Candid Conversations: When Life Feels Stale | Joyce Meyer

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Candid Conversations: When Life Feels Stale | Joyce Meyer

Join Joyce Meyer and Ginger Stache in this engaging episode of ‘Candid Conversations’ as they dive into the topic of rejuvenating life when it starts feeling repetitive or stale. Tackling everything from the importance of balance in various aspects of life to practical tips on keeping your spiritual journey vibrant, Joyce shares insightful wisdom and personal anecdotes. Discover how small, enjoyable changes can make a significant impact in breaking the monotony and bringing newfound joy into your everyday existence. 🌟

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Joyce, we’re gonna spice it up today.
Yeah. We’re gonna talk about what to do when life is just feeling a little repetitive or a little stale.
Go to a Joyce Meyer Conference.
That’s the end of the segment. Great answer. No. That is a good idea.
But have you ever had those times in your life where you just feel like, you know, you just need to change something or something’s not right or How do you deal with it?
Well, I think that balance is a key and so many people live an unbalanced life.
Everything from an unbalanced diet to just being unbalanced and how much quiet time you have compared to how much noise you have going on around you all the time.
And in first, Peter, 58, the amplified Bible says be well balanced for your adversary, the devil roams a bound like wums around like a lion roaring and fierce hunger seeking whom he may devour.
Then it says, who resist steadfast, you know, stand against him.
But I never realized that was connected to being balanced.
Yeah. But I love that that if you’re out of balance
If you’re ex see, the flesh is excessive always one way or the other.
It’s either gonna do everything or nothing.
You know, I remember when I first started hearing teaching on the mouth, and I realized what a problem I had with my mouth.
My solution, my carnal works of the flesh conclusion was that I was just not gonna talk at all.
So you were just silent. So I
was just I I would just go, you know, people thought I was crazy.
And then I started getting depressed, and I couldn’t figure out why I was depressed. And the Lord showed me.
He said, well, you’re keeping your mouth shut, but nothing’s changed inside.
And so, I was feeling depressed because I had all this junk floating around in me, even though I wasn’t releasing it.
Yeah. So balance is very important.
And we know that in every area from let’s take spending, you don’t wanna overspend, but you’re also making a mistake if you never spend anything on yourself.
If you work hard, but you’re one of these people I can do without that.
I can do without that. The truth of the matter is is if you always do without that, you are going to feel deprived.
And you’ll end up blaming it on somebody else.
And the same as if you just blow your money all the time, you’re not gonna be Exactly. Satisfied either.
You, You need to exercise, but some people get way out of balance with it.
And that’s all they do. They do it too much.
So it’s it’s important that people look at their lives Am I living a balanced life?
Do I get enough rest? Do I get enough sleep? Do I enjoy myself enough?
Do I do nothing but enjoy myself?
But as far as when life gets stale, to be honest, if you live a balanced life, it probably won’t get stale.
Yeah. That makes sense. Variety.
Variety. Because you’ll you’ll have
Variety. And um, I remember for example, you know, there were days when I could sit and write.
I remember a trip I made to India, and I sat in my chair except for getting up and going to the restroom 12 hours and wrote on my computer on a book.
Well, things have changed. I’m older now. I can’t do that.
I can now I handle about 4 hours at a time.
So we we have to be willing if you don’t your life to get out of order.
You have to be willing to make changes as your body changes and to make changes as things in your life.
Change. Mhmm. And let’s just take a stay at home mom. She’s with her kids all the time.
Talking to toddlers all the time, you know, then maybe she’s got a husband that comes home and he’s tired.
And so he wants to just veg out in front of the TV all the time.
Well, she could very easily her life could could get very stale Well, what can she do? Mhmm. Okay.
Well, she needs to either her and her husband plan a date night once a week, or she needs to ask myself, what do I enjoy?
Like, Have a cup of coffee, hire a babysitter once a week, go do something you want, even if it’s just for 2 hours.
It doesn’t always take a lot of time to break that stainless.
You just have to make sure while you’re doing everything for everybody else and earning your income and cleaning your house and taking care of your kids, that you don’t forget that you’re a person and that you have needs to and that you’re not being selfish to meet those needs.
Just giving that permission is huge right there. I mean, especially for moms.
You know, you feel like there are so many things that I have to do.
So many people counting on me.
But it is okay to give yourself a little bit of of what you need in your life so that you have more to give everybody else as well.
If you don’t do that, You’ll get to the point where you really won’t have anything to give to anybody else or even worse.
You’ll continue to give, but you’ll resent them.
