Make Room For Your Gift X Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Make Room For Your Gift X Sarah Jakes Roberts

Watch the FULL “Protect Your Edge with Sarah Jakes Roberts” sermon add-free on the Woman Evolve TV App. Have you ever traveled with a friend who set an inflexible itinerary? No room for situations and random adventures. 🙃 😫 Sis, 🗣️ don’t be that friend!… And don’t block your blessings because you refuse to deviate from the plan. Often, we struggle to implement change because we want it to fit within our existing routines. But real growth requires flexibility—allowing your mind to adapt and embrace the new ways of thinking and living God has for you. Watch the full sermon Protect Your Edge on the Woman Evolve TV App and discover the power of flexibility and how it can open doors to blessings you never imagined.

Watch the FULL “Protect Your Edge with Sarah Jakes Roberts” sermon add-free on the Woman Evolve TV App.

I had a friend and she became a mother.
I think she was in her forties, and she had had this, you know, life of being single and traveling all over the world and she got married and she got pregnant and she told me, you know, one of the things that I’m gonna do differently is when I have my baby, I am not gonna change my life to accommodate the baby.
I’m gonna make the baby fit into my life. And I was like, cool.
I mean, just 7 days into it, she’s a completely different person.
She’s like, I don’t think I’m ever gonna see the life that I once lived again because I could not make this baby fit in the context of my routine, I had to be willing to let go of my routine in order to accommodate this gift.
This is part of the reason why many of us struggle to enact change in our life.
Is that when we say we want to change what we really mean is I want change to fit within the context of my routine.
I don’t want to change in my routine.
I just want it to fit into the context of what I already know.
Not people in this room.
You have to say that because people get so sensitive these days.
But there are some people who were tired of being the strong friend.
It’s a routine that they created for the people around them Where you can count on me, I have no needs, my life exists only to serve you.
And they wanna change that but they also don’t wanna be vulnerable enough to tell people I’m going through depression or I actually need some help right now.
They wanna change their routine but they actually just want people to accommodate a version of themselves that they are not willing to introduce into their routine because they if they introduced it into their routine, it would change everything that people have known about them and they don’t wanna abandon their routine.
There are some people who say, I wanna find a way to rest and have more balance in my life, but I also don’t wanna change my routine.
So your goal is only as good as the routine that you’re willing to implement to support what you’re going after.
That’s why if we’re going to introduce change in our life we have to be willing to have what research calls cognitive flexibility.
Cognitive flexibility is what happens when we give our mind the ability to not be locked into the routine that we understand, into the ways that we are used to showing up in the world.
But instead we allow ourselves the capacity to do different things like taking a new way home or changing the way we communicate because if I get stuck in a particular routine it’s going to be even more difficult when it is time for me to break out of that routine and so I’ve got to have some cognitive flexibility.
I think one of the incredible things about this church is that as many incredible pastors as we have, we all have different styles and if you are here then you recognize that though we have different styles, it’s the same anointing and you have become better as a result of the cognitive flexibility required for you to attach to different sounds and different voices.
Sometimes you’ve gotta sharpen up your mind because if you’re gonna be used in the earth by God, you cannot be used by God in the earth and stay within the comfort of your own routine.
You gotta be willing to have cognitive flexibility.
That’s why when we say stuff like, anyway, you bless me, God, I’ll be satisfied.
It means, God, I don’t need you to bless me in the way that you blessed me last year.
God, I got enough flexibility that any way you bless me, I want my spirit to be open enough to see that that’s a blessing.
It doesn’t look like what you did last time but I got enough flexibility to understand when you’re working in a way that feels different than before.
We have to have cognitive flexibility to even be in relationship with God.
Scripture says, your thoughts are not my thoughts. Your ways are not my ways.
That means that in order for us to be in relationship with God, we must be willing to recognize that we’re gonna have to be flexible.
God, I wish I could say that better.
To recognize our relationship with God and to maximize it to its potential, we have to recognize that the same God that can be present with us in this moment can be present with those who are watching online because God we’ve got a he’s got so much flexibility.
God is faithful. He is consistent, but God is also flexible.
That same God that healed your past can reach ahead into your future and go ahead and make that crooked path straight because he’s got enough flexibility.
You’re worried about what’s happening now, but while I’m standing in the presence of God here, God’s working out things at home because he’s got flexibility.
If you don’t understand the flexibility of God, you will think that you are abandoned.
If you don’t understand the flexibility of God, you will be sitting in the same spot waiting for God to show up in the same way.
But when you understand the flexibility of God, you start keeping your eyes open to anything.
God, I don’t know who you’re gonna use to bless me.
God, I don’t know what you’re gonna do in this situation, but I know you got so much flexibility that I don’t wanna lock you into what I’ve known.
And I believe that one of the greatest disservices that we have done is not elaborating on the flexibility of God.
That God could use you in spite of your shame. That’s flexibility. Where man says I’ll never touch you.
Where man says I’ll leave you alone. God says I got more than your mother had.
I got more flexibility than the culture has. I can restore what the locusts have eaten because I got flexibility.
Nothing is too far gone.
Nothing is ever over because we serve a God who has flexibility.

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