Claiming What’s Yours – Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching

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Claiming What’s Yours – Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching

Do you know about God’s amazing promises? Today, Joyce Meyer shares the good things Jesus has done for us and how you can receive His blessings, on this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life.

Joyce Meyer, one of the worldโ€™s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives. With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyceโ€™s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to lifeโ€™s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
The key to everything is found in god’s work.
I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that god can heal you everywhere you on 10317 through 18.
But from everlasting to everlasting, the large love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children.
With those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.
A covenant is an agreement between 2 parties, each party having privileges and responsibilities.
God has promised us so many blessings.
And what he’s asked us to do is to love and obey him.
Jesus said, if you love me, you will obey me.
I think that’s John 1415.
He did not say if you obey me, I will love you.
See, we read it wrong. We’re not buying god’s love through our obedience.
We’re not buying special favors with our obedience.
We love god first.
And the more you love god, the more you’re gonna obey him.
So if you’re having a problem with obedience, why don’t you just go study more about how much god loves you and fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love with god.
And the more you love him, the more you’re gonna have to do what’s right because you just can’t stand not to.
Amen? Instead of trying in the flesh to do things rights, just spend more time with god.
No. I had a covenant with god.
The, the earth had been flooded.
And when the flood subsided, God made a covenant with no un.
There were things that he asked Noah to do, and they all were dietary laws, which wouldn’t make any sense to us.
And he said, I will put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of this covenant.
And we still get to see that that rainbow. Okay?
But there are different strokes for different folks, as they say.
And Abraham comes along and god makes the covenant with him.
And the first thing he says to Abraham in Genesis 12, 1 through 3, the lord said to Abraham, go from your country, your people, and your father’s house to
the land that I will show you. Now why did he have to
get away from his family? Because they were all idol worshipers.
And I wanna tell you sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is get away from something.
Hey, man?
I’m gonna say that again.
Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is get away from something.
And so and he told Abraham, if you’ll do this, I will make of you a great nation Number 1.
Number 2, I will bless you. Number 3, I will make your name great.
Number 4, and you will be a blessing.
And number 5, I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you, I will curse.
I love every bit of that. Man, all he had to do was walk away from some wrong stuff.
And god said, I’m gonna bless you I’m gonna make your name famous.
I’m gonna I’m gonna you’re gonna be so blessed that you’re gonna be a blessing to everybody you get around, and everybody who bless you, I’m gonna bless them because they bless you.
Wow. That’s pretty good stuff. And then he said, we’re gonna make a covenant.
And that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do all those things I just read to you.
And he said, For you, I want you to obey my precepts.
And as a sign of this covenant, Every male has to be circumcised.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a rainbow than a circumcision.
How many of you could use a rainbow right now?
Well, I’m sorry. That may not be the way it goes.
And the circumcision is really just cutting away a flesh.
And it was a way of showing under the new covenant that god warned us to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.
Thank god. We don’t have to do what he had to do, although most male babies are circumcised because it’s healthy.
But the the the circumcision that we have is the circumcision of the heart.
Where we’re walking the spirit, not in the flesh.
But I just I thought that was pretty good, you know, that not everybody gets the same thing.
God saved us by his grace and gave us the Holy Spirit to help us walk in obedience to him.
We don’t even have to try to do it by ourselves.
He gives us all the help that we need.
We’re not perfect in our performance, but we can have a perfect heart toward god.
And that’s what god’s looking for.
The eyes of god roam to and fro across the earth looking for someone whose heart is perfect toward him in whom he might show himself strong.
And so a person with a perfect heart just, you want to do everything that god wants you to do so bad.
You can just hardly stand it.
And that desire to please god causes you to study, it causes you to pray, it causes you to wanna do everything that the word tells you to do.
And you don’t read the Bible out of obligation and you don’t spend time with god out of obligation and you don’t give out of obligation you do those things because you love God.
I remember I remember my brother saying to me one time many, many, many years ago, He said, why do you why do you give all that money to the church?
And I looked at him. I said, I’m not giving it to the church.
I’m giving it to god. It never one time occurred to me that I was giving it to the church or a person.
I always knew I was giving it to god in obedience to him.
