The Cosmic Power of Resurrection | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Cosmic Power of Resurrection | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn shares The Cosmic Power of Resurrection of Messiah Yeshua Jesus that dates from the ancient Hebrew holy day known as Yom Resheet in the book of Genesis. A mystery is revealed about the Creation of the Cosmos and the power of Jesus as the first fruit offering.

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of God’s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of God’s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the world’s most needy.

Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

A whole new life is created for you on the resurrection day.
In the first fruit, on the day of the first fruit, the rays sheet.
For what is appointed for this day, the scroll is the original Bible that Jesus would have read from, and we’re gonna read from Leviticus 23.
Lavicus 23 has all the holy days of the Bible, and it has this one That has to do with Passover.
But it’s a mysterious thing because observe and Jews observe this day, and they don’t know the link it has to the resurrection.
And Christian celebrate the resurrection, but they don’t know what the link is to this day.
And this is what god on himself established. Leviticus 23 says this.
And the lord said to Moses, saying this, and you shall say to them, a share.
When you come into the land that I’m giving you, etcetera.
And you have reaped your harvest, Behivetteme at Omayra, and you have brought in the sh the sheaf of the 1st of the harvest.
Rashid Katirham El Cajon, cohen.
The the first fruit of your harvest, you will bring to the priest.
And he will wave it before the lord for your acceptance on the day after the Sabbath, the priest shall wave it.
Now this is the ordinance that was given in the of a special holy day that’s been a mystery for most of history.
The mystery of it, it said that that you cannot reap your harvest.
You see, remember, this is the we’re in the springtime right now.
It’s been a winter, and they had been through the winter too, and they could not reap their spring harvest could not begin time of new life until they did this this ceremony, this holy day.
They would go to the fields with a priest.
The priest would go out, and they would take from the harvest the first fruit of the harvest.
It was the barley harvest. You have it in your hand.
This is the first fruit of Israel you have in your hand.
And they would take it and they would wave it before the lord.
And and by this harvest, this this first fruit being given to god, all the har the rest of the was considered holy because of what happened to the first first fruit.
First fruit stands for everything. It was called the Rishit trial.
Rishit means the first fruit They would lift it up to god.
And so because the first fruit was received, everything else was holding in those, the time of new beginnings, the time of new life, the harvest could begin.
It was saying the winter is over. Now when was this done?
It says on the day after the Sabbath of Passover. Now think about that.
Messiah died on Passover By the way, it’s still the feast of Passover right now.
He died on Passover and then came to Sabbath He rested on the Sabbath.
And then comes the day after the Sabbath of Passover. That is the day of the fruits.
So what does that mean? It means Messiah is so perfect.
He does everything according to the to the mystery of god. He died on the day that the lamb died.
He rested on the day of the rest, and then he rose to new life on the day of the first fruit of new life.
And what does Paul say?
Paul says Messiah is the Rashid the first fruit of new life But it the Bible is so real because a man wrote this man would say, hey.
Look at this. Look at the doesn’t even say it. It’s all there though. He actually rose on the day.
So when they lifting up the first fruit of new life from the earth, and they were waving it before the lord.
God was lifting up the first fruit of new life.
Messiah, who is the first route of our salvation. What does it mean?
Well, this meant, and he rose on the day that says the winter is over.
The time of death is over.
And the time of new beginnings has come, the time of spring, the time of new birth has come.
Messiah Paul said, is the resurrection is the first fruit.
Signifying the winter in your life is over fig it’s ignoring the time of death and darkness is over, and the time of new beginnings has come.
Salvation is the power of springtime.
He died and rose on in the time of spring the month called Nissan, which means the beginning.
It means the power, and this is the first fruit.
So it the way the first fruit works is what happens to the first fruit touches everything else that comes.
So Messiah, the fact that he rose on the day of the first fruit is a great thing, because it means that that power is for you.
It is the first fruit of the power for your life. And we’re gonna talk about that.
So we hold this. Hold it in your hand.
It says Messiah is the first fruit the rays sheet of those who are asleep.
The first fruit from death the rays sheet of new life.
You are holding in your hand what the priest held in his hand and waved it before the lord.
You can wave it. This is how they did. Waived it before the lord.
The symbol though of your resurrection, this power is over your life.
