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Living With Expectation – B

Luke 13:31-35

Today, Pastor Jack shares that living with expectation is knowing God’s Timing. To recognize the times and the seasons in which we live, and yet knowing that we can stay calm, even in the midst of trouble. Expectation drives us to learn more and more about what it means to stay ever closer to the Lord.

Today…….I am asking all my prayer warriors to say a prayer that may help others. So many people are hurting right now. Many are struggling with finances and need jobs. Some are facing foreclosure and don’t even know how they are going to make it from week to week.. Many are lonely. . Many are heartbroken. . Many are facing sickness and health is fading. . Some are dealing with difficult family members. Many have lost HOPE.. Tonight, let us put our prayers and faith together decree and declare breakthrough over our families. Financial miracles WILL take place. Jobs WILL be found. Our Bodies WILL be made whole & sickness WILL flee. Marriages and relationships WILL be restored. Family members WILL find Jesus. Heartbreaks WILL be healed. JOY WILL be restored and HOPE WILL be found. In Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!! Keep God First…….

You guys kill the prophets of God in Jerusalem. I’ve got a date in Jerusalem.
You will kill me also, he speaks directly to them. And what happens as time goes on?
Do we not know the gospel?
The Pharisees got in cahoots with Rome, remember and determined through Pilate and Herod that Jesus should be killed.
Of course, Jesus knows all this stuff. It’s awesome. The word perfected as I said earlier is completed, accomplished.
It means that you’re moving towards the goal. Here’s interesting. What’s Jesus’s goal?
It’s to be offered up on the cross. Why? Because you and I needed that. How come?
Because the Bible declares that man needs a sacrifice. Man needs atonement.
Man needs forgiveness and God will not forgive sin.
God will not forgive unrighteousness unless there’s the shedding of innocent blood. That’s why there’s animal sacrifices in the world.
Jesus. God come to earth in human flesh did not have an animal die for us on the cross.
God died in the person of Jesus in his humanity, paying that price to set us free forever, not covering our sins like animal blood did Jesus’s blood didn’t cover our sins.
What did it do removed our sins from us.
You see why we ought to live in confidence and boldness and understanding God’s plan. It’s incredible. It’s awesome.
But Jesus embraced the cross. Listen to what Charles Spurgeon said.
Charles Spurgeon said it rightly would be regarded as an undue cruelty to a condemned criminal.
If each day he was moved a little bit closer to the gallows.
Jesus didn’t shy away from the cross each day. He got closer, he embraced it.
Jesus wasn’t thrown on the cross. Jesus got on the cross. Isn’t that amazing?
He’s got a date with the cross and he’s not shy about it. Why?
Because he knows his father is in control.
It says in verse 33 for it cannot be that a prophet should perish outside of Jerusalem.
An unbelieving, listen, an unbelieving person today offends the heart of God just like an unbelieving Israel did back then, an unbelieving America or an unbelieving Canada or an unbelieving China offends the heart of God just like Israel did back in those days.
But listen, you and I will not be responsible to get to get America to believe you and I are responsible alone individually to believe in Him, to trust him.
I’m not talking about religion, forget that it’s ridiculous to know him to actually come to him and, and to be able to say Jesus, I, I do this because imagine you being private Lord.
Um You know that the stuff I’ve done in life and experienced in life, the stuff that even some people don’t even know about.
You know, as God and I, I right now I want to receive, I want to accept what you did on the cross for me.
And I want to give you all that junk and I want to take all of your righteousness and I want to believe in you.
I want to trust you because that’s what your Bible says. You did for me.
And I want to give my life to you.
You do that even if you did it in secret, God was there with you and God will be there with you and He’ll change your life.
Jesus is weeping over an unbelieving Jerusalem.
By the way, it comes as a shock to a lot of people, Jerusalem is still unbelieving today. 2000 years.
You think you’re gonna go to Israel and meet a bunch of people that are walking around saying welcome to the land of the Bible.
Come on in. Oh no. Oh no.
So many of them are atheist or into new age movement type stuff. Anything but the Bible interesting.
Isn’t it? An unbelieving heart grieves the heart of God.
Jesus says, look at second point verse 34 living with expectation and that we ought to be and wanting to be hearing God’s heart.
He said, how can I hear God’s heart? That’s why we read the Bible. God speaks to us.
You read his words, you can know his heart.
And the first thing we see right here regarding this is that His word must be fulfilled.
God will never break his word.
God will never break his commitment to you in the word he says, oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones.
Those who are sent to her. The lamentation here of Jesus Christ is all powerful.
The Bible says in first Timothy 25 that there’s one meat eater. Friends church.
Listen, the Bible says that there’s one go between, between God and mankind.