And we need you need to realize that when you give, you’re not giving your money to a a man or a woman or a a person or a building.
You God’s putting it through their hands, but you’re giving it to God.
And I might even go so far as to say, if the person that you give it through, misuses it, that still won’t keep you from being blessed if you have in mind that you’re giving it to god.
So we’re not perfect in our performance.
But we can have a perfect heart toward god.
And the Holy Spirit through the word will help us be transformed into god’s image from glory to glory to glory.
We have been predestined to be transformed into the image of Christ.
Can I say something you may be the only Jesus your neighbor will ever see?
Now I am just in a pitiful shape here because I’m down to 11 minutes, and I haven’t even started my message.
So I have an 8 point message.
And here’s number 1.
I do this all the time. It’s pathetic.
So I’m just gonna tell you some of the blessings that are yours.
And tell to tell you that you need to start just pressing in a little bit and letting the devil know that you’re not gonna do without him.
Amen? First thing that god has given us is the forgiveness of our sins.
Now that is so amazingly wonderful.
It just gets me so excited when I think that he not only forgives our sins but he forgets them, forgets them, and and moves them as far as the east is from the west, which nobody can figure that out, but he forgets them.
And I I just saw in Isaiah 4325.
I’ve read that hundreds of times, but I never saw this.
It says, I, even I am, he who blocks out and cancels your transgressions for my own sake.
He doesn’t even do it for us.
He does it for himself. I might have to think on that some more, but, you know, it thrilled me because I’ve been teaching people for years now.
You don’t forgive other people for them. Do yourself a favor and forgive.
And then I run across this, and he says, for my own sake, God doesn’t want anything between us.
He doesn’t want anything between you and him.
He wants it to be good and clear and pure, and he wants you to be comfortable.
And there’s so many scriptures in the Bible that talk about the forgiveness of god.
But you know, one of the things I think that we make a mistake about is I don’t think we know how to receive.
I think we read some of this stuff and just don’t know how to receive.
So I want you just to take 30 seconds, and I want you to close your eyes and sit real quietly and inside in your heart, I want you just to think over and over, all of my sins are forgiven.
Go. Okay.
We’ll say that’s 30 seconds. Now It’s just a little trick I’m teaching you today.
I think if you use this at home, it’ll really be a blessing to you because I do think that we we’ve got this stuff in our head, but we don’t take time to just sit in the presence of god and receive it.
How many of you think I might be right?
Stay tuned for a candid conversation with Joyce.
Joyce, you just had an variance where you were not able to do everything that you wanted to do.
How about anything?
Fair enough to say. And we do have times like that in life that we we’re just whether it’s physically or for other reasons, not able to do what we really wanna do what we’re used to doing.
Um, you know, it may be because of age or an injury or just a situation of circumstance.
So we’re just gonna have a real good talk on. How do you deal with that?
Because it it’s not easy when the world seems to be going on And you’re kind of stopped for a little bit.
Well, you know, Ginger, everything really boils down to attitude. It’s like you can take an attitude.
This is gonna drive me crazy, or you can say, I’m gonna take this one day at a time and Yeah.
Just in case there’s people watching that don’t know what my situation was, just real quick.
I had a minor back surgery on April 24th, It’s supposed to be a 2 week recovery.
Got a blood clot clot at the surgery site. I had an all kinds of pain.
I had to go back in the next day and have a second surgery that did some damage to some of the nerves in my right leg.
So I was 2 weeks in my rehab hospital getting some strength back in my right leg.
When I went home, of course, it still wasn’t totally strong.
But it was getting a little bit better each day.
However, in the process of that, I fell and broke my left leg by the ankle. Yeah.
It’s so I really couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t walk on either lake.
And so I couldn’t, uh, I had where one of these big boots that come up to your knee.
And they told me they said, we have 3 colors, gray, gray, and gray.
So I said, well, I guess I’ll take the gray.
And, uh, so I really couldn’t I was having a hard time wearing my regular clothes and I I mean, it it was just
Well, you had a long time that you couldn’t put any weight on it. You couldn’t do it a long
time. Yeah. I was in a wheelchair for quite a while.
