Candid Conversations: The Anointing | Joyce Meyer

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Candid Conversations: The Anointing | Joyce Meyer

Dive into a thought-provoking episode of ‘Candid Conversations’ with Joyce Meyer as she explores the ‘The Anointing.’ In this enlightening discussion, Joyce breaks down the essence of the anointing as the presence and power of God in our lives. Discover how the anointing can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, impacting every aspect of our lives. Join Joyce Meyer in unraveling the significance of the anointing and how it plays a crucial role in our daily lives, whether you’re a pastor, a housewife, or anyone seeking a deeper connection with the divine. Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation that sheds light on the power of God’s anointing and its transformative influence on every aspect of our lives.

Joyce Meyer, one of the worldโ€™s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives. With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyceโ€™s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to lifeโ€™s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Today, we’re going to talk about something that probably people have heard about and either think yes.
You know, I know all about that and it’s wonderful, or I’m not exactly sure what they mean when they say that.
Right. So we’re talking about the anointing. Start us off with the definition. What is this thing?
Well, to me, the anointing is the presence and power of god. And, um, god anoints people.
Um, you you can be in an anointed church service are one that’s dead.
Um, the anointing makes things alive. It makes things powerful. And it’s very important to me.
I depend on the anointing a lot.
Because the anointing is what makes things good or mediocre or wonderful or awful.
And for me, First of all, the Bible says that we all have an anointing.
It’s in 1st John chapter 2. So everybody. Yeah. Everybody has an anointing.
And, uh, you can be anointed for different things.
You know, I’m anointed to teach uh, you’re more anointed in creativity than I am.
Some people are anointed to work with children. Some are not.
Uh, if god calls you to do a specific thing, he’s going to anoint you for that thing.
But how you live your life does affect how strong the anointing is on your life.
And I was just thinking I’m gonna be doing a teaching on leadership coming up in several months in the future.
And, uh, I was thinking I wanna talk to them about how how you live your life behind the scenes, how you live your life when you’re not in the pulpit, depends on the amount of power you have in the pulpit.
And, like, for me, I don’t feel like I do anything fancy. You know, I don’t sing.
I don’t don’t have any musical gifts. I don’t play an instrument. You know, I I teach.
And, of course, we know god’s word is anointed, but it’s really important for me to carry a strong anointing on my life because how strong the anointing is depends on how that word is gonna impact people’s lives.
Now you need an anointing to raise kids.
Once again, it’s the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit on your life are are we might say it’s the help of the Holy Spirit Mhmm.
On your life. And, it’s a shame that we don’t hear as much about the anointing as we used to when I first started really studying the word of god, like, 45 years ago.
There was a big outpouring of the Holy Spirit around the Earth.
And boy, the anointing was just a subject people talked about all the time.
And sadly, like you said, I think a lot of people, they don’t even know what it is.
Mhmm. So when you when you say the anointing, um, the power and presence of god.
Um, of course, the Holy Spirit is a big part of that. Right.
But you also said the way we leave the way we live our lives impacts it. Mhmm.
So how do we protect that anointing that god gives all of us or make it bigger, how do how do we impact it?
Well, I would say one of the things. I mean, maybe different people learn different things.
But for me, I know that the way I treat people impacts the anointing on my life.
And of course, the anointing, we are anointed with the holy spirit. Mhmm.
And the word anointing means to rub in or to smear all over with.
So I like to think that, you know, I’m just smeared all over with the Holy Spirit because really the Holy Spirit is what may the difference in whether something’s gonna be good or not, whether you’re gonna enjoy it or not, Uh, the worst thing in the world to try to do is to do something you’re not anointed for.
And, um,
is it just won’t work?
Well, it just won’t work.
It won’t be effective.
It won’t be effective. And you might be anointed to do something at one time, but that anointing might lift because it’s time for you to stop doing that.
So this thing may have been easy for you at one point, and now all of a sudden, it’s becoming really hard.
Like, you’ve heard me talk about, you know, I went out of the country and and did a lot of outreach out of the country and crusades and conferences and visited a lot of our, you know, outreaches for years years years years years.
I’ve been done, like, 67 mission trips.
And Uh, it was getting harder for me because I was getting a little bit older, and I was noticing it was taking longer to recover.
It was I was starting to kind of dread them instead of looking forward to them.
And then all of a sudden, doors started closing, we’d plan something and the permits would get pulled at the last minute, or we had a situation where We had a huge meeting planned in India, and we’d advertised it a certain way.
And just right before the meeting started, the Police decided that we couldn’t have it at that time, and they changed the time on us, which really messed us all up.
And so for a long time, all these different countries were just I had unbelievable favor.
And because I wasn’t wanting to quit, you know, it took me a little longer to put it all together that god was just telling me that wasn’t good for me anymore.
And, of course, we still do all that same work. You just go now instead of me going.
And, I regret that I can’t go, but you cannot always do what you’ve always done.
And so the anointing once again is the presence and the power of god on your life, the Holy Spirit, and In the old testament, people were anointed with oil, which represented the Holy Spirit, and oil would they didn’t dab oil on them.
