Demon Activity On The Rise?

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Demon Activity On The Rise?

Is demonic activity increasing in our world? Did the Bible say this would happen and what are we, as Christians, to do about it? What about “deliverance” ministries? And can Christians be demon-possessed? Pastor Jack answers all these questions in this episode.

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Hey, everybody. Deliverance, demonic activity, spiritual things. Are we doing the right thing? Tune in. Let’s find out.
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Now, open your hearts to what God’s word has to say to you.
Now open your hearts to what God’s word has to say to you. Here is Jack Hibbs.
Well, hey, everybody. Welcome back to our podcast, and we are delighted to have you with us.
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So we’re gonna quickly take on a topic that is something that is not only a buzz, it has always been a buzz.
It has always been, and it’s increasing.
And you might be surprised to find out that I actually agree that it should be increasing, But we need to define the topic and define how it’s revealed in scripture, and that is the topic of demon possession or deliverance ministries, being able to cast out or to discern or to act in a way or in a place of authority over, we’ll just say, others and or mainly demonic spirits.
So first of all, uh, let let’s do this together.
Rather than get getting down into the deep weeds of, uh, some theological opinions about Mark’s gospel chapter 16.
There are those who have their views, dependent upon what denominational background they’re from.
I pick on Mark’s gospel because Mark’s gospel covers more miracles done by Jesus in the shortest gospel out of the 4.
I think that’s fascinating. Mark’s gospel is unique in a lot of ways.
Number 1, it has no genealogical record of Jesus. All other 3 of the gospels do.
Mark’s gospel is the smallest. It’s the shortest, but it’s also affectionately known as Peter’s gospel.
Mark didn’t experience these things. Peter told Mark what to write, Mark’s gospel.
So having said that, uh, we see more miracles performed, more service done by Jesus, more ministry examples provided to us in Mark’s gospel, the shortest gospel, but it’s all about serving and it’s all about doing the will of God and it’s all about miracles.
And so having said that, in Mark chapter 16, the Bible says in verse 15, and He, that is Jesus, said to them, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
I love that. That’s called evangelism, and that’s for you to do. It’s for me to do.
It’s for all of you to do.
That’s not for Billy Graham to do, or Luis Palau, or Greg Laurie, or a few limited evangelists.
Those guys have the ministry of evangelism, but yet Paul told Timothy all of us are to the to do the ministry of an evangelist.
So no one’s off the hook on sharing Christ with others if in fact you are a believer.
Verse 16, he who believes and is baptized will be saved. Okay?
But he who does not believe will be condemned.
There’s a whole another story there on baptism that we could address, but we’re not gonna do it.
Notice this, it’s believing is what saves you, and your first act of obedience should be water baptism.
Alright. How do you know that, Jack? Because he actually says so.
It says the person that does not believe is condemned. It doesn’t say the person that’s not baptized is condemned.
Believe, faith in Christ is the primary, and the secondary is public baptism, which acknowledges publicly that you’ve made a private, personal, internal commitment to Christ.
Verse 17, and these signs will follow those who believe. The signs will follow those who believe.
The believers are not to follow signs.
And I bring that up specifically because there are many in the hyper Pentecostal movement.
There are many of those who are getting into the spirituality or the aberrant spirituality of Christianity, to whereby, uh, things, events, miracles, dynamics, possession, Satan, all of these things have now carried the the bulk of the affection and conversation rather than the pursuit of lost souls.
People now are dialing down and becoming overstimulated on spirituality rather than biblical doctrine.
You wanna be very careful about that because it is in fact, a mark of spiritual immaturity.
That kind of thinking would have fit perfect in the crazy, crazy church in Greece called Corinth.
That church was out of control, and that’s why that book, 1st and second Corinthians, is so powerful because God gave them instructions regarding what in the world were they doing, uh, what they needed to do is get back to the Bible.
I’ll unpack this more in a moment.
And so and these signs will follow those who believe in the name, uh, in my name, they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them.
They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.
And the Bible goes on to say it, closing to the closing out that chapter, so then after the Lord had spoken to them, he was received up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God, and they all went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying of signs.
Amen. That verse that portion ends with the word of God was preached and to validate or to verify or to confirm the power of the word of God, miracles were done.
