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Forgive By Faith – Faith to Dominate Your World

Adam and Eve were designed to live on the level of their Creator. They walked and talked with God every day. God brought all the beasts of the field to Adam to see what he would call them. (Genesis 2:19). Adam never went to school to learn the names; he discerned the names from the Spirit of God. In Faith to Dominate Your World, Dr. Bill Winston teaches you how to receive revelation knowledge and operate in spiritual discernment to win every battle and to know the glorious future that God has for you.

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Off next, on the believer’s block of faith.
If you’re gonna live and you say offense is gonna come.
So I’m saying all of this now that if you’ve got, uh, all kinds of anger and all that.
You are not gonna stand before Jesus and Jesus ask you what did they do to you?
He is not gonna consider it. He goes, consider what did you do for them?
And what did you do?
Jesus is no longer coming down to our circumstances, where circumstances seem to be dominating.
But he’s now calling us up to actually a place where we’ve been designed that we dominate circumstances.
Alright? So he’s not gonna just pet us anymore and say, well, what did they do to you?
He’s gonna say, get up and come on up here and let’s get something going. Alright?
Now, also, that he wants us to do things by the method of the spirit.
He wants us to have a spiritual process in what we do. This four d is new. Alright?
Because what we’re used to doing is thinking it out and then go work it out and so forth and so on.
It’s not the process anymore. The process now comes out of your spirit. And that’s where faith comes out.
And not one ounce of faith comes out of your mind. So your faith comes out of your spirit. No.
I want you to start using your Yeah.
Versus trying to manage your life with your mind. Got it?
Now, your mind does play a part because you’re not gonna walk on the street, but but your spirit is going to be the process that you’re gonna use to make things happen in your life.
Now, let’s look at this. A good man is found in Matthew’s gospel chapter 12 in verse 35.
NIV, ready, read, Alright.
Now a good man, I bring forth good things out of the good story up in it.
And evil man brings forth evil things out of the evil stored up in
it. Yep.
Or let’s see some good things stored up in somebody.
Here is Jesus going with the disciples for 3 years.
He’s sending him out now to get Matthew’s gospel chapter 10 in verse 7 and 8 and I want you Alright.
That’s enough. So now they’re going out to do good. Yeah. Because good has been sewn in them.
Yeah. Good.
Alright. Now, um, let’s look at another one, uh, Doctor Martin Luther King.
And so, Doctor Martin Luther King, is saying, Hey, wait a second. We’re not gonna have violence.
This is gonna be a non violent protest, which is legal, by the way. Yeah.
Alright? It is legal. And that’s what he’s gonna have.
So he’s got good in him, and good came out of him.
To the point that he changed the the law, the civil rights laws came in and so forth.
So I’m just saying to you, if you got something good in you, something good is gonna come out of you.
That’s right. You got it? That’s right. But an evil man out of the evil treads of the heart.
Now, evil. Don’t say treasures say deposit.
So something has been deposited in somebody that is evil. And now they’re gonna give it out.
Look at Hebrews, he boosts chapter 12 verse 15, ready read.
Now, you can see that a seed will bring a tree And the tree is bearing fruit.
And when this person speaks, it’s called the fruit of their lip.
Yeah. Come on.
And so as they speak and speak something that’s grown up, if it’s bitter, that it’s gonna make other folk bitter.
Bitter. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
See, your cousin go here, what you’re saying. And if they receive that fruit, they’re gonna think bitter. Yes.
And you’re gonna wonder where it came from.
And notice what these leaders did, they poisoned a whole nation.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. They poisoned a whole nation. They spoke evil.
Evil is something that’s contrary to the word of god. So they spoke it contrary.
Now here’s what happened to the leaders. Let me just get that first.
Looking for 37 of numbers chapter 14, and just look at that. Ready. Read.
See, they they died early.
Speaking evil. Leadership, they’re gonna be more harshly judged.
And I’m saying that the leadership, sometimes, of the African American community, is speaking evil. Yeah.
And they’re provoking, uh, rate, uh, racial racial tension and so forth in conflict when god doesn’t bless that.
That’s not what he blesses. I don’t care how you feel about it.
He said vengeance is mine. And these are Christians. I’m not talking about them.
