Resist the Devil – Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

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Resist the Devil – Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

Is the devil putting thoughts in your head? Today on Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer discusses strategies the devil uses to undermine our thinking and the best way to resist him, once and for all.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

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There is nobody that can’t have a great life.
If you’ll persevere and stick with a I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
The key to everything is found in god’s work.
I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that god can heal you every are you hurting.
It’s good to hear how much god loves you and how wonderful you are, but it’s also good.
Here’s some good stuff about growing up.
And, uh, I feel like that we are in a particularly powerful, good, and dangerous time in the world today.
And I think that as teachers, we really have to press in and really share with people ways that they can protect themselves from the enemy because, you know, the closer we come to the last days the bigger fit he’s gonna throw because he knows his time is getting short.
And, uh, so I ordered 2 or 3 books on the devil, and it really kind of made me realize how much even I had maybe forgotten what a liar he is and how careful you have to be about your thoughts and you know, 2 of the ways that Satan will really try to control us is through our thinking and through our emotions.
I know that our thinking affects our emotions, but like, for example, how many of you have ever in a time of emotions bought something you really didn’t have any business at all buying.
Well, we all do.
They sometimes, but if you do it repeatedly, you’ll get yourself in big, big trouble financially, and then all of a sudden you have more debt than you can pay.
And do you know that debt and couples fighting over the death they’re in and the pressure that debt causes is one of the main reasons that people get divorces that lack of being able to communicate are how many of you have ever said some things in a time of heated emotions that really actually caused some pretty big problems in your life.
And so Uh, just remember, those are two areas where the enemy’s gonna really try to push you.
He’s gonna try to push you by putting wrong things in your mind and he loves to tell you bad things about yourself.
And he loves to get you to say bad things. About yourself.
How many of you say bad things out of your own mouth about yourself? Okay.
That’s a big no no. No. No. No. No. Mama says, no. You can’t do that.
Because what you say about yourself is probably more important than what anybody else says about you.
So don’t say things like I’m stupid. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I never do anything right.
You need to say what the Bible says about you. God loves me. I’m creative.
I’m gifted. I’m talented. I have a bright future in front of me.
All things work together for good.
So let’s be more careful than ever about the enemy.
And we don’t have to be afraid of the enemy. I told you that.
But we do have to respect his power and not, uh, not make fun of him or make jokes about him because he is a real entity that roams about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
So you have to make a decision that it’s not going to be you. Pay attention to your thoughts.
That’s the battleground. The battlefield of the mind.
That’s where Satan will fight with you.
And if he can get you to believe the lies that he tells you, then you will be deceived.
And deception is the one of the greatest in time attacks.
Jesus said in Matthew 24, pray that you be not deceived.
And how many of you would say that there’s plenty of deception going on in the world today?
You know what?
You know what the greatest deception is is when you start believing that wrong things are right and right things are wrong.
I recently was watching something on television, and I was amazed at what the the dialogue was by the time I listened all it was a some kind of a movie I was watching.
And in this movie, somebody was killed and the a police woman came to question this man and in the process of questioning his wife had been with another man.
The policeman was asking some questions.
And the man said, well, we have an open marriage And if you know what that is, that means that both people can have all kinds of partners and nobody cares, which That’s kinda stupid.
But anyway, that’s what they were what they were doing.
And the police woman showed a disapproval in what she said of that kind of a lifestyle.
And this is what the man said, and that I thought That’s that’s exactly the way the world is today.
He said, well, according to today’s standards, see, according to today’s standards, you judging me is more wrong than me doing what makes me happy.
Now think about that.
And isn’t that kind of the way the world’s going?
I have my rights to do whatever I wanna do, and you have no right to judge me.
And if you judge me, your judgment is worse than me doing what makes me happy.
And I’m just telling you we really have to be careful that we are in the world, but not of it.
That we don’t become like it.
We’re living in the best of times and the worst of times, but I’ll tell you we’ve got what it takes because the Bible makes it clear that god places us in places and time frames.
