Who Has Freedom Of Speech? Part 2

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Who Has Freedom Of Speech? Part 2

Is free speech truly free if it disrupts societal order? Join us as we continue our conversation on what’s happening around the country on our college campuses. Be encouraged as we find our hope in the Lord and in His Word in these confusing times.

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Hey, guys. We’ve been kinda shaking it up with what we did in part 1.
We’re gonna dive into part 2 right now, and that is do you have a first amendment?
Should you have a first amendment? Who does the first amendment belong to?
Because not everybody gets to benefit from the first amendment. There are some qualifications for it.
Let’s dive in to the conversation we left off last time together.
Real life presents the Jack Gibbs podcast.
With intention and boldness to proclaim truth equip the saints and impact our culture.
Today, if this podcast lifts you up encourages you to will encourage others to listen.
Now open your hearts to what god’s word has to say to you. Here is Jack Gibbs.
So here’s the big here’s the big mic drop to what we’re talking about right now.
How do these people get away with what they’re doing when The mayor of Los Angeles has just issued a warning that she will have 0 tolerance for any pro Israeli, uh, protest or gatherings as a response to the pro Palestinian.
She said she will, and I quote, prosecute anyone who gathers in support of Israel.
This is Bass. I forget her first name. Karen.
Karen Bass, mayor of Los Angeles, a George Soros implant.
Um, that’s pretty spectacular, but, uh, how do people get away with this?
Let let’s play this out. Because I’m watching it happen in the media right now.
How are they getting away with it? Can somebody can somebody post right now?
How are they getting away with doing what they’re doing, disobeying the police, refusing to obey, uh, an order from the police department to evacuate your accountants because we’re gonna be tearing your accountants down because they are illegal dwellings You’ve built structures, you’re camping in a non camping zone.
You’ve done all this stuff that is in violation of campus rules, and of city ordinances.
By the way, uh, fecal matter, year in, pot drugs.
Not being reported in the media, but if you know any police officers who are there, These are things going on.
How do they get away with it?
Somewhere, I don’t know if if it’s happening on this podcast, but if there’s comments in place, let us know.
Please let us know. The question is, how are they allowed to do this? Death to America.
Burning the American flag.
You are going to probably and I hope our audience is smarter than the average bear, but let’s just play along.
I hope you’re smarter than the media. All of it’s out there.
Every single one of the media outlets, and I mean them all. I watched them. I watched them all.
It’s disgusting. Do you know what? You know how they’re able to get away with it?
Because this culture believes the media believes that they have a first amendment.
They’re saying death to America.
And they’re not even saying it’s our constitutional right.
Most of them don’t even believe in the constitution. Hey. Listen. Let’s be honest.
A kid on USC or UCLA’s campus can’t even give you can’t even quote the first amendment.
So what’s happening?
You have the textbook classic century century, if not millennia long tactics of marxism Socialism.
And to be honest with you, textbook Genesis of jihad.
If you study those things, the correlation between Marxism disrupting a culture and jihad disrupting the culture.
They’re exactly the same. Why? Because the same demon authored them both.
It’s to destabilize or create a problem, destabilize their the surroundings and then offer to the powers that be the solution to the problem.
This is an ancient tactic. Islam’s perfected it, by the way.
They’ll go into a community and they’ll go into Dearborn or they’re or they’ll go into you know, some some other community and they they’re quiet for a while until they have 10 to 15% of the population, then they’ll create a problem.
And then there’ll be some violence and then there’ll be a figure head or 2 that will go to the civic leaders and say, we can stop this in a moment.
But we wanna see it at the table. You want us to stop it? Look. Look what’s happening.
And out of cowardess and desperation. The city council says, please stop it. We’ll give you anything.
And then they Call off the dogs.
They all go home, and now the hottest have got a seat at the table.
People are gonna push back about podcast that I’m giving right now, they’re gonna get really upset because I am revealing tactics that are very old and common and being used right now in the United States God knows how successful they’ve been in Paris and in London.
I find it delightful though that it’s not gonna happen in Switzerland. I found that out.
It was I was in Switzerland not too long ago, and I found out the reason why they can’t do it there.
And it’s beautiful. But, um, so here’s my argument to you.
Here’s the mic drop is I do not believe I do not believe that if I am born and raised in the United States, Uh, as I have been, I have a US passport.
I have a California driver’s license. I have a birth certificate from the County of San Diego.
That allows me to be legal. In this country.
But can I not commit something illegal? Being a legal citizen? Absolutely. It’s called a crime.
And the moment I commit a crime, what happens to my rights? Everybody know?
Well, it depends on how the court case goes.
But if I lose my case, I forfeit my constitutional rights by my actions.
I have been found guilty and thus I am sentenced And be while being in prison, I cannot go to Rome for a vacation.
I can’t go to Hawaii. I’m in jail. I’m in prison. Why would happen?
I forfeited my rights. If you’re shouting Allah Akbar death to America on a university campus, you do not have.
A first amendment right anymore. You have violated it.
And if you’re wearing a Kifah, Kaffia, or headwrapping, You are wrapped for war.
