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Be Spiritually Guided – Faith To Dominate Your World

Adam and Eve were designed to live on the level of their Creator. They walked and talked with God every day. God brought all the beasts of the field to Adam to see what he would call them. (Genesis 2:19). Adam never went to school to learn the names; he discerned the names from the Spirit of God. In Faith to Dominate Your World, Dr. Bill Winston teaches you how to receive revelation knowledge and operate in spiritual discernment to win every battle and to know the glorious future that God has for you.

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Off next on the believer’s block of faith.
Everybody in 3 d. If they don’t Jesus that can be deceived.
Makes no difference how smart they are. That doesn’t make any 1st.
The only way you cannot be deceived is to get into 4 d into what is known as discernment.
Our minds are trying to keep us down where we’re nominated rather than dominated nay in 18.
Do you follow what I’m saying?
And and the thing of it is we’re trying to solve the problems the world’s way. Yeah.
Well, I will get to deception in a minute because if you don’t have discernment, then you can’t beat Satan’s deception.
Yeah. You you can’t win out over the forces that it’s gonna use to keep you where you are.
Let’s look at, uh, numbers, numbers chapter 11, and let’s look at verse 18. Ready, read. Uh,
saying, for it was well with us in Egypt.
Therefore, the lord will give you flesh and he shall eat.
He should not be one day, nor 2 days, nor 5 days, neither 10 days, nor 20 days, uh, besides the lord, which is upon you, and have weped the ordinance.
Why can’t we fort our egypt?
And Moses said the people among who I am of 600,000 footmen, and thou has said I will get them fresh.
So he he’s a whole month. So now he’s hitting Moses’s chokepoint. Yeah. Moses said, woah. Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah.
Woah. Wait a minute. Is 600,000 men twenty years old and under and over, and they got families.
And you’re telling me you’re gonna feed all of them, meet for a whole month notice.
It’s gone beyond his mind. Yes. Now, he’d been used to split the red sea and all that.
But he’s thinking there’s a limit that you can go, but there is no limit.
He can do exceeding abundably above all you could ever ask or think.
Yes. Yeah.
Let’s let’s go to the next part right there with Moza.
Set the clock and the courtesy strength for them to suffice
for them. Now that’s reason. He’s trying to reason out how god’s gonna do this.
And that’s why most of the saints don’t go anywhere and buy that choppy wall. Unreachable.
Come on, darling.
Unreachable. Hey. They won’t let you go in there. Uh, William, here’s what I want you to do.
Go read Romans chapter 13 verse 1 through 5 to the mayor. Not reasonable.
Not written, but I’ve learned I’ve learned that he’s not gonna come in reason because they doesn’t want you to feel comfortable that you know how he’s gonna do this.
This is the way he teaches you to follow him. Yeah.
And so what happened is he told me to do that. I did that. Boon. The whole laws change.
Here we are right now. Now, my point to you is there’s nothing that is a blockade in your life that god can’t remove in 24 hours.
There is nothing. There is nothing. Not a thing.
Put the next verse up there, please. Ready? Read.
Keep going.
Keep going.
And Moses went out and told the people the words of the lord.
That he’s he went out and spoke it that god’s gonna feed you. Yeah.
Now this is the same thing Jesus did when he had 2 fish and 5 loaves.
He said, tell the people to make the men sit down.
Now, what he had told them is that tell them I’m gonna take care of them.
We’re gonna feed everybody sit down, just stretch yourself. It’s on its way.
Cause one of the principles is you’ve gotta speak it.
What would happen if god wanted to create a world wouldn’t speak.
No. Not a thing. You’re gonna imitate him. You gotta say something. Amen. Go to verse 31. And
Now where
Look what he said, and Genesis 1
Come on, god.
And verse 20. Ready? Read.
So where did the foul or the the the the quail come from? Out of the wall.
They came from that water Jesus didn’t have to go anywhere to get it.
He used what he had to bring forth what he wanted. He didn’t have to go anywhere.
You don’t have to go anywhere. Jesus said the things that I do, you can do do it.
That’s right. Yeah.
You don’t have to go anywhere.
The problem is going somewhere as a result of your monumental, uh, system that it hadn’t been renewed.
And so you think you gotta go somewhere.
You don’t your spirit is designed to make what you need come into manifestation with the combination of the Holy Ghost.
The Holy Ghost is gonna make manifest what your spirit will produce.
And it doesn’t make any difference. It’ll produce some business.
It’ll produce a job here to do inner. You name it. It’ll produce it.
That’s right, sir. Alright.
And Jesus was showing them all that it would produce healing for everybody food for everybody. You name it.
It’d produce it. Here’s a woman at the well. She had been married. And how many times? Five times.
And he do use it to say some words that quickens something inside of her that lifted the guilt and the shame, and she went and started preaching to some men.
Come see a man that told me everything I’ve ever done. Isn’t it possible? Yeah.