Miracles are never supposed to be in front of the word.
The the miracles are always to be behind the word. Word goes out first, miracles follow.
The word is the authority. So listen. Is the word of God authority in your life?
That is the question. We know that the word of God, doctrine, is what Paul stressed to Timothy and to Titus, doctrine.
The New Testament, outside of the gospel, the epistles are rooted and based in doctrine.
So the pathology is this, what’s what is the church known for? Biblically sound doctrine.
So when churches get and Christians get away from biblically sound doctrine, they get into the weeds.
And what are some of the weeds? Well, we have church history.
Church history shows us that when we get away from the word of God, we get sideways, and we begin to, um, we begin to get so dialed down on certain things.
So, for example, I love Bible prophecy.
That is the discipline or the doctrine of eschatology, but there are people and churches that that’s all they do.
That’s all they think about. They don’t talk about anything else. They just speak about Bible prophecy.
You can teach about Bible prophecy forever and wind up causing your audience to wind up in hell because you never got to the gospel.
You never got to the cross, you never got to sin, you never got to these things. Okay?
So you can hobby horse on that. You can hobby horse on healing.
You can hobby horse on the Holy Spirit.
You can hobby horse on so many things, but isn’t it interesting that Paul the Apostle said, he didn’t do that.
Paul the Apostle said to the Ephesian elders, I’ve made it sure to all of you that I gave you the full counsel of God, everything.
And that’s how you and I are supposed to be.
So more most more specifically, let’s get to this topic right now that is is, uh, pervading, uh, the so called church today, and that is what is, uh, comes out of uh, don’t get me wrong when I say this.
I love our Pentecostal friends so long as their doctrine is sound in some areas, for sure, the the, uh, the tenants of Christianity.
But Pentecostalism, hyper charismaticism, hyper Pentecostalism is now afoot in a very big way because, uh, people, frankly, honestly, they don’t have much of an appetite for a systematic study of the Bible.
They want goosebumps. They want bells. They want whistles. And does the Bible speak about demons and demon activity?
Of course. Does the Bible talk about casting out demons? Absolutely.
Does the Bible talk about healing and and, uh, raising the dead? Absolutely.
Uh, but when people begin to pursue that instead of personal holiness and them, uh, knowing the full counsel of God, this is where we get goofy.
And you get groups that say things like this. Do you speak in tongues? Do you speak in tongues?
If you don’t speak in tongues, you’re not saved. Where’s that in the Bible?
I pause for a fact. Where’s that in the Bible?
Paul the Apostle says the exact opposite.
Paul the Apostle says in first Corinthians 12 and 14, and Pope talks about it in Romans 8, I believe it yes.
8, uh, that there is a prayer language that’s available to all believers.
It’s not the gift of tongues.
And then there is the gift of tongues which is given to some people, just like some people have the gift of evangelism, some people have the gift of pastor teacher, some have the gift of teacher, some have the gift of giving, some have the gift of administration, not everybody has the same gift.
That’s what makes up a church.
So I want you to think about that for a moment because there are frankly, there are there are loonies out there that are saying, if you don’t speak in tongues, you’re not saved.
That is a demonic heretical doctrine, and it comes out of hyper Pentecostalism.
And you say, well, that’s pretty harsh, Jack. No.
It’s pretty harsh that they say such things outside of scripture. Was the thief on the cross saved?
Yep. Jesus said he was. Did he speak in tongues? Did he raise the dead?
Did he give any money? Did he do his time in the children’s ministry? Of course not.
I think you know how that goes.
But listen, when we talk about what’s going on today in this in this area, there are people now, because they’re not rooted and grounded in doctrine, they’re lopsided in doctrine, then everything that is wrong, everything that is weird, everything that they can’t explain, or everything that doesn’t go their way, spiritually speaking, must be the presence of a demon or possession of a demon.
When your child, when your child’s diet at home is pretty pathetic, when your kid is first of all a kid, Number 2, when your kid is going through the development of being a kid, there’s constant hormonal and energy level activity.
Couple that with Krispy Kreme for breakfast, topped off with a Pepsi, and then they have Cheetos for lunch and baloney, and then they come home, uh, to go to McDonald’s for dinner.
