Phil Robertson, Franklin Graham: A Christian’s ROLE in GOD’S PLAN for America | Kirk Cameron on TBN

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Phil Robertson, Franklin Graham: A Christian’s ROLE in GOD’S PLAN for America | Kirk Cameron on TBN

Franklin Graham and Phil Robertson join Kirk Cameron to discuss how to impact our country for Christ – both in our homes and in our communities. They explore the cultural dangers that offer an empty promise of fulfillment and examine how to model Christianity for the next generation. Don’t miss these inspiring interviews on Takeaways with Kirk Cameron on TBN!

Join Kirk Cameron to discuss pressing issues Christians are facing with compassionate, well-informed guests. Together we will find actionable takeaways that we can use today, this week, and this month to bring more of Heaven to Earth.

God’s people are the ones who are showing the world what Jesus is like.
And if we don’t do it, Cameron, where else is it gonna come from?
If god’s people are not gonna show the world around as Jesus, who’s gonna do it?
I mean, you say the heaters aren’t gonna do it? No. They don’t have the spirit of god.
They don’t just say, and it’s hard
to show them that 2 hours on Sunday morning inside of church building. Growing up, my parents.
Uh, we had, uh, devotions before we went to school.
Now when I say devotions, my mother or father would read a passage of scripture and lead in prayer.
And then we’d go to school.
The next, uh, that evening, uh, we’d have a longer devotions, and they’d take a passage of scripture and read it.
And then we as a family, they’d ask us questions, and we’d answer those questions and talk about it.
And then we’d get on our knees, and then all of us would pray in that circle.
Uh, we we did that, uh, every day, uh, 7 days a week.
And I would encourage parents to pray with your children, read the scripture to your children, discuss it with your children, and it doesn’t have to be long.
So in the morning, we’re all, you know, kind of rushed to go out the door to go to school.
And so devotions was, you know, 4 or 5 minutes. In the evening, it was 20 minutes.
But my parents never made it long, so long that we just got bored.
And I did that with my children growing up, um, Jane and I, we have 4 children.
And we’d started off with Bible reading every morning. And then we memorized scripture together.
And, um, there was a, uh, someone came together and put together some verses called the gospel alphabet.
So a verse that would, uh, start with, uh, the letter of alphabet like A, all of sin becomes sure of the glory of god.
B, behold the lamb of god that taketh away the sin of the world.
C, come on to me, all you, that labored and heavy laden, I’ll give you rest.
E, even so it’s not the will of your father. But anyhow, it’s just to give you an example.
Those are you just go through the whole alphabet, but you teach that to your children.
And, uh, and the parents, you’ll learn too. And it just but to teach the word of god.
And, uh, because if you hide god’s word in your heart, Uh, when the, when your children go, or for us, when we go through the, the storms of life, having that anchor to hang on to, and that’s the word of god.
How do we, as the family of faith, not only regain Christian influence in our culture, but actually moved to leading and defining our culture by our Christian values.
We’re not gonna change the culture.
I don’t think Kirk, uh, but at the same time, we could be an influence in the culture, and we could be an influence by by good versus evil.
Stand up for truth. A will be mocked, will be laughed at, will be sneered at, but stand up for truth, and be willing to stand up for the word of god.
And if we’ll do that, I think god will bless us and god will use us.
Are we is America gonna go back the way it was a 100 years ago? No.
It’s not for Uh, it’s that’s just not gonna happen. Uh, not in my opinion.
Uh, I, and I think we have lost the the America that that I grew up in that you grew up in.
I think we’ve lost it, but that doesn’t mean, uh, god’s not working.
It doesn’t mean that god can’t use us.
It doesn’t mean that there’s not a need for the god There’s more need today for the gospel than ever.
And, uh, because people, you know, people go into drugs. They go into sex. They go into all these saints.
And it’s leaving them empty. And the people try the transgender route that it’s empty.
Uh, they’re looking for satisfaction, and they’re not getting it. And they’re looking for answers, and they’re not getting it.
All they’re getting fed is lies that people want to know truth.
But the people looking in the wrong places.
