The L’Chayim Secret – The Power of Life in Every Situation | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The L’Chayim Secret – The Power of Life in Every Situation | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn shares about The L’Chayim Secret – The Power of Life in Every Situation.

In the book of Moses, the Lord said, I set before you life and death, choose life. Is it possible that this applies to every moment of our lives? How do identify the ways of death and life in every moment and part of our lives. How to learn the secret of overcoming death and living by the power of life, in the One who is the Prince of Life!

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Now the answer may not be exactly what you’re asking for, but he promises to answer.
He will get he’ll do what you ask, or he’ll do what he wants which is better.
He would go to the synagogue on the Sabbath.
It was Saturday. Could have been Friday night. Could have been Saturday.
He goes there and they would often have rabbis just come in and teach without any formal thing.
They just come in and share. So he’s teaching.
And behold there was a woman, next verse, who had a spirit of infirmity disease.
18 years she stooped down. She could not lift herself up.
When he saw her, he called her.
And he said to her, woman, you are freed from your infirmity.
Now we have actually seen that. We’ve actually heard.
We’ve actually had services where people have been instantly, instantly healed. Instantly.
Suddenly they could move where they couldn’t move, and I’ve seen this happens, it happens. Others happens different ways.
Sometimes it happens slower, gradual, and sometimes it’s Listen, God is sovereign. But we we seek, but God is real.
The word he said Well, we don’t know the original word because it was Hebrew Aramaic, But it’s translated into Greek, which is also anointed of the Lord.
The word that appears of what he says to her is the word, the Greek word, apaluo. Try it.
It sounds happy. Apaluo. He says that it is so important. Why?
Because it means freed, released. It also means forgive. Forgiven.
It also means to send away.
Same word is used when the Romans say of Paul when he’s on trial and Paul appeals to Caesar, he said he could have been set free if he didn’t appeal for Caesar.
Set free is apaluo. Same word used, set at liberty. But also means forgive.
And in this case it means set free from an illness, a disease, infirmity, healing.
So, what truth this opens up? It’s all connected. Healing is connected to forgiveness.
To be released and set at liberty is linked to being healed.
Also to sending away something. It says forgive and you will be forgiven.
It could also be translated as release and you shall be released.
Or the other side of it, if you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven.
That’s something that a lot of believers take kind of more lightly. Well, I can’t forgive them.
Well you can’t, then you can’t be saved. That’s what the Bible says.
You can’t forgive and you will be forgiven. If you don’t forgive, judge not lest you be judged.
But here a key to healing is forgiveness.
I’ve known several people in the Lord who were sick, or something, for a long time.
And they realized they had, there was bitterness. They had not forgiven. And when they did they were healed.
Now I’m not saying if you’re sick you, that means that’s, you are not forgiving.
However, however, if you are sick and you have any, and you are not forgiving somebody, you need to forgive them.
Because that could be what’s stopping you. Because forgiveness brings healing. It’s releasing. You’re releasing someone else.
But when you release someone else release, you’re gonna releasing yourself.
Release those who sinned against you and you will be released.
If you don’t, you are joined to your quote enemy for the rest of your life.
You’re joined to that situation if you don’t release it for your own sake.
Release them and the chain has the other side. You get released on your end. So why chain your heart?
If you don’t forgive you stay chained to it, the sin of unforgiveness and everything else that brings.
Release them. You shall be released. Apaluo also means to send away.
Messiah, when it says he had to send away the crowds. Apaluo. But the same word is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is not a passive thing where you say okay I’ll just let it go. Yeah.
It’s letting go but it’s also actively sending it away.
Sometimes it’s not enough to just let it go because it keeps coming back. You got to send it away.
Remember Yom Kippur. The day of forgiveness centered on the scapegoat. Had all the sins.
You had to send that goat away. It was holy.
They had to send the goat away into the wilderness. The goat might have come back.
You know, that’s actually why actually in the time of Jesus the rabbi said they actually, they went beyond what God said.
They took the goat out to the wilderness and they kind of rubbed it off.
They kind of pushed it over the cliff to make sure it would never come back.
Now I’m not saying but the point is here. You’ve got to sometimes, you have to take an active thing.