That’s what it means in the Middle East. And you’re shouting a lock bar, death to America.
You have now just become an enemy combatant. You have no first amendment. Right?
You cannot protest on UCLA’s campus and claim you have you’re doing it for 1st Amendment rights.
You don’t have it. You forfeited it. Law enforcement knows this. The judges know this.
Attorneys know all this, but it’s not being enforced.
The moment, if I went to a city park and threatened all the moms and the kids playing in the park, A lock bar.
A lock bar. Death to you. Death to, uh, moms and children.
How long do you think that would last?
I forfeited my first amendment right to speak whatever’s on my mind, Whatever I want because it’s irresponsible.
And in this case, criminal. You can’t do that in the United States. Oh, yes, you can.
Yes. You can because listen.
When you violate law brazenly, You are announcing. I’m not an American.
I may have been born here.
But I’m not an American because to be an American is to choose, did you know that somebody moving here right now today?
Hey. You know what? A friend of mine was just sworn in as a brand new US citizen.
He changed his citizenship from German to American. He became an American the other day.
You know what I mean? Isn’t that amazing? You became an American? No one’s born an American.
You may be born a US citizen, but you’re not born an American.
To be born an American, it’s exec it’s the same as going to church. No one’s born a Christian.
But when you go to church, not everybody in church is a Christian.
Not everybody in the United States is an American.
You have to choose to follow Jesus Christ as lord and savior. That makes you a Christian.
You have to choose to adhere to what makes an American an American.
And so now you’re an American. I’m Portuguese. I don’t walk around saying, hey.
No. I’m an American because I’ve read the constitution and I believe in it. Does this make sense?
You can be Persian, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, German, English.
If we’re here now, We have agreed to obey the constitution. We’ve sworn enough.
Did you know that? When people become citizens, they swear and oath to the constitution.
Our government leaders have sworn an oath Our public defenders have sworn enough.
Our law enforcement have sworn enough. So my argument is this immediately.
Immediately, all of these encampments should be torn down instantly because they have no constitutional rights to violate the public or private property of others.
It’s against the law. They’re camping without a permit. That’s against the law.
And they’re shouting out threats to the stability or national security when you say all ackbar.
Death to America with the propel with the pro Hamas sign. That’s it’s war.
You’re that’s a declaration of war.
So you have you have, uh, you have given up on your first amendment. Right? You gave it up.
You forfeited it, and you don’t have it by your actions.
And so for the ACLU to be walking around UCLA campus with blue vest saying ACLU.
I’m an attorney. Ask me or talk to me.
Uh, they’re pimping the law, twisting the law, because you know how the ACLU is gonna go.
Right? They’re gonna go with the anarchist every single time.
So this is very well orchestrated, very well staged. Don’t be surprised. A, it diminishes.
B, it continues to spread. C, it escalates d law enforcement personnel or next.
To destabilize the culture, the community, your town, your city. Doesn’t matter.
History shows us that they go after law enforcement next.
And god forbid, but historically, if they start taking out 4 or 5 cops in your town somewhere where you live, In your community?
What you’re what are you you’re done. You are done.
Because our founding father said that this government, a constitutional republic, is only only operational for the governance of a religious and moral people.
It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.
What you’re seeing today by mayors and governors and city council members and county’s leaders who are allowing this stuff to happen proves to you that some years ago, I believe, I personally believe it started about 10, 8, 10, maybe 11 years ago.
Where our constitution began to bleed. It was bleeding.
And all along these years, over a decade now, it’s been bleeding out And it’s pretty hard today to find an operational constitution and effect in the United States.
And you can turn on the TV and watch it.
Watch watch the news back up what I just said.
It doesn’t look like we have a constitution.
It’s pulled out from time to time as a token or as a covering or smokescreen.
But, um, there’s a lot of unconstitutional stuff going on right now we’re being spied on by the FBI.
They say, no. No. You’re not. And then the expert just saying, yeah.
In fact, I used to be in the FBI. You see all this congressional hearing stuff.
We’ve got a government that’s turned on its people when the very government was supposed to be a servant of the people.
We’ve got this remarkable time of destabilization in the United States, and yet we have Democrats demanding that we all turn in our guns.
You know what that’s called surrendering. Now I wanna end with this.
The Bible tells us in 1st Timothy chapter 4 in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 that perilous times will come.
Men will be lovers of themselves.
And in all of that, if you keep reading, it doesn’t take much to see that part of the love of self is violence against others.
Jesus said in Matthew 24 that Indicators of the last days would be lawlessness that there would be no love for fellow man.
Hey. You may be an atheist right now. Figure that one out and answer me on this one.
Jesus said in the last days, fellow man will not be loving other fellow man. Mankind.
Humans will turn on each other. My good news to you is this.
I I hope you are too are a follower of the lord Jesus Christ. Everything is going.
As the Bible 4 told it would.
And yet it’s sad for us to watch our countries because America’s not alone on this.
Our countries are dying, but yet the lord knows exactly what he’s doing.
And so I want you to find solace and comfort.
If you’ve never read the book of Psalms in your Bible start reading it now, Start reading John’s gospel.
