The Inverted Angel | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Inverted Angel | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn opens up one of the deepest and most relevant mysteries that everyone deals with – Satan as the Inverted Angel. Satan attempts to annihilate man by twisting him and turning things against man.

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Evil is evil because it’s an inversion of the good. It’s a parasitic version.
So it’s not god versus a god. It’s an aim Jewel created against Gong.
So what makes evil evil?
Evil should not exist, but it does. Evil is against existence. It’s against life.
It twists things. It nullifies things. It’s anti existence, anti nature. It’s anti life. It’s anti being.
It has no real legitimate existence, so it does Troy’s legitimate existence.
It’s anti since it had and it has here’s another thing about evil.
Because it has no legitimate existence because it was not created. Its existence is parasitic.
Think about that. It cannot exist. It only latches on. It doesn’t have a real thing.
Let me give you an example. Think about it. Truth can exist without lies.
You have truth that you don’t need lies, but lies cannot exist without truth.
You can have a truth without a lie. You can’t have a lie without a truth.
A lie is only a lie because the truth exists and it contradicts it and it twists it.
Think about that. Elias parasitic, a truth is not.
Laws can exist without crimes but you can’t have crime without a law.
You can have bad things, but it’s not a crime until you break the law.
Marriage can exist without adultery, but adultery cannot exist without marriage. Evil is parasitic.
You can have life without murder. You cannot have murder without life.
You can’t have you you can’t have destruction without structure. Even the word structure is kinda in destruction.
Structure is first. The good is first. You can’t have immorality without morality.
Morality is in the word immorality. Its morality is 1st, the evil comes second. Here’s another one.
You can you cannot you can have holiness without unholiness. You cannot have unholiness without holiness.
And the word unholy cannot exist without holy. You understand? So it’s parasitic.
It’s saying that the good is first. The good is primary. The good is real.
The evil is parasitic from that reality. The exist. It lives off it.
So it destroys it tries to.
So though even though even though evil, by its nature, opposes the good, its existence proves the good because it could not exist without god.
It could not exist without the good. And that leads us to the mystery of its origin.
Evil involves, as we said, consciousness will personhood.
God did not create evil, but he created personhood with free will, with with volition choice.
It’s gotta be that way. If you’re forced to do what’s good, you’re never gonna be good. You’re a robot.
You’re a puppet. So we so you had to have a choice in order to have goodness, but the risk of that choice is that we could choose the other.
If you have a choice to choose good, that’s the only way it could be legitimate.
You have to have a choice to not choose good, and that’s evil.
So now we’re looking at a personal force, a conscious entity.
It’s gonna be a created being that turned away from god.
That turned away from the order of creation. The it became inverted.
It became inside out, became reversed, became became turned And that’s exactly what the scriptures record in the origin of evil.
There are there are 2 beings recorded that have been given free will. Human beings, and angelic beings.
Now if the evil is not flesh and blood, it’s spiritual.
We gotta we gotta look at the angelic realm. And that’s where we find it.
An entity that has consciousness angelic, but it turns inverts This is what god says of the enemy.
And he’s speaking here on a prophecy about the enemies of Israel, but behind the enemies of Israel, it’s kinda like they’re standing for the ultimate enemy because there’s no way this could apply to a human being.
A SQL 28, let’s move forward with it. You are the anointed cherub who covers.
I placed you there. You’re on the holy mountain of god.
You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.
Were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until evil was found in you.
He was a cherub, an angelic being that is a cherub that is that is near the presence of god.
Says covering cherub like those 2 cherubim that are at the the arc of the covenant or the that are at the the chair that are the angelic beings that are around the throne of god.
Since you were perfect until on right, how can you be perfect and then have evil in you?
Well, because of free will. Now that’s Ezekiel. Now listen to listen to Isaiah 14.
How you have fallen from heaven verse 12? How you fallen from heaven? Who?
You, star of the morning, son of the dawn that was transferred into Latin. It became Lucifer.
You’ve been cut down to the earth. You who defeated nations.
You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven. I will raise my throne above the stars of god.
I will sit on the mount of assembly in the recesses of the earth.
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will make myself like the most high.
This is the being who turns against god and creation.
This is the turning right there. This is that’s why I called it the inverted angel.
In turning, he becomes the one whose inverted change reversed And then because he’s bent and he’s twisted, he seeks to bend and twist everything else invert.
