The Just Shall Live By Faith

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The Just Shall Live By Faith

Pastor Jack speaks of a new perspective when we live our lives by faith. The struggles that we experience, our perception of current events, and the way we interact with others are all affected by this new point of view. Learn what it means to live by faith in today’s episode of Real Life TV.

This Real Life TV program is taken from a recent teaching by Pastor Jack. It has been formatted for TV and contains some additional material. We hope you gain new insights as you enjoy this message.

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Well, listen, everything is based upon perspective. How do we see things? Our perspective causes us to form opinions.
What we conclude but we think, and we conform actually a worldview based on our perspective of things.
And the Bible tells us, listen to this, that the just shall live by faith.
Man, that’s a game changer for all of us. The book of Romans is very powerful for this eternal truth.
So what I wanna challenge you to do to pay close attention to the teachings that we’re gonna go through right now.
And I hope it’s a great encouragement to you for this reason that you and I are to be living with our Bibles open.
That doesn’t mean you have to carry a Bible around, but the Bible says to hide God’s word in your heart.
So in a sense, have your Bible open, right?
Have your heart open to the word of god as a guide.
Have your Bible open when you listen to the news?
Have your Bible open when you’re reading the paper or the magazine or the social media post, whatever it might be.
Have your Bible open. This puts you in a position of discerning or judging what you should hear.
Now, listen, I’m not talking about judging people.
I’m talking about judging what you and I hear in light of the Bible.
So get your bibles out and let’s open them up as we look at a message entitled the just shall live by faith.
And in doing so, you’re gonna be given a perspective that you can use right now for the rest of your life.
Right now, according to the Bible, it’s Christians.
This is written to Christians, Book of Romans, we suffer in this world. It’s amazing about Christian suffering is.
It makes us more like Jesus. I don’t know how that’s gonna work in eternity, but it’s really gonna matter.
It is a big deal. What you and I suffer in this world for being a Christian is gonna really matter in the day of eternity.
Now you you have to take that carefully as a as a mature believer, you can’t run away from controversy.
But at the same time, he shouldn’t go looking for it.
The Bible says if you’re persecuted for Jesus’ sake, you’re gonna receive a great reward in heaven.
That doesn’t mean you run into a crowd of Jews or Muslims or atheists to say, Hey.
You’re all gonna go to hell. And they beat you up. You should get beat up.
That’s not right. It means that if you and I are gonna live like Jesus, go figure, if you and I are gonna live like Jesus, people are gonna hate us.
Jesus is the most hated individual on this planet today. Why?
Because he raised the dead. Why? Because he cleansed the lepers. Why?
Because he said if he dies in the cross, he’ll die for your sins. He’s he’s so hated.
He’s hated because he rose from the dead. See, Jack, that’s not making any sense. Exactly my point.
Your rejection of Jesus is a spiritual issue. It’s not intellectual.
What did Jesus do to upset you?
You can you and I can get in line and tabulate all the people that hurt us.
They didn’t die for us. And they’re not listen. They’re not getting us into heaven.
Jesus was the one who, when he was beaten and when he was subject to grotesque suffering, the Bible says he opened his mouth not once in defense.
Why? Because if he would have, then he would have not fulfilled his plan to redeem you.
See, our sins needed to be paid for. But god is holy.
He can’t just say, well, we we’ll just forget that. He can’t. God cannot do that. Someone has to pay.
God removed this from my my vocabulary a long time ago, and it’s this.
God, that’s not fair. I never use that word anymore ever. No way.
Because you know what? Strange thing about forgiveness.
The only way forgiveness works is if the innocent person issues forgiveness. It gets worse.
The person that was sent against is the person that has to pay the price.
That’s not fair. Fair is you sin against me. I punch you out.
That’s fair. Fair is you do this the wrong thing.
You get you the noise scream for you. Right? That’s fair. God’s not fair.
God is extravagant. Yes.
God god told god says all of mankind has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
That means this. All of mankind has sinned and by default cannot go to heaven.
But I have a plan. I will send my son and the likeness of human flesh.
He’ll be born just like you were born. He’ll feel exactly what you feel except he’ll feel it perfectly.
He will feel perfect pain. He will feel absolute total rejection.