You know what you’re gonna have? You’re gonna have a dem a demon possessed kid. I’m kidding. I’m sorry.
I just had to throw that in there.
Um, you’re gonna have a kid that, because of frankly bad parenting skills, you’ve got a kid that is completely chemically whacked out for eating all kinds of sick strange stuff, and the body’s not getting what it needs, so the kid won’t pay attention.
The kid talks back. The kid’s irritable. The kid’s grumpy.
Imagine you not having a cup of coffee, and you gotta go to work.
Oh, you wouldn’t even think of such a thing because you gotta go get your Starbucks or whatever poison it is to get you ready for the day.
Hey. You got your kid running on stuff that their body was never intended to have, and then you’re wondering, I think my kid’s possessed.
First of all, your kid might be completely undernourished, and you don’t even realize that.
So a hyper Pentecostalism, hyper spiritual environment would say, what’s wrong with my kid? Must be a demon.
I tried praying, and nothing happened. Listen.
We need to just calm down, slow down, and be very, very careful.
By the way, don’t let your kid hear you say that. You’ll scare the snot out of your kid.
You’ll freak him out telling your kid, look. What’s wrong with you? You must have a demon.
Man, that is so pathetic. Don’t do such a thing.
But, by the way, if you apply that kind of response to how your kid’s acting, in, then you could do the same to your wife or to your husband.
I think my husband’s possessed.
He won’t listen to a word I’m saying, or I think my wife’s possessed.
She keeps spending money that we don’t have. She must have a demon. That’s so ridiculous, everybody.
Of course, you know that’s crazy. What are we talking about here?
We’re talking about the last days warning in scripture that perilous times would come, and there’d be doctrines of demons and deceiving spirits that would be present.
And if you wanna find out where that’s more active than anywhere else, it would be the so called church.
That’s where it begins. That’s where the first warning goes out to the church, but it’s not limited to the church.
Right now, we live in a culture where, uh, there are people walking around.
Are they demon possessed, or are they on Fentanyl? Could be both.
One thing’s sure, they’re on Fentanyl.
If somebody is snorting cocaine or dropping acid, and they’re crazy, one thing we know for sure, doesn’t take a spiritual Einstein to figure this out, uh, they’re under the influence of drugs.
A hyper Pentecostalist will rush onto the scene and say, and they’re possessed. We don’t know that.
Be careful about people who jump to conclusions on these topics.
You do know, please, I’m not saying that people are not possessed.
I do believe more now than maybe at any other time, and, again, that’s my assessment.
I nobody has data on this.
Nobody in the world has data on this, But I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re living in the days now of more demon possession globally than at any other time.
Just because somebody’s head spins around and spits out split pea soup, that’s not the qualification for them being demon possessed.
Demon possession could be regarding somebody’s life who looks completely straight up and desirable.
You might look at that person’s life and say, wow.
Listen, deceiving spirits, they don’t always turn green with big, uh, eyeballs in a in a tongue that’s red with with fiery eyes.
Okay? Demon possession deceives. Do demons manifest themselves in, uh, animals and humans? Yes.
But we have to be careful that we don’t wrongly label things out of a spiritual spasm because we can’t explain something or because we’re shallow in our biblical theo theology that we quickly jump to the demon part of it, where there’s a demon behind that door, and that that group’s demon possessed, and, look at that person.
We need to calm down and have discernments. Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
Even in the book of James, God says, if anybody will ask of me for wisdom, I’ll give it to them.
We need to conduct ourselves wisely.
I do believe, by the way, for those of you who are quickly forming an opinion, I believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
So there. I just made a bunch of cessationists upset with me now.
They liked me until a moment ago because they believe in some of the gifts and other gifts have ended.
I believe in all of the gifts.
I believe the Holy Spirit is smart enough to use them, uh, throughout the ages as they apply as he seeks to apply them in whatever culture that is.
In other words, I don’t believe there’s apostles today like there were the apostle Paul, but I believe that there are people who act in the gift of apostleship, meaning that they go out from their home and they travel the world trusting God, and they they start churches, they plant churches, and they move on.
They’re apostles. I don’t believe that, uh, this guy’s apostle John because his denomination has apostles.
There’s apostle Susie. You can call me. This is so funny.