It’s walking in the 4th dimension. It’s a supernatural. That’s why you’ve been born to live. Praise god. Yeah.
Yeah. Now where does this start. Now, Jesus, brother Hagen preached it for 50 years. Whosoever shall say.
It’s where it starts. In Genesis 31, this is when Leben accused Jacob of taking his god.
Yeah. Remember? Yes. Alright. Genesis chapter 31, 32, ready. Read.
Stop. This is what Jacob said.
Now what happened, he had trained himself that whatever he said Yeah. It’s gonna come to pass.
And did he have what he said? Yeah. His wife died.
And I’m telling you you can be saying the wrong thing and don’t know it’s affecting something negative Yes.
That has to do with you. Yeah.
And one of the things sometimes you gotta scratch and get down in there and see what you’re saying.
Yes. Yes.
So I’m saying, well, we got to pray to get in and pray to get out.
I’m thinking that sounds so spiritual. Yeah.
Next thing I know, I mean, I could hardly get in and hardly get out because I’m telling you that enemy took advantage of those words And here’s what Job said.
Job chapter 6 24, put it up. Here’s what Job said.
I’m telling you most of our problems is our words. In.
Either we don’t believe in him or we’re speaking the wrong thing. Look what it says. Ready. Read.
Me to understand where they are.
He said, teach me, and I’ll do what? Who wants to Obviously, his tongue was his problem. Yeah.
Obviously, what he spoke caused his family to some of them to be destroyed and watch his his business to be wiped out.
Yeah. The law of confession. Okay? Yes, sir.
Having to do with what you say is gonna manifest.
I confess. I have a thing, and it will manifest.
I confess, I have a thing, and it will manifest.
Now watch this watch this. Come And look at Romans chapter 10 verse 9.
If thou shall confess with thy mouth, the lord Jesus and believe in thy heart, god has raised him from the dead, will happen.
Before you get in the kingdom, you’re gonna have to confess you’re in the kingdom.
That’s right. Yeah.
Before you get healed with god, you’re gonna have to confess I am healed. Yes.
Before you get the finances adjusted, you’re gonna have to confess something over your financing.
That says it has already happened.
And the reason why is because you’ve got to agree with god.
And god has already healed your finance. God has already healed your body. Yes.
And if you say he’s gonna do it, you’re out of time.
You are out of sync with god, and he can’t help you.
Isn’t this powerful? Yeah. Yeah.
The treaty life is, for the most part, watch this.
Most of what you see is distorted and altered knowledge.
Most of what you see.
So with that in mind, I gotta find out why.
And one reason is when Adam fell He lost his knowledge of the full spectrum of reality.
And then Alright. Let’s look look at it. Let’s say this is the full spectrum.
Earth to the atmospheres. Of the earth.
But then there’s another reality on top of that.
Yeah. Uh.
That has everything in it.
And what you see is the part that’s under the curve.
And the next level of reality if something, uh, natural person cannot see.
So over in Second King chapter 6 and 16. Grety Reid.
So there was a reality that gehazi couldn’t see.
Yeah. But what’s this? It’s more real. That what you can see.
I’m I’m I’m saying right now, when you got saved, you got at least one angel.
He is with you. His job is, 1, protect you. Got it. Got it.
But if you don’t know, he’s that, He will stand there and watch you.
Because your your training has been in the world you can see.
And Jesus was retraining them into a world they what could not see
With a natural eyes.
Yes. Yes.
Are you with me? Yes. So he said, lord, open his eyes.
And he opened his eyes, and the servant saw chariots a fire round about Elijah.
Now, this it’s a full speck spectrum of reality. Yes. Yes.
A spectrum, you you you bought white, the color white, which is the absence of all colors, and black, which is the presence of all colors, all between there.
You got purple, red, red, red, white, yellow, yellow, yellow, than white.
And then if you come back through, that’s called a spectrum.
And in that spectrum, uh, they do a lot of things with it.
But That’s the spectrum of the color spectrum.
That’s the color spectrum. You’ll see a rainbow show for different colors. It’s a spectrum.
Well, flip it up vertically. There’s a spectrum of reality.
And and and when Adam fell, he got locked into the one that you could see filled touch states and smell.
Yes, ma’am. And now mankind was delivered by god so that god gave him the spirit back again.
Other than that, it was limited to prophets priests and kings.
They were the only ones that could have the anointing on them so that they could do those things.
Are you with me here? So you, the enemy, puts a person in three d and tells them that’s all it is.
So now they lose hope and some of them jump out of the window.
And all the time, they had all this up there in the next level that if they just would get saved.
They could see a reality that they cannot see being a heather.
Are you following what I’m saying?
2nd Corinthians, please, and chapter 4 and verse 16. Let’s look at that.
And we’re gonna read 16 through 18, praise god. Ready. Read.
So I got 2 things.
One that is temporal and the other eternal. So these are 2 different times.
