Call The Angels – Take It All Back Vol 2 | Dr. Bill Winston

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Call The Angels – Take It All Back Vol 2 | Dr. Bill Winston

We have a covenant obligation to take back everything—property and people—that the enemy has stolen. We see this in 1 Samuel, chapter 30, where the Amalekites have captured the wives and children of David and his men along with animals and much property. Then, the Lord instructs David, “Pursue them, for you will surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” In this dynamic, new series Take It All Back –Volume 2 by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover how you can recover all that the enemy has stolen from you—your health, family, finances, or whatever else belongs to you.

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Up next on the believer’s block of faith.
I’m telling you, your days of toiling to get customers.
Your days, come on, are tolling to get your needs met. Your days of tawling.
Sir, come on now, to get your children in school.
Your days of tolling are getting your bills paid off, uh, over.
How about what aboutism? And and, well, we’re gonna sprinkle.
Franco ain’t in the book. That’s right. That’s it. The Sprinkle is not in that book.
I I hate to disappoint you, but you need the water.
Look what he says in Matthew’s gospel and chapter 28 and look at verse 19.
Let’s put it up in the Amplify translation. Ready. Read.
Wait a minute.
Babatizing them. What? It didn’t say in the names.
That is not what that said. Into the name. There ain’t but one name.
The name is Jesus.
Sprinkling is not baptism. I’m preaching double.
Man, I’m I I got to tell you. I I don’t mean to disappoint you. Yeah.
But you need the water. Not only do you need the water, you need the water in his name because his name cuts off pharaoh from chasing Moses.
Some of that stuff in the family line is chasing you.
But if you can get that water and get it in his name. It’ll cut it off.
It’s it’s the right sex and unpopular.
You got different spirits, parasites, high vice, amorite, the parinsites are the spirits that keep you poor.
That’s the spirits that keep you poor. They they’re familiar spirits.
They try to jump from this family, from the mother to the siren, and from the child.
They they that that’s what they do. And people wonder why they can’t get ahead.
You need to cut that spirit off. Hit that water. Hit that water.
Say amen. And whatever ran in your family line won’t run-in there no more.
And the name of Jesus.
You look in that scripture and every time in the book of acts, which is a model for the church, every time they baptize, they baptize in one name.
You look at it, they did never say, use the formula.
I baptized you in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost. Now, I’m not saying you’re not saved.
I’m just saying get it right. I’m saying, when when you know you need that name, get that name.
Now I’m not coming against you or anything like that, and I’m trying to start some new doctor I’m just telling you what I had to get right Yes.
So that I could do right. I had to get some wealth.
Folks, uh, well, I’m I’m I’m I’m in my own eyes. I am a billionaire.
I I I’ve you you can try to talk me out of it if you want to, but pretty soon, it’s gonna manifest.
This is gonna be one of the wealthiest ministers in the world.
Same into that.
Now you can go out here and somebody talk about me in our lives. But it doesn’t make any difference.
See, I got to learn to love you even though somebody talks about me. And that’s alright.
You can talk about me because they talked about Jesus. They talked about the Apostle Paul.
They talked about oral Roberts. They talked about, uh-uh, uh, everybody.
And you can talk about me, but talk don’t bother me. Alright. Okay.
Uh, made me throw back that for a minute. Don’t do that, though. Alright.
Now So how about filling with the holy ghost? What they say? Well, that’s not for everybody.
Well, let’s look at the scriptures, acts chapter 19. Let’s look at the scriptures now.
Let’s see if that’s for everybody. Everybody. I said everybody.
Now only thing I’m trying to do is get you right so you won’t get left. Yes.
It is. Look what it says here. Ready. Read.
And in all these certain disciples.
He said, uh, have you received all of y’all’s testimony? Woah. Stop right there.
You mean you can be a believer and still not have the holy ghost? Yes, you can.
Oh, I believe Jesus. I gotta say, yes, you are. But god wants you filled with the power. Why?
He wants you to do maximum things in this earth. Isn’t that powerful?
How about the tide? Oh, it’s all kinds of stuff about the tide.
Well, we folks, let me tell you something about the title.