And that is Christ, Jesus here, Jesus, we know that this is the Palm Sunday account.
He’s riding on the back of the donkey. Everybody’s cheering.
And Jesus says, oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you’ve stoned the profits that have been sent to you, you kill them and he weeps over that God will fulfill his word.
The Bible said 2000 years ago that when Jesus would come, Israel would reject him for I say a season, Israel would reject him and they have for these last 2000 years, but God’s not done with Israel.
He will fulfill his word. But understand this God’s heart. How can I know God’s heart? Read his word?
What does he say? When? Where and how is He saying it? To whom?
The more we read our Bible, the more we know God’s heart on issues.
What does God think about our thoughts? What, what does God think about our actions?
What does God want me to do? What does God think? And what does God say about nations?
How will America go? How will Russia go? How will wherever Japan, what the Bible is there?
But when it comes to and I love the book of Psalms for this reason about this issue or that issue of my life when I’m, when I’m scared, when I’m happy, when I’m mellow, when I’m anxious, you go to the book of Psalms read those because God wrote through these wonderful precious moments in the life of King David.
God’s word to us. Secondly, under this hearing God’s heart, his love will never fail us.
How often I wanted to gather, verse 34 your Children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.
Ladies and gentlemen, look in your bible. The letters are written and read. This is the word, the voice.
God speaking. How often I wanted to gather you together like a hen gathers your chicks, but you are not willing.
She puts her under the wings uh in Chino Hills, not anymore.
But when our kids were younger, we had a bunch of chickens in our backyard.
And when a hawk would fly over, it was amazing.
The hen, the big hen would stretch out her wings like this and all the little chicks would run under her, her wings like she was like she just turned into an umbrella.
She spread herself out. It was amazing. It was awesome.
Doctor Aronstein talks about when a barn was on fire, caught fire and burned.
And uh this is in the twenties.
And uh Doctor Ironside said that when he went after the barn had burned, it was all blackened and he went around there and um, he noticed that there was in the straw and the black straw, there was this big chicken stretched out and she was completely black.
And Ironside said that he heard cheap, cheap cheap Jeep, Jeep Jeep and he took his shoe and he lifted that charred body up and over and underneath were all of her little yellow fluffy chicks completely safe.
Did you know that chickens will do that in a fire?
They, she just gets down there and she sacrifices herself on as those little chicks are gathered around her wings and she becomes an insulator against the danger against the, the pain and against the evil.
I want you to keep that in mind. God’s love never fails it never fail you.
But my friend, you gotta be looking for his love.
You gotta be saying, Lord I’m in this situation, I’m calling upon you. In fact, he’s so saint.
He’s so often announcing, come to me. I wanna gather you like him chicken gathers a little chicks.
We run all the way around town going crazy, freaking out, worrying, panic and scared of stuff.
And God says come here hair’s on fire pants are falling off because we’re running so fast.
What are we gonna do? What’s gonna happen? The guy goes, come here, come here that kids are.
Our little tiny kids are the best. They’re little pictures of us when the little kid gets scared.
Do you think? Do they run to a stranger? Nope. They run straight to dad or straight to mom.
Isn’t that awesome? They grab on the leg.
I love that when little kids peeking out behind his dad’s leg, what a great place to be.
His love will never fail.
Jeremiah 31 3, the Lord has appeared to me of old saying yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love.
Therefore, loving kindness. Have I drawn you? Come here, get under my wings. He’s saying to you. Second Peter 39.
The Lord is not slack concerning his promises as some men count slackness, but he’s long suffering.
How come God doesn’t do something about this?
He’s long suffering, not willing that any should perish, burn up but that all should come to repentance.
Think about it. I’m gonna give you some verses. Are you ready? You’re gonna need these.
Don’t call me on Tuesday. What were those verses again? My life just fell apart.
Write them down now. OK. Psalms 17 8. Get a load of this.
And by the way, when the Jews heard the word wings, they immediately think, remember Rada’s lost Ark.
Remember the Ark, Indiana Jones standing there. The Ark two angels and the wings.
Remember the wings stretched over the mercy seat.
When they hear wings, they think of God’s presence in the Jewish mind wings.
God’s presence, not chicken wings. God’s angel wings. Psalm 17 8.
Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me under the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36 7.
How precious is your loving kindness? Oh God.
Therefore the Children of men put their trust under the shadow of your wings.
Psalms uh 57 1 have mercy on me.
Oh God, have mercy on me for in you, my soul takes refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster is passed.
Mm Psalm 63 7 because you have been my help.
Therefore, in the shadow of your wings, I will rejoice. The word means in the shadow of your wings.
I’m gonna have a concert. I’m just gonna sing praise to God under his wings.