I’m safe because they can guard themselves. But these are Christians. These are some churches.
And there’s got people because they spread it.
And now the congregation is mad.
Come on,
god. Because the devil’s getting them to bring a racial divide in the nation when that is not what it takes for god to bless you.
He can’t bless that. He can’t bless it.
He’s telling you and Martin Luther King said it, you got to love your enemies.
He said, god is the judge. He’ll make it right. What you gotta do is be right.
I’m on that. That’s true.
And I’m saying when you preach this, someone rejected and so forth, but you better watch yourself.
Cause if you’re a leader, that that a judgment is first gonna start in the house of god.
And I’m saying, ministers are preaching stuff that is causing division among a nation that god’s hand is on.
This nation has still set up more missionary than any and in the world.
Yes. That’s right. That’s right.
And I’m saying this that they they they they the high idea about is defiling the whole thing.
All the people got mad, and none of them made it into Cana. Not a one.
Only Joshua come on Yeah. And Caleb made it in. Everybody else die. That’s right. It’s a word. Right.
God is not putting up with that mess much longer. You gotta hear this.
This is one nation, what, under god? And god wants it that way.
Now, you gotta put the black people that thank god that we become some distance.
But when you do that, you kinda almost take a step back. You can’t do that.
Look what he says in Luke chapter. Do you believe the Bible? Yes. Luke chapter 17 verse 1.
This is talking to Christians. I know. I’m not talking about the somebody who’s not a Christian.
I’m talking about the Christian because the church’s supposed to lead the way. That’s right. Running read.
It’s impossible.
If you’re gonna live and you say offense is gonna come.
Yes. Yeah. That’s right. Thank you.
So I’m saying all of this now that if you got uh, all kinds of anger and all of that.
You are not gonna stand before Jesus and Jesus ask you what did they do to you?
He is not gonna consider it. He gonna consider what did you do for them? Now, what did you do?
Say amen. Amen. And this must be carried out now because that’s holding back the blessing. Yes, you are.
God wants to put you on time.
He can’t put you on top of that kind of attitude.
You know, Denzel Washington was in a movie, and a movie was called The Hurricane.
Here’s what he said. Hate put me in here in jail in prison.
But love’s gonna get me out. Alright?
So look at Joseph. Here’s your example. Joseph was threatened to be killed by his brothers.
Am I right? Then they sold him as a slave. Am I right about that?
Then he got down there with potiphar and started doing well, and Missus potiphar came him, and he rejected her.
Yeah. And then she told her lie on it. Yeah. Then they put him in prison. Yeah.
That’s called injustice. So he he suffered rejection from his family.
He suffered injustice from the place that he was employed, then he ended up in prison.
But he never got bitter.
I’m saying you’re gonna have to forgive them by faith.
I know you don’t wanna forgive her. You forgive him anyway. I’m gonna forgive him.
If that’s the last thing I’m gonna do, I’m gonna forgive her. I’m a forget.
You holding on to that, and that man walked out on me and these kids.
I know that was wrong, but you gotta forgive.
Because when you forget, you can be like that woman that had 2 kids about to be taken, and she went to the man of god and got a prophetic word.
And the next thing you know, she was a riches woman on the block. Yeah.
She was an oil bearer to swap because god could get it to her.
But bitterness puts up a shield.
And a lot of times, Black people saw better than you wanna hear nobody talk like this.
You better hear somebody talk like this.
Uh, you your Christianity is going in You’re gonna get up before Jesus and he I’m telling you you’re gonna bring up everything.
Come on.
You can’t do that. You gotta say, I’m gonna forgive him.
I don’t know how I’m a do it, but I’m a say start singing. I’m I’m a forgive him.
I’m a forgive him. Oh, you’re following what I’m saying. Now I know this is hard.
Some people, it’s hard to take, but if I don’t tell you this, then I’m not helping you.
That’s right. Yeah.
I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna make you rich. You forgive them people and watch god take you off.
Don’t reward you just for what the step that you made a faith. Say Amy. Alright.
Let me just finish in
here. Meditation.
Brings revelation that will cause your inheritance to come.
You’re after your inheritance. Yes. And revelation is what you need. You need that revelation.
