Prayer of the Day: Tuesday May 07, 2024

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Prayer of the Day:

Father God, I come to You in the name of Jesus and ask that You mold me to reflect Christ, and ask that through my brokenness, that I grow into the person You want me to me, amen.

I earnestly seek from you, source of love and light, clarity to tread my path firmly and without wavering. You are here with me, Lord of my life, in all that I do, guiding my story and gifting me days filled with peace and love. I ask that my feet walk the path of your word, leading me towards peace. May my ears remain open to your voice and the cries of my fellow beings, and may my words be ones of encouragement, healing, and forgiveness.

May I be a servant of your truth and mercy throughout this day. I desire that all my actions be directed towards you, fulfilling your will, and that they may speak of your love. Let my words be a guiding light for those in need of counsel, and let my hands be yours, contributing to the construction of your kingdom of love.

I want to be mindful of you, knowing that you are aiding and protecting me so that all may go well. May I feel your supporting hand at every moment, trusting that you will fight alongside me, encouraging my spirit, revealing to me the colors of life that I have yet to see, teaching me all that I failed to learn when I was distant from you. Above all, give me the desire to always thirst for your love.

Father of love and kindness, walk by my side throughout this day, illuminating every step I take and guiding me along the path that leads to you. Grant me the courage and strength to become wise, capable of solving any problems that may arise. May I utilize my activities and work for prosperity and the economic stability I seek.

I am grateful for your constant protection, for guiding my steps with righteousness. Your blessings reach each one of us because we are your chosen ones.

I want to live in your light, walking in your security at all times. I bless your name from the depths of my heart. I confirm my commitment to your word.

My prayer trusts in your immense love, knowing that despite my sins and constant shortcomings, you hear me without judgment. Lastly, Father, I need to start this day with confidence and trust. Increase my faith, for when I feel distant from you, facing each adversity fills me with fear. When you are with me, I feel invincible, unafraid of danger, my heart secure because of you.

Thank you, my blessed God, for blessing me with beautiful sunrises throughout this ending month. Amen. I will visit the Holy Sacrament to thank you for each day filled with light, as well as for the storms that help me mature.

Oh God, we meditate on your mercy within your temple, as your praise reaches to the ends of the earth. Psalm forty-seven. May the Lord bless us on this day. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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