How To Partake of Yeshua – Your Spiritual Food Diet | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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How To Partake of Yeshua – Your Spiritual Food Diet | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

How to partake of Yeshua – your spiritual food diet. There are always new kinds of diets created and promoted. Does God also have a diet for you to follow? What is the Temple Diet and how can it change your life?

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This is the food that’s being served to you in the spirit, and that people in the world are eating.
And when they eat it, it actually affects them, actually what the how they see things.
And you wonder how could people go from this to this? Right is wrong, wrong is right.
It’s what they’re partaking of. When many of us were growing up, they told us how to the the school died.
They told us what to eat. There’s 4 categories of food You have to eat one from each category.
And how much? Years later, they said, you know what? We were all wrong.
They came up with a food pyramid And they said, you know, a lot of all these things to eat.
And then they, years later, they said, you know what? That was wrong.
It says best to eat a lot of carbohydrates. Then they said, that’s wrong.
They came up with all sorts of diets, and then years later, they found out that people who ate them actually gained weight.
You know, there’s all this this low diet food, the oldest diet food.
And if you eat a lot, those who ate a lot of, actually gained weight.
And then they came up with the Atkins diet. Eat mostly protein.
Then others said that now, well, that’s not quite healthy. Then they came up with the South Beach diet.
I don’t even know what that is. Something to do with eating food on a beach. I don’t know.
The vegan diet, the vegan the vegan diet, the paleo diet, the zone diet, the keto diet, man, a diet where you base eat cabbage, cabbages, and what cabbage juice.
You know? And if you have a you have a diet like that where you just eat cabbage or cabbage juice, You end up saying, this is so horrible.
I’m not gonna eat anything, and you lose weight. So it works. You know, that’s how you do it.
One diet they said is always healthy is the Mediterranean diet. Everyone agrees, the Mediterranean diet’s the way to go.
Whatever you do, whoever you are, eat the Mediterranean diet until this week.
An article came out, said the Mediterranean diet is actually unhealthy.
Not the food, but the fact that the foods are filled with pesticides in chemicals.
So if you if you just have the foods they say, which are healthy enough, but they have you if only if you can eat it without pesticides, or else it’ll it’ll kill you.
So people are always on diets. Never in history have there been so many people on diets.
The problem through much of history is we didn’t have enough food. Now we have too much food.
Our problem is we are always dieting. And if you notice, Most people who are always dieting don’t get thinner.
They get bigger, or they get thin for a little bit, then they get bigger again. And they’re back.
Now the Bible begins with a diet. The diet is basically don’t eat from that tree diet.
It’s all they had to do. Follow this.
Don’t eat from the tree, and they would have been healthy.
They would have been great looking, young, all the top But, of course, they ate from the tree.
Now we are not healthy or young looking.
And and so we have every other diet because we didn’t follow god’s diet.
Now tonight, I’m gonna talk about a new diet, except it’s not it’s ancient.
And I’m calling it the temple diet. Now whether you’re on a diet or have never been.
There’s the there are some truth to take from this, from people who are always dieting or or concerned about it.
Number 1, what you eat matters. Number 2, what you eat can make you sick or healthy.
Number 3, what you eat will affect your physical being, what you look like, and even how much energy you have, what you do or don’t do, even how long you live in many cases.
Food is what you live on. It allows you. Food allows you to move and breathe. You’ve got energy today.
You have thoughts today. You are it is being fueled by food.
Food gives you life, energy, and with your be even your being is from food.
What you eat, you become, your hands, your Your blood, everything is from food, your brain, and food is critical, crucial.
Diet is crucial. First, we just saw the entire fall of man linked to food.
God appears to Abraham, Sarah quickly goes to prepare food. Abraham encounters Melchizedek with bread and wine.
Jacob and Esau, the birthright is sold for food and then given through food.
Joseph has lived it up in Egypt because of a dream and a prophecy that’s linked to food.
