Dressed For Battle | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

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Dressed For Battle | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

Join Joyce Meyer in this empowering episode of “Dressed For Battle” from the series “Winning Life’s Battles.” Discover how to combat the enemy’s attacks by staying spiritually equipped and guarded. Learn practical insights on spiritual warfare and how to live intentionally in God’s strength and authority.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times best selling author, Joyce Meyer.
On today’s pro Ram Joyce will be teaching from her series, winning life’s battles.
Our fight is not against people or circumstances.
It’s actually against the devil who is real, but we will overcome if we choose to do things god’s way.
Love always wins. We overcome with good. Now here’s Joyce with today’s teaching.
Now tonight, we’re gonna talk about how to stay dressed for battle.
We are in a war. The mind is the battlefield.
That’s the first place that Satan will try to attack you any of you ever feel like you’re just having some of the weirdest thoughts, and you just think, when is this gonna stop?
Sometimes you even think where in the world did that come from?
Just like, Or sometimes we will have, like, unrelenting attacks on our mind, a worry or fear or concern over something.
We have to learn how to open our mouth and say, get thee behind me, Satan, quote something out of the word like Jesus did, that’s recorded in Luke chapter 4 and stop just being passive and not really acting like a soldier in the army of God.
We are soldiers in the army of god, and Jesus is the captain of the host.
He’s given us his name, He’s given us his word. He’s given us his blood.
Now I went for many years and had no idea that the devil was even real or that he was problem.
I mean, I kinda vaguely knew there was a devil, but I didn’t have any real understanding or revelation on it.
And when I finally began to learn, when somebody began to teach me that the devil was behind most of my problems.
Some of them I was creating myself, but the devil was behind most of them.
That I had authority over him.
I started hearing some teachings and going to some seminars about spiritual warfare back in the seventies eighties.
And so Then most of us spent the next 5 or 10 years yelling at the devil all the time screaming at the devil.
That’d be very honest.
That wasn’t doing very much good either. We still had all the same issues.
And find the Holy Ghost drew me to him, and he’s once you come and learn how Jesus did spiritual warfare.
So I wanna talk to you tonight how to really do spiritual warfare god’s way.
And it’s not by screaming and ranting and raving. The devil is a spirit.
You can’t get a gun out and shoot him. You can’t get a hold of him and choke him.
You can’t punch him in the nose. You can’t knock his teeth out. He’s a spirit.
And you have to fight him in the spirit.
God has given us weapons and he’s given us armor.
With weapons, we go after the enemy. With armor, we are protected from the enemy.
We need to know how to use our weapons and we need to make sure that we are wearing our armor.
On a regular basis. Spiritual warfare for spiritual people.
How many of you have had it with the enemy, and you’re ready to learn how to fight him and win the war.
Alright. Well, we’re gonna start with Revelation 1615, which is a very odd scripture if you don’t understand it.
Behold, I’m going to come like a thief.
Bless happy and to be envied is he who stays awake, alert, and who guards his clothes.
What in the world does that mean? Stay awake and guard your clothes.
I wonder what you would have thought if I woulda walked out here tonight and said tonight, I’m gonna teach on staying awake and keeping your clothes on.
You would have thought where in the world is this going?
He says, I want you to stay awake. Stay alert. Stay aggressive.
Walking your authority and learn how to guard your clothes so that your nakedness may not be seen.
Now let me tell you something. We all have clothes on our body tonight.
Many of you worked really hard at getting your outfit just right.
I know I worked on mine. Haven’t worn a skirt for a long time.
I wanna know if you like my skirt.
If you like my skirt, if you like my skirt, Yeah.
I used to always wear skirts and wear pants, and I got into wearing always pants.
And they finally got me to wear some jeans, and now I just thought I’m gonna Get me some skirts again.
Get me a dress. You gotta keep people guessing. Men?
But I worked hard on this outfit.
However, I can tell you the devil couldn’t care less about this outfit, nor could he care less about yours.
He’s not impressed with it. Doesn’t make him one bit of difference if every thread you have on matches.
They don’t care about your earrings, your shoes, your jewelry, your He don’t care about none of it, but you do have on another set of clothes.
You have a set of spiritual clothes on.
So when Revelation 1615 says stay awake, stay alert, be sharp, be on guard, pay attention, and guard your clothes.
He’s talking about the spiritual clothing that we have to make sure that we’re wearing at all times.
What an insight and a revelation if you have never heard anything like this.
The Bible uses the phrase put on and put off.
I put on my clothes when I came over here, I put on my clothes when I came this morning.
