What’s in the Bible for You? Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

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What’s in the Bible for You? Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

The idea of studying the Bible can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Today on Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer and the Talk It Out ladies discuss just how life-changing God’s Word is!

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives. With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Free too. I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power, transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
The key to everything is found in god’s I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that god can heal you everywhere you’ve heard.
There’s an old song that some kids sang at church that says, read your Bible pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow.
It’s very true, but sometimes easier said than done.
We often have good intentions but we need a little bit of practical help to get into god’s word, to know how to do it.
So today, we continue a talk it out podcast discussion as joy shares some practical tips for getting into the word of god for yourself.
It is so good.
1 of the first scriptures 45 years ago that god caused to come alive for me was John 83132.
If you continue in my word and continue is the important thing.
Mhmm. Don’t give it.
Enter you my disciples indeed, and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.
was the very first one of the first scriptures that that I learned.
And, uh, of course, the implied point there is that the word will make you free if you do it.
You know, it’s not just reading it.
It’s gonna make you do it, but the word of god does have the power in it. Yeah.
To set you free from anger, from self pity, from unforgiveness, from sickness and disease.
There’s power in the word, and that’s the thing that people have to understand.
It’s not just like any word There’s power inherent in the word.
And like meditating on the word is like chewing your food.
If you they tell you if you don’t chew your food properly, you miss the nutrition in it.
you just the more you chew it, the more you get the nutrition out
of it.
And so meditating on the word is like chewing the word where you the more you meditate on it, the more you get out of it.
And so, like, when you’re reading some of these stories in the Bible, put yourself in that story.
You know, think about how did Joseph feel? Yeah. You know, how did Job feel?
What was it like for Jonah in that whale’s belly?
You know? What a crazy smell like. No. I don’t like to go. Let’s get real. I mean,
that bad. Oh.
We, lord.
No one
that he repented. Yes. The word of god is just really amazing.
And if people don’t just look at it like this old dead book that, you know, is centuries old, that doesn’t relate to me anymore, Hebrews forces.
We have a high priest who understands.
Yeah. And
I love that because I always felt a little bit like the odd duck out because I wasn’t like every other woman because of this call in my life.
I didn’t really wanna do a lot of what other women wanted to do.
I mean, I wanted to tell them and study and seek god and and And so I felt misunderstood a lot.
Mhmm. And that really helped me to know that Jesus understands us, and everyone I think everybody feels kinda weird in a in their own way.
And but Jesus understands each and every one of us.
Because he’s been tempted in all points just like we have yet. He never sinned.
Therefore, we can come boldly to the throne.
And ask for the help that we need and plenty of time to get it.
Can I ask a question?
I think I’m on a shelf and I got off.
We we did not want to leave you on that shelf for long just
for that one minute.
I would like you to answer my questions so don’t get on the shelf again.
To people who say that that, like, like, to your point, the Bible is a book of history or the Bible was relevant then it’s not anymore or, you know, those are the rules then they’re different now, so it doesn’t apply.
What do you say to that kind of approach to the Bible?
Well, here’s the thing for me. I’ve tried it for 45 years, and it works. Mhmm. So,
yeah, proof of good evidence. Yeah.
Yeah. I mean, it’s bay basically just that simple. Yeah. You know?
If you if you wonder if it works. Mhmm.
Just try forgiving your enemies and see what it does for you. Mhmm.
You know, try giving into the kingdom of god to help support the financing of the gospel and see how god blesses.
It’s the truth.
Your finances. And god even says about tithing and giving. Try me. Yeah.
See if I won’t open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing. It’s not Yes.
Some of the culture has changed, but god’s god never changes. He’s the same yesterday and forever.
And the word does not get old and worn out. It it works. I mean, it just works.
That’s all there is to it. Yeah.
Yeah. So are there specifics to, um, help people with the we’ve talked a lot about, I guess, about the why study the Bible, but how about some of the practicals of the the how?
And even the where, I mean, are there specifics that help with all of you for for this to work better?
Well, when people wanna be comforted, they normally go to the Psalms.
The thing I love about the Psalms is David was so honest with god about how he felt.
And so that’s good to know. You don’t have to try to hide how you feel from god.
And so Yeah. If somebody’s watching and they’re just starting out and they’re just a royal mess like I was in the beginning, God already knows everything about you.
So go ahead and talk to him about it because it’s it gets it out of you. Okay.
I really basically studied based on what was going on in my life. Yeah.
I studied my problems when I didn’t have a clue how to be submissive to my husband.
I mean, I studied those scriptures, and they were so hard for me. You know? It’s still
a little challenging sometimes.
Gosh. I was like, you have got to be kidding. I to adore my husband.