It is a privilege for you to be a title.
I said, it is a privilege. Listen here.
God said, if you tithe, he’ll open up the winners of heaven. Come on. Come on.
You know what that means? That means new ideas. New idea.
God can give you one idea. And by Christmas, you’ll be a billionaire.
He’d give you one ought to change into He said that he’ll rebuke the devourer.
Didn’t he say that? He said all nations are gonna call you 1. He’ll call you black.
They don’t call you blood. Look at that calling me blessed. Yes. Amen.
So I’m just saying, I want when you talk about tithes, think about I get to tithe.
Oh, I get to tithe.
And if you if you understand the time that faith in your time, you will never go broke another day in your life.
Now don’t think about miracles because miracles, they think in the church, the miracles have what?
Hey, passed away. They they’re gone, man. So good, man. They’re gone. You know what I mean?
But, no, they’re not gone. Yes. And you’re gonna be a church a part of a church that works miracles.
Folks, I believe it’s coming to time that anybody dead, you bring in living words.
They’re gonna have to get up. Alright. Okay.
Let’s let’s see where I am. Now the blessing. Now let’s let’s look at this. Let’s look at this.
The blessing of the lord brings wealth without what? Toiling for it.
So your days of struggling are over. Now watch this.
When this woman went to the prophet, did the prophet tell her what to do?
Did she go and do it? Did it work? No.
Did she toil to get it? No. No. The blessing brought it.
Alright? And it made her what? Rich. Rich.
That blessing made her what? Rich.
So it wasn’t it wasn’t her toiling, trying to think of something.
Now let me add to it because you might have cut it off right there.
Suppose this watch this, after she filled up the vessels, what did the man of god tell her to do?
Go sell. Go sell the oil. Pay your debt.
Watch this and live you and your family on the rest. Am I right about it?
So now wealth and riches are gonna be in my house.
That’s Psalm 112 and verse 3. Now, spiritual boundary.
See, once you get born again, your boundaries are reset.
So I’ve got new boundaries now, and they are spiritual. Are you with me?
Yes. So I got angels helping me. To do whatever I do.
So we were up at Madison Street before we moved to Forest Park, uh, uh, good sharu.
And so people were staying away by the 100.
And, So I said, lord, now we moved up there from Lake and Pulaskin,
put Lake and Pulaskin up on
the board. We moved up there from Lake and Pulaskin, And, Eric, Lake and Pulaski, we came there and half the people of whatever said,
we don’t feel like we we’re supposed to go.
We don’t wanna go across the Chicago line. I said, what?
Uh, now I’m thinking about people who could help me with the
Come on now.
With the light bill. But god don’t want me to think like that.
He wants me to think helping them with their light bill.
So what happened is that income.
So I’m trying to figure, how am I gonna make this 3000, uh, dollars among. Uh, Lord.
Man, so I’m I’m going to worry now because it’s gonna bring toil.
Now I’m trying to figure out a scheme. Come on, guys. No.
Now I gotta make my my problem is not money. It’s life.
I I’ve got the I’ve gotta get a revelation of god’s word.
And so next thing I know, God said, take this confession and begin to say it. Yes.
And as you say it, said each Sunday, with the congregation.
And I can’t remember all of what it says, but the people are lined up down the sidewalk of this location waiting on the next service.
Every service is packed. So we took upstairs. Downstairs was the laboratory. We took that.
So people were sitting downstairs. People were sitting in the main floor.
People sitting upstairs everywhere and waiting on the next surface while people outside lined up down the sidewalk.
Now who do you think brought them there? Amen. Okay.
Now why went ahead? Now look at Hebrews chapter 1 and verse 14. Come on. Yeah.
Ready read. Now, Dave’s spirit our ministering spirits sent forth to Minister for them, them who, us.
Why? Because they know if you’re in the world, Satan knows you got the mark.
I mean, you got god’s uh, god’s mark. You’ve got him, uh, on your you you belong to him.
Let me just say it like that. He knows that. So he’s not to stop you. Yeah. Same in.
So I need covenant enforcing agents. I I need angels to help me in this earth.