So he becomes the destroyer. He becomes the anti being. He becomes the parasitic inversion of good.
He becomes the devil. Whenever you read or say the name Satan, you’re speaking Hebrew.
The name Satan comes from the Hebrew word hasaton. Satan can be translated.
It’s actually a a verb, but to do something, but it can also be translated as an opponent.
An adversary, an enemy is called a certain. So this word goes to the heart of the matter.
And we saw evil is evil because it opposes. It negates. It goes against existence.
The word Satan means one who goes against who opposes He’s the one who turns against existence.
He’s not an enemy. He’s the enemy.
Now when the ancient hebrew Jewish scribes translated the Bible into Greek. They saw the word satan.
We say Satan, but it’s satan. And they had to get it into Greek.
They chose a word to convey what the Hebrew word says.
The one who up poses, the one who’s against, and they chose the word diabolus.
Diabolus, di Bolas means one who casts through what meaning one who casts attacks accusations.
An opponent, a slander, a divider, an enemy, an attacker. One’s adversary is one who attacks.
So diabolus, in the Greek was the Greek version of satan. So so you have that.
It’s really the same word, but into Greek, become has a little bit of other things.
But the word continued to develop in Latin, diabolos became, uh, instead of diabolos, became a diabolos.
In Italian, it became diavallo in English became devil.
So the word devil also comes from the Hebrew through the Greek.
And the word, it’s actually a translation of Satan. Both words speak of one who opposes who attacks.
The enemy attack opposes brings destruction. He’s the destroyer. Now notice something here.
Something we again, this goes back to what I I mentioned. We speak of good and evil.
You know, people think it’s like, okay. Here’s the evil one. Here’s the good. It’s not like that.
It’s not like the devil is a counterweight to god.
The it’s not like let me put it this way. There are 2 totally different realities.
Here, you have a good one. Yeah.
But here’s tune up because That’s not really it because if it’s like having, it would be like having 2 gods.
Uh, and and if you had 2 gods, which actually the Persians believe that, It’s called dualism.
Nostics believe that. But if you have 2 different warring gods, how could you say which one is evil and which one is good.
If they if they exist totally independently and they have their own, there’s no framework to say one is good and one is not.
You wouldn’t know that, but that’s not what it’s about here.
Evil is evil because it’s an inversion of the good. It’s a parasitic version.
So it’s not god versus a god. It’s an angel created against god.
The creation against the creator from which comes sin.
To put it another way, if you had 2 totally different independent realities, It wouldn’t be called immorality.
It would just be 2 different kinds of morality. But immorality is saying there’s one morality that rules.
There’s good rules. Good is on the throne. Gotta be that way. Evil is a rebel.
In that. And so evil is wrong. It rebels against the good. So it’s not 2 different things.
It’s a turning in against the good. That’s exactly what Satan is.
It’s the absolute necessity behind what you cannot have evil without that.
So so the world, you know, people who don’t believe in god, they’ll talk about evil all the time.
Yet you cannot have evil without what I just described to you.
And only the Bible gives the answer of that. So if Satan is the enemy, what to see?
What is he the enemy of? What does he work in? Well, he said everything.
But one word in particular, god. God. That’s what he’s against. He’s against the truth.
He’s against reality. But he can’t destroy god.
So, therefore, he focuses it his fury on the things of god.
On the will of god, the purposes of god, the plans of god, and the works of god, the creation, god created life, The enemy seeks to destroy life.
He seeks destruction. How?
A key way He’s the inverter to turn the creation away from god.
Cause if you turn the creation away from god, you’ll destroy it.
Because if you turn something away from god and we’re in the image of god, then then it’s gonna destroy the person If you turn something away from its purpose, that’s what he does.
He invert he tries to invert twist, turn it away from its purpose, then it’s gonna destroy itself.
So he seeks to take men away from their purpose. Women away from your purpose.
Life away from its purpose. He’ll try to take you specifically away from the purpose god gave you.
He who was inverted, inverts everything tries to now look at this from the book of acts.
Paul is in the early missionary journey to the island of Cyprus. He’s opposed by a magician.
This is not a guy pulling a rabbit out of a hat. This is a dark occult guy.
Acts 13 verse 8 says this.
But LMS, the magician for so his name is translated, was opposing them seeking to turn the governed the proconsul away from the faith.
But Saul, Paul, who was also known as Paul, that’s where it says who he’s he’s both.