And then, of course, I know there are people who are in wheelchairs all the time. Mhmm.
And so I’m not saying that for pity’s sake, I’m just saying that it really put a halt on my life.
And it lasted. I’d say a total of I mean, I’m good now.
Still got a little pain in my foot, little weakness in my leg, but not much.
So I’m getting back to normal. I’m now obviously out doing things.
But, for almost 3 months, I said, I went to three places.
The chair, the recliner, the toilet, and the bed. And that literally Yeah. Was it.
That’s hard.
I did take advantage of the time and I wrote a good book called Don Overthinking which is not available yet.
So don’t call us an Aspart. It won’t be out for a couple of years.
But I couple of things.
1, I really, from the beginning, told the lord, I I want to do what I teach other people to do.
In situations like this. It was very important to me that I behave the way that I would tell somebody else to behave in that situation.
So right from the very beginning, I set myself to believe that all things work together for good to those who love god and are called according to his purpose.
And, I mean, I I didn’t get into the why.
I think people not that you can’t ask god why.
He doesn’t get mad if you ask him why, but usually all you do is confuse yourself because you don’t you don’t always get answers, or sometimes you think you got an answer, and then it turns out not to be the answer.
There are times when god will tell you why.
But I didn’t get into thinking, you know, did I do something wrong?
Because this that I open a door for the devil.
Now I did ask god if I did something that opened the door, please show me But I don’t believe in going on digging expeditions because you just get yourself in trouble doing that.
And I just decided I had to take it one day at a time and not you know, when you let your mind start going to, oh, man, 12 weeks.
I mean, they told me I’d have to wear in this 12 weeks.
I mean, I counted up how many days thought it was like, oh my gosh, that’s almost a 100 days.
What am I gonna do? And of course, we had to cancel some conferences, which I hate disappointing people and I hate not being able to do what
you wanted to do and felt called to do. Yeah.
What’s it to do? And Uh, it it was just it was a challenging situation, but I was so blessed.
My family pitched in and helped.
I mean, I really, for quite a while, couldn’t be by myself at all.
I had to have somebody with me 247 because I had to have help going to the bathroom and all kinds of stuff.
And so my family have 4 grown children, and, uh, daughter in laws and my husband, and they they actually took shifts, 4 hour shifts, and somebody with me all the time, and one of my daughters stayed with me all the time at night.
And then she didn’t stay during the day. And we have a lot of laughs.
I mean, I watched a lot of good movies. I read books.
I I refused to get into feeling sorry for myself.
It’s just all those things are so tempting, but they don’t do any good at all.
And I know there are people watching today that have much worse situations and what I’m talking about.
But attitude attitude attitude attitude, attitude, it really makes all the difference in the world.
So when when you really had that realization, I am not going to be able to do these things that I normally do, that I feel like God wanted me to do.
Uh, how did you begin to process that in a different way because it it is it’s a big change for anyone to go through that where from one day to the next?
Well, it’s all
Things are different now.
It’s all it’s all in your thinking. Your thinking is what develops your attitude.
And you know, I always say that when something changes, if you don’t like the change, the first thing you need to do is change your mind about the change.
Mhmm. Yeah. In other words, let’s just say that we make a decision here at work and, uh, not everybody likes it.
Well, it’s gonna happen anyway. And so they might as well change their mind about the change we’re making.
Mhmm. And then it can be pleasant for them.
But anything, you know, something changes on your job, whatever they move you to another office you don’t wanna be in.
Or Sure.
You know, there’s there’s all kinds of things that happen in our lives that we don’t like. Yeah.
But there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s something that’s out of your control.
Well, I couldn’t unbreak my leg.
And I couldn’t undo the, you know, the damage that had been done to my leg.
I had to give it time to heal and Yeah. Do the therapy and do the exercises.
And, you know, that’s not always fun because doesn’t feel good. And hurt.
And, you know, a lot of people, they said it’s amazing how many people won’t do their exercises, and they just never really get over the damage that was done to themselves.
And so I encourage anybody watching.
If you’ve had some kind of damage or an injury and they’re telling you to do physical therapy, you need to do it.
And it may not be easy, but it’s easier than staying in that same situation your whole life.