So angels for us, as believers, are in this sensible.
What does indispensable mean? Indispensable means you are not designed to do anything without it.
Come on, god. You are supposed to get angels. How do they work?
Look at Psalm 103 verse 20, ready, read, So if I get the word from god and I begin to speak in, then angels start going.
Same in. And they can go out and get people and wake them up and have a thought.
I think I’m going down to that living word place. I heard. And and watch it.
Lined up down the street waiting for the next just like little kids waiting for some candy or something.
I mean, they were lined up to the point that the commissioner of the village came to me to visit that Thursday, said, what reverend?
What you doing in here? I said, I’m feeding him. He said, what you’re feeding him?
I said some good food. He said, baby, I need to come myself.
He began to listen at my program every morning.
My point to you is is you, she did not go out to run around and get a lot of customers.
She didn’t have to. The blessing of the lord brings wealth.
And you your days of trying to get customers for your business are over.
Now, god will tell you what to do And when you do what god says you do, you not only get rich, but he said in Isaiah 4817, I am the lord thy god that the redeemer, uh, holy one of Israel, which teaches you to profit, and I’ll show you the way to go.
Loaded. All of that that she got was clear profit.
Folks, normally, you have to get something from somebody and you pay them for it and sell it of retail and get a little bit more money.
That means you got a middleman.
But god cuts out the middle man for I’m preaching, but you see it, amen.
Do you hear what I’m saying to you? This lady came one time.
She came down service and she was a member here.
Uh, she was from the Philippines somewhat, but they had a a farm, uh, a a, um, some kind of, what do you call it?
You call it a clinic, a medical clinic. And she said, she had people start coming to the clinic.
And she said, how did you find us here?
He said, that’s, oh, oh, I saw it in the yellow pages.
She said, I’m not we’re not in the yellow pages.
Oh, oh, that’s like, uh, I heard I heard it commercial on on radio. She said, we don’t advertise.
See, you listen. I’m not telling you not to do anything.
I’m telling you your days of tolling to get customers.
Your days, come on, of tolling to get your needs met. Your days of tolling.
Sir, come on now to get your children in school.
Your days of toiling are getting your bills paid off, uh, over. They are over.
The blessing of the lord makes you rich.
And add no I’m saying it makes no difference what it is.
Angels are now in this fincipal. Don’t think you’re supposed to do it without supernatural help.
Your borders are now natural. They’re not physical. They’re not mental. Your boundaries are now spiritual.
Angels will take you to places Angels will call sing to come to you.
Angel came to Daniel and gave him what was gonna happen.
And angel can show up as your house and ain’t come on now.
And look what it says up thought angels Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2.
Look at it that look just like people.
But god dropped them in the earth so that they can take care of his kids, say a myth.
So watch out. I’m just warning you right now. Angel’s about to be dropping down.
Do you hear what I’m saying?
That people lose things and lost their wallet or their pocketbook And so far, it the first thing god asked me, is it in the earth?
I said, yes, sir. He said, well, send somebody after In the name of Jesus, I commend that pocketbook to come back to me.
Now, set up.
I’m I’m not down with angels.
Let me tell you a little bit more. Oh, yeah. But first, let me go to John. John chapter 20.
John chapter 20. Are y’all getting to know my limits? Yes. What this thing is powerful? Yes.
I said it is powerful. Yes. Look what it says.
In John
20. Alright? Now this is Jesus. Jesus shows up. This is after his resurrection.
Walks to the wall. Oh. All the disciples there except 1. Thomas.
Ready Read.
Keep going.
Hold it right there.
So notice what he’s doing here. He’s proving to Thomas
that he
was the 1. Yes, sir. Notice what god did. He cleaned up Jesus’ body Yeah. Except for what?
The holes in his hand and the hole in his side. Now he left that there for verification.
Yes. Yes. But notice everything else was he raised that you couldn’t tell him from another man.
No no no stripes of the liqueur, no weps, no weps, no beatings, no nothing. None of that.
Notice how Jesus can clean your body out. Same in it.
No matter what’s happened to it, he can clean it up. I said he can clean up your body.
