Maintaining Your Righteous Stance – Episode 2

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Maintaining Your Righteous Stance – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
We all growing.
Not we’re not all at the same level.
You know, we we’re not all getting developed we’re not all getting delivered from the same things.
But there’s a issue somewhere. Your attitude, how you tweet, treat,
uh, waitresses and waiters Hang on tip now. You all stop it.
That’s how they they got babies at home.
You ought to go in there with the attitude that I’m I’m gonna serve until.
And if you ain’t got the money, say, I’m sorry.
I I’m so sorry, but I ain’t I ain’t got no I I’ll get you the next time.
But don’t act like it, you know. We, we got that little thing. Where is your manager?
Like you, like you all that. I want to talk to your manager.
I said I want Grenadine in my coke. And where’s the Grenadine? You need to go home.
You need to go somewhere. That’s that’s an issue.
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This is your world.
So let’s vow to make it a better place.
Let every heart today.
Do you do you understand what it feels like?
Do you understand what it feels like to be a preacher
and to wake up and wonder if you’re going to heaven, because you hadn’t done enough.
And then you compare yourself amongst yourself, and then you start doing what you see some other minister or ministry doing because they seem to be doing more.
So that means they’re gonna be more, you know, uh, okay with god than you are.
It’s just pause for a moment.
That’s just too that’s someone said, that’s just too much. We’ll we’ll wait a minute.
You think that’s too much. Wait till we read this. Are you ready? Yes. Alright.
We’re gonna we’re gonna look at verse 20. Through 31.
Boy, this is heavy.
For no one can ever be made right with god by doing what the law commands.
That’s what we’ve been taught, though.
Right? No one can ever be made right with god by doing what the law commands.
The law simply shows us how sinful we are. K. Okay.
Now let me explain this. The law
was perfect.
That the law is not sinned. The law is flawless.
The law is perfect. The problem with a relationship with the law is you’re trying to take imperfection and match it with perfection.
So what’s gonna happen when you hang around perfection, it’s gonna show up all your flaws I don’t wanna hang around a perfect father.
It’s just gonna show me how imperfect I am as a father. That’s what that does.
So what god was saying is you really think you can do this without me? Okay.
I’m gonna give you something perfect.
Since you that awesome. I’m gonna give you the law.
And he says, the reason why I gave the law was to show you how sinful you are.
Yes, sir. To show you you can’t even go a day keeping it.
Not all of it, anyway.
I heard a preacher one time who says I keep the law. Perfectly, I’m thinking, this dude.
He just broke 1. Braggin.
Look at verse 21.
Look at verse 20. He says, nobody.
No one can ever be made right with god by doing what the law commands. Why?
Cause the law simply shows us how sinful we are.
It shows you how sinful you It was designed to condemn you.
It was designed to shame you.
It was designed to make you feel guilty and to show you that’s what the law was doing?
The law simply shows us how sinful we are.
The law, the law wasn’t given so you can be saved.
If the law could have saved us Jesus could have just stayed away from the cross and hell.
Verse 21. But now,
So we we we’re talking about now under this, under this new covenant.
God has shown us a way
to be made right with him without keeping the requirements of the law.
God’s made us a way to to to show us to be right with him without keeping the requirements of the law.
As was promised in the writings of Moses and the prophets long ago.
Next first.
We are made right with god by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.
The day Abraham said to god, I believed Genesis records that heaven said immediately, you’re righteous.
He said, I believe. Heaven said you’re righteous. Wow.
And when you read further in Genesis, you see lying Abraham, Coward Abraham.
Turn his wife in Abraham.
And then god turned around in the middle of all of that. Lord of god.
And transferred wealth
into his hands,
got his wife back and used him to bring healing to those who had been who had had a curse on him.
I’m like, well, he showed an earned that.
But god said, I had already declared he righteous.
We are made right with god by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.
How many believe in Jesus? Amen.
But not just believe that Jesus exists, but you believe that because of Jesus, you’ve been made righteous.
How do you how do you believe that you’re righteous because of Jesus? Yes.
See, here’s what here’s here’s the deal. So as you said, you said, Jesus, I believe he said, you’re righteous.
Alright? So some things, you know, popped off in your life, and you were wondering, uh-uh, am I still righteous?
So I said, what do you do? Go check with Jesus. Uh, Jesus, you’re still alright? He said, yeah.
