Unshakeable Trust – Part 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching

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Unshakeable Trust – Part 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching

When bad things happen, we can still trust that God loves us and that He has a good plan for our lives. Be encouraged to trust Him at all times, on this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
The e to everything is found in god’s word.
I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that can heal you everywhere you’ve heard.
Verse 3, Psalm 373.
Actually, I did a whole series on Psalm verse on Psalm 373.
Trust in the lord and do good.
We don’t just trust god, but while we’re trusting god, we keep doing what’s right.
So often when we’re hurting, we don’t wanna go to church. We don’t wanna read the Bible.
We certainly don’t wanna be good to anybody. We’re not interested in giving.
You know, we just wanna go somewhere and nurse our wounds and feel bad for ourselves.
And I remember Pastor Charles saying, the the the first thing he wanna do, he couldn’t wait to get to church.
He couldn’t wait to get back into church because this was where his life was and and helping you guys was brought healing and comfort to him.
And when you’re hurting, don’t withdraw.
Get more busy than ever reaching out to other people and helping them because that’s where your healing is gonna come in.
It’s so tempting.
It just sit home and isolate ourselves and nurse our wounds and feel sorry for ourselves, but that’s the last thing that you wanna do in a situation like that.
Delight yourself and the lord verse 4, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Won’t that be fun? Let’s talk about reasoning for a minute.
How many of you have the kind of mind where you just like to figure things out?
Well, I have to admit I do too. You know, my favorite types of movies are mysteries.
I honestly think if I wouldn’t have been a preacher, I could have been a detective.
Seriously, it’s like I just love to figure it out.
I love the surprise and and the mystery of it.
And so it’s hard for me not to get into trying to figure out why this happened and why that happened and why something else happened.
And, you know, I I had the privilege of being part of what is known as the word and faith movement.
And I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the church, and lot of just a lot of teaching about faith and a a lot of teaching about healing.
And, you know, it was wonderful.
It was a wonderful time, but I also wanna tell you, and I do it respectfully.
Some of the truths that were being taught were taken to such an extreme that they then began to be a problem.
Even like the teaching that god wanted to bless us, and he does, And god wants us to have our needs met.
And he wants us to have an abundance of things.
Why would he want all the sinners in the world to have all the good stuff while we sit around and just have nothing all the time.
God wants to bless us, but he doesn’t want nor will he bless us beyond our level of spiritual maturity?
I guess I’d better say that again.
Think about a tree First, when a tree is planted before any fruit comes on the branches, a long time has to be taken for that tree to get deep roots.
In the ground. Otherwise, when the fruit does come on the branches, the good stuff that you can see When that comes on the branches, it will cause the whole thing to topple over and fall.
If god gives any person more, Then they are spiritually ready to handle. He’s not helping them.
He’s hurting them. And so don’t just pray for god to give you everything you want pray that god will give you what you can handle.
And pray that he will never give you more than what you can handle because stuff can take us away from god if we’re not ready to handle it.
So the teaching was great. It taught me that god wanted to bless me, and I learned how to believe god for greater things than ever before.
And I learned how to give, and I saw a lot of amazing things happening in my life.
But if I’m truthful, I think we’re still dealing with some of the results of selfishness in Christians that that time in church history caused.
People today are addicted to their own comfort.
I don’t do you know who WATCHMAN Lee is?
Anybody ever heard of him? Well, he’s a Chinese Christian that wrote a lot of stuff that you better be ready to grow up before you try to read it.
If if you think I’m straightforward, you ought to read a little bit of his stuff.
And I don’t necessarily agree with his views on everything, but I learned I mean, really his material really helped me see some of the imbalance of some of the things that I believed because one of the other things that we were taught was that, really, if you had enough faith, you wouldn’t have to have problems.
Well, that’s just not biblical.
And so when somebody would get sick or somebody would be having problems in their life.
Back then, we always felt like we had to find a reason for it.
Well, they must have sin in their life.
They must have not had enough faith, and I hate all of that. Hate all of that.
Just because you’re having problems, that doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong.
The Bible says that the righteous will suffer And we can’t always figure that out, but there’s no promise in the word that we’re gonna always have everything coming up roses all the time.
What god does promise us is that he will do the best thing for us at the time, but he also sometimes wants to use us to be a blessing to other people.
Is anybody home today in the house?
You know, I don’t know what it is you wanna hear every time you church, can I one of the things that WATCHMAN needs said that I really liked is he said, we we we don’t go to church to be entertained?
And I I can tell you I can tell you from running conferences, and we get in these big arenas, and you have thousands, thousands of people come.
And not everybody, but people want to show And when you’re in this position, you it’s heartbreaking sometimes.
