It’s Friday Heavenly Father ! November 24, 2023

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November 24, 2023

Prayer for the day

You bring me such abundance, almighty God. As I think of Thanksgiving Day, may my heart be completely consecrated to Your Son, Jesus Christ, so that through Him my life will show my gratitude to You.

Dear God,

On this Good Friday, we come before you with humble hearts, remembering the sacrifice that your son, Jesus Christ, made for us on the cross. We thank you for the gift of salvation, and for the love and mercy that you have shown us through your son’s death and resurrection.

As we reflect on the events of Good Friday, we ask for your guidance and wisdom. Help us to understand the depth of your love for us, and to live our lives in a way that honors that love. Give us the strength to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, to show compassion and forgiveness to others, and to always seek your will in our lives.

Happy and blessed Friday! I pray that as you walk along today, you will find joy in knowing God’s love is for you!

I pray that this Friday brings to your heart a sense of thankfulness for all the good God has done in your life.

May this Friday bring peace and happiness into your life, as always may the Lord be there with you, and guide your footsteps along each day of your life!

Today may this Friday bring be showered in God’s blessing. May He reveal His will to you and give you the grace you need to accomplish it.

It’s Friday! That means the week is coming to a close and weekend near. This is a great time to go to Friday night service at church. But if you can’t make it to church you can still enjoy God’s presence at home in prayer!

Prayer is powerful and something we should do daily. God desires to hear from His children. Therefore, we will be looking at prayers that we can pray on Fridays.

Lord, Jesus, I want Your will to be done this Friday. So, whatever happens or comes my way, help me to hold on to You and give me the wisdom and discernment to make wise choices. In Jesus name, amen.

Prayer of the Day:Β Father God, thank You for all the many blessings in my life. Help me and guide me to find the balance between asking for more, praising You, and for giving thanks! You are only good and I love You, amen.


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