Joseph in Egypt prepares a a banquet for his brothers. Passover.
The central celebration of the Bible is a meal, and it will become central, of course, in our salvation when Messiah fulfills it.
But it goes beyond Passover. Even until late the later holidays like the later ones like Porham and Hanukkah, It’s been said if you wanna sum up the Jewish holidays, it’s basically this.
They try to kill us. We won. Now let’s eat. That’s that’s some of them.
The great central blessing of Israel is called the Mozy. Jesus said it at the last supper.
Lehem Minh Aharitz.
Bless you, lord god king of the universe who brings forth bread or food from the earth.
And then comes Mount Sinai, the law, kosher, non kosher. It even has to do with your salvation.
It was a vision of food, of on kosher food that led that gospel to go for it to the world, to the nations with Peter.
But why was it that food was so important to god in the first place?
Now there may have been reasons of health there may be things that he says don’t eat that may be not great for you.
But everything with Israel, the physical has a spiritual dimension.
God separates a people for himself from all nations, and then he tells up, you have to keep this diet.
You must eat kosher. What is clean and partaken of the nay what’s clean to the nations is not clean to you.
You are a separate people with a separate diet, a peculiar people, a peculiar diet.
The word kosher has been coming to our language into English to means to speak of anything that is okay or good or acceptable or right.
Hey. It’s kosher. That’s kosher, or that’s not kosher.
God called for a kosher diet because god called a kosher people. Why?
Because what you eat What you partake of is crucial. In the physical realm, it becomes you physically.
It allows you to physically move, have energy. But so then we wanna take it into the spiritual.
I’m not talking about what you can eat down here. I’m talking today about the spiritual realm.
So, therefore, this relates to it.
So what you can partake of in the spiritual realm is crucial because the temple diet is talked about is today is a spiritual one, ultimately.
The people of Israel were told to eat kosher food, and that signified they were the people of god.
And they would partake of what is of god and not partake of what is not of god.
What is your spiritual food? It’s that it’s food. It’s what you live on spiritually.
It’s what you take in spiritually. It’s what sustains you spiritually.
What causes you to grow spiritually or not grow what brings you healing, food brings you healing, wholeness, but so it gives you spiritual illness or not.
It’s what you hunger for. Or what you yearn for, what fills you, what you you fill yourself up with.
God says I will make a new covenant, not like the old one I did when I took you out of Egypt.
The the law, but I will put it in you. So it’s gonna be about inside.
Now we’re in the new covenant. It’s about the inside. Spiritual food.
You are if you are born again, you’re a child of god.
And you are you are of a holy nation.
And what and therefore, whatever lied to Israel in the in the physical applies to you at least in the spiritual.
So let’s identify means that what you partake of has to be different from what the world partakes of.
So let’s identify the food. What food is it? What are you taking into your life spiritually?
I mean, it should be the things of god, but it’s there’s other things. What are you living on?
What’s sustaining you? What is your real joy and your delight? What do you hunger for?
What do you focus on? What do you want for from from this world? What do you want?
Or what are you trying to get?
What are you trying to fill yourself with that is their spiritual food or that whether it’s good or bad?
Is it the approval of people? That’s food. You’re living on it.
Is it is it the entertainment of the world? That’s also food.
Spiritually, Is it pornography, or is it a substance abuse? Is it something dark?
Is it a is it something is it a material possession?
It may not be right or wrong in itself, but it’s become an idol. That’s food. Spiritually, is it success?
Is it comfort? Is it more money? Is it something is it something that god says this is not food?
It’s gonna impact your spiritual well-being.
You’ll let him not feeling right spiritually or all clogged up spiritually, bloated, spiritually sluggish for the things of god.
Now I’m not saying all television is bad. Much of it is. It’s getting worse.
But if you spend hours and hours and hours a day in front of the television set, How do you feel at the end of that?
Do you feel spiritually revived? Chances are you do not.
