Expansion On The Other Side | Joel Osteen

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Expansion On The Other Side | Joel Osteen

Have a new perspective. Yes. I had some bad breaks.
That’s why my business is down, but this is not how my story ends. I went through a loss.
It was painful, but I know weeping indoors for a night, but joy is coming in the morning.
But I had a lot of dysfunction going up.
Didn’t get off to a good start, but I know my latter days will be better than my former days.
Nothing that’s happened to you is a surprise to god.
He wouldn’t have allowed it if it was going to stop your purpose.
You may have gone through loss, things that are not fair, but what you need to fulfill your purpose is not in what you’ve lost.
It’s in what you have left. Take the hand you’ve been dealt and make the most of it.
First Samuel chapter 30, David and his men were living in the city of Ziglagg.
They’d been on a mission for several days.
When they were returning home, They noticed smoke billowing in the air from the direction of ziglag.
They picked up the pace, worried that something was wrong, and As they got closer, their worst fears came true.
And Malachi bandits had come in and raided the city.
They kidnapped all their wives and children, stole all their possessions, and burned down their houses.
It was the worst defeat that David had ever suffered Here, he was out doing the right thing, protecting god’s people, and his whole world fell apart.
The scripture says he and his men wept until they could not weep anymore.
If that wasn’t bad enough, David’s men were so upset. They started blaming David.
They talked about stoning him. Wasn’t fair that David was doing the right thing, but the wrong thing happened.
Wasn’t fair that his possessions were stolen? Family was taken.
His men were turning on him, but god doesn’t promise us that life will always be fair.
He doesn’t say if you do the right thing, the wrong thing will never happen.
Life happens to us all.
It’s what we do in these unfair times that determine whether we get stuck and let it sour the rest of our lives or whether we move forward and see god make it up to us.
David was at a critical point. He could have been bitter. God, I don’t understand it.
How could you let this happen?
If he would have stayed in a defeated mindset, this would be the last we hear of David.
But he understood this principle It wasn’t his fault that he got knocked down.
He had no control over that, but it was his responsibility to get back up.
He knew if he stayed in the ashes, reliving his defeat, feeling sorry for himself, it would keep him from his destiny.
And yes, he had a good explanation for why he was down.
Nobody would have disagreed if he had given up on his dreams.
Faded off into the sunset, but he didn’t let his explanation become his excuse.
I would have been a great king, but, man, we got attacked at Ziglag.
I would have left my mark, but these people did me wrong.
I would have been a hero of faith, but these unfair things happen to me.
You know, on the other side of that excuse is expansion. There’s a new level of your destiny.
Are you going to stick with the excuse, or are you going to see the expansion?
It depends on if you take responsibility and get back up when you get knocked down.
I know it wasn’t fair. I know they did you wrong. You don’t understand it.
Leave that all in god’s hands.
Just do your part, get your passion back, get your faith back, get your dreams back.
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