Was filled with the the the Royal Khakodesh, the spirit of god.
He stared at him and said, you, who are full of all deception and fraud, you son of the devil.
You enemy of all righteousness, will you not stop making crooked the straight ways of god?
Notice what he says. You’re a son of the devil.
Will you not stop making crooked the straight ways of god. What does the devil do?
Make crooked what is trade in god. He twists things inverts them. Interesting.
Let me tell you something about Hebrew. The word for truth in Hebrew is the word Emmet. Try it.
Emmet is 3 letters. Emmet. The first one is Allah The second is Memm, m.
The third one is the t tov.
Interesting thing because every letter in that word is in order the same order of the Hebrew alphabet.
Aleph is the is a is the first letter. Mem is in the middle.
The middle letter is in the middle of the alphabet, and Taub is the last letter of the alphabet.
Truth is the whole truth. And it’s in order. Everything is in order. That is truth.
Now the word for a lie in Hebrew is the word Shecker. Try it.
Also three words, s h k r. I’m putting it into English terms. Shecker.
Now interesting because the three letters of shekhar appear in the alphabet right in order next to each other.
It’s like a, b, c or, you know, and it’s right there.
But In shekhar meets lie, they’re all twisted out of order.
So Ahmed is the whole thing in order Sheker lie is all twisted out of the order.
What is a lie? It’s the twisting of truth. What is evil? The twisting of good.
Now what does the enemy do? Twist everything he can.
Twist the word of god, the truth of god, the creation of god, everything he can.
Look at what he did with Messiah when he tempted him. In Luke 4, he’s tempting Messiah.
First, he twist the word God. He uses the word of god.
He will use the things of god because that’s all he has to use.
Now he doesn’t have anything but the things of god, the creation.
So He will use the word of god even. He can people can use the word of god against god.
That’s what he did. And he says this.
Says he led him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in one moment, and the devil said to him, I will give you all this domain its glory for it’s been handed to me.
I will give it to whomever I want.
Therefore, if you worship me, It shall all be yours. Yeshsu, uh, Jesus replied to him.
It is written you shall worship the lord your god and serve him only.
So the enemy twists the word of god and then tries to get Messiah, the son of god, god, to worship him.
What’s that? He’s trying to invert Messiah. Invert the son of god. Invert god himself.
That would be god worshiping the creation, a twisted creation. That would be good worshiping evil.
That’s what the enemy tries to do. And by doing that, he wars against life.
His will for man is to annihilate man. Twist him annihilate him.
His will for you is to twist you and annihilate you.
You know, it says the Bible says, And you know, god says I know the plans I have for you.
Now that’s great. Promise. But, you know, you gotta be gotta be aware.
The enemy also knows the plans he has for you. He wars. Man is the center of god’s creation.
Man was created in god’s image. The enemy hates god. So he hates man.
If he can destroy man, he can destroy the image of god. Therefore, he will wage war in every generation.
Messiah said, He was a murderer from the beginning.
He’s a liar in the father of lies, and he’s a murderer, a destroyer, his works our works of destruction.
They can be seen from the from the ancient Assyrians who mutilated and killed to to the Nazis and the concentration camps, that is the devil.
The works of the enemy, when they’re fully manifested, they are You cannot come up with a great reason.
People try to explain what happened with the Nazis. You can’t have a rational explanation because it’s satanic.
Even the most secular and atheist will use words at times like diabolical. You know what? Diabolos?
Devil. Or this was satanic.
This is demonic because they can’t ex there’s certain things cannot be explained because the more you get it, they get into that.
The more people get into the following the enemy, the more irrational it becomes.
Because they’re the evil of the evil of the the Nazis did not come from this world.
It came from another world. Another realm, and it came from this one.
So how does this relate to the end times and to the days in which we live in every way?
The Bible says that the end times there’ll be a great falling away, a great apostasy, from what?
From faith? From the lord? From god.
If there’s a great falling away and we’re witnessing it right now, that’s gonna open up the door for the enemy in a way that it has never been opened before.
If there is a massive turning away from god, there must be a turning to something else.
And remember, the nature of the enemy is to turn. He turned he tries to turn.
Apothee is turning away. And so when there’s a great turning away, that opens the door for the turned one Notice what’s happened to America.
America was founded by the Puridans and the early founders, even before the the writers of the Declaration and Constitution to be a civilization that was gonna glorify god.
And that’s the greatness of America was all from that.