I’m sending this away. I am not gonna have this anymore. Lord bless them. Forgive them.
Even though they did all that forgive them. Get it out of here. I don’t want it in my life.
You have to send it away. And maybe you have to do it more than once.
But also the on your own life maybe you can’t forgive yourself. There’s guilt. Send that away too.
You got to send away that guilt. Send away that shame. Um, that’s not me anymore.
I’m, I’m saved by the Lord. I am sending it away.
So not only do you forgive others, you have to also release yourself, because of God.
And notice something. The scapegoat, when that, when you, when the high priest is praying over and then sending away the scapegoat, that scapegoat had the sins of other people, but it also had the sins of himself.
If he wanted his sins to be forgiven, he had to send away the whole, the whole bunch.
He had, he had to send away their sins to have his sins go away.
Forgive and you shall be forgiven. And maybe even healed.
Now note Messiah did not say to the woman, you will be set free. He didn’t say that.
He said woman you are set free. Or woman thou art loosed.
There is a heavenly dynamic here that you have to In the Lord, we have to learn how to receive what we said he has given before we see it.
We have to receive blessing before we know it. We have to receive victory before we achieve it.
You don’t, in the Lord, you don’t Here I’m gonna get my victory and and then I’m gonna give thanks for victory.
No. Because then it’s you. You thank God for victory before you see it and then you have the victory in that.
He said it before she was healed.
But he, she said you are healed so he, she believes it and then she’s gonna be healed.
That is a principle throughout our lives. We have to do that.
The Red Sea, you know, they’re the they rejoiced when they got through the Red Sea.
But the real faith would have been if they could rejoice on the other side, before it opened.
The Lord said it. He’s gonna save us. He’s given us a promise. It’s gonna happen.
We’re Thank God for the victory before we see it.
Thank God as long as it’s God’s will, give thanks for the answer before you have it.
You know, here’s another thing.
When you pray, the Bible says, when you pray it says in Philippians 4, which is a real section on the, on having peace of mind in your life.
It says, lift up whatever you have. Lift up the need to God. But it says, with thanksgiving.
So the thing is, when as soon as we get, we get into a spirit of need, we’re lifting and lifting.
Okay. We need to do that. But it says then you have to thank God for the answer.
That changes that spirit of need. When you’re thanking God you’re rejoicing.
So when you’re giving, when you’re giving all your needs to him, thank him for the answer.
Now the answer may not be exactly what you’re asking for, but he promises to answer.
He will get, he’ll do what you ask or he’ll do what he wants which is better.
I remember once when I had no car and I remember praying exactly for the car and I, I told him what I would like and I was, it was, it sounds like I’m it was actually a humble prayer.
I said you don’t have to have air conditioning. I’m okay with this. I’m okay with this.
And, and, and I gave it to him and then I just thanked him.
And, and I, and it was like a release. When you thank there’s a release.
Changes the whole spirit when you thank. And I went to the service.
I was on my way to the service and a guy gives me his car.
Yo, but I thanked him before I had it. And it had no air conditioning.
And he laid his hands on her and immediately she became straight.
She glorified God. When he touched her there was healing.
There’s a lot of power in letting God touch you.
There’s a lot of blessings that we may not know when we don’t let him touch us.
Let him touch it. And whatever you touch that’s where the power Whatever part of your life you let him touch.
Whatever you don’t let him touch. Verse 14. Now comes a change.
And the ruler of the synagogue, president, answered with indignation because Yeshua Jesus had healed on the Shabbat, the Sabbath.
And he told the people the guy gets up and speaks.
There are 6 days he’s correcting everybody, correcting the Messiah.
There are 6 days in which men ought to work.
During those days come and be healed, but not on the Sabbath. Wow. Wow.
Here there’s a miracle and he rebukes the miracle, rebukes the Messiah in God’s house.
He says you got 6 days to work. Where But you cannot heal somebody on the Sabbath.
Where did he get this stuff? The Bible never says you can’t heal somebody on the Sabbath.
The Bible never says somebody can’t be healed on the Sabbath.
It’s amazing how people add to the Word of God.
