The Dangers of American Universities

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The Dangers of American Universities

What are the Dangers of Sending Your Children to American Universities?

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Hey. So what’s the deal with universities? Where do I send my kid to go to college?
Well, in light of continuing growing current events, because what we’re watching right now in our university campuses is not some odd anomaly.
I don’t know if you know this or not, but these kids that are doing what they’re doing on the university campuses right now regarding pro Hamas, pro Palestine stuff, and the hatred and violence.
They’re violent. They’re being arrested. Uh, they have had various uh, weapons on them.
Oh, and by the way, a lot of them didn’t even attend some of the colleges.
They were hired to do what they were doing. Everybody though had their face wrapped, covered. Okay?
And a lot of them didn’t know what they were doing because they were being paid to do it.
But in the recent crackdowns, by the time of us making this video together, uh, it has become very, very clear, and hallelujah, um, you shouldn’t send your kid to just any college.
And it seems now clear, from what we’re hearing in this morning’s news, if it’s an Ivy League school, if it’s a school of note, like USC, UCLA, Washington State, if it’s some school of an Ivy League, uh, or Austin in Texas, University of Texas, Austin for example.
Um, am I saying do not send your kid there? I’m saying do not send your kid there.
Number 1, did you know there’s no rule that you were supposed to save up $300,000 to send your kid to college in the 1st place?
We’ve been talked into that. I’m not saying don’t send your kid to college. I’m not anti education.
In fact, I’m super pro education.
In fact, how about this: How did this country bring forth 56 signers of the declaration of independence and the constitution So brilliant that historians tell us that there has never been since.
56 intellects so great in one room, working on one project, like the founding fathers.
He’s, ‘I don’t believe it.’ Of course you don’t believe it. Because you’ve been indoctrinated instead of educated.
For example, how good is your Greek? How good your Greek? How good is your Hebrew?
And how good is your Latin? To both write it, read it, speak it. Come on.
Did you know to graduate from Harvard When our founding fathers graduated from Harvard?
Or from Yale or Princeton? Did you know that those were schools based on the Bible?
Have you ever been to Harvard? I’ve been to Harvard several times.
Did you know that when you walk into the old main gate of Harvard you’ve got a on the right side, separate the bushes.
The gardeners deliberately separated or or blocked the plaque. It tells you right there and it gives you the date.
It’s like it’s like 16 I forget. Sorry.
It’s like 16 something where it says, this university or this college has been founded to prepare men for the gospel and the preaching of the gospel to this continent at Harvard University.
You say you don’t believe it. Of course, you don’t believe it because you don’t even know it’s there.
You gotta separate the bushes to see it.
Then when you walk in, go a little bit to the right and then turn left and you’re gonna see a man that looks like he’s kinda slouching down a little bit, looks like he’s kinda sitting on a throne, kind of, sort of.
Do you know who that is? It’s John Harvard. Do you know who he was?
Pastor John Harvard. My argument to you is this.
You can’t send your kid to a public school system these days because they’re gonna be indoctrinated, not educated.
Your kids are gonna come out dumb, tainted, ruined, because the universities in fact, I forgot to tell you.
Did you know how many university faculty have been arrested for protesting with the pro Hamas groups?
These kids are just living out decades of indoctrination. It’s absolutely amazing.
So listen. There there is a school for now I would recommend.
It’s just stellar and getting stronger.
And that is Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
‘Sup, are they paying you to say this?’ Nope! They don’t even know I’m saying this.
But listen, right now they got great, great programs. It’s a great, great school.
And I just want you to know that you send your kid to University, uh, California at Santa Barbara, that’s what you’re gonna get.
And you’re gonna be funding, by the way, you are funding the retirement programs for professors.
And your kid’s gonna come out of college hating America, hating white people, even though they might be white, hating you mom and dad.
You’re so dumb you don’t even know what you’re doing.
They’ll take your money, be indoctrinated, and come back and tell you that you’re the loser.
And they, they learned all of that on your dime or on your tens of 1,000 of dollars.
Our nation’s broken, maybe beyond repair. But this we know for sure.
University campuses today, when they allow people to walk around and pee in a kitty litter box, and to be a fuzzy this or a feather the other, a one that is morphing between 72 different genders while they attend a biology class, you expect your kid to pass the course?
Listen, if that kid passes and becomes a doctor I hope that his knife never gets near my body.
Are you kidding me? We have gone crazy as a country and as a nation. Why?
Because we’ve cut ourselves loose from God. So that is a very, very powerful statement I’ve made.
You need to calm down from your emotions long enough for you to go research and find out that kids coming out of school today are actually coming out more ignorant with indoctrination rather than being better physicians and engineers than what we put out 50 years ago.
That’s a tremendously sad statement. Think about it.

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