None of us have been rejected, like Jesus has been rejected.
When somebody drops a brick on their foot in the world, nobody cusses in your name.
It’s a spiritual issue, friends. So church, it’s this life fully lived.
That’s when it’s gonna happen is when this fallen age finally fails, and it’s gonna come to its end.
It says for we know that the whole creation groans and laborers verse 22 with birth pains together until now.
It’s suffering, physically, emotionally, in a nonphysical sense, even the spiritual realm.
Remarkable to me, and I wrote it down.
I I I just wrote it down so I wouldn’t flood it up, but I’ll read it to you.
It’s just the thought that it’s remarkable to me, It’s a remarkable word that’s defined here.
The word grounds in the Greek language is Stanazzo, and it means to exhibit pain. Listen to this.
Are to show evidence of pain.
Think about not only Jesus, not only you, but think about this observable world right now.
The physical, emotional, non physical worlds, that’s the spirit realm, are out of sorts.
The word means that it’s disjointed or misaligned or skewed. Friends, listen.
That may if your bicycle tires are a little out of whack, it’s no big deal.
But if you have a centrifuge and something’s out of whack, it’s a big deal.
Are you hearing me? Can you imagine the engine? The engine on a jet on a jet plane.
You know that. Those planes, when you’re cruising along, eating your, uh, chips and sandwich on the flight, Uh, you’re just sitting up there.
You know, the tech the the technology that’s monitoring those motors if something goes off, just ever so slightly, it’s constantly, constantly monitoring.
Why? Cause it could be catastrophic. Why? Because something is Stanazzo.
It’s out of joint or it’s out of place, and it causes something to go into like a wobble and eventually fall fly apart at the seams.
Watch this. This is cool. We’re almost done.
The Bible says the Earth and the Universe has suffered Stenazzo.
It’s out of sync, and it’s imagine a a V Eight only firing on 6 of the cylinders that your car is shaking.
Imagine. Listen. Listen up. Physicist, astronomers. Listen.
The universe is so finely tuned. To the nth degree, you move Jupiter? We’re dead.
Did you know that? We’re ninety 3,000,000 miles from the sun. 5 miles closer? We fry.
Five miles back, we freeze the death. Isn’t that evolution spectacular?
God did that.
And he said he set them in their orders, and he keeps them in their order.
Sin enters the world, and there’s what we call chaos. And it’s hurting.
We call it death. You in a uniform fashion, death throughout cells, death throughout. Adams.
Adams are dying. They’re slowing down. Death in life. We’ll get this.
The thing is, The book of colossians tells us that the only reason why it doesn’t fly apart is because Jesus by the word of his power is holding it together.
That is awesome. Uh, there’s gonna come a time when this all that’s Debt and dine and worn out and pooped out is gonna come to its end, and it’s a good day.
For the believer. It’s a fantastic time.
Secondly, churches this is when suffering comes to its end.
It says in verse 23, that not only that, but we also who have the first fruits of the spirit, even we ourselves, grown within ourselves, eagerly waiting.
This is describing the daily life of the believer. I’m gonna give you some scripture references.
We don’t have the time to cover them all.
But, um, or you can download all the notes online, if you would, but, um, you see that word firstfruits?
Can you circle it? And and most of your bibles, the more Uh, the more accurate translation, you look at the old King James or maybe the new King James, it will have 1st fruits as one word.
The English word, it’s we we flood it. It’s 1st fruits.
We have to it it it it causes a problem. It simply means this.
It comes out of the book of Levedica’s chapter 20 3.
It’s also in the book of deuteronomy, uh, chapter 26, but it’s this you guys.
God says here that uh, not only that, but we also who have the, look, the 1st fruits of the spirit, Follow me, Jesus Christ rose again from the dead, right?
It says, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ was risen from the dead. Watch this.
Jesus being resurrected from the dead, all those who believe in him shall be resurrected from the dead.
Also, he is the first fruit.
Those who believe in him, trust him, are also partakers, or they we are also first fruit.
See, what’s his first fruit stuff?
When man did a work when he plowed his fields, Leviticus 23 says, or if you had your vineyard or your cattle, or whatever it might be, the first born or the first harvested, the first bunch, the bushel, was presented by you or your family to the lord, and the priest would take it, and he would wave it.