But the enemy has largely succeeded in turning that nation, that’s culture against what it was founded to be.
He has he is inverting it worry against the very foundation from which it came to some of you can say, listen, I remember the America I grew up.
This is a different America. It is a different America. He has he is inverting it.
And so notice what he’s doing now.
He’s turning man against Manhood, inverting manhood, turning women against womenhood, inverting womenhood.
Male against maleness, female against a femaleness, women against womenhood, motherhood, fatherhood, In the last days, it says men will be lovers of self, inverting the self.
You if you love is to love someone else, but but it will be they will love themselves.
Well, inverting even that The inversion of marriage. We witnessed it.
Turning marriage in on itself.
It’s It is inverting it upon itself, reversing it, turning humanity against humanity, children against childhood.
It’s no center that so much of this war now is focused on the children.
He’s against what is nature So he’s against natural.
In the last days, it says, what did it say? People will be without natural affection.
It doesn’t say they’ll be without affection. It says they’ll be without natural affection.
In other words, unnatural affection.
People will hate the natural, and they’ll see the natural as unnatural and the unnatural as natural, that’s the enemy.
Inversion, good becomes evil, evil becomes good.
When you watch these things taking place, it’s honestly wonder, you can see that.
I mean, because I gave you, you know, we We laid a foundation of some deep things, some deep truths, but this touches everything.
You wonder how could this have happened? How could our culture embrace such irrational things?
You know, that in some places, the children say I am an animal.
And they actually have litter boxes in schools. How could they do?
How can you how can anybody do their their people who are now in love with trees and wanna marry a tree, wanna marry a car.
How can we how could that be? It is so unnatural. It’s so irrational. Evil is irrational.
It has no real cause. So the more it comes out, the more crazy it gets to pump children in with hormones that go against their very body and groom them for surgical mutilation.
How could that happen? It’s not rational, but evil is not rational.
It’s rational is linked to reason and cause. There’s no cause. There’s no created cause.
What happened in Germany? I said there was no they turned away from god.
And then the devil comes in.
What is taking over America now and the West, the United Nations, which is putting directives to every nation to do to things like you must kill your children.
You must you must mutilate the children. You that’s that’s they’re seeking to force this on every day.
That is not rational. It’s evil.
When you see students on the other side, you see students in American elite universities coming out in support of terrorists and murderers who killed fathers, mothers, and children who raped women, mutilated women, and they’re in favor of them, that’s not rational.
That’s evil. When you see the eruption that we just saw of Jewish throughout the world, that’s not rational.
That’s satanic. And it’s all there in the Bible because, I mean, and you know this here, if the think about it, but it’s so logical If the inverted one, the Hassan, who opposes everything that god wills and purposes and does, Then even if we had never heard of it, we had never been on this planet, we could predict it that he is going to wage war against the Jewish people.
And they will become the most persecuted people in where it’s happened because this is real.
It makes no sense have shared that the UN should condemn Israel more than it has condemned all other nations on the planet combined That’s not rational.
That’s evil. There is a real devil. Yes. Israel is not ultimately dealing with a natural enemy.
It’s dealing with a supernatural enemy. The the the natural are only pawns An angel.
Israel is dealing with an angel that got twisted.
And so you too, if you follow god, you are the people of Messiah.
And so especially in these days, the Bible says in the last days, evil will increase.
It says in Revelation, as you know, we did this a few weeks ago.
The dragon will war against the woman, but it says he will also war against All her children, the children who follow the Messiah.
It says in Revelation, the dragon cast his spell, um, um, um, paraphrasing, cast his spell over the entire earth caused the whole earth to come to Armageddon again him.
His nature is to come against and oppose god.
So he will in the last days, he will oppose Israel more and more, and that leads to what the Bible says, Armageddon, and leads to the Messiah.
But he’s also gonna come against the people of god everywhere.
And the more he reverses twists reality, the more and human nature and gender and all the more he wars against god’s people notice it’s not an accident why these issues, we wouldn’t think so.
Sexuality jitter have become a sword against god’s people and religious freedom. The enemy is all in it.
The Bible says in the last days, there will be persecution.
The dragon will make war against the woman, Israel, but also those who follow Messiah, the rest of her children.
That’s you. And the fallen angel wars against you even now.
If he and, again, if he can turn away, if he can turn away the culture?
He’s got it. But if he can turn away the church, he wins. This is Jonathan Khan.
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