And so for us to be able to stand up and present the truth of the Bible, uh, god’s word to a sick and dying world, Uh, there’s a lot of hungry souls out there, a lot of thirsty souls out there that are waiting to hear the word of god.
They want to hear truth. And so I’d encourage people just to stand for god’s truth and, uh, let him do the rest.
It’s amazing. What different worlds we come from come from Hollywood, California, and you’re in the Louisiana woods.
But we have things in common. We love this country.
We appreciate, and we value the the the principles upon which it was is founded.
Hollywood meets redneck.
We we have a meal. We have a great time.
But, you know, now we have something else in common. You’ve raised 4 boys. I’m raising 3 boys.
And, uh, my my your boys are growing minor.
Are getting there, what would you say is wrong with parenting today, in your opinion?
All scripture is god breed.
And is useful for teaching, rebuking, take the scriptures, and teach them, take the scriptures, and rebuke them.
Nope. You’re going in the wrong direction. So there are about 10. There are 5. You say, nope.
Come back here. That gets out of whack, you end up with what you now have.
If you keep that in front of them all the time, they won’t depart from me.
All mine, faithful, godly men. They got their wives and all their little kids, you know?
Now they’re training their children. I train them. So and you need to keep it.
In that way, it becomes generational, and you don’t lose it in in one generation.
I was a product of the sixties. Unfortunately, for me, you joined the crowd.
All I joined them. At 28, put on my brakes and said, wait a minute.
I’ve run miss Kayoff. I’ve run the kids off, getting drunk, I said, smoking dope, running horn around.
I’m like, I never had heard the gospel.
So, therefore, I did not think it worthwhile until I was 28.
Phil, if you could go back and speak to the twenty year old version of yourself, What advice would you give Phil
Robertson? Now all the ones we work with in the rehabs the prisons.
When I’m seeing these twenty year olds, it is a tough call for me to say I’ve been down the road.
You’re you’re currently on. I’ve been on that road. It’s a road that leads to nowhere.
My nephew tried to steer him in the right direction. I told him, look.
Two roads. One’s wide and one’s narrow. The narrow road is way, way better. You’ll have hope.
I said, these trucks and I could do it, man, they’re not gonna do it.
He had literally hanged himself in his jail cell. Wow.
So we attended that funeral I’ve seen it happen within my own kin folks.
Well, all those 20 o’s you’re talking about, it’s a tough sale to get them to turn.
Very tough. We continue to try it for everyone that makes it out of there.
We’re like, whoo. That one there made it.
Most of them, they’re slaves to the flesh, and you can’t get them off of it.
I I I think it’s it’s a challenge to grow up anywhere, whether you’re out here in in Louisiana, and you could have the appearance of religion out here, because you got a church on every corner, or you could be in a place like Hollywood, California, the place that that generates a lot of trash that goes out into the world through movies and music and and other kinds of things, politics, whatever.
But I think there’s an opportunity for everyone and to turn their heart to love god and to love their neighbor.
And and, uh, I appreciate you devoting so much of your time, helping people to do that, and talking about it.
You have to show them through the way you behave.
God’s people are the ones who are showing the world’s what Jesus is like.
And if we don’t do it, Cameron, where else is it gonna come from?
If god’s people are not gonna show the world around as Jesus, who’s gonna do it?
I mean, you say the heaters are gonna do it? No. They don’t have the spirit of god.
They don’t just say, And it’s hard to show them that 2 hours on Sunday morning inside of church building.
They’re not inside of They’re
not where they are. If you went every time the doors were open, I gave you about 4 hours out of 168 in a week.
You’re like, what are you doing the other 164 hours?
Where you work is where you can call them diseases where you work, where you play.
That’s when you show We now have god confined to structures with tall steeples in front of them.
They’re all in rows. And you really don’t even really know that person right down there. Hey.
How you doing? Pretty good. One time a week? Yeah. Yeah. It’s not enough, Cameron.
Not gonna cut it?
Not enough. You got to have family structures meeting together in their homes where they eat, where they put it like this.
You coming from we’re we’re we’re we’re interacting here.
You said we have to do more of that.

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