Every apostle I’ve met on earth, they always say I’ll say, hey. How you doing, pastor Mike?
Or how are you doing, Mike? It’s apostle Mike. They always give their very sense about that.
Oh, I didn’t know. It’s kind of funny. I really doubt it.
Have you have you followed in the footsteps of the apostles, uh, remotely?
Um, if you haven’t, listen, that’s we need to calm down about this kind of stuff.
So regarding demonic demonic activity, demonic activity is something where, as a believer, I I trust I’m speaking mainly to believers right now.
Let’s say that number 1, you were the only believer in your home.
What does the Bible say about you being the only believer in your house?
The Bible says Peter says that you being the only believer in your home, your home is sanctified by the believer, that you being the believer, and your house is protected because a believer dwells in that house.
That means if you are a believer and your husband’s not and your kids aren’t, your husband and your children are protected because you’re the believer.
It doesn’t mean they’re saved, it means that you’re the believer.
But as time goes on, let’s say somebody comes into your home and they bring in something like pornography or a Ouija board or what is known as the trade as entries.
These are, uh, these are allurements, but behind them, think of them think of a a Ouija board or, uh, Dungeons and Dragons or what are some of the things, uh, that are out there that that’s the tip of the entire spear.
The tip enters into the body, but it’s the it’s the momentum, it’s the inertia that drives the tip and it’s a rod into your body to contaminate you and sicken you to death.
Uh, think of think of, um, think of it being like that.
The entry point can be something like a statue.
Man, I can’t even I I’m you would be surprised, uh, because here in Southern California, a lot of people make their way up from South America.
Man, you’d be surprised how many, uh, biblical guidance sessions I’ve set through where people came from Ecuador, for example.
And in what they they brought with them these gods, these little carved out gods, and they set up these little shrines in their homes now here in America.
And somebody in the family, they made sure those those idols made it here.
And they pray to them and they’re there and then somebody gets saved.
And then they come and they say, pastor Jack, this is what’s going on in my house.
There are voices you can hear in the atmosphere.
The the baby’s the baby’s crib is shaking in the middle of the day, and we have to scoop the baby up out of the out of the crib, and the room turns ice cold.
I’m telling you guys, real deals.
If you thought I was one who’s not open to the supernatural, I’ve seen it.
But I hope you know that I don’t go around because somebody’s an an idiot or rude or mean, uh, the older demon possessed.
That’s just a sloppy, lazy way of trying to diagnose a prog diagnose a diagnose a problem.
But spiritual issues are rising in the world around us, but they have to have an entry.
And the Bible is very clear that a Christian cannot be demon possessed.
The Bible says God will not share you with the spirit of Beelzebub.
If the Holy Spirit’s in you, you cannot be possessed.
Read Luke chapter, I think it’s Luke 16. I think it’s Luke 16.
If it’s not, it’s 15, where Jesus says a demon spirit leaves a man, goes out looking around for somebody else to possess.
Having found nobody, he comes back and finds that person he left wide open.
In other words, the holy spirit’s not in their life, and that demon invites 7 other of his buddies to join him, and now the state of that individual is way worse than it was at the beginning.
A Holy Spirit filled believer cannot be demon possessed. They can be attacked.
They can be, we can be attacked. We can be oppressed.
We can be suppressed, but never possessed.
God will not share you, but that doesn’t keep you from being attacked by the enemy.
Okay? So what I wanna encourage you about is watch out for, uh, those who have deliverance ministries.
And being careful to say that I’ll just say almost all of them that I’ve been aware of have some element of a hyper sensationalist, hyper Pentecostal, hyper spirituality, uh, flavor to it that that that departs from scripture.
Stick to the scriptures.
Jesus said here, go out in all the world and preach the gospel.
That’s the number one thing you’re supposed to do.
Secondly, if you’re preaching the gospel and there’s somebody there that’s chewing on a street light, go over there and find out if they’re on something.
Are they on Fentanyl? Are they on crack? If they’re not, do this.
Tell them, listen, I need to speak to you. Listen to me.
I’m coming to you right now, and I’m speaking to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
See how they respond.
If they start chewing on the street poll harder, if you start hearing their teeth cracking, if they look at you and their eyes roll back and turn black stone instead of white, the eye rolls back and turns jet black.
