said I still got to treat him as righteous because I am showing a picture
of what is to come. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
And the old testament was all about shadows and pictures.
And that’s why you gotta learn how to
rightly divide between the old covenant and the new covenant because in the old testament, the Sabbath was a day.
And people still arguing about Do you worship god on Saturday or Sunday?
We worship on Thursday at 3.
That’s not even the issue.
The issue is that you’ve got to rightly divide and know that in the old covenant, it was a shadow and a sign of Jesus.
All of the shadows and the signs pointed to Jesus. Jesus even said, these scriptures here speak of me.
But in the New Testament, they talked about the Sabbath, and they made it plain. Plain.
He said that the Sabbath, the Sabbath is neat. It was a day But now the sabbath is is Jesus.
Jesus is your sabbath. Chloe, be to god. Jesus is your set, and you’re still wondering what day.
And we got whole denominations because we couldn’t figure out what day it was, because we didn’t rightly divide the work.
And, look, do you see that?
You see the stuff that has come because we don’t know how to read the Bible.
We don’t know how to rightly divide between what was true under the old covenant and what is true under the new covenant, and and we just you know, the righteousness under the old covenant meant you had to earn it.
You were righteous because you did something right.
But people were still dying because the law was perfect. It was flawless, and men couldn’t keep it.
And if you complain, you die because the wedges of sin was death.
But under this new covenant, Jesus said, alright. We see they can’t do it.
So I’m gonna be the champion. God come down in flesh glory to god.
And I’m gonna do what men can’t do, and not one jot a tittle of that word in the law will go to pass until I fulfill every bit of it So no nothing in creation will be able to say that Jesus didn’t do it all.
He did it all, and now through him, you get to live life You couldn’t live it perfectly, but he lived it perfectly.
Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Get used to this.
I’m gonna get bolder and lie and louder about this gospel of grace more than ever before.
Abraham was humanly speaking, the founder of the Jewish nation.
And here’s what he said. What did he discover about being made right with god?
If his good deeds had made him acceptable to god, he would have had something to boast about.
So if you believe that righteousness is a result of your good deeds, you have something to boast about.
And if you’re listening carefully, church folks are boasting.
They are
boasting about. What they do every day. They are boasting.
And at the same time, while they’re boasting, they’re condemning you and creating that sense of you know, uh, approval, addiction, and you’re now you’re working real hard to try to gain their approval, and they ain’t even doing half the stuff they’re telling you.
Might have did it one
time, and they make any singing like they do it every day. They don’t do it every day.
They sleep past past 9 o’clock all the time. They got a one time at 4 o’clock to pray.
And that’s the last time, but they got you thinking they get up every morning at 4 o’clock.
And now you can up every morning at 4 o’clock and feeling condemned if you don’t because they do that.
40 church people. They’re something else, boy.
But I’m a love you. I’m a love y’all way to heaven.
I know Jesus is coming back. That’s why I’m I’m stirred up because I know he I know
he he coming. He coming. Praise the lord. He coming.
So if you did good deeds, you got something to and and you made righteous because of your good deeds, you have something to boast about.
The pipe even said in the ephesians chapter 2, that there is no boasting. Why?
Because it’s a gift to god. Salvation is a gift to god. Therefore, there is no boasting.
So if you’re boasting, somehow, you think you’re responsible for the blessing and the righteousness that’s in your life.
He says, if these have made him susceptible to god, he would have had something to boast about, but that was not god’s way.
For the scripture tells us, Abraham believed god. It tells us in Genesis.
Abraham believed god and god counted him as righteous. Why? Because of all of his good deeds? No.
Because of his faith. When people work, I love this.
Their wages are not a gift. You work for that.
It’s not a gift when you worked.
The Bible says, but it was something that you have earned. So please understand. It’s not a gift.
It’s something that you’ve earned. If you if you came and tell me, I’m a do you a favor, but I’m a have to charge you It’s no longer a favor.
You are a hired hand now.
When people work when people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned.
But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work But because of their faith in god who forgives sinners, you are counted righteous because of your faith in the lord Jesus Christ, you are not counted righteous because of your good works and your good deeds.
Now good works and good deeds will be born out of a person who have been made righteous because they believe in Jesus Christ, but the good works are not responsible for you being made righteous.
You are made righteous because of Jesus Christ.
And out of that righteousness, you produce all type of wonderful things born out of love.
Any work that you do that’s not born out of love is a work that’s not acceptable by god.
So if you’re doing some good work so that people can, uh, you know, recognize you or praise you in church, but it’s not born out of love, it’s not accepted by god.
You’re keeping up with all of the little goody, goody works you do.
So when you get to the gate, you can roll your little toilet back toilet paper rolling back and say and they say, why should I let you through the gate?
You say, hey. Go look. Look at all there. Look at that. Look at that.
Look at that that toilet paper still rolling down there. Look at that. Look at that. Oh, my good works.
And then they closed the gate. And so what? What? What? What happened?
You still didn’t get it. You still didn’t get it.
You’re you’re you’re you’re in heaven bragging. We don’t wanna hear from one word.
Why should I let you in? Jesus? Come on in.
I have faith in Jesus. I trust in Jesus.
And people don’t get that to the point where re there are there are there are religions that have been started as enemies of the cross.
