“Are You Equipped to Pay the Debt of Love?” – Episode 3

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“Are You Equipped to Pay the Debt of Love?” – Episode 3

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Faith work it because you believe god loves you. Oh, Jesus.
Oh, god. I believe what you said in your word. By your stripes, I’m healed.
I believe it, lord, because I know you love me. Oh, god.
I believe you’ll supply all of my needs according to your riches and glory.
I believe it because I know you love me.
I believe, Lord, that I’m gonna get a job to take care of my family.
Oh, god I thank you for it because I know you love, man.
Are you ready to come coming, creflo and Taffy Dollar will be joined by special guests, Andrea Crayton, Gregory Dicow, Bishop Clarence McClinton, Inc.
John and Brian Courtney Wilson, July 11th through 13.
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This is your world.
So let’s vow to make it a better Let every heart Uh-uh.
The artist.
See, everything that Satan does is to destroy that sense of god’s love in you.
That sense that you’re to belong. Everything. Think about all the stuff the devil does.
It is to destroy that sense that you are god’s beloved.
You got some pain?
That that’s there because wants you to eventually say, well, if god love me, you got you got a a bill that’s due?
You you’re hurt. You did everything Satan does.
Is to destroy that sense that god loves you.
This can’t ride down to the nitty gritty. I don’t care what pick it up.
Pick out something that even did for you. Ultimately, it is to get you to question.
The love of god for you. That’s what he want. That’s what he wants.
Once you figure this thing out, you will see, you know, even, even when Jesus was baptized in the water by John De Baptist.
And the boys from heaven said, this is my beloved son and whom I’m well pleased.
Satan rejecting this whole much that in the next chapter in verse, he was led into the wilderness by Holy Ghost, and the Satan says, if you be the son of god, he left a beloved doubt.
Oh, man. If you call yourself the son of god, but I ain’t calling you beloved.
But you are his beloved.
Every action, everything Satan does.
Do you understand what this does to his operation?
For those of you who will receive this teaching, do you understand what it does to this operation?
That you’re looking at him like, I know you did this because you’re gonna you trying to get me to question in God’s love for me?
I’m not questioning it. He loves me. He loves me with an everlasting, unending, awesome, passionate, love.
I’m the apple of his eye. When stuff goes wrong, you ought to start preaching love at your mouth.
You ought to go to some stall somewhere and say, God loves me with an almighty awesome ever lasting anointed, powerful, endless love.
He can’t stop loving me. He decided to love me before I even got here.
Don’t you dare come trying to tell me to question what I already know. My god loves me emphatically.
He loves me. You preach love, and there’ll be a power to conquer the trouble.
We thought Satan Satan’s Satan’s trying to destroy my faith. No. No. No. No. No.
It’s it’s I go to Galatians 5 and 6.
He’s trying to he’s after you believing that you’re beloved. That’s what he’s after.
You believing You’ve loved.
And you can say to me, to help me god and love me. Oh, yes. He does. No.
I don’t. Yes. He does. No. I don’t. Yes. He does. No. I don’t. Jesse does. Jesse does. Jesse does.
For in Jesus Christ, need the circumcision to bail with anything nor uncircumcision, but faith, work ethic.
What’s this? By love. So the attack is not to destroy your faith, the attack is trying to destroy the thing that makes your faith work.
Your faith ain’t working because you don’t believe god loves you.
See, we spent some time talking about, I love god. Don’t you love god? We love god.
No. No. No. Because I’m telling you, you don’t even do that, unless you believe God loves you.
Faith workers by believing the love. Faith work it because you believe god loves you.
Oh, Jesus. Oh, god. I believe what you said in your word.
By your stripes, I’m healed. I believe it, lord, because I know you love, man. Oh, god.
I believe you’ll supply all of my needs according to your riches and glory.
I believe it because I know you love me.
I believe, Lord, that I’m gonna get a job to take care of my family.
Oh, god I thank you for it because I know you love me.
I believe, God, that I’m protecting them. My wife’s protecting them. My children are protected.
