How Your Purpose Can Help Others X Sarah Jakes Roberts & Dr Kimmy Reynolds

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How Your Purpose Can Help Others X Sarah Jakes Roberts & Dr Kimmy Reynolds

Did you know that partial obedience is still disobedience, as it falls short of complete surrender to God? SJR discusses with Dr. Kimmy Reynolds the challenges she faced in marketing her book, “Power Moves.” It wasn’t until she recognized the power connected to her “yes” that SJR made the decision to fully get behind what God was doing!

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If you are marketing a book, you are asking people to support something that you’re doing that you believe will be beneficial for them but you’re also asking them to do something which is not my strong suit.
I’ll do it mine. I’ll buy my own book, you know? Don’t worry about it.
I got it. I’ll write it in by it. I’ll just send them to everyone in America.
I’ll just give it away. Don’t worry about it.
I’m not asking anyone for anything, but then there’s also this reality that it’s like, if I don’t stand beside what God has given me, if I don’t put the full force behind it, then I was half obedient.
Like, I wrote the book but I hid it.
Like, I have the gift but I don’t put it out in the world and I just didn’t wanna be half obedient but I was insecure about the idea, I wasn’t sure that it was gonna translate.
God gave me something that felt like a unique message and I wasn’t sure about it but the only thing I knew for sure was that it came from God and it’s like, I’ve gotta be obedient to what I believe God gave me even if I’m not sure other people will understand it, even if I’m not sure that I was the best person to handle the message and so I did make that decision and I feel like it’s something that we all have to do is trust that there’s gonna be power in the yes.
There may not be power in the now but the power in the yes is gonna help you navigate whatever that season in and I just saw the grace of God, power on power on the spot and I just feel like that’s everyone’s inheritance if we are willing to confront those things that keep us from moving in power.

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