And so we’re gonna give a mean, give a prayer of thanks.
Blessed are you lord god, king of the universe who brings forth the first fruit from the earth, Messiah, life from death to give eternal life to your people.
And we give thanks to you, lord. This day.
If you have been saved by the lord, give thanks to him.
Lord, we praise you, and we thank you for new life, and we thank you for the resurrection.
We thank you for the new birth.
We thank you for every good thing that is coming to our life because of you, lord.
And we praise you. And as you hold it in your hand, just let’s say it together.
Repeat after me. Messiah, You are the 1st fruits of my redemption.
The 1st fruits of my new life. The guarantee of my salvation.
By your rising, I will rise by your victory.
I shall have victory by your freedom. I will be free as you have trions.
So shall I, in you, you are my first fruits to which I am redeemed, my hope, my redeemer, my the prince of Amen.
Having opened up the awesomeness of this event, the mystery of this event, Let’s actually apply it to our lives to become real.
See, it’s not supposed to be just that you go out know, many of you were born into a practice of Easter of Easter hunts, Easter, that’s all not talking about.
But it’s not about a holiday. The holiday is one thing.
It’s about a reality that you have to take it to your life. That’s why he did it.
He didn’t do it, so we’d have a holiday.
He did it so you’d have a power in your life to transform it. That’s what we’re gonna do.
The Bible speaks of the power of the resurrection.
Paul said that I might know the power of the resurrection.
Paul, you think of anybody who would know it, it would be him, but he still says I still have to know it.
There’s still more of it. The power of the resurrection is the power of the of the race sheet.
Remember, this is called the race sheet. The first fruits. It’s the power of the first fruit of new life.
Paul writes about it in in 1st Corinthians 15 when he talks all about the resurrection, that’s where he talks about the 1st fruits.
And yet he Messiah actually rose on the day when they were offering up the 1st fruits because he is the firstfruit.
The Bible says, first command is what? Be fruitful. Be fruitful. First one. Be fruitful.
We are called to be fruitful.
The lord said I came that you might have life and you might bear much fruit.
We are called to bear fruit, and this is the day of the first fruit.
So here, it has the key of something. Your whole life was created to bear fruit.
It was to bear god’s fruit.
The fruit of joy, the fruit of love, the fruit of righteousness, the, uh, uh, life that is holy to god but without him, we can’t do it.
And so the fruit of your life doesn’t happen except by his power.
But this is the power of the first fruit that gives a power to all fruits, the first fruit.
See, we’re not just called to be fruitful. We are called to be 1st fruitful. What does that mean?
Not just the power of the fruit, it’s the power of the first fruit. What is that?
The first fruit this is the very first, the beginning. There’s no fruit before it.
So the this is the This is what has no precedent. It just starts everything.
It comes in the in winter ends winter.
There’s no it’s not natural in the sense that when Messiah rose from the dead, as the first fruit, it wasn’t natural.
It was supernatural. You don’t you don’t rise from the dead.
That you die, you know, you live and you die. You don’t die and you live.
The first, you know, you live and you die, that’s natural.
Dying and coming to life, that’s not natural. That’s supernatural.
Now I don’t believe it’s an accident. That he rose on Sunday. Why?
Because god created the universe on Sunday.
We don’t think about it because god it wasn’t called Sunday. They didn’t have Sunday hats.
They didn’t have Sunday sun. God created the universe. He began.
He said, let there be light on Sunday, or it was called in Hebrew. Yom Rishon. Try it.
Yom Rishon. You know, you know, how they call Sunday? Simply day 1. Day 1.
It’s the beginning of everything. So Messiah rises on the day of creation. Why?
Because when god called the world to existence, there was no natural cause. You know, something scientists can never do.
They can they can never solve this. How did it all begin? Well, a big bang. Okay. Great.
Where did the explosive come from? You know, where where whatever you say, where did it come from?
It can’t be natural. Only god who is not of this creation can answer that.
How can you have everything from nothing? You can’t. Because they all would always was. Well, then it never began.
Then how can we be here? It’s a miracle just to exist as a miracle.
So god brought it all out.
It says he spoke to the word Messiah, spoke to the word, and it came into being there was light.
So he it’s the day of bringing something by no natural cause, but by the word of god, the power of god.