Now here’s One of the things I did is I was These are called seeds of dominion.
Say seeds of dominion. Alright.
You cannot get to your destiny without having dominion.
Okay. Let me see what I’m let’s see what I make this out to be.
I was working for IBM.
I knew god was calling me to meet, to to ministry, but I just couldn’t lead.
Wondering money was sweet. And, uh, I had all my friends.
I’m saying, man, man, I you know? Yeah.
So I decided I gotta get out of here because this is starting to bother me. Yeah.
So then I heard a man preach on seed time and harvest. Mark chapter 10, verse 2930.
Let’s all read it together, please. Ready. Read. Uh.
But he shall receive a hundred gold back.
Now this time. Alright. And he goes back through them. So I took that put it in my spirit.
It grew up inside of me, and I had dominion over the forces that were trying to keep me there.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true.
Isn’t that powerful? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s say time for the shopping mall.
I said, god, how am I gonna get that shopping mall?
Now I gotta take dominion over it because it’s part of my inheritance. So I took shopping mall seed.
Yeah. God gave me Joshua 13 every place. Come on. The souls of your I have given you.
What am gonna do I need an airplane? I need some dominion seed.
So he gave me Ecclesiastes chapter 10 in verse 20. That that a bird of the air shall carry.
Now you see what I’m saying? I’m saying if you wanna get your inheritance, you need some seed.
Come on, darling. And you take that seed, and you meditate that seed, and that thing grows up inside of you, and nothing can stop you now.
Comes gives dominion. He is in law that mercy. His kingdom rules come on Oh.
Of wrong.
Say amen. Well, I’m preaching good tonight.
So I don’t care what it I don’t care what it is that you’re in need of.
It’s might be being blocked. I’m talking about blocked in terms of a relationship blocked in terms of your new job blocked in terms of your, uh, company taking off block, but you can unlock find yourself some seed.
Yeah. Yes, god.
So here they are going and they’re on the on the ship And Jesus said, let’s go to the other side.
Mark and chapter 4 and verse 35 through 41. So they thought out to the other side.
Now they go into the other side, all of a sudden here comes a storm. Jesus is asleep.
Now, while Jesus is asleep, I’m sure that bearing out water because this storm is too much for these experienced fishermen.
Amen. Amen. Then they cried out to Jesus dang. What don’t you care to whip out the dye?
He got up without saying anything to them. He’d spoke to the wind and see, it said peace be sealed.
And that was a great call. Why? Because of dominion. Yeah. Well, here is the seed.
Look at Psalm 89 and verse 9. And let’s read that together. Ready? Cream.
Now you
see that? Now how do you get that?
You get that from god. Now watch this.
I’m about to say something here that you got to hold on to.
I preached the other day on discernment. Yes. Discernment. Yes.
Now when This when the Syrian army was gonna attack Israel in 2nd King 6, What happened is a prophet told Israel which way the army was gonna attack And the king of the Syrian or whoever it was, the enemy, he thought somebody was telling Israel who was a traitor in his camp.
Yes. But they weren’t. God was telling them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now what is discernment?
Determined is a god given ability to have knowledge or facts that is beyond human ability.
Or human knowledge. It’s beyond it’s it’s spiritual Yes. Knowing.
Yeah. Yeah.
And so god I told you on Sunday, you can get the so developed and determined so you can walk up some stranger and almost know his name.
When I go down to Jamaica, something something hello there, preacher. Yeah. I said, uh, yeah.
How you doing? I said, you know me? No, sir. I said, have you ever seen me before? No, sir.
I said, how do you know I was a preacher? Well, I could see it. It’s all Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
You you know what I’m saying? I’m saying that same discernment goes deeper. Yeah.
Because Jesus said, Zackir, because he deserved it. I’m telling you Wow.
It says he knew what to do. He deserved it.
And god can show you that day there’s gonna be something coming your way.
And if you’ve got to absorb it, you can pull it off in the morning.
And so when it comes to a way, you got a seed of dominion.
You will never lose another fight.
Yes, sir.
I said you will never lose another fighter. In Jesus’ name.
So this will work for anything.
They ain’t done making a difference. Stock market worked for anything. Yes. Yeah. That’s it.