And when you add to the Word of God it’s gonna go wrong. Add bond, it’s bondage.
When you add to the Word of God, that which is not in the Word of God, as if it was in the Word of God, you’re in trouble.
It’s as bad as taking away from the Word of God. And there are people who do both.
You cannot worship God on Sunday. Really?
What day of the week Tell me, what what day is it where it’s wrong to worship God on that day?
You think it’s holy not to I didn’t worship God on Sunday.
I’m No, you you just didn’t worship God. You know, there is a Sabbath.
The biblical Sabbath is Friday night to Saturday night, but that’s not the point now.
You know, the thing is that there will be in the kingdom it says there will be the Sabbath for the whole world again, but it’s the message of the Sabbath right now.
It’s the heart of the Sabbath. We are free to do and not do. But it’s the heart.
God is not looking so much on the day. He’s looking at the heart.
If you’re more concerned that the day is not right to worship the Lord then your heart is definitely not right to worship the Lord.
We were in India. Famous historic synagogue in the in the city of Cochin.
And there are not many Jews left there, but they’re there they do the tours of the synagogue.
And there was a mini tour that my host said let’s go on. It was like a few people.
And the Indian host, but my host there says to the Torah at 1 point he says, we have a rabbi right here.
Rabbi let let’s have him blow the horn.
Rabbi Jonathan coaches day headlines.
Rabbi Khan Cochin synagogue controversy. I’m thinking what?
I was I was there and I didn’t see any controversy.
Turned out 2 of the people on that little mini tour were from New York, And they had heard me on the radio with the 2 nice Jewish boys so they knew me.
They weren’t believers. They claimed. They, they said, they complained.
They said according to Jewish tradition you can’t blow the shofar if you don’t have a minion. 10 Jewish people.
So the article said Rabbi Khan. They said, they said Rabbi Khan blew the horn without a minion.
So now the synagogue is not kosher anymore.
Where in the Bible does it say you need 10 people to blow the shofar? Nowhere.
In the book of Revelation there are 7 angels with trumpets blowing, not 10.
Who makes up these rules? I couldn’t get involved.
I said, we can’t get involved in this. I said let’s just move on to the next thing.
We’ve got a mission here. At the end of that same mission we saw about 70, 000 Indian people pray to give their lives to Jesus.
And by the same token after that happened because we recorded it.
You know we the Salvation Call, everything. It’s on video.
When I came home I was at a conference and I showed that at the conference what happened in India with about 70, 000 people.
And someone asked me, and my thought that it was representative of it, but he he said how many of them were Jewish?
I said this is India. I was Jewish. That was about it.
And then you had about 800, 000, 000 people. I was Jewish.
But I’m thinking what are you doing?
You’re more concerned about who was Jewish than the fact that 70, 000 people prayed the prayer of salvation.
Don’t lose sight. Why are we doing what we’re doing? Save the lost.
There are times that the most holy thing you could say is what is wrong with you?
And that’s basically what the Lord’s gonna say. Verse 15.
The Lord then answered him and said, you hypocrites.
Don’t each of you loose, set free his ox and his donkey from the stall and lead him to drink on the Shabbat.
The rabbis wrote of this. They said it’s okay to bless your, your, your beast, your animal.
Take care of it. Save them as somebody’s And they’re upset so it says here, here you will unleash, you will set free your your animal so he can drink.
But here this woman of this daughter of Abraham was set free and you’re more concerned about the beast than you are about this woman.
He goes on verse 16.
Shouldn’t this woman, a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for these 18 years, Be set free from this bondage on the Sabbath, whom Satan has bound.
Satan has bound. The Greek word here is tied, wound together, knit together.
You know, God, it says he knows the plans he has for us and the Hebrew word can be taken as knit.
He knits together our life. But the enemy, he knits knots. Knots to hinder you. Tie you up.
Tie up your heart. Put your heart in knots. Put your situation in knots. With sin, with bitterness.
And God though, his word is apaluo, is to set you free.
Now the word here, when it when he uses the word loose here it’s different from apaluo.
It’s the word luo, which means to break up, dissolve, destroy, melt away.
That is how God deals with the knots of the enemy. He doesn’t try to undo everything.
