The Secret is You’re a Hebrew | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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  1. Your books in Norwegian is sooo god
    Lot of respect to you
    Dear Jonathan Chan
    I’m so happy every time but have problems to focus and cosentrations problems
    I hope I will be better and be and read books like a running horse

    And eat and practice fruits of God’s words to be an Jesus freaks

    I love to pray powerful prayers like peace nature medecine atoms problems who changed

    But Putin make new and more new chemicals bombs
    That’s the problem so l pray so often I can in tongues and after my whises for the world and for poor and abused children in Thailand and lots more

    God is the trouble distroyer

    He lives forevermore ❤️

    Blessings from Inger Kristine Corneliussen. Name website at Facebook ❤️

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