Five Conditions of a Worthy Walk – Episode 2

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Five Conditions of a Worthy Walk – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
When I think about his goodness, when I think about He saved me as messed up as I was.
When I think about how he delivered me, how crazy I was, when I think about He healed me, hallelujah, when I think about.
Hey, glory to god. Hell, closer to god.
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This is your world. So let’s vow to make it a better place.
Let every heart
You have tried it before.
You have tried living by the law.
And you have failed every time.
You have tried living by the law. You’ve tried doing everything right.
You’ve tried to have certain days without cussing. You try.
And you kept missing it, and you kept missing
it, and you kept missing it. And you might go 3 months.
It might go. Oh, yeah. But without Christ, The law will condemn you.
The law will shame you. The law will kill you if necessary.
But once you’re in Christ Jesus, not even seeing it can bring you back to darkness.
I apologize if you’re not up to the point where you can receive what I’m saying, but it’s the truth.
It’s taken me 42 years to realize that it’s in Jesus. It isn’t him I move.
It isn’t him I breathe. It isn’t him that I have my very being.
It is in him that the light of god’s glory has a lawyer in him.
And if you think that you will ever behave good enough, to deserve heaven without Jesus.
Then you own your way to hell.
This was never designed to be done without Jesus.
You can’t do this without Jesus. He tried that.
He tried to give you a set of rules,
set of rules over in
the old covenant, he tried that.
And a deal was a deal. Because sin was sinning.
And, you know, thousands of people died. Watch this. For complaining.
Didn’t have Jesus?
You know, we got Jesus because I don’t know what it is when Christian people continue to rely on a set of rules and regulations that they’re not keeping perfectly to qualify them to go to heaven.
You’re not even keeping perfectly the thing you’re using to condemn other people with.
You have to lie to yourself in order for it to work.
Oh my god.
Now you see how that can humble you?
That can humble you because somehow, you thought you was that important.
It can humble you to know I can’t even get where I’m trying to go without Jesus.
Well, I don’t want him to do it with Jesus because he’s white.
You better get rid of that? You better you better deal with that.
You ain’t never seen him before, so you need to hush him out, but you need you need to
get you better get rid of that.
I don’t know how long we got.
So I got to cry loud like a trumpet. I got to say it.
I got to risk you turning your back. I gotta risk you leaving the church.
I gotta risk you calling me a heretic.
I gotta wrist all of that for the sake of Christ and telling you that you are nothing without Jesus Hallelujah.
You can’t do nothing without us. You aren’t nothing without us. You can’t be cleaned without him.
There is no heaven without him.
And this might be your last Sunday, but I got I got a risk.
I got a risk.
Working hard, trying to be saved and and pin the eyes of people.
Instead of just believe in god and letting him transform me and letting my witness come through him.
And then when you ask me why I’m like I am, I have no choice, but to say, because of Jesus.
I I tried to do this before I found him.
I tried to do this before I understood his grace, and it weren’t working like this, but now the magnificence of the presence of the lord has been moving on the inside of me, and he’s been changing my heart, and he’s been changing my mind.
And and and and I have to submit to to what he’s done because I can’t believe nobody would do this can’t believe he will make me a raw hill before I was even formed into a fetus.
I can’t believe he gave me an inheritance before
I was one years old.
I can’t believe that he already got my place in heaven the day I got in him
and promised me that I would never be in darkness again. Please excuse me. But I
can’t take no credit for nothing. So when I get to heaven, you give me the crown of salvation
and you give me the crown of life.
I know that I, I can’t really deserve this It’s because I was in him, so I have no charge,
but to take all those crowns and cast them
at the feet of Jesus.
Colashians chapter 1, 12 through 14, says giving thanks unto the father which half past tent made us meet or able, he made us able to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in him in light.
Who has delivered us from the power of darkness?
All past tense and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear son,
all past tense, done, done it.
In whom we have redemption through the blood,
even the forgiveness of sins.
And then in 1st Peter chapter 2 versus 9 through 10, First Peter, chapter 2, verses 9 through 10.
Oh my goodness.
But you are a chosen you didn’t become you were chosen.
Oh, glory. You were chosen.
Oh, I need some furniture to kick.
I need to tap something.
You heard that, Basha, Cole. You were chosen. Say, I was chosen. Oh, man.
I didn’t volunteer. I was chosen, and I believed it.
You are a chosen you are a chosen generation.
You are I told you you were royal, a royal priest to it.
You are
an holy nation?
You are
a peculiar people.
That you should show forth. You should. See what he’s saying?
He mentions all of
what he did by grace.
And then he says, you should because everything I’ve done, you should show forth the praises of him.
Who called you. He said, you should praise him.
He said, you should pray. Well, I I’m tired right now. He said, but you should appraise it.
Now I don’t feel like her right now.
But you’re a chosen generation. You should praise him. I won’t do it right now.
You’re but you’re a royal priesthood. You should praise him. Now now right now, but you’re a holy nation.
You should praise him. No. Not now. You are peculiar people. You should praise him. Hey.
You should. Crazy. You should. You should.
You shot.
I don’t know if you’re gonna do it, but you should.
I don’t know if you feel like it, but you should.
I ain’t got time to be worried about what you think about me because I’m shouting, because I’m dancing, he has done too much for me.