Read it all the way through. Start spending more time in the Bible. Get your soul ready.
Get your heart ready. Because if there’s not a revival in our country among the church and an awakening among the lost, then Things are gonna get really, really tough.
But for the believer, they don’t have to be tough. Jesus said, there’s gonna be tough days.
But be of good cheer. I’ve overcome the world. Okay?
So don’t worry about that. We have to be wise.
We have to protect our children and our husbands and our wives and our homes and those that are weak and hurting, if you guys have a church community, a family, um, you know, find out from the elderly in your church?
You know, how can we take care of you?
Uh, can we, you know, where do you live so we can bring you water if times go tough?
What if all what if I’d like City goes down? Well, like in California? Uh, it’s beautiful.
California is awesome. Uh, we are the big freaks about electric cars.
I tell you what, I live in Chino Hills, you guys. It’s the epicenter. We all laugh about it.
It’s the epicenter of Tesla. Gosh, I drive a Ford and I look like a ding dong because everybody else is got like electric car.
But what happens in in our city? Uh, our power went out last night.
Our power goes out all the time. Everybody’s charging to test it at the same time.
So we can’t we can’t blow dry our hair. But boy, we got battery powered cars.
Is absolutely insane. Hilarious. Listen.
Everything that’s going on we’re we’re going to suffer in this world, but Jesus said that we’re gonna make it.
We belong to him. And we must be lovingly, lovingly kind and providing for those because when the power goes out, we gotta make sure that grandma and grandpa are okay.
Does that mean we buy a generator at Home Depot or we’d whatever buy candles? Whatever.
But it’s time now to repair ourselves to for loving other He said, Jack, are you talking about being a prepper?
Talking about being a prepper? I’m not look, I’m not into prepping. California, we live in earthquake country.
We had a earthquake just the other day.
Uh, so we all tie you know, we we have our water heaters tied down.
There’s a way to do that. They tell us. We all have water. Stored up.
We’ve got, you know, meals ready to eat.
All of us as native Californians, you know, we at least have a big jar of peanut butter that’ll keep you alive for 100 days.
Uh, because we live in earthquake land. You ought to do that. You just tell the I’m not a prepper.
I don’t have a $1,000,000 bunker with the, you know, all that stuff, and I don’t have food stored up.
And god bless you guys who do. Uh, we’ll come to your house and eat.
Um, but You you need to be ready where there’s no power, um, or water for a week or 2 or 3.
You just need to be able to do that. Uh, but that doesn’t mean god abandoned you.
Doesn’t mean that god left us.
With all that’s taking place in the world around us, it doesn’t mean god can’t keep his word.
He’s keep in his word, friend, be strong in the lord and the power of his might be not afraid.
The lord thy god is with you wherever thou goest. I will never leave you or forsake you.
So what’s going on today?
Hey, by the time this podcast drops, maybe everything is just Beautiful, perfect, and it’s a wonderful spring day and all its Kumbaya.
I hope so. We pray so. So father, we do pray right now.
We ask you lord god that for us who are believers, we would be stabilized.
Lord, I think of a big cruise ship.
Big big cruise ship is pretty small thing out in the middle of an ocean.
And when when the waves come, that little ship that was once big in the port, but it’s a little out at sea has got a trick has got a trick and that those big giant antic wings go out from underneath the belly of that ship out in the water, beneath that big ship.
Are these great big stabilizing wings underwater and the ship becomes calm in the midst of a turbulent c.
Lord, thank you for that. You’re like that. Your word is like that.
We might be feeling okay when everything’s fine. We’re important. We’re in the harbor. It’s all good.
But when we get out to sea, things could go rough, but you have deployed within us your stabilizing word.
And in the midst of the storm, we get to be stable.
And may we be those who bring answers of hope and love and grace and salvation and give them the cross and give them the empty tomb and give them the love of god and give them the message that god forgives sinners.
Proclaim that they must repent Turn from your sins and come to Christ is the message people need to hear.
And lord, I firmly believe. Like you did in COVID, there’s a Big, big, big swell of souls that are about to be saved again.
May we be ready as churches as Christians And father, may we stand for what’s right?
And lord, may you have mercy on the United States of America?
And might might I add, lord, will you remember the prayers of our founding fathers?
May you remember the prayers of our Pilgrim fathers? May you remember John Winthrop?
And what he had to pray and what he preached.
And Richard Hunt and our Ivy League, I guess founders.
I’d sure they didn’t think it would turn into this, but pastor John Harvard.
And I think of Jonathan Edwards, I believe president of Yale or Princeton, one of the other something.
Great preachers, great Christians. Lord, remember their prayers.
And lord, may we be offering a prayers to you today too as well that are straight to your heart, that they’re correct, and that they’re right, and that they’re in Christ Jesus.
We pray in his name, and all god’s people said, yes, an amen. God bless you guys. Listen.
As always, we believe that time for you to live out what we believe in. It’s time for real life.
The world needs to see your witness. So go, ye, therefore, into all the world and preach this gospel.
In Jesus’ name, Amen. Go God bless. See you next time around.
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