Yeah, that’s not Fentanyl. That’s not crack.
You got a real live demon possessed person there.
Keep mentioning the name Jesus, but friends, you better listen.
You better be careful because they’re lying spirits.
When you would when you address somebody who you think is demon possessed, you ought to get somebody with you who’s a spirit filled believer to be together.
At the same time, the 2 of you better be able to handle incredible lying because that person will turn and say something like, I know you.
Last night, you were at the store and you went out in the parking lot, and you drank a bottle of beer, and you say, well, that’s so stupid.
One of you might turn red because that’s what you did, and you say, oh my gosh, What what’s happening here?
Align spirit. But listen, they’ll do this, they’ll take something that is uniquely about you, and they’ll expose it, And your friend will say, oh, my gosh.
Did you go drink a beer in front of Albertsons? You were Christians. What are you doing?
And you did do that. Nobody knows what you thought. Nobody knew. The demon world communicates.
And now you’re like, uh, yeah, that happened.
And then the demon says, oh, and by the way, your friend your friend is this, and it’s a complete lie.
This really happens. I’ve watched this happen. I’ve seen this happen.
My wife and I, Lisa, have been involved in things like this happen, but we don’t go around shouting this kind of stuff out.
We’ve encountered all kinds of things that physically manifest themselves in our lives. We saw them. We saw it.
We saw it moving. We saw it. We heard this speak.
We could go on and on about this stuff.
I saw a guy leave planet Earth.
He got about 6 to 8 inches off the ground, was levitating, and then began to attack me, and he couldn’t hurt he he he came, he fell flat on the ground.
And I’m like, what?
And then when the guy hit the ground, he he said, what what’s why am I on the ground?
What’s happening here? Long 3 and a half hour story made short, that was a truly demon possessed individual.
Be careful about being so callous and carefree about deliverance.
Be very, very careful.
It’s been my experience that those who are involved in demonic activity, biblically, and have seen the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of Satan, no one jokes about it, no one laughs about it, They take it dead seriously, and because of that, they’ll be 100% biblically accurate in their approach.
This is vital. I end with this.
We’re living at a time right now where pharmacaei has opened the door to demonic possession and manifestation.
You say, pharmacai? What is that? Sorcery.
The word sorcery in the Bible is the Greek word, pharmacae.
It’s where we get the word pharmacy or pharmaceutical.
Sorcery and pharmaceutical, pharmacaei.
The word means hallucinogenic, mind bending, mind altering experiences, often set in motion by mind altering drugs, pharmacAI, pharmacy, drug use that alters the mind that opens you up to the world of sorcery, demonic spiritual realms.
Did you do you realize that right here, right now in the atmosphere that’s between you and I, spiritually speaking, there could be a portal whereby the, uh, spiritual world is their present?
Now I say that casually. Let me dial down specifically.
When the believers get together, the Bible says that, uh, angels gather where Christians gather, and they they learn from what’s being taught and what’s being said from believers.
That, again, from Peter. Read Jude. Read first and second Peter on this.
Things that angels desire to look into happens when believers get together with the word of God open.
Clearly, it’s not limited to just angels. Satan’s a fallen angel.
And wherever there was a church of 12 people, Jesus being the pastor, How often did they encounter demonic activity?
Heck, one of them was soon to be a tool of Satan himself called Judas.
Jesus had a church of 12 people. 1 of them was Satan possessed.
Wherever the kingdom of God is active, demonic activity will attack. It’s gonna be different.
I gotta wrap this up quick. We’re out of time.
If you if you are in the jungles of South America right now, demonic activity manifests itself in very, very freaky supernatural manifestations because that’s that’s what works there, voodoo like stuff.
Alright? Shaman type stuff.
In the western sophisticated world, Manhattan corner office, New York City, 19th floor of that office, The demons don’t have to manifest like they do in South America.
They’re not stupid. They don’t have they don’t, you know, they don’t have they don’t have a book.
Oh, you have to hey. Say, uh, you know, screw tape. Uh, you have to do it this way.
101 section 492. It’s time for you to show up in that wheeler and dealer’s office in in lower Manhattan and, uh, turn them green with with red eyeballs and spit spit on them.