I should praise him. Oh, I should I should.
Woah. Go rid of god. Oh, glory to god.
Whoo, glory to god. Sure.
You you don’t get it.
See, that’s why he wants you to grow and mature.
So your emotions won’t dictate to you what you should do.
He ain’t gonna make you. He says, show forth the praises.
And I know secret praise.
And I don’t cover praise. What he did, he did for everybody to seek.
What he did, he did for everybody to seek. Hallelujah.
And you’re trying to do some secret praise, some secret clap You don’t wanna nobody didn’t know that you can lift your hands up and praise the lord after everything.
After everything. He did.
You should Some of you won’t, but you should.
When I think about his goodness.
When I think about, he’s saved me as messed up as I want.
When I think about how he delivered me, how crazy I was, when I think about how he healed me, hallelujah, when I think about Gover to god.
Some of you.
You’ve been looking You’ve been looking for
a way out of darkness all your life.
And in one call, He called you out of darkness into the marvelous light.
So you can show for so that people look at you and say, you peculiar.
Why do you keep why
do you keep lifting up your hand? Why you keep praising them? Why you keep faking the lord?
They don’t they don’t understand.
That’s why you gotta ask god to deliver from approval addiction.
I’m in the light.
Not based on how behave,
but based on his grace and his mercy.
Thank you, Jesus.
And he figured, well, all I did was kinda
gave it all to you.
With no requirements, I’m just wanting you to take it.
And all I won’t. It’s your praise.
All I want. I ain’t asking for nothing except your You praise.
Major Royal. Wanna know where you do where you deserve that?
Chose you. Wanna know what you deserve that. Called you.
Made my mind up that, okay, how crazy you are.
Once you believe, I’m gonna adopt you into my family as my son.
That adoption is different in the spirit than it is in the natural.
Adoption in the in the spirit makes you exact duplicate of the original.
So everything god would do for Jesus.
Everything that god would do for Jesus.
He has to now do it for you who are in him.
He has called you out of darkness into the marvelous light verse 10, which in time past You were not even a people,
but are now the people of god.
How did you go from not being a people to now being a people of god.
What look what he said about those people. Which had not obtained mercy. That’s why you
would just adjust the
people. But now
you’ve obtained mercy.
If you are a believer, you are in the light and you walk where god is because you are in Christ, and he is in you.
Let me see if I can pull up my old English hat.
The word
cleanses in this verse, is in the present, active indicative verb tense in the original Greek.
What all that mean?
The present tense means that the blood is effective right now forever keeping us in the light.
This is because of our spirits that are in Christ completely holy and pre completely protected by the blood of Jesus, has forever, forever, forever separated us from sin.
The blood is effective right now. It’s keeping you in the light.
It’s keeping you in the light.
And any sin that you’re doing, is just the enemy trying to get you out of the light, but the blood ain’t letting you go.
So you do some crazy.
You think that’s reason to step away the blood, like, uh-uh. No. You ain’t never going back.
To darkness. Now you’ve been sinning, you’re gonna know you did, but you’re gonna also know that my blood continuously eternally, continuously, constantly, cleanses.
It’s like a drip of
water on a rock.
Just stay in that position.
And all the junk on it eventually be knocked off.
Just by you knowing, um, cleanse. Now now, what does that look like?
I got to paint this picture for you. What does that look like?
You seeing, and you know it. You sing. And you tell yourself, I’m cleanse.
God loves me. I’m still righteous. I’m still holy. I’m still in him.
The only thing that freaks out is your emotions.
You’re thinking, because just thinking still needs to be renewed over to where this needs to be.
But something interesting happens. There’s an awakening that takes place when you’re saying and you know you’re in Christ.
Slowly, but surely, and I don’t know so slowly. Sometimes it happens quickly.
When you sin and you know you’re in Christ,
it starts affecting your desire to let that happen again.
And you do it again, but you know when you’re in Christ and your identity starts taking over your behavior.
Who you are becomes stronger than what you do. And what happens?
I won’t do that no more.
I just cussed you out with every cussing word I love.
And then got home, and it just
it did something to me, because I’m
like, I’m I’m a Christian. I’m a Christian.
I’m in Christ. I don’t do that.
And that’s how god begins to wipe away that stuff.
And you’re so worried. Let me tell you what you’re doing. You have more confidence in your
ability to live a sinless life. Than in god’s ability to transform you out of it.
Because you do it through shame and condemnation and guilt.
And he does it. Through his amazing, awesome, continuous, love.
But you won’t get much change because religion teaches you.
You gotta do this in order for god to do that.
Religion has taught all of us You got to do something good in order to get god to do something good for you.
And anytime something comes up, there’s this how to thing in order to get god to do something.
We’re even teaching that, here are
the 5 ways to get favor. What it then it’s not a favor.
It’s something that you deserve because you work for it.
Favor, you bring nothing to
the table, except, I believe in Jesus.
How can Christians walk worthy of In creflo dollars, 4 part series, the worthy walk, he reveals how to keep Satan at bay and be seen as faultless.
What he wants you to do is recognize his work of grace and want to harmonize your life
in line with what he has done.
You walk where God is because you are in Christ and he is in you.
You are continuing forever cleansed because you’re in Jesus Christ and you are in the light and in the light, you can never be in darkness again.
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