We’re not just a cosmic accident that happened to show up at this time in history.
So you have a part to play in this end time.
I believe we’re gonna have a great revival And then there’s just my thoughts.
We’re gonna have a great revival. People are gonna have a last opportunity to receive Christ.
And then I believe we’re gonna have the rapture of the church and the tribulation.
And I don’t know what they’re gonna do when we’re all gone because when the Holy Ghost leaves, the situation on the earth is gonna be very desperate.
People are still gonna have an opportunity to be saved, but it’s gonna be a lot harder.
Then we’re gonna have the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ and then hold um, and that’s the best I know.
Like I said, I’m not an end times teacher nor would I try to teach on end times, but That’s kind of the way that I understand it.
And if you understand it different, that’s okay too.
But the best thing that we can do in these last days is be obedient to god and walk in love, love, love, love, love, love, love, Jesus said one new commandment I give unto you that you love one another just as I have loved you by this, shall all men know that you’re my disciples?
He ought you understand by this by this love shall all men know that you’re my disciples.
So if we want the world to know who we are, we have to walk in love and we have to start by walking in love with one another.
You can start in your home. Amen?
Don’t take the people in your own home for granted just because you’re around them all the time.
And don’t take your bad moods out on them just because they can’t leave and have to put up with you.
Well, it’s the truth. You know?
Sometimes when we get in the bad mood, the people we treat the worst are the people that we love the most.
And that’s kinda silly. So really, pray and work with God about keeping peace in your homes and not taking your angry moods out on your kids or the person that you’re married to.
You know, don’t go to church and be nice to your pastor and then be hateful to the person you’re married to all the time.
I mean, god told me one time, he said, if you’d respect your husband half as much as you do your pastor, you’d be in good shape.
Thank god. That was a good number of years ago, but it’s the truth.
We’ll we’ll do for somebody in church while we do for our own family at home.
I bet you if I dropped my water up here and made a mess and said, can somebody clean this up?
I would have a good hundred people jump up.
But if somebody did the same thing at home, you’d say, I’m not cleaning up your mess, clean it up yourself.
Are you tracking with me today?
So I’m just saying start at home. And start today when you go home.
If you came to this conference, maybe some of you came in state and hotels and you’ve had the whole nice weekend and you’re already thinking when I get home, if they didn’t do what I told them to, Come on.
You’re already planning for a fight when you walk in the door.
You needed to go home and let them know that it was good for you to be here, you know, not that it didn’t do any good at all.
Come on. I’m telling the truth.
Go home and be so changed that they’ll pay to have you come back next year.
Amen? That’s what the word of god is supposed to do for us.
So Jesus said, they asked Jesus it’s recorded, I think, in Matthew 22.
What’s what’s the greatest commandment? And he said, you shall love the lord your god with all your hearts, soul, mind, and strength.
And the second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.
So you are supposed to love yourself, but not in a selfish, self centered way, at a balanced way.
And really, There’s a scripture.
I think it’s intimacy that said the whole purpose of everything here is 2 things, faith and love.
Stay in faith and walk in love.
So let me say again, if you wanna leave here with a goal, if you wanna be powerful over the enemy and make sure that he can’t seduce you and deceive you.
Pay attention to your thoughts.
Pay attention to your emotions and don’t follow them unless they’re good ones.
Stay in faith, live from faith to faith to faith.
The Bible says that anything is not a faith to sin. That’s a pretty serious scripture. Amen?
And keep your love walk on.
At all times, keep your love walk on and be obedient to god, promptly, quickly, obedient to god in little things and in big things.
God will never ever lead you astray. He’ll never tell you to do something you can’t do.
And when god does tell you to do something, the last thing you ever wanna say is, well, that’s just too hard.
It’s just so hard being a Christian.
It’s just so hard to do all these things that god tells you to do.