It says it’s a wave offering before the lord. What?
And and, uh, so what’s the deal about that?
It’s to remind you that god provided this for you.
That god is good and that god deserves the best off the top for this reason.
It’s great because the Bible says, does god need it? He doesn’t need it.
So then why does he take it? He doesn’t take it. He’ll never take it. You have to offer it.
I wanna keep all the money I make. Keep it.
Other people will read this and say, I get it.
God gets god gets the first fruits of of what he’s allowed me to do.
You know what that does to you? It does something to you that money can’t buy.
It causes you to be thankful. It causes you to be appreciative.
All the stuff you’re trying to teach your kids. You gotta need some money.
I don’t have any. Just go to the debit machine, the ATM.
That’s what kids think. What do you mean you don’t have any money?
That little box always spits money out. Go get it. No. It’s not how it works.
When we give to god, it sets our heart right, sets our heart straight.
It’s a good thing.
But the point is 1st fruits, according to the work of Jesus on the cross, the reward that Christ has given is you.
Jesus suffers all of that, goes through all of it, dies, is resurrected, and the Bible says for the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross Putting up with the shame of it all.
Why? Because it says that he, the joy that he inherits, is the joy of our salvation.
Jesus pays for it, and then he’s the one that’s all excited that we’re saved.
See, wait, don’t you don’t you have that right away? He paid for it, but shouldn’t we be excited?
Yeah, you’d think, right? If that were true, we would never complain again or gripe again.
If that were true, we would break down the doors of the church to get in before worship started.
It’s like, oh, man, come on. Let’s just this together.
Let’s just break down the doors and get in there.
Heck, if the band’s not playing, we’ll get up there and play it ourselves. Let’s give God glory.
You can’t stop this and you can’t stop somebody like that. When they start to realize, wait a minute.
God’s giving me breath right now. The o the o two and all? Yep.
My heart’s beating because of his goodness? Yep. Then give your first heartbeat to god.
Give your first breath to god. It’s not the money thing. God doesn’t want our Mercedes.
He doesn’t want our yacht. He doesn’t want our whatever it is. Are you hearing me?
You get this right? He wants your heart. Any love relationship demands intimacy.
Otherwise, it’s not a good word.
And then finally, we end with this. It’s here.
It’s when we become, finally, thank god, we become the redeemed you and me.
Jesus said, you must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.
And remember, nicodemus went into, like, this connection. He couldn’t figure it out. I’m an old man. My mom’s.
She’s older than me. How do I get back inside my mom and come out a second time, Jesus?
What are you saying? And Jesus says, aren’t you the teacher of all Israel?
You know what I’m talking about? It’s spiritual.
If I were writing the Bible, I would have said, it’s spiritual. You knucklehead. What’s wrong with you?
You got 2, Nick. Too much smarts. You’re not thinking this through.
This is a physical world you were born into.
To enter into the family of God, you’ve gotta be born into the spiritual realm. That’s a second birth.
Jesus said that to him. What’s born of this earth is earthly.
What’s born down from heaven is of heaven.
And so in this, we find out when we read that god says in eternity.
He knew that you would say yes to him when you heard the gospel.
You’ve heard the gospel three times today, by the way. I don’t know if you’re counting.
Three times you’ve heard it, that he loves you, died in the cross for you, and rose again from the dead.
Three times you’ve heard this. God is good, and he invented you with the ability to choose because god’s not Elon Musk who makes robots.
He made you in his likeness, and you can choose whatever you want.
And if you wanna go to heaven, god says, great. Here’s the ticket. This is the way you go.
And if you don’t, then like spurgeon said, every human will have at least one prayer answered.
Isn’t that a scary statement? I don’t want god in my life. Then you won’t.
Don’t worry about it. You won’t you won’t have to. He won’t make you. That would be rape.
Put you in a headlock and say, tell me you love me.
And tell me I’m lord. Tell me I’m the best god ever.
No. He’s not gonna do that. Just like you wouldn’t do that.
And the Bible tells us he adopted us. I love that.
When you’re born into a family, you’re born into a family. What are you gonna do?
The kid comes out, That’s, uh, I guess he’s ours. What are you gonna do?
You can’t send him back. Is there, like, a Amazon sticker we can put on this guy?