Got a little little gazebo there singing to God’s praises.
You’re listening to Real Life with Pastor Jack Hibbs.
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That’s Jack Hibbs dot com. And for now let’s get back to our teaching.
Once again, here’s pastor Jack Psalm 91 4.
He shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings. You shall trust man.
Think about that chicken, protecting her chicks. God.
Says the same thing you come to me and I’ll take the brunt.
Do you know that in this life? Do you know?
Listen, do you know what it’s like to live knowing that God will cover you? It is awesome.
You can choose Lanta Malox. Tom’s pick all that stuff and just mess you up more.
It just veils the problem. You get a, I need a drink. What do you need a drink for?
You need a drink to, I need to be, I need to calm down. What are you up tight about?
Take it to God. Listen, calling out to God is a lot.
Listen, a lot less expensive than buying a drink and getting near to God won’t mess up your liver and you cannot get ad u I driving under the influence of the Lord.
What are you doing with yourself? It’s all because we think we know better.
I’ll take it from here. God, you just wait, I’ll, I’ll change the switch myself.
What a dope.
Also his desire hearing God’s heart, his desire is for his Children. This is a heartbreak.
This is one of the Sas verses in the Bible, but you were not willing and doesn’t that just reduce everything down to the human experience this morning?
It’s amazing. And people come here from all kinds of walks of life, they might hear the radio program or they’ll, they’ll somehow find out about us and they’ll come and there are people coming here because they want to come here.
There are people coming here because they were bribed that they’ll, we’ll buy you breakfast if you come to church.
So people come for breakfast and then there are people who whatever reasons listen to this.
It all comes down to this.
Jesus is saying, are you willing or are you not willing to come to me? That’s it. That’s it.
Strip it all away. It comes down to that and only you know the answer.
I don’t wanna know your answer. Only you know the answer. Are you willing to come to him or not?
When you’re willing to come to him? You say that’s it. I’m coming to him. That’s it.
If you’re not willing, you say things like this.
Well, yeah, but or what about or can I add Jesus on with all the other memberships that I have?
No, he’s very jealous for you.
He doesn’t want to be, you know, number three on a list of 10 third and final point found in verse 35.
It is this living with expectation. We will if we’re sensitive to knowing God’s timing.
Now, I’m not talking about when’s Jesus coming back? Ok.
I thought he was gonna come back at first service.
So obviously, I don’t have a clue when he’s coming back. We don’t know when he’s coming back.
He did tell us to look around the world, watch scenes that are going on, judge it.
According to the Bible, certain indicators will be there.
But I’m talking about God’s timing in our day to day. Everyday life.
Knowing God’s timing means that we can be satisfied right here.
And right now and brother, I could spend the rest of the whole month in verse 35 there at the front end of it being satisfied.
Satisfied. When’s the last time you heard the word satisfied? Buy this and you’ll be satisfied.
No one’s got the guts to say that. You wanna know, why ain’t nobody satisfied? Satisfied?
Oh, I’m just yet. Isn’t it funny? Inside the human heart? That’s what you’re longing and looking for.
If I was just satisfied, we may, we may not even articulate that word, but we get that thing.
Let me see. Hang it right there. Move it right there. Yeah, that’s it.
And the next day you look at it. I don’t know if I like that.
Now, take it down here. What do you have to show for a big hole in the wall?
Have you noticed that nothing in this life? God has allowed or designed to make you?
And I satisfied He is. And you listen, let me save you a lot of grief.
Go all around the world, spend all the money you got and all the money that you don’t have and when it’s all over, you will not be satisfied.
God made you. I love this. It sounds corny, but it’s been said forever.
And it’s a great word, God made you with a hole in your life.
And Jesus is the only one that fits that hole.
And he says that we can be satisfied. You say, how, where do you get that?
Verse 35? He says, behold your house has left you desolate when Israel rejected Jesus on Palm Sunday or I should say on by resurrection Sunday, you put it that way during that week in history that’s recorded here.
Jesus said your house has left you desolate.
Speaking of the temple, your temple will no longer have any factor. It’s over. You missed it.
It’s not the temple that saves you. That’s religion. It’s not going to the temple that saves you.
It’s not going to church that saves you.
You’ve missed the, the one that the temple was pointing to the temple is where had a big roadside on it and at a, at a finger or an arrow pointing to Jesus Christ and you miss them.
That’s gonna happen again someday in the future. You know, see today, we can be satisfied.
We don’t have to be desolate and I don’t want to be labor.
This, I would just want to add this.
The word desolate means to be left alone, to be left empty, to be left a wilderness to reside that’s living in a state of bleakness and meaninglessness, having nothing.