I’ve got a problem with Jesus because I don’t like the painting Michael Angelo did of Jesus.
Everybody know that ain’t Jesus put you. Everybody in the world, no. That ain’t Jesus.
I can’t even see Jesus walking around we long have that he curled up right before he left with rosy cheeks and make a that ain’t are you Have you read the description of Jesus and the work that he did and all the stuff that’s gonna, hey, man.
I know Jesus’ look.
Right. Right.
Well, but here’s the deal. I don’t care.
Hey, man.
I’m not moved by how he look. I moved by what he did. Yeah. Yeah.
I moved that he died for me.
That he was with a catalonic tear for me, that he was near to a cross for me, that he went to hell for me, that he got up from the grave for me, that he rose to be seated on the right hand of god.
The father outlined it for me, and that he is coming back again for me.
I don’t care what he looked like.
It’s because of what he did that’s exalted.
Instead of me trying to
look at what I’m gonna do. See, if I if I believe I’m the righteousness of god, then
out of that righteousness, behavior is gonna line up with it.
But when you’re behaving right, you come to church preaching make you feel bad.
Christian Post make you feel bad. It is amazing to me how Christian people love turning on one another.
Like you celebrate somebody’s fall.
Which indicates you don’t believe, even if they did fail, we forgive.
Quickly. We forgive quickly.
But now you start qualified who can fall and who can’t.
When all of us got a issue.
And for you to act like that is for you to believe you don’t have no issue.
You mean to tell me you got time to slack at somebody, so to slander somebody else’s fall?
Went in the booth in the back in the corner. Yep. Wilson, you remember him?
In the booth in the back, Geraldine, you remember him?
Mick Booth in the back in the corner in the dark, you got your own little stuff.
And your little stuff might not be somebody else’s stuff, but you got some stuff somewhere.
Wake up us better coffee. You are not a better roses.
You got some weeds in your yard somewhere too.
It’s amazing. It it is so amazing to me.
I sit and look at preachers who are supposed to be preaching Come on now.
Love in the gospel, and they they did they they did
baptist mama named it. They got their podcast because, hey, we’re gonna get paid now. Yep.
gonna get paid now. And you wouldn’t believe how Mandon has substituted as gods in the lives of a lot of Christian.
You still trying to get your bag instead of trying to get your salvation.
Well, I agree with that. Right.
It’s right.
Who do you think you are? Let us follow you home.
Let us shrink and get on your little show to say, right as right. Come on.
Right as right. Let me look at your computer and see where you been.
Stop it.
That’s why folks don’t want anything to do with y’all.
Because y’all too holier than thou, y’all gonna hold it, go share going around, trying to arrest everybody.
You need to turn around and handcuff yourself and rescue and where are the Christians?
Where are the Christian people. I tell you where they are.
They’re illiterate of the manuscript of life. They still don’t know how to read the Bible.
So what they’re doing? They’re making up their own right and wrong.
And they keep joining churches that tell them what they already know or what they think they already know.
Well, it wasn’t scripted time. I mean,
you can follow down whoever’s following the audition in.
You’re gonna if somebody’s gonna fall in this right behind you because you’re all gonna fall in
the ditch, the blind, leading the blind. And everybody in the ditch.
Do watch I pair you. You might go viral.
I’ve been going viral for 30 years. I don’t care. I am delivered from approval.
I don’t need nobody’s approval. I already got god’s approval.
That is the only approval I need.
Yeah. Oh.
Well, well, well, what? Well, what?
Just got baptized 2 hours ago.
And, Leo, look at me, lady.
People are kind of righteous, not because of their works, but because of their faith in god who forgives them.
Now now watch this. I’m saying I’ll let to set you up for this this this this next verse.
Here it goes. Are you ready?
I hope I did a good job to prepare you for what we’re about to read.
David also spoke of this.
When he described the happiness of those who are declared righteous, without working for it.
So here’s David, because David’s looking at this, and he’s like, What he was saying is, oh, y’all don’t know how blessed y’all are.
He said that wasn’t that wasn’t the same when when I did it.
For 7. He said, oh, what joy?
For those whose disobedience is forgiven and whose sins are put out of sight.
What joy for those whose re record the lord has cleared saying.
Believers, are you equipped for battle in these last days?
Our minds are the battlefield and arena of our faith.
In the five part series, how to maintain your righteous stance, creflo dollar uncovers how we get the upper hand in this fight.
Start focusing in on your identity. I am the righteousness of god.
I am righteous because of Jesus, and as long as Jesus is alright, I am alright.
He’s the acceptable sacrifice He died once and for all, praise god.
I am the righteousness of god today, tomorrow, when I’m up, when I’m down, I’m the righteousness of god.
As long as I am focused is still tied in in Jesus, I believe in him, praise god.
He has made me righteous I received my righteous opinion.
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I opened my heart. I opened my mind. I opened myself up to god possibilities.
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Pray with me and just repeat after me, heavenly father. I believe that Jesus died for my sins.
I believe that Jesus was the payment for my sins, that he was the sin offering.
And I receive him as my peace offer.
Jesus, come into my heart, save me and today by faith, I receive you and declare that I am saved in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Well, if you prayed that prayer with me, I wanna welcome you to the kingdom of god.
Thank you, partners and friends.
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