They poured it all over their head, and it rammed down and ran down all over.
And thank god now we’re anointed by the Holy Spirit, and we’re all anointed. Everybody’s anointed.
Everybody has the power of god on them.
For what they’re asked to do, whether that’s raising children or or whatever it is.
So what are things that we can or should do to increase or protect the anointing in our life.
Do we have responsibility
I think so. I believe that the way we live, uh, for example, I heard one teacher say if you wanna increase the anointing, Like, if you’re going out to preach and you you wanna increase the anointing in your life, just read the word.
Sit out and just read the word because there’s and anointing on the word of God.
Uh, I think that how we treat people, that the more I love people, the more generous I am, the better I am to people.
I know God likes that. And so what he likes, he anoints.
Matter of fact, I think it’s god really doesn’t like it when we mistreat people. Mhmm.
And uh, there’s so much of that that goes on today, being rude to people Yeah.
Gossiping about people, judging people, being critical toward people, basically just living your life the way god directs us to live our lives, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t make any mistakes.
You make mistakes, and you quickly ask god to forgive you.
It’s not gonna You don’t have to live perfect life to increase the anointing in your life.
I think another thing is to really just realize how precious and valuable the anointing is and and what a wonderful gift it is.
I mean, the Holy Spirit is our helper. He’s the one who walks alongside and helps us.
He’s our teacher. He’s our guide. He helps us pray. We don’t know how to pray.
I mean, there’s so many wonderful things the Holy Spirit does for us, and I personally think we don’t talk about the Holy Spirit enough or the anointing of God.
So how do you want everyone who’s listening to you right now to take this and apply it to their life?
So for instance, all the people who aren’t Joyce Meyer
And are not obviously anointed in in maybe a public way.
Maybe they’re not a pastor or they’re not whatever. Um, does this still apply to them?
I I think maybe the easy way for people to think about it is the power of god.
On them for whatever. So let’s just say I’m a housewife, and I’ve got 3 kids.
And today, I need to go to the grocery store, and I need to do laundry. And You know?
Important things. Important things. Yeah. And I’m, uh-uh, dreading it.
I’m not sure I’m gonna get everything done.
Well, I can just say, you know, father grant me the power today to help me do everything that I need to do.
Maybe people will understand the anointing better if you talk about it in terms of the power of the Holy Spirit on their life.
We all understand that you can turn up the power or turn down the power.
And you know, you you’ve been around people that you sense God on their life.
Mhmm. Absolutely.
Sense the presence of god. Yeah.
And you’ve been around people that, you know, you sense a lot of other things, but it’s not god.
Yeah. And so I think the stronger the the power of guys, love god, study his word, pray, let him be part of everything that you do, and believe me, when you’re a housewife and a mother, you need a strong presence of god on your life to do the things that you do and to do them with joy and contentment because a lot of those things are just mundane tasks that you do over and over and over.
And I say hats off to all the moms who
Amen. Me too.
Raise children. Yeah. And, uh, but whatever you’re doing Don’t try to do anything that you do without asking god to help you and depending on the Holy Spirit.
Jesus said, you’re gonna be better off if I go away because when I go away, the father will send the Holy Spirit to take my place to represent me.
And the thing that’s good about that is Jesus was in a body like we are, and he could only be one place at one time.
But the holy spirit can be with you in China with me and Denver.
He can be with the mom going to the grocery store.
He can be with the mechanic under the car, working on the car.
The Holy Spirit is with everybody all the time at the same time, and he’ll help each one of us in the unique ways that we need help but you have not because you asked not.
So you can’t just assume, well, you know, I’m not saying if you don’t every time that god’s not gonna help you.
But Yeah. You know, god knows if you’re depending on him or if you’re just
don’t We should not take it for granted.
Yeah. Don’t try to do everything yourself and only call on god when you think you’re over your head because, uh, truthfully, you’re over your head.
From the moment you get out of bed.
Isn’t that the truth?
In the morning if god doesn’t help you.
So I
hope that helps people to understand it. It’s not Let’s don’t complicate it.
You know, it’s not the the an anointing.
It it’s really just to be smeared all over with, you know, one one part of the definition says to paint.
And so we can be just painted all over with the power the Holy Spirit.
I I recommend that people pray for a strong anointing. I pray about the anointing all the time.
I want god’s anointing. In the Bible.
They said there was no anointing all that would be put on the flesh.
And so I take that as god’s not gonna anoint my fleshly carnal ways.
He’s only going to anoint what pleases him.
Right. I love that visual though of just being surrounded, coated, painted in Soaked it.
God’s holy spirit, his presence, his power, um, for his good and for the good of others.
That that’s a beautiful image.
And we walk by faith. Not by sight, but you can at times feel the manifest presence of god with you.
I just think when the Holy Spirit is with me helping me do something, it just makes it so much easier.
Yeah. Than it does if I’m just trying to do it.
And we’re all anointed. Would it be a thing to end?
Everybody that says you it actually says you have no need for anyone to teach you because the Holy Spirit himself will teach you, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the office of teacher, teaching you the word.
It’s talking about the Holy Spirit will show you what to do. In situations.
I don’t have to run to you every time I wanna make a decision and say, Ginger, what should I do?
I go to god and say, god, what should I do? And the Holy Spirit leads me.
Yeah. Thank you very much.


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