How to Claim Your Power X Sarah Jakes Roberts & Tamron Hall

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How to Claim Your Power X Sarah Jakes Roberts & Tamron Hall

Pull up on this convo Sis, we’ve got the spotlight on powerhouse herself, Tamron Hall. Cutting her hair wasn’t just a simple act; it was a declaration of change, resonating far beyond the surface. This outward alteration sparked an internal revolution, igniting a ripple effect of growth and resilience. Her remarkable journey reminds us that true transformation often begins with a courageous step, sometimes outward, before it permeates within. Let Tamron’s story inspire you to embrace the beauty of change, one power move at a time.

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I remember cutting my hair very, very short, and people saying they’re not gonna be an anchor.
There’s no way because back then, night in the nineties, Anchers weren’t wearing their hair short like this. Right?
Alba’s an outlier, and it was all but assured to me.
I would not be getting a job in TB. Wow.
I kept my hair short, and it wasn’t an act of, you know, rebellion.
It was I like my hair I, in fact, to be honest with you, my boyfriend at the time loved Anita Baker, and I I loved him.
So if you could let me look like Anita Baker and then the win here, And, um, but over time, when I started to, uh, interview at TV stations, that was like the oh, what’s going on with your hair?
Why is your hair so short? And that was me claiming my power in this small way.
Um, it then turned into me feeling that I would not be controlled to look like everyone else.
I was not going to I wasn’t going to have to assimilate to get this job.
My my hard work and my determination would pay off.

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