And so really the the whole thing no matter how you go about it is it’s in your thinking?
It’s in your attitude. And, you know, I had a couple days where I started to feel kinda like, And then but I would just say nope.
I’m not going there.
I’m not doing it. I’ve lived my life like that in the past. And it doesn’t help.
It doesn’t make the time go by faster.
And people don’t wanna hear it. You know?
They really it’s it’s not that people don’t have the empathy for you, but they nobody wants to hear somebody complain all the time and grumble all the time.
We all have to course correct. Yeah.
It it was interesting because, um, you had shared some of the story and, um, then a couple days after called me and said, right after I said, what a great attitude I had. I started having, you know, the glimpses of not such a good attitude.
And that you made me feel better about life in general, but you you had to see it and and course correct.
Make a decision. What am I gonna do different?
So that this doesn’t continue. The devil loves it when you give a testimony about a victory.
To try to take it away from this.
And the very next day, I had 2 different attacks on my mind of starting to feel Sorry for myself, and I had to say out loud, no.
I am not gonna go there.
Yeah. So how do we help someone in in our life, someone who’s a friend, someone in the family in our church, who is now at a point where they’re perhaps isolated, can’t do what they used to do, um, how can we be in encouragement?
What what things are important?
Well, like I said, my family helping me.
I think when when you know somebody who can’t do things for themselves, get practical put a little bit of action to your empathy.
You know, the Bible says that Jesus was moved with compassion. And so people that are like that.
He’s really good. He didn’t stand still with it.
Yeah. He you comp real compassion.
You know, it’s one thing to just feel a little sorry for somebody, but when you have real compassion on somebody, you’re gonna help them.
And so ask them what you can do for them. Is there something I can do for you?
You know, if they’re if they can’t go out, I mean, I had people cooking for me, I got lots of flowers.
I got lots of people praying for me, pray for people, let people know I’m praying for you.
I had somebody text me just this morning and said I’m still praying for you every day.
How are things going? Well, I believe that it wasn’t just my decision to have a good attitude.
I think that people praying for me was what gave me the strength to have that good attitude.
We we don’t do anything apart from god. Part for me, you can do nothing.
And so it yes, there is a decision involved, but you can’t do it just on decision.
You have to pray that god will help you and you need to give him the credit and give him the glory.
And I know that I couldn’t have done that without god because I’m a very active person.
I don’t like to be not be able to do what I wanna do.
And I had all kinds, all kinds of people telling me what to do. Yeah. Don’t do this.
Don’t do that. Be careful. Don’t do this. Don’t do that.
And I’m like, you know, how many doctors am I gonna have? And they weren’t all real doctors.
So, you know, it was Doctor Dave and, you know, and, uh, you know, it Ginger, there’s no point in fighting something that you can’t do anything about.
Yeah. Yeah. Because for some people, what we’re talking about will be a permanent change.
Something that is has shifted in their life, in their health, and um, there’s an adjustment to be made because it it’s not going to be the way that it was before.
So so often, we frustrate ourselves trying to get rid of something that only god can do anything about or trying to get something we don’t have that only god can give us And so we really need to learn, like Paul said, I’ve learned how to be content, whether I’m abased or abounding, rather I like my circumstances or I don’t, I’ve learned to be content.
And I think he learned it probably by doing it the wrong way and seeing how miserable it made him and then realizing that he could still have joy in every situation, but he had to have the right attitude in order to be able to do that.
Yeah. Any final encouragement for someone who might be having a hard time with that right now?
Well, trust god that you’re gonna get better and better every day.
And I don’t think anybody has to just say, well, you know, this is my lot in life, and I’m never gonna get any better.
You you can always believe that you can get better because god is a miracle working god and ask god what you can do to be a blessing to other people while you’re in that situation.
Just remember one day at a time, don’t take it all in big you know, chunks, just look at it one day at a time, and god gives us our daily bread.
Give us this day. Our daily bread doesn’t just mean what we’re gonna eat.
Is talking about what we need for every day.
Yeah. Sometimes getting better means seeing the goodness of God Right. Where you are.
Yeah. Amen.
Thank you very much.
You’re welcome.
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