And when Messiah rose from that tomb in Jerusalem, it was by no natural cause. You don’t cause that.
Nothing causes the resurrection only god. And so that’s the power he gave you.
It’s the power of newness. It’s the power of uncalled miracles.
No condition on it, no cause, no explanation. So how does that work?
Well, in the natural, if somebody loves you, You probably love them back.
You could say that’s a fruit of love.
But if somebody doesn’t love you, somebody hates you, and you love them anyway, that’s the first fruit because they didn’t cause it.
Nothing caused it. It was uncalled. It was just from god. Not cause at all. It’s a miracle.
You love them anyway. Somebody, you know, you know, it goes it it works in every part of your life.
Somebody blesses you. You bless them back. Okay. It’s natural.
You know, if somebody blesses you and you don’t bless them back, that’s not nice.
But if somebody blesses you, you bless them back, that’s natural.
Somebody curses you and you bless them That’s the power of the first fruit because you’ve you started it.
They didn’t start it. It didn’t come from the it’s a first fruit. There’s no cause in the world.
The power of the resurrection is the power not just to be fruitful, but to be first fruitful.
The first fruit happens after winter. There’s no precedent. Messiah rose on that day. Messiah.
That means you have the power in Messiah to actually end winter. Might be a winter and a relationship.
Might be the winter of that person who doesn’t love you. They hate you.
You have the power to break winter. Now you don’t get no.
When when you wanna get up, the place you go to is not a tomb, you know, you know, you get from a bed.
You get it from from something. You get it from a chair, but you don’t get it from a tomb.
A tomb is the place you go to when you go down, not when you go up.
But it was the day of the first fruit. Yeah. How god how awesome god is?
How radical he is to choose a tomb to be a place to give birth of life.
To give hope. I crazy, because god wants to turn it all upside down.
Uses a cross which is equivalent to our electric chair to bring hope in life. That’s crazy. Right.
Brings a tomb a place of ending to bring new beginnings.
But he was in the tomb on the day of the new beginning.
You see, he is life. But he’s not just life.
His life where never where life was never before. He he don’t cause god.
God is uncaused, but god causes everything else.
So therefore, there’s no when you have no natural reason, no natural explanation, that’s the power of god.
And you may not have realized it, but the day you were born again, That was the power of the first fruit in your life.
That was the day of the first fruit. That was the first fruit of your new life.
It broke the winter. You know, it began something that had never been before, and there was no natural explanation for it because people can look at what’s happened to your life since people who knew you back then And they say, this makes no sense.
How did this person become that person? Right. Right. The it doesn’t make any sense. There’s no calls for it.
You know, when you were born in the first time, you were born from a womb.
That made sense, but the second time you were born from a tomb, You are born from when the the day when everything else gets finished.
Everything is dead. The old is dead. The oldest finish. The oldest has could not do it. It’s gone.
And then you were born. That’s the miracle.
That’s the power, but it wasn’t supposed to stop on the day you got born again.
If you are born again, if you’re not born again, you have to become born again to be saved.
But the thing is that for you who are born again, it was not supposed to stop on that day.
You’re supposed to be living every day of your life by the power of the resurrection.
The power of the first fruit.
Some of you in your old life, if you looked at your old life, you weren’t loved, or you were there was love that should have been there that wasn’t there.
Some of you were mistreated. Some we some some of you here were abused.
Some were beaten, rejected, abandoned, never felt love, never felt good enough.
So and and you know what happens from that? All that stuff.
It it in the natural, it produces fruit, but the fruit isn’t good.
It what that produces is a fruit of anger or the fruit of sorrow, depression, gloom, addiction, fear, anxiety, lack of peace, lack of worth, or always seeking the approval of others or never feeling right, mistreating your own life because you don’t think your life was worse than me.
And that’s the fruit of it.
It can even in the lord, will carry in if you don’t deal with it.
But the thing is you can deal with it.
God has given you the power to overcome that. The power is the power of the resurrection.
The power of the first fruit. Now think about the first fruit. See, the first fruit.
You know, what comes before day 1? Nothing. There’s nothing before him.
What counsel is Jesus Messiah rose on day 1 to tell you there’s nothing before him.