When I went back to the hotel this afternoon, I put them off. Then I selected some others.
I put them on. When I go back tonight, I’ll put these off and put on my pajamas.
When I get up in the morning, I’ll put on some more.
And when I get home, I’ll put them off.
Nobody just went and stood in your closet, and your clothes just jumped on your body.
You had to purposely choose them and you had to purposely put them on.
We need to learn how to live with intentionality.
That needs to be one of the first laws of our living, and we need to realize it’s one of the first rules of success, intentionality.
We have to do things on purpose. We can’t just wait and see what falls on us.
We need to do it on purpose.
If we would even spend half the time getting dressed spiritually that we do getting dressed in the natural, We’d be a lot further along.
In our walk with god. And the devil would already be where he belongs, which is under our feet.
Now the Bible says, put on Jesus Christ. Put on love.
Clothe yourself with mercy. Put on kind feelings.
Put on a lowly opinion of yourself, which is humility.
Put off the old man, put on the new man, put on the full armor, of god.
Very interesting. Have you been doing that?
Put on Jesus Christ means in the morning before you go anywhere, you get up and you make a decision, I belong to god.
I don’t belong to myself. And when I go, out.
When I go out of this bedroom, I start dealing with my family.
When I go out the front door and I start dealing with society, I am a personal representative of the lord Jesus Christ.
And I need to put on behavior that’s going to represent him.
I have the mind of Christ. I have the spirit of god in me.
I don’t have the privilege or the right which is not really a privilege to go out and just act like everybody else.
I’m an alien from a foreign planet. I don’t belong here.
I’m passing through. I’m headed somewhere.
And my real purpose in being here is not to please myself, it’s to represent god and draw other people to him through my godly behavior.
Can we understand that?
I want to enlist people this weekend in the army of god.
I want you to sign up, sign on the dotted line in the spirit, so to speak, God is time for me to forget about myself, get my eyes on you, find out what you want me to do, and be doing it.
And doing what god wants you to do doesn’t mean that you have to be a preacher on a pulpit or that you have to have a reverend in front of your name or you have to be a worship leader.
It means that you need to get out in the area of your society, wherever god has placed you, and you need to act like Jesus.
Just that simple. Colossians 312.
Clothe yourselves, therefore, as god’s own chosen ones, his own picked representatives, who are purified and holy and well beloved by god himself by putting on behavior.
So behavior is not just something we wait to kinda see how we feel in the act that way.
We put on behavior.
We decide ahead of time, god, with your help, I wanna stay calm no matter what I come up against today.
How many of you lose your your peace quite often? Come on.
Don’t be giving me none of this stuff. Yeah. Okay.
Do you know that peace is part of your clothing? It’s actually your spiritual shoes.
So if you’re walking without peace, you’re in danger of getting your feet all cut up and bruised and messed up.
It hurts your walk with god. Well, you don’t stay in peace.
There’s certain behavior that just doesn’t look good on a believer. Do you know that?
Just like there’s certain colors that don’t look good on every person, this green looks good on me, But if I would’ve put on 10, it wouldn’t look good on me at all.
Well, some of the rest of you look great in 10. You might not look good in the screen.
We’re careful to put the right things on us, the right style, the right thing that looks good on us, but yet we put on behaviors that don’t go with us at all.
They’re not behaviors that a believer should have. Unforgiveness doesn’t look good on a believer.
V bitterness resentment anger, a bad attitude, doesn’t look good on a believer.
Impatience doesn’t look good on a believer. Is anybody hearing me tonight?
The next time you lose your temper, you might as well hear god say You just lost a piece of your clothes.
And now you’re out in the spiritual realm with part of yourself naked.
And you’re about to have a problem.
How many of you were walking down the street and lost your pants?
You’d be quick to pick them up. I mean, it wouldn’t take very long.
You’d grab those things, put them back on, tighten that belt.
Well, Ephesian 6 has tightened the belt of truth.
What happens if you lose your pants spiritually? Some people just walk off and don’t even care.
We need to realize that there’s a spiritual realm that is actually honestly more real and more important than this realm.
It’s just that we ignore it because we can’t see it. But it’s there. Amen? Amen.
And that’s the realm that we’re gonna live in for eternity, so we need to get used to it a little bit.
Lift up your hand if you understand a little bit even what I’m talking about. Alright.
Put on behavior. EPhesians 422, 24, 22, through 24.
Stripped yourselves of your farmer nature, put off and discard your old unrenewed self.
God is on our side no matter what.
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