And then you begin to be a martyr, and you can hear that coming out of people.
Well, you know, everybody expects me to this and that something else, but we are the ones that are responsible to say no.
Yeah. It’s common for many people to I’ve been doing this in in a certain way, spending this time with god.
Right. And, um, I’m just not feeling like it’s making a difference or, like, I’m getting out of it.
What I used to. What are some things that you can do to kinda reconnect with god and Okay.
Spice up your spiritual life?
Like, for an example, some people feel like if they don’t read their Bible every day, they’re gonna be in trouble with Scott.
Mhmm. Well, The whole thing is is you need to spend time in the word.
So for example, I have a certain pattern of bible reading that I do.
I’ll usually try to read 1 or 2 chapters in the old testament, 1 or 2 chapters in the new and a Psalm or a proverb.
But if I get tired of that, which once in a while I do, especially if I’m going through a book in the old testament that is just like rules and rules and more rules and, you know, how they built the tabernacle and the measurements and, you know, and then you get into the begats and so and so begat so and so and so and so and so and so.
I I really have to ask god when I get to heaven if he’ll let me.
Why did you put some of those things there.
Uh, and so I I’ll maybe This is gonna be shocking to people, but I might not read my bible for 3 or 4 days.
And instead, I might read a book that I’m reading.
I’m reading a a book right now by Henry Blackabee named Experian called experiencing god.
And this morning, I didn’t crack open my Bible. I read experience experiencing God.
And I didn’t sleep for a while last night, so I actually just shut my eyes for a long time, and I call them prayer naps.
And I would. I’d wake up and pray a little bit and I’d sleep a little bit, pray a little bit, sleep a little bit.
You know, the whole thing is is make sure that you tell God you love him Be sure you talk to him throughout the day about different things.
I mean, I asked god to help me with this TV and I, you know, all the things that I need to do.
But we don’t have to follow. That’s the great thing about spending time with god’s spirit led time with god.
You don’t have to follow some strict rule and regulation. Now some people are better if they do that.
Some people need that. They need that structure. It keeps them on track.
But I’m going to spend time with god every morning. Some way, shape, or form.
You know, some people like to walk and pray. Some people like to stay inside.
Some people like to stay outside. Some people like music on.
You you do need to have variety in everything that you do.
So yes, you can get stale in your spiritual life.
You can get stale in everything, really.
I mean, and it’s really just from doing too much of the same thing.
And the thing is is god, even our spiritual life, he does not us to do the exact same thing.
I mean, if you notice, there’s no rules given in the Bible on how to study the word.
Right. The Bible says to meditate on the word day and night, and that just means to No scriptures roll them over and over in your mind, think about them.
And so I did fair amount of that this morning while I was having my little prayer nap.
You know, I would just think about different scriptures and thank god for different things that he’s done for me.
And, you know, the the thing is is god is very creative, and he lives in us.
So he’s also gonna be creative, but now here comes the answer you can’t be afraid to do something different.
Yeah. And I I think it’s really vital that these two things go hand in hand. Right.
When life begins to feel stale, it often is that connecting with god in a different way that that perks us up and brings us back to life closer to him and more into a life that we are more satisfied with once again.
Sometimes ginger if I’m like. I mean, I I have spent a lot of time by myself to study and be ready for everything that you know, I’m doing I’ve got 1 month coming up a pretty soon where I have to have 12 different teachings in that month.
Yeah. Well, that’s gonna take a lot of deciding and studying and putting them together on my computer and all that.
Well, I might if I’m getting really tired of it, I might stop my cup of coffee.
I might stop and call you and say, what’s up? What’s new?
You know, sometimes I’ll call one of my kids and you know, just just a break, just to talk to somebody, or how you doing, you know, whatever.
Just whatever the case might be. You know?
I used to have a dog, and that would break it up for me.
That doesn’t work for me right now, but you have a dog.
And I’m sure that sometimes just stopping play with Winston. Yep. Is a good good break for you.
Pick up that fuzzy puppy and give him a cuddle. Yeah. Whatever it takes.
And I think I think you’re right. Sometimes It’s not the big things that we think we have to do.
It’s it’s the little things that just add a little something in our life, a little joy for us, And, um, I’m I’ll be interested to see.
I’ll be interested to see how some of our friends are gonna spice up their life a little bit now.
Yeah. That’ll be good. Just just And like you said, it doesn’t have to be a 3 week vacation.
It can just be a walk around the block. Just something.
Something that you enjoy that’s just gonna give you a break.

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