How do you think you would have felt if you spent some at least even some of that time in the presence of god, you would feel great.
You would feel revived. When you partake of the wrong foods, spiritually, you’ll find that you’re unable to do the things of god, or you don’t have the the will to do the things of god or the joy and the passion to do it.
See, food gives you energy, but if you eat the wrong food, you won’t have the energy of god.
You won’t you won’t you’ll have the wrong energy.
You won’t have the energy of the thing the things of god, the food of god brings the energy of god which brings the ability, the power to do the will of god.
And also, what else do we know about food? Food becomes you.
You’re not just it gives you you energy. It actually be you are what you eat in that sense.
Well, if you’re eating, if you’re not eating the things of god, you won’t become like god.
And if you are not eating the things with god, you you will not change.
And if you’re eating something else, you’ll become like you’ll become what you eat.
Spiritly, Not knowing people physically who never watched their diet, and it was okay for a while, but they paid a giant price for it.
From sickness to loss of function to early death. You have to watch your spiritual diet.
A healthy spiritual walk in life requires a healthy spiritual diet.
You cannot be partaking in the world’s diet filling yourself up with everything that is of the world and expect to live a a dynamic on fire life for god.
Doesn’t work. Now let’s take it to the next level.
The Jewish people were told to keep a separate diet from that of the world, kosher, but among the children of Israel was another group of people that were further separated to god and they were called the Kohaneem.
Try it. Kohaneem is the way in the Bible that we say the word priest.
Priice is actually linked to the word for elder.
It’s really not the best, but it’s the that’s how we say it. We call them the priest.
They were the colony and the sons of Aaron, the ministers of Israel. They were separated.
So Israel was separated from the nations, then the priest colony were separated from Israel in a sense.
So they they could be closer to god, they could minister to god.
Now, the priest, certainly, ate kosher, but they did more than that.
The priest had a special diet in this sense. They lived off of the food of god.
They lived off of the food of the temple. There’s was the temple diet.
What was the food of the temple?
It was the food of the sacrifices that were brought to the altar.
They the priests were to live on the holy offerings of god, on the sacrifices of god.
Their food was to be a pure, especially holy, with, especially consecrated to god.
So they were even more separated, so there food had to be even more separated.
They lived on the sacrifices of god. Now they ministered the sacrifice, and they lived on the sacrifice.
So they live so so now in the new covenant, the word of god says, we are not only children of Israel.
If you are born again, you are you are a child of Israel in the spirit.
You are a citizen of Israel. Yeah. But it also says You are a priest.
So you’re a child of god. You’re an Israelite in the spirit, and you’re a priest.
A Kohaneem, one of the Kohaneem. Means, and you are a royal priesthood.
So that means if you are a priest of god, you have to eat the purest of foods.
The food of the temple.
You know, the stream of the media that flows into your house flows into your computer, flows to your television, flows to in all is is more ungodly than it has ever been.
Talk about the end time culture. It is increasingly.
So as a believer, this is the food that’s being served to you in the spirit.
And that people in the world are eating.
And when they eat it, it actually affects them, actually affects what the how they see things.
And you wonder how could people go from this to this right is wrong, wrong is right.
It’s what they’re partaking of and what they’re feeding children.
You have to draw a line in the sand and say that I will not watch this.
I will not partake of this. I will not be entertained by this.
I’m not saying what it is, you have to know between you and the lord.
Certainly, if it’s against god, you’ll say, I don’t want that. I cannot pollute myself with that.
What you eat must be holy. You’re a priest. Amen.
You don’t wanna only go for what it is to be chosen child of Abraham citizen of Israel.
You wanna go for minister priest, uh, agent of your call to be a representative of god.
His minister on the earth, that’s awesome. You’re called to greater things.
If you wanna fulfill a greater calling, all that god has for you to great things for god, a great walk with god, a great life in god, you have to aspire to this that what I receive into my spirit What I receive in my eyes, what I receive in my heart is gonna be holy, a priestly diet, Now remember the key of the food and energy, food and energy.