Well, I’ll tell you what’s harder, being disobedient, I’d much rather live under the favor of god than his disfavor, wouldn’t you?
Amen. So the easiest way to resist the devil is the title of what I’m teaching this afternoon, and the very easiest way to resist the devil is to submit yourself to God.
Actually, there’s real power in that obedience and submission.
So James 47, which is usually quoted, resist the devil, and he will flee, does not say that.
It says submit yourself to god, resist the devil, and he will flee.
Psalm 9111 says he will give his angels charge over you We’d like to quote half of that one too.
It goes on to say he will give his angels charge over you to a company and defend and preserve you and the amplified Bible says in all your ways of obedience and service.
So god’s not gonna give his angels charge over us in our disobedience and laziness, but in our obedience, and in our service.
And I’ll tell you the truth.
One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to be involved in something That’s gonna help your spiritual growth, be part of a Bible study weekly, be part of a small group, Get around enough people to be accountable to somebody.
So if you get a lazy spell and decide not to go to church for 3 months and somebody’s gonna call and see where you’re at, Amen?
You know, being regular in church is not about just sitting out there and gawking at some teacher on the stage, singing a few songs and going home.
Part of it is about being accountable, and being involved enough to have a few people miss you if you aren’t there, people that you know, it’s good to have friends that love you enough that will confront you if your behavior gets stinky.
Amen? Like, In essence, I don’t have a boss, except god.
God is my boss. But I can tell you what 2 of my sons run the day to day business of our ministry.
Both of our son in law’s work for us.
I’m around my kids all the time and my husband, and every single one of them If I started acting in any kind of a way that was ungodly, they would get in my face and tell me it wouldn’t take them 2 seconds to do it.
And so you you need to be accountable to somebody.
One of the things that’s very dangerous is to be off by yourself where you’re not accountable to anybody, and you can just do whatever you please without anybody who loves you enough to say, No.
That’s wrong. Amen? Amen. Okay. I can tell you’re excited. Me too.
Hebrews 1036.
You need to persevere That means to keep it up and keep it up and keep it up and keep it up and keep it up and keep it up and keep it up and keep it up.
You need to persevere this so that when you have done the will of god, you will receive what he has promised.
Well, that’s good, isn’t it?
You know, we have a couple here that’s been sitting in the front row all weekend, and Dave just reminded me that this man went through our men’s home in St.
Louis, and I don’t know what your situation was like before you you went there, but I’m sure it wasn’t very pretty because it’s and were you living on the streets, or were you
No. But in that rehab, in
and out of rehab and just really his life was a mess.
And he went through our men’s home in Saint Louis, and then he and his wife both came to work for the ministry for a while.
And now he’s actually a pastor in this area.
I’ll tell you it’s amazing what god can do in people’s lives.
Amen? It’s awesome. Just amazing. And god can do the same thing for you.
He doesn’t just have a few favorites that he picks out and says, well, I’ll straighten out your life.
But if you do what god tells you to do, god will always do what he said he would do.
Always. And I’m gonna be honest and just tell you, if you’ve got a lot of problems in your life and they don’t get straightened out, Now don’t stone me when I say this, but it’s not god’s fault to choose.
Because if you obey god, He is not a man that he should lie.
He will do what he says he will do if you will do what he tells you to do.
Obedience is extremely important, and we have to start taking responsibility for our actions and not be blaming everything on somebody else.
That’s one of the ways that we kind of wiggle out of stuff as well.
It if you wouldn’t know if and if you wouldn’t know, and if you wouldn’t know, How long did I use that excuse?
Well, if I just wouldn’t have been abused, well, I was, and I can’t go back and get unabused And so eventually, I had to stop using that as an excuse and say, okay, I was abused The devil had his day.
Now god’s gonna have his. Amen.
If if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature all things pass away.
And all things become brand new.
You become new spiritual clay in god’s hands and you you need to let him mold you.
And form you into what he intended you to be to start with. Listen to me.