Lord, and I thank you for your divine protection in the of Jesus because I know you love me.
I ain’t got to say that 500 times. I just need to know that God loves me.
And because he loves I have what I So so due to army 1-26-27 in King James, trying to figure out how these guys got here.
I’m gonna read you something where somehow the devil convinced these people that god hated them.
And when you’re convinced that god hates you, you don’t believe nothing he’s saying.
If somebody can convince you that god doesn’t love you, you don’t believe nothing he’s saying.
Verse 26, notwithstanding, you would not go up, but you rebelled against the commandments of God Lord, your god.
What causes a person to rebel?
When you look at people trying to figure them out, what causes it? Verse 27.
You murmur it in your tents.
What causes people to murmur in their tents like this after you did so much for them?
And you said, because the lord hated us, he has bought us 4th out of the land of Egypt to deliver us into the hand of the amorite to the to destroy us.
That’s what you believe when you don’t receive the love.
And most people that are involved in a lot of crazy stuff, the bottom line to that picture, is they don’t believe god loves him.
They don’t believe god loves him. They don’t believe you love him. They don’t believe nobody loves him.
And that rebellion comes in strong because I have a hard time believing that god loves me because this is happening and this is happening and this is happening.
Sometimes when you meet people, the greatest message you can give them is love from you to them.
And then when you can love them, you can say, you have seen my love, but god loves you so much more.
And that person would be so ready to believe in God because they saw god in your love while you were paying the debt.
And you are obligated.
To pay this debt of love, to people that hate you.
You’re going to heaven soon. Might as well.
Gonna get this thing right. I do not understand in front of Jesus Christ the essence of god’s love to try to talk myself out of this.
Because I can’t love, like I just told you, without grace.
So you doing it out of your own ability? That’s not possible.
You doing it out of your human love, that’s not possible.
You’re going in and say, lord, I need you. Help me to love this situation. That’s scary.
That’s painful. It was where I was broken.
It was where I was messed up.
And if you don’t help me with this, I ain’t got no kinda capacity to love, except that’s what you have filled me with.
So now that you love me, Yeah. Yeah.
So when you believe the love that god has for you.
When you believe that you are his beloved, Then you can love others, and you can continue to pay the debt of love, and you can be moved, watch this, with compassion.
So what do we need to see in this world today? Compassion?
What is compassion? That’s love and action.
We’re not just conscious of god’s love, but it moves into compassion.
That’s the the debt paying part.
Compassion is, is deep sympathy and pity that moves you to action.
It comes from your heart, not from your head.
It’s a component of love, not a component of our intellect.
It is not compassion until it moves us to doing something.
Compassion is the force behind paying that debt of love. Compassion is love in action.
We’ve got to learn how to see people in their need and let compassion move us.
Instead of get getting deep time, my god didn’t call me to do that.
I’m telling you, I’m so fed up with all these little church games.
I don’t know what to do. I got so fed up, brother. I thought I started to quit church.
But I forgot I was the pastor, god dog, and I can’t quit.
But I was a member. I had to quit church.
You gotta see people in their need, and then you gotta let your compassion move you.
Now let’s see what happened when Jesus was moved by compassion. Real quick.
Matthew chapter 20, and these all in the King James.
Matthew chapter 20 verse 30 and then 32 through 34.
Matthew chapter 20 verse 30 and then 32 through 34. First thirty says.
And behold, 2 blind men sitting by the wayside, when they heard that Jesus passed by, they cried out saying, have mercy on us, oh, lord, thy son of David.
Uh, and Jesus stood still, and called them and said, what will you that I shall do unto you?
They say unto him, lord, that our eyes may be opened.
So Jesus had compassion on them.
He he he knew he had paid the the the the the the laddeta love He he his love now is is getting ready to go into action.
And then he touched their eyes and immediately their eyes received sight and they followed him.
We’re always wondering, how did Jesus do this?
And then we just kinda said, well, because he’s the son of god.
Well, your sons and daughters of god too. How come you’re not doing it?
Well, Jesus was the real son of god. Oh, you tried to say you’re not the real son of god?