If you are to do the work of god, you have to do it with the energy of god.
And if you’re gonna do something great, if you’re gonna live a life of great works for god, great ministry for god, you have to partake even more.
Of the food of god. It means you need priestly energy. Priestly energy comes from priestly food.
The the priest of the temple had to eat in order to minister It was priestly energy, priestly food.
God, if you wanna do great things for god, you wanna live a great life for god.
You have to eat the most holy things. You have to choose.
I’m gonna be even more guarding what goes into my heart, into my mind.
Even more, it means even more I’m going delight in the things of god more than I did.
See, Kimmy Moore, you see what you delight in is gonna be your food.
The greater your calling, the greater must be your partaking, your food.
And some of you have been fasting from the things of god. You’re not filling yourself up.
You’re not filling yourself up with god. And you have it’s like you’re going without food.
And then you’re wondering, why don’t I have the the zeal and the passion and the love?
Why am I not not becoming more like him? Because you’re doing the wrong fast.
You have not been eating. A secret. Whatever you need to do you eat that.
Let me explain. God calls you to love. You know, you have to love.
So much of the what we’re called to is loving. But how can I love?
I want you want love? You don’t have love for that? Eat love.
Partake of god’s love, and you’ll have them. You can’t give what you don’t have.
You need to be pure. How do I become pure?
I can’t just make myself pure, but I can feed on the purity of god.
And if I eat that, if I take that in, I will become the more I dwell on his purity, the more my thoughts are gonna become pure.
My motives are gonna be pure. You want joy, eat joy, partake of joy.
You’ll give joy when you have joy. You wanna bless, you know, you’re called to be a blessing.
You wanna bless people, bless, but you gotta receive it. You can’t give what you don’t have.
So if you’re gonna bless Whatever you need, you need the energy of blessing of everything you have in your entire calling, everything that god’s called you to do for the rest of your life, He knows it.
You need you’ve got it by him. You gotta re receive it, and you will do it.
Now, think of the temple and the food of god’s priest. What was it again?
What were they partaken up? The sacrifice. What is the sacrifice?
The sacrifice was all about one thing. Jesus. Messiah. So what the same?
What’s the spiritual revelation? The priest lived on the sacrifice. What does it mean?
It means you need to live on yeshua. Jesus. That’s why what he said.
If you would be, you have to partake of me. Eat.
He said eat my flesh, eat, and they they all said, what? That’s crazy. What are you talking about?
But but it was the whole point is you have to partake of him. You can’t just believe him.
That’s great. You believe in him. That’s great. You gotta partake of him.
And in partake of him, you know, the the the call is that we all would become like him.
How do you become like him? You partake of him. You can’t You can’t reproduce him. You can’t match him.
You can’t come up with another Jesus to it’s only him, so you gotta receive from him.
You want to live the life of yashua Messiah, Jesus, you gotta have the energy of Jesus.
And you get to the energy, you gotta have the food, you gotta have the bread.
If you wanna be victorious, You wanna do great things. You wanna grow.
The first of all, put away that which is not food.
The the verse says why do you go after things that are not food, not bread? Come to me.
So the first thing is you have to put away what you are feeding on that is not of god.
Right. Because when you feed on it, it hurts you doubly. Number 1, you’re eating something bad.
Number 2, you’re not eating something good.
And number 3, when you take in the bad, it fills you so you’re not hungry for the good.
You wonder you want it your call to grow in the lord, not just stay in the lord.
Doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re supposed to be growing.
So in order to grow, you don’t have to you don’t have to try to grow.
You need to partake of the food. If you partake of him, you will grow into his image.
If you partake of his love, you’ll grow into his love.
Partake of his of his goodness, he’ll grow into his goodness.
And what did the priest have in the holy place?
Alter of incense on one side or in the front, Menorah, the lampstand, golden thing there, and they had the show bread.
