Disrespected? | Joel Osteen

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Disrespected? | Joel Osteen

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The scripture says that Jesus made himself of no reputation.
He went around doing good, healing people, feeding the hungry, yet people ridiculed him.
They slandered him, said things that weren’t true. His own brothers didn’t believe in him.
The religious leader said he’s from the devil. That’s how he could heal people.
Jesus couldn’t have been any more loving, kind, and generous.
But certain people were determined to misunderstand him, mischaracterize him, misjudge him. What did Jesus do?
Spend all of his energy, trying to straighten them out, convince them they were wrong, prove to them who he was, No.
He answered them not a word.
He didn’t waste his time trying to convince people to be for him that were never going to be for him.
And you would think with all the negative talk, all the rumors, slander, lies, he would have missed his purpose.
But people don’t control your destiny.
They can try to defame, denounce, mischaracterize, but your reputation is in god’s hands.
If what they said could stop your purpose, they would be more powerful than god.
Don’t make the mistake in engaging in battles you’re not supposed to engage in.
Do like Jesus, answer them not a word. Don’t pay any attention.
Since god is preparing a table in the presence of your enemies, that means there’s a seat for you.
When these false accusations come, rumors, slander, the best thing you can do is take a seat.
Stay in peace. That’s not the time to get defensive, pay them back.
Well, 2 can play at this game. But just imagine god is sending the angels to the grocery stores.
He’s turned the ovens on. Gabriel is setting the table. There’s a big meal being prepared.
Not just dinner, but a feast, a celebration. Now there’s a seat there for you.
There’s a place at this table where god is going to honor you in front of those that have talked.
Show your favor in front of those that have made fun.
Promote you in front of those that tried to push you down.
God is not going to vindicate you in private He’s going to do it in public.
So the very ones that treated you the worst with contempt, miss characterized, they will see you promoted.
Honored in positions of influence and respect.
Now for this to happen, you have to be seated at the table.
If you’ve taken matters into your own hands, upset, thinking about what they said, then you’re gonna miss the dinner.
You’re gonna miss the promotion that god has for you.
And it’s easy to get all riled up, been out of shape. Don’t fall into that trap.
Your reputation is in god’s hands.
There’s nothing people can say, nothing they can do that can keep you from your purpose. Yes.
There may be seasons of disrespect where it looks like they’re getting the upper hand, but your time is coming.
The meal is being prepared. You can trust the faithfulness of god.
Says in Psalms, deal with me, oh, sovereign lord, for the sake of your own reputation.
Because you belong to the sovereign lord, because you’re his child, He will deal with you because of his reputation.
It’s not just who you are, it’s who you are. Now your part is to guard your heart.
Not get offended, not get distracted in battles that don’t matter, god’s part is to guard your reputation.
He’ll make sure that you’re seen in the right line.
God gave Nehemiah a dream to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
He was living a thousand miles away working as a cup bearer for the king.
He didn’t have the experience, the materials, the funds, But god gave him favor with the king, and this king gave him everything he needed.
But when 2 men, Sandballot and Tobias, heard about nehemiah’s plan, they didn’t like it.
They started stirring up trouble, spreading rumors, making false accusations, can imagine they went to the city officials trying to discredit him.
What’s this man, nehemiah, doing in our city? He’s only in it for himself.
He’s just trying to become known that questioned his motives, cast doubt on his integrity, It’s no different today.
Anytime you step out to do something great, you’re being a great mother, pouring your heart and soul into raising those children.
Maybe excelling at school or going the extra mile at work, seeing your gifts come out in great ways.
Don’t be surprised if someone is going to find fault. Question your motives.
Say things that are not true. He just thinks he’s better than us. She’s not that talented.
She can just manipulate people to get that position. If you were sitting around being mediocre, no one would care.
The fact that people are trying to discredit you, trying to make you look bad, that’s a sign that you’re doing something right.
You’re making a difference You’re leaving your mark. I hope you enjoyed watching this clip.
You can watch the full message here on our YouTube channel. We’d love to hear your prayer request.
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