Five Conditions of a Worthy Walk

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Five Conditions of a Worthy Walk

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This is your world.
So Let every heart uh,
under Grace, God will first remind us of what he has done in grace.
And then on the basis of that work that he’s done in grace, then he’s gonna appeal for a life will harmonize with that which he’s done in grace.
For example, I beseech you, brother, in Romans 12 01, by the mercies of god that you present your bodies of living sacrifice.
God does something in grace first.
And then he shows up with an appeal the intent to try to get our lives to harmonize with what he’s done in grace.
The second thing is that god’s appeals for godly conduct are valid only when based on his works of grace.
So when god makes an appeal, Forgive one another, get rid of bitterness, honor him with your body.
His appeals are only valid if they’re based on his works of grace.
So if god’s asking us to obey in any area, it’s gonna be based on his works of grace.
And then the final thing, god’s appeals have no force when his mercy and grace are ignored.
His appeals have no force when his mercy and grace are ignored.
In other words, we have to recognize what god did for the before the foundations of the world.
That before the foundations of the world, he saved us before the foundations of the world.
He gave us an inheritance before the foundations of the world, He adopted us, made his mind up that every believer was gonna be a son or a daughter of the lord.
He did all of these things before the foundations of the world. That was his works of of grace.
We are we are living in undeserved favor. He did that before the foundations of the world.
Once you got born again, you were instantly grafted into the family of God, all of that happened.
And so what he says is since I did all of that for you and you didn’t do anything to deserve it, Now, I’m gonna appeal to you to what worthy.
I’m gonna appeal to you to forgive. I’m gonna appeal to you to get rid of bitterness.
I’m gonna appeal to you to live a life that will harmonize with my work of grace.
And so now instead of us doing something to try to get god to do something good for us, God says, I’m gonna do something good for you first.
And then, hopefully, that will be a motivation for you to want to live a life that will harmonize with my works of grace.
If you understand that, say amen. Now let’s begin. Ephesians chapter 4 and 1.
Ephesians chapter 4 and 1.
He says, I, therefore, the prisoner of the lord, I am beseeching you that you will walk worthy of the vocation.
Another translation says, what worthy of the calling, wherewith you are called. So he’s saying here, I, therefore.
Now the, therefore, part says in chapter, ephesians 1, chapter, ephesians 2, in the ephesians 3, he began to lay out his work of grace.
You see in Ephesians 1, where he talks about the inheritance, and he talks about that that we’ve been made the sons of god.
He talked about how we’ve been baptized into Jesus Christ.
So whatever Jesus has you have, he did all of this, all of this before the foundations of the world.
It was a work of his grace, and he says, therefore, since he’s done all of this, The prisoner of the lord says, I beseech you that you now now walk worthy of the vocation.
The illustration we use is the fact that the royals in England, they do nothing to be a part of the royal family.
You have to be born into it. Now some of them did re tried to reject it.
I don’t want to be a royal.
I don’t I don’t I And and and and the factual matter is you were born into it.
And you you didn’t earn it. You didn’t do anything.
And and they and some of them had just to make their mind up that Okay.
Well, since I’ve been born on Royal Hill, I need to learn how to harmonize with that birthright.
and and then I want to do that.
I want I wanna harmonize. When you
look at what god has done for you, it’s so magnificent it should bring you to a point where you’re not trying to live right so you can get god to do your right.
You’re not trying to get god to love you, but the fact that god already loved you should not be the motivation for wanting to harmonize with a life that lines up with his works of grace.
I wanna do this thing because of what he’s already done.
I’m not doing this to try
to get him to bless me.
He’s already blessed me, if he’s on 1, said that that you’ve been you’ve already been blessed with spiritual blessing.
So since I’ve been
blessed with spiritual blessings, blessing, let
me start living like I’m blessed. Are you following what I’m saying?
In church, it’s always been about do this thing so that god will do something good for you.
And it’s completely the only way around. God did something good for you.
While you will get a sinner, god, had already done something good for you.
What he wants you to do is recognize his work of grace and want to harmonize your life in line with what he has done.
To want to do it, there’s something about wanting to do it out of your heart versus being motivated by fear, motivated by god gonna get you, motivated that god’s not gonna love you, motivated that you’re not gonna get something?
He has said, here’s the fact.
I’ve already I gave you my son I’m gonna give you everything else.
Do you think at least you can now want to do something for me because of what I’ve already done for
Now so we move into, and we’re talking now about the worthy walk.
The first condition of a war a worthy walk we’ve talked about this is not expressing action or indeed, but it is in it’s a state of mind.
It’s a state of heart. To walk lowly and to, and to walk humbly before the lord.
That’s a state of mind. It’s teaching lowliness God’s way of teaching us meekness, god’s way of teaching us long suffering, god’s way of teaching us forbearance and unity of the spirit.
Then the second condition of the life worthy of the high calling of god is growth and development of our spiritual life.
That he not only asked us to grow and develop, but he gave us fourfold ministry gift.
And that fourfold ministry gift is designed to help us to grow. Somebody says you mean fivefold. No.
I mean fourfold. It’s not fivefold. There are only 4. Read the Bible very clearly.
He says he gave some apostles some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastor and teacher.
It wasn’t some pastor and then some teacher. Because you need the teaching gift to pastor.
So it’s fourfold, and he gave us those gifts to help us to grow and develop.
So so watch this. We didn’t deserve the gifts, but god says I’m not asking you to do something without my work of grace and mercy being involved.
So everything he’s asked you to do Believe me, you’re not on your own.
He got your back. Now
let’s begin Thank god with number 3.
But this is this is, uh, this is something here, number 3.
Another characteristics of the of walking worthy of the calling is, is number 3, be followers

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