Something Needs to Change | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

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Something Needs to Change | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

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A 15-minute teaching applying practical principles from God’s Word to everyday life.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer.
On today’s program, Joyce will be teaching about change. The perfect topic to kick off 2024.
This time of year, we all take stock and evaluate the changes we like making our lives.
Today, Joyce is here to remind us that as we trust in the lord, he is able to change us from the inside out.
So be encouraged as you seek him to do a new thing in this new year.
Now, here’s Joyce with today’s teaching.
Well, There’s a lot of things that change throughout our life. Isn’t there? We change.
You know, as you get older, you change your mind. About things.
Like, when somebody’s in their twenties, they can’t understand wanting to stay home every night, and you know, rest.
And you know, but the time you get to be around 50, 60, you’re like, nah, I don’t wanna go.
I think I’ll just stay home.
The people in our life changes, and sometimes that’s challenging for us because they change, and maybe we don’t want them to change.
Uh, however, we do have to respect people’s right to make changes in their lives.
Our kids grow up and leave home. Sometimes it’s makes you happy. Sometimes it don’t.
And you know, they get families of their own, and then things change, and they don’t, especially if you have a real close relationship with your children, and they don’t have same amount of time for you that they once did, and that’s challenging.
Then I remember Well, I called my baby.
He’s 44 now, but, um, we had 3 children, and then 10 years later had him.
So He’s kind of a special baby, you know.
And, um, he got married and they lived right around the corner from us, but his wife was pregnant.
And, you know, he just didn’t have the time for me that he wants to, he him and I were really close.
And I remember saying something to him one day about I don’t see you as my something, you know, made him feel like I was complaining about not seeing him enough.
And he said something to me that I don’t forget.
He said, I wish that you would not make me feel like I always have to prove to you that I love you.
And so we need to be careful because I didn’t realize that’s the way it was coming across to him.
And you know, you have to you have to let go of things.
As things change, you have to let go of it. And then then they changed back again.
Like my one daughter, she had 4 children, and so she went through a season of a good number of years where she didn’t have much time for me.
And now, She’s actually my assistant and we’re together all the time.
So life is just full of change, and women go through something called the change of life.
And that’s really interesting.
Depending on who you are and how your health is when it hits, but they can wanna murder somebody one day and You know, uh, I mean, some women have a really, really rough time.
I had a rough time because I had had breast cancer and I couldn’t take any, uh, any kind of hormones.
I had a hysterectomy and which threw me into the change of life.
And, you know, so when you don’t have time to sneak up on it, it’s just all of a sudden from one day to the next, you have it.
I mean, you haven’t lived till you have a hot flash every 45 minutes.
And friends come and go in our life.
You know, you can have a friend that you think will just be your friend forever and and something changes in their life.
And there’s really it’s there’s nothing wrong. They’re not mad at you.
You’re not mad at them, their life just changes and they’re not there anymore. Our desires change.
The world changes around us and some of that we need to adapt to, but some of it we need to resist.
Our bodies change Woo. I saw it, you know. Whoo. Yeah.
Well, sometimes you get to the point where you feel like something hurt somewhere all the time, you know?
And, uh, so change is just part of life.
And, you know, some people handle change better than others. Some people just absolutely hate change.
Some people are able to flow with it a little better, but it’s like I said this morning, you might as well if you don’t like change, you might as well change your mind about change, because the only thing in life that doesn’t change is That’s really wonderful when you think about it because he’s the rock.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He always loves you. He’ll always be with you.
He’s always for you. God never changes. He’s faithful, always faithful.
We’ll never let you down And I think it’s important to understand the process and the anatomy of change.
Change is a process, especially like if we’re changing, if god’s changing us, making changes in our life, And I would imagine some of you, even just being here last night and this morning, you realize that there’s some things in your life that need to change.
And some thing. How many of you realize there’s some things in you that need to change?