He knew about this law, and compassion was released, and supernatural came at the same time, Samuel manously, he touched their eyes, and they followed him.
Come on. Let’s keep going.
Mark 1, Mark 1, verse 40 through 42, Mark 1, verse 40 through 42.
God said, son, I wanna I want you to look at this because I came in the form of a man to show you how to walk this life.
And you you guys keep finding excuses not to walk it.
You keep finding excuses for the supernatural not to show up.
Isaac was a child of Sarah. Sarah got pregnant through the supernatural.
Ishmael came through natural means. Isaac came through supernatural means.
You and I have been born again. We’re children of the supernatural.
And there came a leopard to him beseeching him and kneeling down to him and saying unto him, if thy will, thou can’t make me clean.
And Jesus moved with compassion. He moved with what? He moved with compassion. He put forth his hand.
He touched him, and he said to him, I will. Be thou clean.
And in verse 42, and as soon as he had spoken, as soon as he had spoken immediately, the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed.
Every one of you in here, I dare you in your everyday living, that when you encounter situations that need some compassion on it, You’ve heard this teaching.
Let this move of god begin. What are we waiting on? Let it begin.
Let it start today. Let it start in your house. Let it begin now.
I dare you to lay hands on somebody in public. Don’t wait till you get to church.
See people in their needs. Be moved with compassion. And let this move of god began.
Mark 634, Mark 634, and then Mark chapter 8 and 2, Mark 634, and Jesus when he came out saw much people and was moved with compassion towards them because they were a sheep not having a shepper and he began to teach them.
He was here Jesus says I saw people that that that they didn’t they weren’t getting no teaching.
They they didn’t have a shepherd. Oh, and he says, I will so move, I taught him.
He says I taught him anything because compassion demanded for a debt to be paid.
Oh my goodness. And then in Mark chapter 8 and 2, Mark chapter 8 and 2 in the King James, he says I have compassion on the mow to do because they have now been with me 3 days, and they have nothing to eat.
My compassion will cause something supernatural to happen.
Multitude of people, my compassion will cause something to happen.
And the multiplication of fishing bread comes when love is the foundation of your move.
Matthew 1414. Mathew 1414. Oh my god. Get this church.
Get this. Get this. Get this. Get this. Get this.
And Jesus went forth, and he saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion towards them and noticed he began to heal the sick.
Wonder what would happen when you came around, poke free people who were sick, and you were, you’re moved with compassion.
Out of love, not out of, you know, oh my god, you know, I don’t know if I can do this.
I don’t know if I’m annoying it to do this. Get out of the way, girl.
You ain’t ready to move. Just it it don’t take all that.
It just takes somebody who’s so full of love that Kate’s standing to see this suffering that their move with compassion is paid out of debt, because nobody else in the room doing They’re still talking about the messing and the new crazy.
I’m gonna put my hands on you because I love you.
And I I did both y’all be healed in Jesus’ name, not so I can become popular now so people can start talking about how I know and I am.
But I want you out of my out of love out of love, I pay down the debt, be healed.
I’m available hands. I’m available hands.
We live in a generation too scared to do stuff like this because you ain’t never seen it before.
He never seen it before because people’s love to have wax cold.
But this this is this is when you’re getting ready to go.
I hope you’re ready for it. Matthew 9 verse 35 through 38.
Matthew 9 verse 35 through 38. Hope you’re ready for it. I was reading this.
I was, uh, I was reading reading reading over this sermon this morning.
I’m like, Well, man, I’m gonna do this thing, and then I’m gonna holler at the end.
I ain’t doing that. God said, don’t do that. Don’t holler to end. Just just read scriptures.
Don’t holler. Hala when you go home. Don’t holler.
I need these people to take this seriously. They gotta get this.
He says, I’m ready to go. I’m on a time clock right now.
And whoever gonna go, gonna go.
And if everybody else stand back, and if you’re the only one that go, you’re the only one that get it is that every day of your life, you make it a point every day of your life to say god loves me and I know it.
Oh, thank you, lord. I know you love me today, hallelujah.