Oh, so what’s this? Personally?
I can only tell you personally, Jesus says you didn’t accept me. It’s all left.
I mean, you’re gonna, and that’s exactly what happened.
Did not the temple come down in 70 ad, didn’t Jesus say you know what?
Not one stone is gonna be left on another in some 30 years or so.
40 years after he had said this, not one stone was left upon another.
The Roman, the fifth legion, Roman powers under the uh leadership of General Titus destroyed the temple and didn’t leave one stone upon another and Jesus prophesized it 40 years in advance.
That is exactly what had happened. So how does that apply to my life? Not being lonely, lonely.
But listen, I can tell you this when you accept Christ, when you let Jesus Christ into your situation into your life, listen, he will be there.
And I gotta tell you this as a, as a non Christian.
When I, before I became a Christian, I would uh as soon as I got off work or even before I got off work, I’d start making phone calls.
Hey, what are you guys doing tonight? Well, what’s going on this weekend? All right, I’ll be there.
What time you start making plans? You know what I’m talking about? You start making plans. Why?
Because you know what? You don’t want to be alone when you were alone, you felt lonely and people fill their life with stuff so that they don’t feel lonely.
And I’m only talking about my experience when I accepted Jesus Christ from that moment on, I never, once, ever, for 32 years to this moment have ever felt lonely.
I could be in the most remote place.
In fact, now I have to tell you, I look for the opportunity to get alone so I could just be with him.
You have to make a date with God sometimes. You know what I mean?
Lock the door, draw the curtains to be with them. You guys your house, perhaps your life.
Let’s be honest, down, deep, scrape away all the stuff. Have you been kind of alone inside?
Is it kind of hollow in here? Oh, man, he loves you so much.
He’s saying, are you willing? Are you willing? Come on, let me in, I’m ready to come in.
Are you willing to let me in? He wants to come in.
So in God’s timing, he wants you satisfied knowing God’s timing.
He wants you to be living a calm life, calm, peaceful life.
Boy, isn’t that, uh isn’t that something for today? Calm? Jesus said I want to give you my peace.
Knowing God’s timing means that we can be calm now that you’d never think of expectancy or expectation in the sense of calm.
But when we talk about expectation in this sense, it’s God bringing us His word and then we end right here right now.
Knowing God’s time in our lives means that we can be expectant now like a pregnant mama.
You know what’s awesome about a pregnant woman? She’s either pregnant or she’s not.
You can’t see, oh, you’re looking kind of pregnant there.
And frankly, even when, when the, you know, when the whole inception thing takes place according to the Bible, the Bible says touch down and you can be pregnant for a half hour.
The Bible says you’re pregnant. You got a little thing going on there. God’s chemistry workshop goes to work.
It’s awesome. It’s a miracle. You’re pregnant.
You’re just as much pregnant in the moment of conception as you are the day of delivery.
Do you know that? It’s just that things growing and he’s coming and the thing as time goes along, there’s expectancy, isn’t it?
Well, look, there’s an expectant mother. How do you know? Because she’s got a training wheel under her tummy.
She’s so big out there. How, how far along are you?
The more the longer you go along, the closer you’re getting to the moment we’re 2000 years removed from Jesus Christ, having been crucified and resurrected from the dead and he said he’s gonna be coming back.
That’s what he said. He said it. I believe it. I love you, but I believe him more than you.
I lo I listen, I love me. I mean, look, I got dressed today so I do love me.
I didn’t come out here in my pajamas, but I, I love him more.
I, I’m, I’m listening to him more than I listen to myself.
I wanna live in a state of expectancy from this moment on church.
Whatever is going on in your life, you take it to the God who knows and you can live in the expectation of all of his wonderful promises.
He will never leave you or forsake you. And you can take that to the bank.
You can take that beyond the bank. Father. We thank you for your word.
We thank you for your truth, Father.
This morning, I pray for anyone in this house and anyone in this place. And this is the tough part.
I know that, that they cannot admit today to anybody let alone to you.
They cannot admit that they know you personally even in the minds of some right now, they’re saying, well, I hope I’m ok with God, my friend.
If you have to say your hope, you’re ok, that’s not a good place to be.
You can know if you’re ok with God and let me make this very clear as well.
It doesn’t mean that you’re sinless. It doesn’t mean that you will become sinless by being a Christian.
Doesn’t mean that you’re gonna walk a foot or two off the ground if you become a believer in Jesus, but your life will change.
Your whole world view will change.
Pastor and Bible teacher Jack Hibbs here on real life radio with his message called Living with expectation.
You know, this message is part of Pastor Jack’s series called The Gospel of Luke A series on the book of Luke and the unveiling of Jesus Christ to the world.
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