He’s yours.
God on the other hand picks he adopts.
That’s better. It’s better for us.
See, well, Jack, I mean, I love that, but how do I know if god picked me?
It’s very simple. Do you want him? Do you want him?
Do you wanna know him personally every day 247, literally for real? We’re not talking about religion.
You happen to be in a church right now that has these walls. That’s just to pull this thing off.
Keep us from getting sunburned or rained on. Seriously beyond, this is not the church? You’re the church.
And here’s the thing. We could pack up and go to on a side of a hill and have church just like this because you are the church, but it’s a choice that you make But it’s an opportunity that god gives you.
Religion says, get these ten steps and sign this thing and do the other, and you’ll be accepted.
God’s not into that. That’s what man does. God says, you wanna love me?
Here’s the here’s here’s the deal. I died for you.
You I I you’re you’re in think about this.
You are in a fireball planet heading toward into oblivion and god is saying, You can jump now.
I’ve given you a parachute. Jump. And notice little kids in heart.
They jump just like that. You put a little kid up on a wall? Watch them jump.
And they’ll say, do it again. Aren’t they amazing?
You put me on a wall and you’re gonna catch me? I’m not jumping.
Think about that. Little kids? Very believing at heart, very precious.
And Jesus says, your heart must become like the heart of a child. To enter the kingdom of heaven.
What does that mean? Be believing? You’re a person, and you appreciate a real relationship.
Why would you have god be less when he made you. You didn’t make him.
And he wants to know you personally, and he adopted. So he’d say, how do I know?
If you want him, it’s because he knew an eternity that when you would hear the gospel, you would say yes.
If you’re sitting here today for your watching right now and you’re saying, I don’t care a word about what you’re saying.
That’s because he didn’t pick you. Well, what’s that based off of?
For knowledge, he knew an eternity before time ever began that when you were presented with the option, you would say no.
So he didn’t pick you.
Why would you go to a horse race and pick a horse that’s gonna lose.
Why would you why would you go to the Indianapolis 500 or the Long Beach Grand Prix and pick a loser?
Right? Think about that. You pick you pick who who’s gonna win.
Well, the Christian is not the winner. We benefit. But the truth of the matter is this.
God knew in eternity that you would say yes to his offer or no to is offered.
And to say no, you continue on that fireball crash into eternity that’s called hell.
And the Bible says everyone’s there, who is there, has no one to blame but themselves.
But everybody who’s in heaven gives god thanks for getting them there. Isn’t that beautiful?
Well, friends, listen, I know that almost sounds offensive, right, to the legalists, the just shall live by faith.
And yet, as you just heard, That is the biblical mandate given to us by god that the just shall live by faith.
That was the word to Abraham, that was the word to Paul. That’s the word to you and I.
And so regarding our conclusion to this, where are you? Where are you in this?
When the Bible says the gesture live by faith, notice this, it’s the faith that you have in the lord Jesus Christ alone that causes you to be just.
See, it’s not what you do. None of us are gonna enter heaven and say, Wow.
Did I make the right decision? No.
Those of us who go to heaven, it’s gonna be because of one reason.
We’ve completely thrown our selves upon the merits of Jesus Christ alone.
Tradically, for those who wind up in hell, it’s because they rejected the offer that god gave them.
It’s their choice. To wind up there, and yet god weeps for the death of the wicked.
He says he wants all to be in heaven, but tragically all are not going. That’s not god’s decision.
The gospel’s preached to the world, but not all the world responds, but I’m not talking to all the world right now.
I’m talking to you right now.
If you agree with this prayer, then you tell god, Amen, and yes to this.
Would you pray right now, lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to forgive me of my sin I ask you to cleanse me of my dependence upon religion upon a pastor, a priest, or a pope, I’m asking you to cause me God to receive my little faith as small as it is to trust Jesus for my eternal life to forgive you of my sins, and I receive the salvation of Christ, and I now decide to be a follower of the lord Jesus Christ.
And I believe he died on the cross and rose again from the dead.
And you would say in Jesus’ name, amen. Friend, if you’ve prayed that rare.
We wanna know that so we can help you and your walk with Jesus.
You can go to for all the information you need.
But we’re here to help you in your walk with God. We’ll see you next time.
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