Of the war. Submit.
Joyce and I were just doing a little experiment this week.
Because we have a similar thing that Joyce has talked about that, um, our husbands like to help us.
Yes. And oftentimes that help doesn’t seem necessary to us. Yes. Is that a fair way to say it?
Yes. A lot of times, I don’t wanna help.
There it is.
Especially at the kind I’m getting, you can help me with the dishes.
You take the trash out, but you don’t need to tell me how to get out of the bathtub.
I’ve been doing that for a long time.
You don’t need to tell me how to use the knife.
You know, my husband loves to tell me things that I think what do you think I do when you’re not here?
Right. And it I I used to think that he did it because he thought I was stupid, but I found out he really is just trying to help me.
And you go you go through the same thing. I do. Exact
so much of the same thing. Yeah. We I walk every morning.
Tim walks with me quite often, there is one hole in our neighborhood.
Every single time, Tim says, 1, watch the hole.
Watch the hole.
I’m like, I I know. I do it every day, and you’re not always here.
You know, it’s like you said, how do I survive without you to tell me these things?
So Joyce had a great idea of how to do this differently.
So I just said in my conference last weekend, and Ginger jumped on board.
And I said, From now on, I am going to just say thank you.
And I’ve done it.
So painful to me.
I’ve done it for 2 days.
Yeah. How are you doing? Good.
I’m doing good.
Did did you mean
it when you said it,
or do you just need to get more
of that? That’s not necessary question. Baby steps here.
Yeah. Let’s just start with doing it. Then I’ll then I’ll go to meaning it.
So, yeah, after this, we’re on our walk.
Tim says watch the whole, and I swallowed really hard. And I just said, thank you.
I’m so proud of you. Probably just like that. And he looked at me a little confused.
Yeah. And then you
know, he he goes, you’re welcome.
Did you like it when you win on it, Sharon?
I mean, I feel really nervous to commit to him
because you’re gonna have it. I’m gonna get. I’m gonna win.
Mean, I’m gonna do it.
It’ll all be tested tonight. So, yeah, you will. I’m gonna do it.
And the Christ thing, that kind of the whole soft answer turning away wrath, like, It applies to every relationship because y’all know I ain’t married
right now. That’s true.
But guess what? I kinda did the same thing with my ex husband. What?
I didn’t say thank you though. It was a soft answer, though.
Yeah. Well, good for
you. Thank you. Thank you.
Yeah. Thank you. Bye. Thank you. I hope that I meant that.
Yeah. But, no, seriously, he he had said we were co parenting doing some things, you know, with with my daughter.
And it was just something that he said something that was, Everything in me wanted to, like, snap back.
I was like, you know what? You’re right. Oh. Oh, I think you’re ready so far. Oh, that’s
another good one. You’re right.
Oh, and you I’m sorry. Thank you. Here’s the thing.
You’ve pivoted the entire conversation. He says, uh, um, okay.
That’s, like, better than
me. What does this say? I cut them off. I cut them a cuter with kindness.
That’s better than getting a gift today. You’re right. You’re right. Isn’t your wasn’t your right?
Oh. Excuse me? Yes. It works. Good.
It’s so true, though. It’s like we we can read all of these things, but unless we put them into action, then they’re not really gonna do anything for us.
And this this is one of those things where it’s just like a daily application of trying to do your best with the things that just go against everything inside of you and your flesh that wants to say, I know what I’m doing.
You know? But it it’s one of the things that God gives us because he knows it will be better for us.
And Yeah. His word is so good and, like, one of the one of the ways that I do it, um, is in the morning time, but actually at nighttime, if I know I’ve had a rough day with certain things, I try to find a scripture that I can read Mhmm.
That can help ease my mind before I go to bed, you know, like, to read something, but then I’ll keep that scripture on my phone too.
So then when I wake up, just just so the double note, not today. Well, that was yesterday’s problem.
So I look at that, you know, Another practical thing I talk I talk about the apps that I use that I have a list of scriptures that I that are kinda like I’m a nerd to an extent.
Like, I like to subject matter them and, like, like, you say Joyce.
Like, I’d I’d highlight the things that are big on my list with just anger, my attitude, fear, rejection, all those things.
And I have them all categorized.
So if I need it quickly, then because sometimes I I going through this season, I couldn’t just sit and open my Bible and, like, that was something I used to do so religiously.
And like I said, almost hypothetically. I don’t know.
It was just for show, like, how I used to do it.
Um, it just has had to pivot over these passwords for it to actually sink in.
And then when I go on a walk, I’ll just put on my earbuds and I’ll let the Bible app play in my ears too.
You know? No. That’s good. Yeah.
I was just thinking about that Bible And, you know, there’s probably a lot of people that don’t know about that.