Can I keep going with this? Alright. Look at the next part, if you will. Ready.
Read. Watch this.
You see what I’m saying?
Yes, sir. He is saying, no. No. No. I don’t wanna come down and you see me physically.
That’ll set your faith back 20 years.
What you need to do is exercise your faith and just believe me that one day it’s gonna pop through.
And you’ll be able to see things and call things that be not, come on, as though they were.
You hear what I’m saying to you. No. He doesn’t want you to feel it.
He doesn’t want you to smelling. He doesn’t want any senses involved at all because he wanted clean.
You see, the enemy will try to come in and give you goosebumps.
One man said he was preaching under the anointing and the anointing stayed on him after he got done preaching, went home that night, and said that anointing was still on him.
He said, lord, he said, you’re gonna take this off of me, he said, that’s not me.
That that’s that duplicate. Anything you can feel, you gotta watch Come on now.
Platts are they that have not seen yet they believe.
And that’s what you’re gonna be in the name of Jesus because you’re coming to this church.
You’re gonna walk our faith and not by sight.
Hello, partners. This is Bill Winston.
I’m reaching out to you just letting you know I’m so thankful and so grateful. For your support.
I’m telling you whether it’s prayers or whether it’s actual provision.
I tell you, it’s been an absolute blessing to me. Look what we’ve done.
We’ve started here at very humble beginnings.
We came here with $200 and no place to stay with me and my family. But look what happened.
We transitioned through this lake in Pulaski where god began to bless and miracles began to take place.
We had no partners at that time. It was just us 4 and no more, you know.
And then we went on up to Forest Park and We started there and things just continued to grow and explode.
And, uh, then we bought a shopping mall and moved in there and things continued to grow.
And the partners start coming in and really supporting us in the things that we do. Now look at us.
We’re just global. We’re almost a billion people weekly that we’re reaching here with the gospel, and people are writing in with testimonies that are out standing.
You know, that’s what I want. I want the full circle of the word, meaning that it comes back to you in a form of a testimony.
I wanna encourage you, the Bible says that in Proverbs chapter 13 verse 20, he that walketh with the wise, She’ll be wise.
What does that mean? That means this that when you walk with me, not just work with me, walk with me when you support this ministry, Whichever way you do, then that same anointing that’s on the ministry on me begins to come on you.
That ministry for business, that ministry for decisions that a ministry for protection, that a ministry for longevity, and preservation, that that the the the the the benefit of of of of of increase and so for all of that is able to come on you.
And so what I want you to do is continue continue to support the ministry.
Take advantage of that anointing that is on me. It, uh, part of it’s for you as well.
And and so you don’t have to struggle to get it. It’s already there. Praise god.
And so as you For a take of this anointing, I’m expecting some testimony.
I’m expecting you to see the results of what can happen when god’s power comes on your life.
Thank you again for your support. Thank you for even just keeping us in your heart. Praise god.
Because that’s what happens with me. I wake up sometimes with partners in my heart. Thank you again.
This is Bill Winston saying on behalf of myself, my wife, and all the team here that make Bill Winston Ministries work.
God bless you and keep walking by faith.
Take it all back. Volume 2.
Today’s powerful message is available in its entirety on CD or MP3 on dd d or mp4.
To order this 4 part teaching, contact us at 180711932 7 or online at
In this dynamic series, take it all back volume 2. By Doctor.
Bill Winston, you will discover how you can recover all that the enemy has stolen from you, your health, family, finances, and everything else belongs to you.
I wanna ask you a question If you left this earth today, where would you go?
Glory to god, I got good news for you.
You can choose the Lulu, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be with them when I leave this earth, and I’m gonna live a long life Well, here’s what I want you to do.
To be certain, why don’t you pray this prayer with me? Dear lord, come into my heart.
I believe that you die for my sins, and you rose again, and now I believe in you.
Thank you, lord. For saving me in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Now, if you prayed that prayer, I want to send a to you. It’s called Born again.
It’s Spirit Phil. It’s talking about what your next steps are. Send for it today. I want to congratulate you.
You have just made decision, and now you know where you’re going. God bless you and walk by faith.
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