He just breaks it. In the ancient times there is a story of what’s called the Gordian knot.
There was a knot, we don’t know if real or legend, A knot and they said whoever can untie this knot shall rule the world.
Alexander, it is said, Alexander the Great said, show me the knot.
He goes there, sees the knot, takes out a sword, cuts it in half. That’s how God does.
See sometimes that’s how you have to deal with it.
Sometimes it’s not that you got to undo everything, you got to just take the sword of of the Spirit, the sword of the word, say no, I’m just cutting through all this junk.
Verse 17. And when he said these things all his adversaries were ashamed.
And the people though rejoiced for all the awesome things that were done by him.
This 1 event is so simple. So simple, yet so profound, it sums up everything.
When the Jewish people do a toast they don’t do as some people do, salut.
They say L’chaim. Try it. L’chaim. L’chaim. People think we’re drinking but we’re not.
L’chaim. That’s Hebrew. Chayim is life. Chayim. Chay. Life. Amisrael Chay.
Lechaim means to life. God is called El Chaim, the living God. The God who lives.
The God of life. God told his people Israel, you are of life.
You are of life. I am the God of life and you are, you are the people of life.
And this picture here gives a real clear image of the division. Messiah is of life.
He brings healing because he’s of life. What’s broken is not of life.
When the breaking, the disease, if it has its way it leads to death. Even even cold.
If you didn’t have an immune system, if God didn’t make sure you got healed, you’d die.
Disease leads to death. The Messiah is life so he brings healing wherever he goes.
Be as a spiritual Israelite. I cannot touch the dead.
I cannot do anything to You know that, that it says that have nothing to do with death.
The sons of Aaron were told, the priests I was told when I was a kid, you can’t have it.
You’re not supposed to even go to a cemetery.
You’re not even supposed to do that in religion, in the tradition built on that.
But that saying is that the, the higher you go in God, the more you want to go.
You’ve got to have nothing. The more, the less you have to do with that.
You’ve got to get deadness out of your life. Spiritual Israelite. Whatever’s dead get it out.
And you know there are people around you who love digging up dead things.
They’ll keep bringing up those dead things from your life.
If something’s dead you don’t dig it up. Unless you’re a ghoul.
If it’s dead, let it stay dead. If it’s dead, let the dead bury the dead.
You know in those movies when the people come back from the dead, those vampires.
You know, they’d attract to the comes. You know what they they’d hold up the cross.
Probably wouldn’t do it in new movies, but they hold up the cross, you know.
Well you kind of have to do that, you know. That person starts gossiping.
But it’s the power of life.
If sin leads to death, then what especially has the power of life? Repentance.
The quickest way to go from death to life is repentance.
It’s even linked to the resurrection. It’s the power to turn away from death.
That is what God gave you. The power of the resurrection. Get into repentance.
That gets you right out of death.
And just as strongly as you, you want to see things that are dead to, for what they are and get away from them, you want to see what life is.
Other things may be the opposite. Other things may be hard, but they’re to life.
Maybe hard to turn that down but it’s to life.
It may be hard to do the right thing but it’s life.
It may be hard to spend more time in prayer, if right now but it’s life.
To be in God’s presence, life.
Self control may be hard, but if I do it I’m gonna have life.
So the things that you need to do for God that are maybe hard, but but the thing is same secret.
Look to the end. They are to life. They are to Forgiving that person heart, but it’s to life.
I’m gonna do it. See the blessing at the end.
When all you see is the price it’s hard to do the right thing.
But when you see the blessing at the end, I see the blessing and the and the victory and the life and the power and all the, the peace that’s gonna be mine.
I’m gonna do it. God told Israel I set before you life and death. Choose life.
Every day, it’s not just Israel. You have a choice of life or death. Choose life.
When Mary went looking for Messiah, where’d she go? She went to the tomb.
The angel told her something great, said why are you looking for the living among the dead?
You can’t find him. He’s not here. He doesn’t dwell among the dead.
He dwells among the, the living. He’s the God of life. He’s alive.
You cannot find God’s presence in the dead. That dead thing, that past you keep dwelling in the past.
He’s not there. He’s risen.
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