They had food in the holy place. Food can be holy. Why? What is this showbread about?
You know, when I’m reading this as a new believer, I’m telling you, what is showbread? Is it broadway? Bread?
What is showbread? Well, it’s a it’s a translation of the Hebrew word that is is this.
Which means the means the bread of the presence.
You know, we tran they translated show bread, but show it’s the bread of the panim.
Panim is the presence of god, it says show because it’s it’s presenting.
It’s it’s it’s manifesting bread of the presence So what they had to do in order to fulfill their calling, they had to partake of the bread of the presence.
What does that tell you? The presence of god is your bread. Amen. It’s your bread.
The bread of life. It’s what you really need more than anything.
You need the presence of Not only do you need to know about god, you need the presence of god.
That fills you. And you all if you know what I’m talking about, It’s for you who have gotten into the presence of god to the point where you didn’t have to struggle anymore.
It’s just like, wow. This is this is what I am for. This is what is my joy.
This is my ecstasy. This is my purpose, the presence of god.
It says we are to have treasure a treasure in this earth and vessel. He’s supposed to be filling you.
If you’re not, you gotta get on this diet.
And and the only way you could get to that bread is to go inside the holy place.
So you didn’t see the bread on the outside It was an unseen bread. The world didn’t see that bread.
You see it on the inside. And, and it is the food of the priest, too.
The bread of the presence is the food of the priest.
The presence of god is what fills us, what we live on is our joy.
Only the priest could have it. Only the priest.
So the priest had a dwell in the joy of god in the presence of god.
And live in the worship of god is the bread of the presence. Amen.
And the word say say the word, Now when you’ve talked about your face, use in Hebrew, it’s my ponim.
God’s ponim. When I say the blessing at the end of that he that god gave, it was all focused on the Panim.
May the lord cause his Panim to shine on you.
May the lord causes Puneem, and he lifted up to you.
But so Puneem, interesting, when it talks about the Puneem of god, it’s not it’s not a singular word.
It’s a plural word. So you could translate it, may the presences of god. May the faces of god.
Meaning, there’s not just one blessing in this. Every day, you need the you need the blessing of the ponim.
There’s another blessing for every day. You need it new every morning. How do they eat the Mana?
How to be new every day?
They couldn’t store it up, except on the They had so you need the president of god every day every day.
Paul said that that I wish, you know, I account everything I had in the world as nothing for the surpassing value of just knowing him.
But he say, what’s it saying in the Psalms?
One thing I have asked of the lord One thing I have desired that I might dwell in the house of the lord forever, I will seek after him.
I’ll be hope to behold his beauty. My what does it say?
My heart longs and pants after the living god? He is the bread.
He’s the bread for every moment of your life.
God’s presence will give you joy, will give you fullness, will give you healing, will give you energy to do the work of god, will give you power, and anointing.
We need the face of god. We need the face of god to shun us. We need the presence.
It says, it says, Paul says, I pray that you be filled up with the fullness of god.
How can how can you be filled up with the fullness of god?
The greater the calling, the greater the presence you need. The great you wanna do great things for god.
I hope you do. You wanna become great in god.
You want the good news is you can, but the key is your diet. The key is what you eat.
This is the food of the temple. God says that that that that gives joy.
This is god says in ezekiel, about the priest. He says in the in the temple yet to come.
He says that they will enter my sanctuary, and they will come near to my table.
Near to my table. God called you to be his priest.
That means you are called to come near to his table and to eat what others cannot eat.
To Manja, received because god has called you for the put away the junk food.
Here’s the here’s the homework. Put away that junk food. Say, no.
I cannot even get a cheap thrill out of that anymore because it’s poisonous.
Put away the junk food Partake of the holy, heavenly food of your calling.
For you are called to be the priest of god. And this is the Bread of Heaven.
This is Jonathan Khan. Thanks for watching.
The Josiah manifesto and all my book You can get anywhere Amazon wherever books are sold.

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