God Stir Up A Fire in Me – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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God Stir Up A Fire in Me

“God is getting ready to send a revival that’s going to give you your fire back! SJR reminds us to trust and believe that wet wood still burns. Here’s to fanning the flames in the direction of your faith!

And as I was studying, God told me that He wants to send revival.
I wanna send fire back. I want to give you your fire back.
Some of you have never been on fire.
God says you was on fire when I created you in your mother’s womb.
I just want you to reconnect to that version of you. You started on fire.
And I know life tried to extinguish that fire.
But I hear God saying life could never extinguish my breath down on the inside of you.
If you are still here, there’s still a flame connected to your name.
And I know the world has changed and I know your life may look a lot different.
But one thing that has not changed is the fire of God.
The prophet of Jeremiah said it’s like fire, shut up in my bones.
And I feel like there are some dry bones somewhere that God wants to send some fire for.
Because if I send some fire for you, the world won’t have to go back to the way it was because the new will emerge with no problem.
As I was praying, the one word I kept hearing over and over again is revival, revival, revival, revival.
Nobody is hungry for revival because all we wanna do is survive at this point that we can’t even be hungry for revival anymore.
But God says, I just need one person who believes that we could burn again.
I just need one person who could believe that the church is going to the next dimension.
How could the church be going to the next dimension? And we can’t even gather.
I just need one person who would believe that what wood still burns.
I need one person to believe that that child is not gonna be addicted forever.
How could I believe that when addiction is all they know? See, you’re not the one.
See, I know you’re not the one by how you talk back to God.
And that’s why you gotta get called away because sometimes you’ll start speaking someone else’s disappointment over where God told you to have faith.
I’m moving away from you because I gotta watch my language in this season.
I’m trying to become somebody who believes that wet wood still burns.
I’m trying to become somebody who believes that girls like us can start businesses.
I’m trying to become someone who believes that my family is not gonna experience broken home after broken home, I’m trying to become somebody.
I gotta get called away so I can get set on fire again.
Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that. I can’t control. I want more.
God, does anybody want more? I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you if you want more.
If you want more. I think you should release the sound. If you want more.
I think you want to start building an altar.
I hear God saying, drag your wet wood to the feet of Jesus.
I hear God saying, drag your wet wood, drag that grief stricken wood.
Grab that depression and bring it to me. I know what to do with that man. Couldn’t sex it away.
Drugs couldn’t pull it away. God says I know what to do with what you feel.

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