Temple is the time zone. I’ll be there in 2 hours. That’s the time zone. Internal, no time.
No time.
And this where, uh, faith functions to bring a person’s goods out of the eternal into the temple.
Yeah. Once they get into the temple, they become septic to the temple. Yeah. Temple.
In other words, rust occurs in the temple. But there’s no lust in the eternal.
So he was a man, and he was blind.
And he asked a blind man after he put something on his eyes, he said, what do you see?
And the blind man said, I see men as trees walking. Now, where do you think that came from?
That didn’t come from his natural eyes. That came from his spiritual eyes. He saw what mankind was all about.
That mankind was like a tree, a producer, and he was to walk throughout this earth, producing things throughout this perfect.
And then he rubbed his eyes again and said, what do you see now?
And the Bible says he saw everything like it was. He saw everything in this this world here.
2nd Corinthians 44. Betty Reid. Stop.
The god of what? This world. What world? Which world?
Sreed. 3 d. If you’re in 4 d, you got dominion over him.
Yeah. Got it. He’s the god of the 3 d.
So anybody in the 3 d is gun can is subject to his deception.
Look what it says. Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9. Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9.
Ready read. Stop to receive what?
No. Everybody in three d. Yes. If they don’t have Jesus, that can be deceived.
Makes no difference how smart they are that doesn’t make any difference.
The only way you cannot be deceived is to get into 4 d into what is known as discernment.
Oh, have mercy.
And the zermit is spiritual knowing what god is giving you is discernment.
Because Satan, if you’re only in three d, you can be deceived. Amen.
But god is giving you He’s giving you discernment that will give you knowledge.
That is above this deception.
God’s gonna give us knowledge that’s humanly impossible for us to know.
Amen. Now, what’s what’s this? So drug dealers are usually operated by source sorcery.
There’s usually operating in sorcery. And that’s why it’s hard to catch him. Yes.
Because Satan tells him what to do. It it’s difficult to catch them.
And and so what you have to do is you need another power.
You need god’s discernment because that discernment will tell you that he’s lying to you.
It it will not allow you to be sucked in. Yeah.
Because something inside of you will say, no. No. No. No. No. No. Don’t believe that.
That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.
And over in acts 16 16. Look what it says here. Ready Read.
We brought our mask as much game.
I’m so safe.
Now she was operating in sorcery Yes. And witchcraft Yes. Which is mind control. Yes.
And she was making plenty money for the people who allow who knew that this thing was working through
her. Right.
Keep reading. Ready? Read. Uh.
Uh, look look what you should do.
Look look how she’s giving giving Paul all the proppers here. Oh, my lord.
He you’re you’re with everywhere he went cheese, falling behind. This man here, this is about the power of god.
This this is him so far. Put it up there again, please.
Is that to the who?
Yes, sir. It was a spirit that was doing this, and you cannot catch it with your natural mind.
I don’t gow. Sick you think you are. You cannot catch the devil.
He he will fool you before you get up in the morning. All the earth was deceased.
This is not one person. It’s a whole earth.
Anybody catch him if they could catch him, they could catch him.
This stuff is happening, folk, and all this stuff is going down and stuff that it’s a lot of injustice going down now.
The church will have to get some discernment. We’ll have to rise up and said, wait a minute.
That’s wrong. That’s injustice. Go forth and so on.
But if the church is carnal and dull and cinches and not function and I the enemy is gaining ground.
That’s right. I’m saying we’re the ones. We’re the ones even waiting on.
We’re the ones that gonna stop all of it.
Well, praise the lord.
I trust that you enjoyed that now. This is faith to dominate your world.
Now there’s something that I brought on this teaching that you need to make note of.
There’s no situation in lives that god cannot fix in 24 hours.
I mean, within that time frame, he can fix it.
Now you go through that Bible and you see all the things that may have happened, whether it’s a woman who ran out of food or a woman whose kids were about to be taken or whatever have you, you can have 24 hours faith.
Praise god that whatever is going on, you could apply your faith for 24 hours to get it fix.
See, we use the treatments. You know, I gotta go back next month or another treatment and so forth.
I understand that, but that’s 3 d. Coming up to the 4th dimension. This is right now, praise god.
I mean, here’s some people starving and the prophet said tomorrow about this time, it’s gonna be plenty and it’s gonna be cheap.
I mean, that was so impossible till somebody came up to him and say, no way.
Now, I’m putting that on my own translation. No way will things happen that quickly. He couldn’t believe that.
24 hour of faith. Think about it. Who’s actually doing the work? God is doing the work.
Can god do the to do it in 20 hours. Absolutely.
If we’ll apply our faith for god to do it within 24 hours, there’s nothing impossible with him and he can do it.
Get the tape. Get yourself full of 24 hour faith and watch things happen. Praise hard.
Well, Isabelle Winston, we love you. And until next time, keep walking. By faith.
Blessed by today’s message.
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