Oh, lord, I’m a available today, COVID to god. Oh, hallelujah. Oh, god, hallelujah.
It’s gonna be people you least expect. Nobody expected for David to be the king.
But god knew, hallelujah, praise god. Samuel knew, praise the lord.
Don’t don’t look at who you are, where you come from.
All you gotta do is be willing to believe the love. See, ain’t nobody else around?
Might as well be you. Here I am, lord. It’s used me. Here I am, lord. Send me.
Matthew 935.
And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.
Look at But when he saw the multitude, he was moved with compassion on them because they fainted.
And they were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he, unto his disciples.
The harvest truly is plenty of But he said the issue is laborers.
We ain’t got no battery to willing to work this thing. Laberers are few.
Pray ye, therefore, the lord of the harvest that he’ll send forth laborers in his harvest.
God said, I need somebody to work through. You sitting around saying it’s the preacher.
It ain’t the preacher’s you. The anointing is not just gonna be in the poor pit.
It’s gonna be amongst the people. It’s gonna be amongst the congregation. It’s gonna be amongst the believers.
Quit looking at to preach us.
I doubt you’re gonna lay hands on this sick.
I doubt you.
Somebody die in your house, and you see them flat lined, and you know what one one god’s will from, get them back up.
Well, what do I say? Whatever you whatever’s on your heart. Get up. That’ll be good?
Quit trying to be religious. Don’t be talking about, rise this vow, thee is nowest.
Elizabeth Bebaine in the room, so quit speaking Elizabethian language. Hey. Get up. Rrap.
You wanna see some miracles? Then make yourself available.
Be a laborer, be ready for god to use you.
Only thing you need to do is is is to fill your consciousness with the sense of god’s love.
Oh, glory to god.
Well, we hit the bed, Rockier.
Now the deal is, who amongst you, We’ll begin to walk in this, or is it just another church thing?
You know, well, that’s the message today. Praise the lord. Praise the lord.
Oh, I have had some really minutes of me today. How about we all at? Tom Fulerick?
What’s it gonna do with it? What you gonna do with it?
You got your old pastor ready to quit church. What you gonna do with it?
Aren’t you tired of all the games? Aren’t you tired of all the loneliness?
Aren’t you tired of all of the unbelief? Aren’t you tired of all of the sickness people being sick?
People been hurt. Aren’t you tired of twenty year olds killing themselves? Aren’t you tired all of this?
And here you are. Festals meet for the master use.
You still won’t do none because it’s just a cherry thing.
Well, praise the lord. Let me go and see if I can beat the traffic. Praise. God.
See y’all later. Praise. Yeah.
Bow your hands and pray. So, father, we’ve located the power.
We’ve located the power We’ve located the supernatural flow, the rubles we’ve located the supernatural faucet.
And yet, we know.
That in our own ability, we will fail.
Trusting our own self, we will fail.
Now onto you, who’s able to keep us from failing and falling.
We call on your grace. We call on your grace.
Help us, lord. Help us.
Jesus canceled the debt owed for our sins.
Love is the currency of the kingdom, and that’s what we owe now discovered this and more in creflo dollars 3 part series, the infinite debt of love.
We will never be done with paying love to each other.
This debt of love has to be paid to humankind.
People you don’t like, people you can’t it, people you don’t know, people you’ve mad at, and you will not be able to pay this debt because it’s gonna take the grace of dollars for you to make the payments.
There something about paying the debt of love that will release an anointing to take care all of of the debts you have in your life.
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Salvation is the beginning of a new life for a believer.
It is from this point that we can move into the fullness of who god has called us to be and see the manifestation of the finished works of Jesus.
It is one of my greatest pleasures to help people, uh, to understand who Christ is and to lead people to Christ.
If you would like salvation today, Pray this prayer with me. Very simple prayer. Heavenly father.
I believe in Jesus. I believe that he died, that he rose again, and that he lives today.
Come into my life. Save me. I receive you as my savior. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Listen.
If you prayed there, prayer with me, that’s how simple it is. Welcome to the family of god.
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