Yeah. But it is a wonderful tool, and it’s got Bible Studies on it for you. Yeah.
I mean, I’ve got studies on there.
There’s all kinds of people that have studies on there, and there’s a scripture for the day, and you can read the whole chapter if you want.
And so You know, that might be a good place for some people to start because it just makes it so so easy for you.
It does. And let’s get real.
Like, You know, you can study the Bible for years and get a lot out of it that will go through a season where it feels maybe dry or or you have a hard time making it happen because I don’t want it to sound like we’re all perfect in this.
I’m not at all.
I don’t think we’re making ourselves super important.
Well, people assume things
that, you
know, we’re over vacation.
You know, but far from buried myself in eight paper.
So Enroll your eyes, be set a door.
Yeah. But one of the things that I found during those hard times when when, you know, it just wasn’t happening the way that I wanted it to, was to change something up.
Don’t be afraid, like you said, to try the app, to try a new version of the bible. Yeah.
And even for me, it’s even location.
Like, maybe I can go outside where I can kind of see nature.
That really helps me connect with god or you know, sit in a different place in the house, just something that will change it up for you a little bit can make a big difference to kind of spark a new desire.
Yeah. For sure.
Or or even have one friend that you both read the same thing and then get on the phone and just talk about it.
That’s great. I do
it. Yeah.
You know, just you may maybe you can’t go to a Bible study.
You can’t go somewhere and be with a group of people or you don’t know enough people.
We’re surely, you know, one person.
So if you know one other person who wants to learn the word, I mean, I know a lot of people who’ve told me they do that.
I wanna read the scripture. Second Timothy, 215, says study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to god approved, tested by trial, a workman that has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing rightly the word of truth.
So he says study and be eager to know it and to understand it where you’re not taking it out of context.
It’s it’s important to do.
It’s important to not study the Bible for 1 month and think you know everything and start, you know, giving everybody
Bibles. Uh-huh.
Yeah. That scripture, I used to we used to say that, of course, back in the day, I used to always learn all my scriptures in King James.
You know, that was, like, studied to show that self approved a workman that needed not to be a snake.
You know, like, like, uh-huh.
But now I think the older I get I think that was why why it makes it so tough for somebody like me that’s been in church all my life, because now they mean different.
Like, back in the day, it was like, study to show this stuff improved.
That’s why I liked all the highlighters. But then you got to that little last part about the trial part.
And I’m like, Ugh, I don’t want the trial part. Like, the scripture sounded so cool before that.
But then it took a nasty turn, but the trial
you know what that part is for and nobody likes it, but it’s it makes you apply the word then.
Yeah. And actually by applying it, you find out that it works. Yes.
so it gives you experience, which then gives you trust.
And so that’s all part of it.
It’s all part of it.
You know, just to study it and say you know it, well, you don’t know if you know it or not until you have to try it.
So you
have to use it. So you
have to
use it. Aw, man. It’s really true. Yeah. And there’s the point right there.
Like, patience for example.
Hey, Shanann
Turner. Everybody groans when they hear the word.
And actually, the Greek says that it’s a fruit of the spirit that is only developed under trial.
Wow. And thanks.
You can’t you can’t get it any other way.
That’s why people don’t like pray for patients because they know they’re gonna get trouble. Mhmm.
That’s not that much fun. One thing that I like to do and you talk about, like, mixing it up.
I was, This is I have, like, 10 of these. Reminds of your journal’s choice that you won’t share.
I I brought this one to work today, and I thought, if anybody finds this, I will have to hunt them down because, like, pour my heart onto into them.
So I
was slipping through it. And, like, There’s probably tears on these pages, but there’s this is things that I’ve been through and all of the things in here are connected to scriptures that I found on the things that I was walking through.
And so all these different areas, I’ve done different things with them.
So, like, in some places in here, all it’s writing a prayer, and there’s just a verse that connects to the thing I was going through.
This day, um, my family had a stomach bug. So that was a bad day.
That was not a fun day. And there’s Ebers.
But then in other places, I’ll pick like a chapter or a book and then just write down, like, points that I’m getting from those verses.
So, like, key takeaways that are in my own words, like a summarization of what I’ve just read.
And So going through here and seeing all these different things that I walked through and seeing the verses around them, like, the Bible has walked me through so much Yeah.
And it was so beautiful to look back and see his word is active in different ways that I use it.
Yeah. It’s just
Sometimes I get out my journals, and I just go back Yeah. And read different ones and remember. Wow.
Such a face failure.
Because I saw on here. I saw the verse I was clinging to on that day that I thought I might not make it.
And then look at that 2 years later. I did it.
And I think
there’s you may have. Yeah. It’s a good it it’s good to look back.