When you really wanna get in deeper with somebody and teach them how to grow up in god and how to really serve god, and all all they want you to do is entertain them.
And so keep in mind every time you go to church, you don’t have to be entertained.
You don’t even have to like what the preacher’s saying.
That doesn’t mean you don’t need it just because you don’t like it.
We don’t go to church to be entertained.
We go to grow up. Amen?
I think that every time we go to church, we should hear something that encourages us and convicts us.
Something that makes us feel better and something that makes us wanna grow and go on.
So I thank god for what I learned about faith, but the thing that I’m trying to get across to you today is you can be a great man or a great woman of faith And that doesn’t mean that you are never gonna have problems.
It doesn’t mean that you’re always gonna get everything the way that you want it.
I think it takes one level of faith to believe God and get what you want.
But this is my opinion.
I think it takes a greater faith to believe god for what you want and not get it and still love god just as much.
So let me just say, if you’re mad at god today, you’re mad at the wrong person.
Because he is not the author and source of your problems, the enemy is.
Amen? And the only way to get the devil back is to do as much good as you can possibly do every day of your life.
I can tell you that every time I get up on the pulpit and I open my mouth to preach a sermon, I’m getting the devil back for what he did to me and my childhood.
And every time Pastor Charles gets up and he ministers the word, and I know you’re starting a satellite church now, and him and his children are gonna be involved in that.
Do you have any idea how mad it makes the devil when he throws his greatest punch and you just take it to another level we’re gonna keep going on with god.
Trust is a belief in someone or something a belief that they’re reliable, good, honest, and effective.
Now, got a whole bunch of stuff you can’t get to. So here’s the questions.
What if I don’t get what I want?
Well, I better have a backup plan, I guess.
See, that’s our problem sometimes. We don’t we don’t get all the way in with god.
We just get in far enough that if he don’t come through, we can still take over and Find a way to get what we want.
That fear of not getting what we want keeps us from totally trusting god.
Totally trusting god. Well, what if I totally trust god?
And I don’t get what I want. Well, then I guess you weren’t supposed to have it.
You know, somewhere along the line, we have to realize that we don’t know everything.
And everything we want may not be the best thing for us, And another thing that I think we need to remember is we’re not the only planet person on the planet that god’s interested in doing anything with and far.
He he doesn’t make all of his decisions just based on what I want, but he makes his decisions based on a lot of things.
You know, Jesus said, father, if you’re willing, take this cup from me, He didn’t he didn’t want to go through what he was gonna go through.
You know, we don’t have to want to do everything that we do.
We just have to know it’s the will of god and be willing to do it.
Father, remove this cup for me. Nevertheless, your will be done and not mine.
Well, you know what? The father didn’t enjoy watching his son suffer like that.
He may have preferred to save him from it.
But he didn’t because that wasn’t all he needed to consider.
When Jesus was dying on the cross, you know what the father was thinking about? Yes.
He saw the suffering that his son was going through, but you know what he was thinking about?
You and me and all the millions of people that would ever live that had to have a savior.
Come on.
Maybe when I was that little ten or twelve year old girl and I was praying for god to me out of that situation.
Maybe he had, uh, all the other millions of women that would be sexually abused in mind, and he wanted somebody that would be bold enough to get up in a pulpit and tell them See, for for years years years, one of the reasons why my mother didn’t help me in the situation I was in was because she couldn’t face the scandal.
Nobody talked about sexual abuse. Nobody talked about incest in families. You just didn’t talk about it.
You didn’t tell anybody, and you didn’t talk about it.
Well, I somebody needed to talk about it, and god picked me.
But I had to know what I was talking about.
And of course, now, people talk about it all the time.
It’s just it’s out there, and people are getting the help that they need.
But when you’re asking god to do something, he he doesn’t just always just have you in mind There may be things involved that you just don’t understand yet.
We live life forward, but we understand it backward.
And what you don’t understand now you may understand at some point, but you may never understand, and that’s okay too.
Amen? Romans 1133. And 34.
Oh, the depths of the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of god.
How unfathomable, inscrutable, and unsearchable are his judgments.
His decisions and how untraceable mysterious undiscoverable are his ways, his methods, his plans.
For who has known the mind of the lord and who has understood his thoughts or who has ever been his counselor.
So I would have walked in here today, and if I would have said, how many of you, uh, are in a time of confusion right now in your life?
Uh, that would have been a lot of hands up. And you know what?
You can’t get confused if you refuse to get into reasoning.
That’s the only thing that confused us is when we try to figure things out that only god knows, and he’s not ready to tell yet.
So how about if we get comfortable not knowing?