It doesn’t matter what’s before it. This is the new thing.
So it has the power to nullify everything that has been before it. Because there’s nothing before the beginning.
That’s the power to trump, to nullify, to overcome all those other things in your life.
But it won’t do it unless you apply it. You have to apply it.
The power of the first fruit means even though that was your past, It’s not your past anymore.
Even though that was your past, the first fruit nullifies the past, it’s like there has never he he’s given you a a new past If anyone is a messiah, the old has passed away.
There’s no old anymore. If there’s no old, you’re new. It’s like you there’s no past you’re new.
Even if you’re past, it was so was so dark and defiled, messed up, It was a tomb.
It was dead. Okay. That’s where the miracle happens. That’s the miracle happens.
You you don’t have to, you know, god just you know, it says joy comes in the morning.
You don’t have to you don’t you don’t make that happen. You just say yes to it. Yes. Yes. Yes.
You don’t you don’t you don’t explain it.
There are times you might be at the lowest point, and all of a sudden joy comes in your life.
That’s the power of the resurrection. You don’t have to explain it. You just gotta let it happen.
You know, you have the choice to either live as a child of the natural, and then you’re stuck in bitterness and fear and fear and anxiety.
Well, everything else or to live as a child of the supernatural.
That means whatever your natural was, it doesn’t matter anymore. The supernatural trumps the natural.
But the resurrection powers the power to break every obstacle, every wall, every hindrance, that is of that is not of god you’ve got the power to do it.
The enemy wants you to accept all the walls and all the closed things. He wants you to accept it.
That’s not god’s will. He wants you to accept it.
The yet god says you don’t have to accept that breakthrough, breakthrough.
The Hebrews broke through on the day of Passover. They broke their chains.
Messiah broke open the tomb on the day of the first fruit.
The Hebrews came to the red sea, and it could not stop them and parted in 2.
That’s the power of god. The stone was rolled away. You’ve got that power.
Don’t accept the obstacle of the enemy.
Don’t accept that that you have to be in that sin for the rest of your life. No.
That you have to be in that habit for the rest of your that’s more powerful than god. No.
It’s not. The power you have is to break through it anyway.
If Messiah could break through the tomb, You, by his power, can break through anything that you need to in your life.
And the last power, awesome.
If you go back to the very beginning of the Bible, beginning. Beginning.
In the beginning, what is it? What it how does it begins with? The beginning begins with in the beginning.
Stop right there. It’s one Hebrew word. It means the one word means in the beginning.
It’s Birashit. Try it. Birashit. The b means in. That’s all you need. Rashid is the beginning.
The first real word of the Bible is the beginning.
The big the beginning word is the beginning, but Rashid, think of didn’t you hear that word today?
Rashid resheet is basically the same word.
You could you could take it as the first word in the Bible is 1st fruit.
In the first fruit, god created. Interesting because who’s the first fruit? Messiah is. What’s the Bible said?
He created the universe through him, the sun, the word. So in the first fruit, everything happens.
In the first fruit, a whole universe comes into existence.
And years later, on the Hebrew day of the first fruit, the same one who through whom the universe was created a whole new life is created for you on the resurrection day.
In the first fruit, on the day of the first fruit, the Resheet. But here’s another thing.
The rabbis, they had to translate that word Resheet into Greek. When the Bible went into Greek.
Now the whole by the way, the whole first book of the Bible, you know what it’s called?
They took the first word and they call they called that first book, but the rabbis transferred it into Greek and they had to come up with a word.
And you know what the word became? Rashid became. So Greek word Genesys, Genesis.
This became Genesis. The first fruit is Genesis. Genesis is the first fruit.
So think about it. Messiah rose not only on Sunday, but he rose on the Hebrew day called the day of the rest sheet, which could be translated as the day of Genesis.
The Genesis day because now god is gonna create something new.
The old fell, and the old ended up in a tomb.
And so now is gonna create a new beginning for everyone who will have a new beginning.
A new life, a new creation for everyone who says yes, to become a new creation.
That is the power. It’s Genesis. And what is the power of Genesis?
It’s the power to make a a miracle blessing out of nothing. This is Jonathan Khan.
Thanks for watching. The return of the goths is available literally everywhere Amazon, wherever books are sold, and God bless you.

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