It’s like gathering the stones, like, the children of Israel when they were walking across.
That’s what I used to call it. Like, as you walk across your dry land through your trial. Mhmm.
You’re gathering the stones so you can go back and, like, use those stones to build an alter to give god praise for what he’s brought
you through. A monument to not forget. Yeah.
A monument to never forget. And so, like, that’s why I look at, like, this book.
I was gathering stones when I had the strength to gather them.
And I had built an altar to give thanks And then by the time I was weak and after that long trek of divorce and life and all the things, I didn’t have the strength to, like, write anymore, but I was able to look at what I had written and say, like, god, you have brought me through this.
I don’t have the strength to write right now, so I I just don’t want everybody to think supposed to write the whole time.
There have been seasons where
I couldn’t Well, in some people did not like to journal.
I don’t a lot of times. I really don’t.
If you don’t like it, you know, to do it.
Yeah. I really don’t. And sometimes I did things with my memo, voice memo, and my phone Mhmm.
Because, like, just talking to god, like, chord in it, like, because I couldn’t write and put it in music.
I, you know, I just just do whatever I could do because I couldn’t write anymore.
I was just like, ugh, I couldn’t do it, but looking back, like, some days I just colored.
Like, some days I just drew and colored. I did, you know, and played watch a music while I colored.
You know? So Yeah. I thought
about getting a coloring book.
Yeah. They have them. They have the co I got some too, like, that have, like, scriptures in them.
You could just color them. They have, like, on Amazon. I just colored. And that’s a lot.
Like, my daughter does that to this day. Like, I got that before she went to school.
I got her a couple of books that dealt with, like, like, so it had scriptures in it, but also, like, mental health things and affirmations.
Yeah. You know, and and some and a bunch of coloring pencils. And so She colors
a lot.
So, Ginger, you’re warning us to be sure that we tell people how they can get started.
And I think if they’re listening, there’s no rules.
Yeah. It’s really good.
You know, you, uh, you find what works for you.
And we’ve given them several ideas. Mhmm.
If they wanna take an idea But if you come up with something that’s totally different than what we’ve said, the whole the whole thing is is However, you learn.
Mhmm. You know, that’s the way you should learn.
Like, some people do not like to read at all. They don’t even have good comprehension when they read.
So you might need to listen to the Bible on tape. Yeah.
You know, that’s really good.
There’s always a different way. I mean, I know somebody who just said, I don’t care how slow I read. I just don’t comprehend it, and the person is very smart.
But they’re more of a hands on person. And so listening Yeah. Is better than reading for them.
Yeah. I
think that sets a lot of people free.
You know, take off the boundaries of the way you think you should be doing this.
Try different things until you find something that works for you.
Yeah. The Bible’s not a bunch of rules.
And the way you do the Bible is not a bunch of rules. It’s
it’s But let’s just say 2 since we’re at the beginning of the year.
I’d really like to see everybody make some kind of commitment.
Yes. It’s great.
If all you think you can handle is 10 minutes in the morning. Mhmm.
You know, start where you feel like you can.
And if you’re wanting something a little more specific, we’ve got a program called the 3030 Challenge.
You can call and ask for that.
It’s studying making a commitment to study the word for 30 days every day for 30 minutes.
Yeah. You can find it online, and it it walks you through it so beautifully.
It’s really easy to sign up for it.
Tell us that changed their life, even people that have been walking with God for years and years.
Well, Erin’s one of them. They’re in decision in my life. And I know Jesus, but Yeah.
That that 2 commit to time with him every day. It it it will change your life.
Yeah. There was one thing that keeps coming to my heart.
You know, even if you know a scripture by heart, when I’m in trouble, like, say I’m having a hard time forgiving somebody.
I know the scriptures by memory Mhmm.
On forgiveness in the Bible, but I find that going and looking them up and reading them.
Yeah. Yeah.
It’s still better than just
Thinking about them because I know them.
Mhmm. Yeah. I agree. Well, there is no reason now for anyone not to try something.
You know how valuable this has been in our life and god loves you so much just as much as anyone of us, and he will do the very same thing for you.
So We encourage you to start somewhere. We don’t care how big or how small, start somewhere.
Pray that God will reveal what he wants to do in your life. And that that connection will grow.
And I believe that you will be amazed. I really do.
That you will be amazed at how your attitude toward reading and studying the Bible will change as well as your life on so many levels.
Thank you all very much.
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The mind
actually is the battlefield.
I where we win or lose the war with Satan. He said all he gets to say. Thank you.
He gives us a lot of it. Today’s mind. You start asking god to heal you, and he will door.
It’s the god of all comfort, and I am so grateful that I know how to call on god.

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