I’m alright. Well, then I’m alright. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cause I’m not alright because of what I do.
I’m alright because of what he did. And if he is alright, then I am alright.
See, during the time of the the the sacrificial animals, you you couldn’t just bring in animal.
The animal had to be had to be acceptable. And if the animal sacrifice wasn’t okay.
You ain’t okay. But Jesus is our sacrifice. Who will always be okay.
And if he is okay, I am okay. You are okay.
I thought this is an awesome what a gift.
This is so awesome This is amazing.
And there are people who turn the TV off say, I can’t hit this man. Say this.
You just trying to justify your sins. Exactly. It has been justified.
Just as if I never said.
This church is either gonna explode in growth,
or we’re gonna be putting curtains in front of chairs.
But either way, you and I who believe in Jesus and our righteousness will be able to stand in front of a righteous Christ, and hear him say, My good and faithful servant, well done.
And then god will look down the ages And he will use us, for an example, and say, look at what I did
to those who didn’t deserve it. Look at what I did for those who couldn’t do it.
Look at my magnificent grace.
Well, the gospel I already been preached around the world.
Now what I’m
preaching is the gospel. And I can assure you this has not been preached all around the world, but it will be.
Technologies coming out, I’m gonna use it.
We’re already working on it.
They’re working on an an an AI type of software that will allow me to speak every language in the world.
With my voice. So I’ll be able to go on television or media anywhere in the world, and everybody there will think that this black dude preaching their language.
I just got a AI. I just got a technology.
I’m going to get it saved and use it to preach the gospel And when this gospel has been preached around I asked god, I said, give me 35 years.
Give me at least 35
years. Strength and strong to preach this with 35 years. I need y’all to agree. 35 years.
I need y’all to agree with me. 35 years. 35 years.
Uh, uh, and I ain’t told my own 35 years. Can’t heal. Can’t see.
Can’t remember where I put my bible always on the podium. I ain’t talking about that kind of thing.
I’m talking about rocking bit it 35 years. Moe, do you understand what I’m saying?
You understand what I’m saying? Still coming here, still sitting on. They’re still looking good.
I ain’t spudding y’all out. This gospel will beep preached around this world.
Why do you think he called us world changes?
But we can’t change the world until our world
has been changed. If you do that, you’d be putting out the the the the buggy before the horse.
We are made right with god by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.
And every time you see placing your faith in Jesus Christ, it’s not just I believe in Jesus.
It’s saying placing your faith in Jesus Christ and His righteousness.
And this is true for everyone who believes no matter who we are.
For everyone has sinned.
Now let’s talk about that just for a moment.
For everyone has sinned, For everyone has sinned, we all fall short of god’s glorious standard. Nah.
Nah. Nah. Now listen to me. Everybody in this church gotta issue.
Everybody. Everybody. Everybody preach on this planet.
Data issue.
Air preacher.
I have to move my
neck just to say that, uh, error preacher.
I I don’t understand this thing we do.
When we see what we already know, When when the issues reveal, when we see it, then you you panic as if you magically don’t have one.
And I think the Bible somewhat say, you know, take heed Right. Lest you fall.
Yeah. Everybody got an issue. No. I’m already told y’all. I know. I got some issues.
But because I know I’m righteous, I don’t have them same issues. Yeah.
I got some different issues today. Well, maybe they
they’ve always been there, but You know, I
you know, I’m I’m I’m calming down.
But every now and then, the calmness ain’t down.
If a 9, then I, you know, a word come out my mouth.
Not not too of a word, but, you know, when is god, like,
this is not bad, and this is, you know, really bad.
But I got enough sense to go to god and say,
That’s proof that I still need you.
Help me to continue to develop I’m on a journey.
Now some people see this at church. You’re so holy. And you are holy.
In your stance.
But your state’s still catching up with your stance. Yeah. We all growing.
Not we’re not all at the same level.
You know, we we’re not all getting developed we’re not all getting delivered from the same things.
But there’s a issue somewhere.
Your attitude, how you tweet treat, uh, waitresses and, and waiters Hang on tip now.
You all stop it.
That’s how they they got babies at home.
You ought to go over the attitude that I’m I’m gonna serve until. Yeah.
And if you ain’t got no money, say I’m sorry.
I I’m so sorry, but I ain’t I ain’t got no I I I’ll get you the next time.
But don’t act like it. You know? We we got that little thing. Where is your manager?