There is nobody that can’t have a great life.
If you’ll persevere and stick with it, it’s not gonna happen overnight, It’s not all gonna be easy, but I’ll tell you one thing, your worst day with god will be better than your best they ever was without him.
Amen? I’m thinking of the woman who came to one of my meetings and sheet.
It was back when the meetings were still pretty small, and I was able to pray for people at the altar at the end and She came up and she put her hands on her hips, and she said, I want my money back.
And I said, well, honey, what do you talk about?
She said, listen, I’ve been doing what you said for 2 weeks and nothing has changed in my life.
And honestly, I almost laughed in her face.
I thought 2 weeks, you give the devil 40 or 50 years, and then you expect god to fix it in 2 weeks.
You know, it’s not gonna be that way.
So get ready to be patient and to put some time in because one thing I can tell you about god, he is not in a hurry.
Don’t we wish he was sometimes? I’m in a hurry, but god’s not.
And his soon is not ours soon. Amen?
Be not weary and well doing for in due season. You shall reap if you faint not.
The funny thing is nobody knows when due season is.
We can’t just obey little select portions of god’s will that are easy.
We have to be ready to do anything and everything god tells us to do and to stop anything and everything that he tells us to stop.
The more you’d learn, the more responsible you become.
You know, those of you that have been here this weekend, It’s put you in a little bit of a unique position because now you know things you didn’t know when you walked in.
So guess what? Now you become responsible for a lot more than you were before.
A lot more because we’ve said a lot this weekend.
Most of which you’ve already forgotten.
So that means you need to come and hear it again. Man?
That means you need to turn your television on Monday morning and Watch it again.
And in about 4 months, this conference will probably on there, so you might even see yourself.
So you gotta look your best.
Don’t be concerned about obeying God in big things until you start obeying God in little things.
The little foxes that spoil the vine.
And sometimes it’s the little things that we think are not o poor important And the Bible says if you’re faithful over a little, I’ll make you ruler over much.
So pay really close attention to the little things that you think are unimportant.
And you may have heard me tell some of these stories before, but this is how god taught me.
So all I know how to do is to tell you some of my stories maybe again just so you realize how important the little things are.
Let let’s just take, for example, if you purchase something or maybe 3 or 4 items and you get home and you realize they didn’t charge you for one of them.
You don’t just say, Oh, awesome. God bless me. No.
It means if you don’t take it back, you’re a thief. Well, it’s not my fault.
They didn’t charge me for it. I’m not gonna use my gas money and my time to take it back.
Yeah, you are. Yeah.
One time I bought a pair of shoes and I was looking at the purse to match it and then I decided I wasn’t gonna buy the purse I got home and had the purse, but I only paid for the shoes.
And well, I was far enough along in the lord. There was no argument.
I knew I had to take it back.
There would have been a time when I would have had a whole line of excuses about why I shouldn’t have to take it back because it wasn’t my mistake and I’m gonna have to use my time and my gas money and that’s not right.
And so I went ahead and took it back. And the guy said, that’s really amazing.
He said, most people wouldn’t have done that. And I had an opportunity to share with him.
I said, well, I’m a Christian, so this is what we do. Were honest.
Amen? I didn’t have the money to go to Bible College.
I wasn’t in a position to go to Bible College when god called me to teach.
I was already like well, I was about 33, I guess, when god called me to teach.
I kinda like it. Same age Jesus was when he started his ministry.
And, uh, of course, I didn’t I didn’t know anything didn’t have any sense.
I had a while, oh, man. I had a lot to learn. A lot to learn.
And I already had 3 kids. And well, 4 because I had Dave.
Come on, ladies, you know it’s true. Amen.
So I went to the school of the Holy Ghost.
And that’s probably where most of you are going to school.
That means you haven’t been able to go off somewhere and take a bunch of Bible classes.
You’re learning wherever you’re at. And it’s interesting.
The Holy Spirit is very happy to teach you wherever you’re at.
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