Enemy in the Escape Room | Joel Osteen

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Enemy in the Escape Room | Joel Osteen

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Jesus said in John 14, the prince of this world comes, and he has no power over me.
Now I’m not saying that you won’t have difficulties, things that are not fair.
The prince of this world will come. That’s the enemy.
But you can say like Jesus, he has no power over me. I know a secret. He’s already been defeated.
We didn’t defeat him. Jesus defeated him. Yeah. But because we belong to Christ, his victory is our victory.
Because he lives, we can live, because he rendered him powerless, we can walk in freedom.
Now to see this 3, you can’t have a defeated mindset. Joel, I’m under attack.
The enemy’s working overtime on me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
You know, the right attitude is the enemy has no power over me. He used to have power.
He used to have the keys to death and hell, But Jesus took away those keys. He lost his power.
His conqueror, our savior, gave us the keys. Now we have authority Now we can live in victory.
Instead of being under attack, when things come against us, you need to be on the attack.
Father, thank you that every force that’s trying to stop me has already been defeated.
I will not shrink back in fear letting a dead snake fool me.
I know you’ve already crushed his head.
I know you’ve already won the victory, so I will move forward knowing that you always caused me to try him.
When my father was in his forties, he had a dream one night.
He was in this room about 30 feet, about 30 feet.
And in one corner of the room was this very evil being, like Satan himself, upon a throne, And another corner was this man trying to get out of the room.
There was only one door, and my father was standing by that door watching all this take place.
The man wanted out so desperately, but he couldn’t move.
He was flailing his arms, like he was swimming, struggling the inch forward, but Satan just kept staring at him.
It was like this evil gaze was holding the man captain.
At one point in the dream, my father spoke up and said very forcefully, I will walk out of here in the name of Jesus.
Sate looked at him, tried to hold him with his gaze, but it had no effect.
My father opened the door and walked out.
He woke up, didn’t know what the dream meant, didn’t think much more about it.
But several months later, he went through one of the most difficult times of his life.
Been doing great, pastoring his church, happily married, but he suddenly felt overwhelmed by life.
Lost his passion, couldn’t sleep at night.
He sunk into a deep depression He told how when he woke up, he couldn’t wait till night came.
At night, he couldn’t wait till the morning.
He began to feel guilty about past mistakes this deep sense of shame and condemnation so much so that he closed his offices, thought he was having a nervous breakdown.
Came out of the blue. There was no warning. He was faithfully pastoring. Faithfully serving his church.
Then the bottom fell out. Being a believer doesn’t mean we won’t ever be attacked.
The prince of this world will come, but what I want you to see is he doesn’t determine your future.
Right. He doesn’t have the final say. Thoughts told my father that he would never minister again.
That he had a terminal illness, something incurable, and it would get worse and worse, fear gripped his heart.
One day while he was praying, he said, god, where are you? Why won’t you do something?
And suddenly, he remembered his dream. The scripture says, before you call, god will answer you.
Before he ever came under the attack, god gave him this dream.
It was as if god said, son, tell me what happened in the dream.
My father recalled how that one man couldn’t get out.
God said to my father, what did you do in the dream?
My father said, I walked out in the name of Jesus.
God says, son, you’re in that room right now. The enemy is fear. The enemy is torment.
The enemy is lies. The only way to get out is to walk out in my name.
Remind him of my victory. Sometimes we’re praying, god, when are you gonna do something?
Don’t you see that I’m under attack? God says, I’ve already done it.
I’ve already defeated every enemy that will try to stop you. Now you have to get on the attack.
You have to rise up and walk out of it. I hope you enjoyed watching this clip.
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