Like you Like you all that. I want to talk to your manager.
I said I want Grenadine in my coke. And where’s the Grenadine? You need to go home.
You need to go somewhere. That’s that’s an issue.
You see what I’m saying?
Fornicating is a issue, but that bad attitude is is still a sane issue.
You you follow what I’m saying?
So nobody in here including a good rabbit.
Is what I an issue, and some of y’all needed to hear that.
Some of y’all needed this to hear including me.
Because for so long, we stand on this pool pit, like we are excluded.
When in fact, a better leader will be included so that it’s easy to follow somebody who has gone down the path, who has crossed the goal line, who know what you’re talking about.
For everyone has sinned, We all fall short of god’s glorious standard.
We all fall short. Now what is he describing here in this verse? Inferiority.
He is saying because of what Adam did in the garden, every
person deals with inferiority.
Inferiority is saying I don’t measure up.
Infiriority that says I don’t feel like I’m cared for.
Infirity, this is it’s this thing that men fight especially
that your manhood is under attack because of your inferiority.
Because what happens in the life of a man is in order for him to battle his inferiority, he tries to gain a false sense of superiority.
This is where racism come from.
Racism comes from, I really feel inferior, but I’m gonna find somebody of a different color so that I can pretend to be superior, but it’s a false superiority.
Which will create a false identity and false intimacy because you’re now developing under the covers because you’re not showing who you really are.
And we encounter this every day. We encounter somebody’s inferiority complex.
And in order to deal with it, I got to figure out I can be superior.
So you beat your wife? The ugly things we do to fight off inferiority.
And the only antidote for inferiority is Jesus. That’s the only antidote.
It’s Jesus.
Oh, to our society, something.
I often sit in my kitchen in the morning and turn on my early broadcast and listen to it, to judge myself, and What can I say better?
What better illustration I can use? And then I closed and the lord’s deal with me.
I said, Lord, I won’t have anybody in the world even watching this.
I remember going to, to my CEO, and I told him this.
I said, man, I I don’t even know. Is anybody paying attention to this, or am I just laughable?
He called The head of our television department or the head of our TV thing, TV buys, or whatever that is, media, And he had them to put a report together about where we’re still in, Stewart.
And the media guy came in, brother and he said he’s just he he had a holdback his tears.
He said, you ain’t gonna believe this, and all I yell, what?
Don’t give it to me.
We need to come off TV because ain’t nobody paying attention to nothing.
He said, pastor, on the contrary.
He said you are the number one broadcaster on several network and stations around the world.
And he answered the question He says, you wanna know if anybody’s watching?
And he puts up in
front of me the millions of people that tune in every single day to get the gospel.
I may never know that. And the whole time, the spirit of god would say to me You don’t you don’t you won’t know till you see me.
The impact
of this ministry.
Yes. Now what did I do when I received that?
It’s still ain’t enough. There’s still some people that need to be reached.
They’re talking about building condos on
the moon. We gotta believe for a space show.
And we gotta we gotta get somebody that’s gonna stay on the moon with them because they they need Jesus.
If we discover if if that telescope discovered life on Mars or something, we gotta figure out how to get there.
They need Jesus. We don’t have just the god of the earth. Our god is the god of the universe.
Hallelujah. And I don’t know why he favored us on the planet.
What is man that thou are mindful of him, that you visit him, that the hell lord of god, this little dust.
Why do you visit this man who’s been made a little lower than Eloheem.
That you crowned him with glory and honor the lost of something that can’t even be seen in distant god.
What is mad?
That you chose to
live in him, the creator of universe lives in us, came down and died for us, went to hell for us, gave us the gift of righteousness, and we let some earthly religion theology talk us out of what he has given us.
Believers, are you equipped for battle in these last days?
Our minds are the battlefield and arena of our faith in the part series, how to maintain your righteous stance, creflo dollar uncovers how we get the upper hand in this fight.
Start focusing in on your identity. I am the righteousness of god.
I am righteous because of Jesus and as long as Jesus is alright, I am alright.
The acceptable sacrifice. He died once and for all, praise god.
I am the righteousness of god today, tomorrow, when I’m when I’m down, I’m the righteousness of god.
As long as I am focused and still tied in in Jesus, I believe in him, praise god, He has made me righteous.
I received my righteousness.
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Now that simple prayer, change your entire eternal destination.
And we wanna welcome you to the family of god.
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