God, over in different countries, they’ve got different ways of doing this.
But it won’t reach the way god can do it.
Yeah. Yeah.
You’ve got something moving in India, astrologers.
And they advise the rich people and tell them what to you got over in, uh, some of the other country.
They try to imitate it because that’s Satan’s job. But remember, Daniel was ten times better.
They can’t reach you. Amen. Amen.
You we’re coming into a time that the church gonna know what to happen, what’s gonna happen before it happens.
I’m preaching good now.
You just take that what I got because you can go to sleep at night, put something in your spirit, and the Holy Spirit will start a search.
I mean, your Spirit will start a search, and the Holy Spirit will give in contact of what the wisdom is to solve that problem.
Yeah. And you wake up in the morning feeling good about it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And praise god.
I pray for discernment to come on your life in Jesus’ name.
That you’ll never be deceived again by the devil in Jesus’ name. Amen.
I pray for the spirit of discernment to rest upon you.
I pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest upon you that the eyes of your understanding will be enlighten us from this day 4th you’re gonna see things that people can’t see and go places that other people can’t go.
If you can see the impossible, the the invisible, you can do the impossible.
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In faith to dominate your world, you’ll learn how to receive revelation knowledge and operate in spiritual discernment.
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It’s a
lot of single parents, like myself, that’s doing everything by itself, and this actually is a big help.
Send these days and times, the way it is in this world today, it is very hard.
You know, and people doing what they can to take, what they have to make it.
Some of us are, like, swamped in bills and in in property taxes. And then, um, this is excellent.
Um, we appreciate the blessing.
Today, I am here because I would love to expand my record.
I have made several mistakes at a young age.
Me having my record experience will be the most powerful impact in my life because I plan on getting my CDL so I can get truck dropping.
I have a few
this little misdemeanor been holding me back.
I’ve been wanting to go to work like everybody else all my life, right? 30 years.
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The power that you are priceless.
And what we wanna do is to be able to unlock that power so that you can begin to ignite the vision the destiny that god has already preordained for you.
I believe god gives us all all something. My gift was this recipe.
When I became the 1st minority supplier for denny’s, how I did that was, I was re perseverance, and I believe that is very important.
And I’m here to let you know that anything that mine can conceive as we know can manifest through hard work, disadvantaged plates.
You’re gonna be 10 times better than the best that the world can produce. This is your seat.
The vision is when you see what inside versus what you see on the outside
and you chase it.
That god is a part of every area of my life and things that I do.
He wants to make sure you’re always on the right track.
You give god access to all your life, not just part of it.
When I came here, I felt the presence of god. It was so powerful.
When praise and worship started, I just felt the anointing.
And if you’re looking for change and you just wanna change your life, this is a place to come when they come to your
This is your date. Uh, no. No. This is your date.
This is your date.
Miss community need help. And a lot of people needs, uh, help with food, sweaters.
The economy has gotten so, uh, expensive. Even on, I’m on a, uh, social security.
And just to buy my food now, I’ve been going to Dollar stores and stuff like that.
This is a great blessing.
It it impacts me because I try I travel to I travel to work by bus.
So I come from one one end of the city to the other.
So it came it I catch to I ride 2 buses.
And I leave extremely early, and them being out here and handing out Uber and gas cars that really helps me
may god continue to bless everything that you do.
I mean, get a little emotional, but I wanna say thank you. Well, I just thank you so much.
From the bottom of my heart for coming to Detroit.
To help us heal the community.
Thank you. I am excited about what has occurred here today.
And I wanna thank you for the extremely, um, well trained volunteers that you sent to love on this community.
I can tell you that many people have told me what a blessing it is that you’ve done this.
Gas carts have been incredibly excellent lift cards and Uber cards, along with groceries and free clothing, not just any clothing, but brand new clothing for folks who would have otherwise not been able to even do it.
You don’t know what we’ve been through here.
But I feel extremely blessed, and I just wanna thank you.
Thank you, living word, Doctor Bill Winston, and Operation 10 City for what you’ve done for this
Remember, you need faith to get to your destiny.
So don’t forget to subscribe and click on the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of our videos.
This is Bill Winston. I love you and keep walking
by faith.

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