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You know, one of the really awesome things you can think about during during this season is to take communion.
To honor the lord over the communion table. Just do just like I did.
Going you a cracker or maybe, you know, a juice or something.
And this represents the body of our lord Jesus Christ, which was broken for you and for me.
Now he was allowed his self to be broken, his body to be broken.
So whenever we experience brokenness, we can be made whole So through his brokenness, we are made whole.
Whole means nothing missing, nothing broken. Praise god. And then this cup represents the blood of Jesus.
The Bible says, without the shedding of blood.
There can be no remission of sin, but the Bible also talks about the blood of the new covenant.
And so when we take communion, we do this in remembrance of what he has done for us.
I wanna remember that through his broken body, I have been made whole.
I wanna remember through his shed blood, that I have a new covenant, a new testament that my sins have been dealt with, that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony about what the blood has accomplished for us.
So, um, let’s do this. Let let’s honor God.
Let’s make him preeminent in our lives, where there’s nothing greater or more important than our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
This is the bread. Which represents the broken body of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
His body broken for you and for me.
So we can be made whole, and we receive wholeness in every area of our lives you may eat.
This cup, represents the blood of Jesus.
The blood that’s responsible for washing away our sins.
The blood that makes us whole, the blood that gave us a new covenant.
Without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sin.
For as often as you drink up this cup, do so in remembrance of him.
You may drink. Father, I thank you that all is well.
All is well in our relationships, all is well in our finances, all is well in our homes, all is well with our employment.
Even though the devil seems to be all over the place. Jesus is still lord.
And we still have power over all of the power of enemy, and nothing will by any means hurt us.
Thank you, Lord, as we remember what you have done, And we declare that all is well in Jesus’ name.
Amen. Happy holidays, everybody.

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