And I mean, I’m just gonna be honest with you and tell you it’s not gonna be easy.
And it’s probably not gonna feel good.
But if you don’t go ahead and go through it, then you’ll still have it looming in front of you at some point.
So the best advice really is just to bite the bullet and go through it.
And get it over with because anything that god’s trying to change in your life is gonna bring you into a better place.
Amen? God never does anything in our lives that’s not for our good.
And he never tells you to do or not to do something that’s not for your benefit.
No matter what you think at the time, It is for your benefit, and you will see that eventually.
Change is frightening. Because we like to be in control.
We like to know what’s gonna happen.
And with god, to be honest, I mean, if we’re just really honest, you never really know what’s gonna happen.
I mean, a lot of things suddenly change.
And we just, in those times, we need to trust god.
We just really need to trust god It’s wonderful when you don’t understand to be able to trust.
It brings you into place a real peace because there’s a lot of mysteries in God.
There’s a lot of things that we just what is going on? I don’t get it.
I don’t understand. Why is this happening? Or why haven’t you helped me with this?
Or we’ve got a lot of whys in our life, but has anybody noticed that you can ask God why, but he rarely ever answers you?
And he really wants to hear not why, but I trust you.
Now it’s not wrong to ask god why, but He rarely does tell you, and it is better to just to trust god.
Trust is a wonderful thing. I mean, it the peace of god and the rest of god is just wonderful.
And try to be content and happy where you’re at on the way to where you’re going.
Because you’re always going somewhere.
And if you’re never happy here, You’re not gonna be happy here either.
You’re not gonna be happy here either.
There is a destination that we’re all headed for, but most of our life, we spend waiting on something.
You know, that whatever you’re waiting on now, it’ll come to pass you’ll be happy and then you’ll start waiting on something else again.
That’s just part of it. We’re we’re built for progress.
We’re built for forward motion, and so we we just don’t stay satisfied at one place very long, and we wanna move on to something else.
And like if say I need to change, which I certainly always do, We have to learn to be satisfied with ourselves where we’re at while god is changing us.
I understand that because if you’re not, you’re always gonna be unhappy with yourself and that’s not what God wants.
He wants you to enjoy yourself and be happy with yourself and to know that while he’s changing you, He still loves you right where you’re at.
Amen? As a matter of fact, I can tell you something.
God will never love you any more than he does right now.
No matter how much better you behave, He’s not gonna love you anymore because you behave better.
You should behave better because you love him, not to get him to love you more.
See, because god’s love is perfect, he is love, and he already loves you, with a perfect love.
And I I suggest something to you that really was a big thing in my life in 1st John 4 16 in the Amplified Bible, it says we should be conscious and aware of god’s love.
So I’m gonna encourage you to start looking for god’s love in your life because he’s always doing a lot of times just little things that are just unique in particular to us.
They might not mean that much to somebody else, but it’s you know it’s god.
And it’s good to be aware. I pray for that, I think awareness is a gift.
Pray for that awareness.
God, I wanna be aware of if there’s people around me that are hurting that I can help.
I wanna be aware of that.
Or if you’re doing something wonderful in my life and I’m missing it, I wanna be aware Yeah.
Yeah. Of what you’re doing. And we get so busy and move so fast that a lot of times, we’re just not aware of what’s going on around us.
And so change comes.
And many times we fear it because we wanna be in control, But we need to confront things and not run from them and be afraid of them.
Most people would say something needs to change.
And I just finished a book I mean, I’m constantly saying I’m finishing a book, but, um, that’s the truth.
I am. And, It’s called something needs to change in my life.
And it pretty much we can all say that at some time.
And a lot of times we don’t even know what it is that needs to change.
We just have that feeling something needs to change in my life. We feel a dissatisfaction.
I always say the Brooke dried up.
It’s so encouraging to know we have a heavenly who wants the best for us and is able to change us to be more like him.
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Thanks for listening to enjoying everyday life.
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