Come on.
I already told you. Don’t make me work hard.
How about if we get comfortable not knowing?
How about if we trust god so much that we don’t have to know Well, I hope there’s some people watching it by television that you’re getting this.
How about if you just don’t have to know See, I think that’s what real trust is.
I don’t have to know. Because god knows.
And I trust that he will take care of me. Why god why?
When god when? How god how? Come on.
How about if we just stop all that and have a a whole bunch of peace and a bunch of joy?
Now A lot of our requests are for god to change other people.
Well, well, everybody relates to that.
Well, here’s the thing we have to realize.
I am not gonna stand here and tell you that if you’ve got somebody in your life that’s not treating you right, then you can pray for them to change and bing bong, god’s gonna do it.
He’ll try. If what they’re doing is really wrong, god will try.
Your prayers open up a door for god to work in their life.
But every person has a free will and a free choice.
And god is not gonna make somebody else do what’s right because that’s what you want him to do.
You know, sometimes god would rather change you than change them.
And I’ll be honest with you.
You think some of the peep you might say, that person is just like sandpaper to me.
Well, guess what sandpapers far?
It’s to rub off all the rough edges Oh my gosh.
I’m the kind of person that’s always in a pretty good hurry.
I’m like full on. Got a plan. Here we go. And, you know, I don’t really apologize for that.
I wouldn’t get done what I do if I wasn’t, but in the process of that, If I’m not really careful and I’m not always careful enough, I can be impatient with people that aren’t moving along at my speed.
So what what does god do? He surrounds me with people that never get in a hurry about anything.
You know, Dave is real.
Dave is real easy going, and he’s adaptable. And it’s a good thing God gave me a husband like that.
Otherwise, I might have been married two hundred times. I don’t know.
Because I was not adaptable and easygoing.
I’ve gotten a lot better, but, you know, there’s just a lot of things that Dave just don’t care.
He’s like, you know, like, I know by 6 AM, what I’m gonna eat for dinner.
Dave will figure it out when he gets hungry at dinner. You know?
And so sometimes, you know, I might say where do you wanna eat? I don’t care.
You know, personally, I can’t imagine anybody not caring where the or what they eat. You know what?
Because I care about everything. I wish sometimes I didn’t care so much, But here’s the thing, we are what we are, and we all want the freedom to be ourselves but guess what?
So does everybody else? And so I’ll leave you with this thought before I move on to just a couple of things I wanna end this morning session with.
When you pray for somebody to change, Make sure you’re praying that for them, and not just for yourself and your comfort.
Come on, really.
You don’t really want everybody in your to be like you. Most of you don’t even like yourself.
What makes you think that you I know it’s the truth, you know.
And god’s always gonna put people around us that are gonna be annoying.
I don’t know how else to say it.
And, you know, I’ve I’ve I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for different people to change and You know, finally, I just kind of learned to adapt and just love them the way they are.
You know, we need to learn how to value people the way they are.
Not the way we’d like them to be. No.
Let’s just think for a minute about the long range plan that god has.
You know, I was all bothered about something some petty thing last week and I was out taking my walk, and I was thinking about eternity.
And all of a sudden, I just thought, this thing that I have been letting bug me is just nothing in light of eternity.
And so many of the things that we let up set us or bother us, they’re nothing.
They’re petty. They’re nothing. There’s so many other things that are so much more important than those things.
And you know something I think, I don’t think we talk about heaven enough I don’t think we talk about Jesus is coming back soon enough.
And I’m not just talking about, you know, trying to understand the book of Revelation.
I mean, the apostles, they talked all the time about Jesus is coming soon.
I mean, if you go and read it, it’s amazing how often they talked about that.
And Paul said, he’s coming soon.
And here we are 1000 years down the road, and he hasn’t come back yet.
And we’re saying he’s coming soon. And you know why I think that we that it that it’s like that.
I think because that’s the way god wants us to live.
I don’t know when Jesus is gonna come back, but whenever he does, I wanna be ready.
And when he does come back, we may not have time to go get ready.
So that means we need to live ready.
Matter of fact, there’s even a warning that he’s gonna come like a thief in the night.
When you least expect it. So let me say again what I said.
When Jesus comes, we’re not gonna have time to go get enrolled. Jesus, could you put that on hold?
I wanna go get ready. No. We need to be ready, and we need to live every day.
Like that might be the day that he is coming back.
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The mind actually is the battlefield.
Where we win or lose the war with Satan. He said all he gets to say. He uses it.
He uses it a lot of it. Today’s mind. You start asking to heal you, and he will restore.
It’s the god of all comfort, and I am so grateful that I know how to call on god.

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