That works in South America. It doesn’t work in a cultured in a world in a cultured world, so Satan will use other tactics.
Okay. Are you with me on this? We need to be discerning. We need to be wise.
Now look, you guys, we’re gonna wrap this up. 30 minutes, I’ve been going off about this.
And, uh, I I highly recommend this fantastic book. Are you ready?
And, by the way, may God bless you in your pursuit of trying to buy it.
It’s not it’s not easy to get.
In fact, I think Satan probably tries to keep it from being bought.
The book is entitled Biblical Demonology by Meryl Unger.
Biblical Demonology by Meryl Unger is a Christian classic, systematic in its theology on this whole topic of possession, deliverance, demons versus fallen angels.
There’s a difference. So much so much more.
So read your Bible, always as a default, read your Bible. You read your Bible.
You will never be led astray. Okay. And um, let’s just pray right now.
You may have somebody in your life that is tormented to say the least.
Father, we come in the name of Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth, we come.
Jesus of the Bible, We come to you, Lord Jesus Christ, your Son sent to this world to be our Redeemer, our crucified Lord and savior, resurrected King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
And we plead the blood of Jesus Christ in this prayer, that there are those who have sweet, precious children they love, but their child is not sweet.
Their child is not precious in conduct.
Their child is manifesting evils, anger, uh, bloodlust, strange ways.
Father, in those areas where there’s demonic torment, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you would set that family, set that mom, set that dad in that family situation free by delivering their child or ministering to their child, in the name of Jesus we pray.
If there’s a child, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister, that is off just because of hormones or mental issues.
Lord, may they be checked out by a good physician and good blood test and good hormone test and good saliva tests to determine what’s going on.
May every mom and dad, every young man and woman, every brother or sister, may they pray right now with me, calling upon the blood of Christ that if there’s any oddities in a home right now, that you would show them where the Ouija board is under the bed, or in the attic, or out in the shed with the lawnmower, there is a statue, an image, something given, a gift of some sorts from a family relative in Peru, or something that has been shipped to them as a gift, and things have been strange ever since.
These entries, God, that you would show them that this is none other than a place of demonic entry, that they would destroy these things.
And, father, if anybody has any pornography in their homes, that is a satanic demonic entry for the evil spirits.
That is the altar of Ishtar, the demon goddess.
And, God, we pray that, if necessary, laptops would be thrown away, thrown into the pool, tossed into the sea.
But God, we pray, there’s a lot of demon activity going on, and a lot of it is because doors have been left open and spiritual things have come in to invade.
So, God, I just pray. And how funny is that? I’m praying this prayer.
When when was the last time my phone went off doing a podcast? Never.
Because we are asking you, Lord God, to manifest your power over demonic forces and to set those that are watching this podcast free from the influence of demonic activity, and may they stand firm in the authority of Jesus Christ.
We don’t have any authority. We ask you, Lord, to rebuke these things.
We ask you to cast these things out. We stand in Christ’s authority. We have none of our own.
We stand behind you, Lord, and we call upon your name.
And all God’s people said, amen. Listen, as always, you guys, you know the drill.
It’s time for us to live out what we believe in.
It’s time for us to live out real life. God bless you until next
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But wait. There’s more.
I got I just couldn’t end that podcast with with out saying this.
Get get your kid out of the room. Right?
Don’t let them watch this until you watch it first, and that is this.
Watch the film, the movie, Nefarious by Steve Deese.
Love Steve, great guy, friend of mine, love him.
He put together a great movie, a great movie, that is biblically accurate, that deals with demonic possession and satanic activity.
It was at the theaters, didn’t do very good, because probably Satan didn’t want it to do good.
Saw it three times, Nefarious, I believe it’s available, team, anybody? Netflix, or Hulu, or where?
Prime, maybe? Amazon? Nefarious, the movie, and then finally with this.
There’s an increasing amount of UPA or UFO activity going on.
That’s demonic activity. Watch and see. It’s gonna increase.
It’s gonna be cloaked in anything but blatant demonic possession and demonic manifestations.
It’ll be cloaked as some sort of visitation from enlightened ones.
In fact, was Jesus an alien? That is a demonic doctrine.
So I had to throw that in there, uh, and, uh, listen, stand strong, be in the word of God, make sure that you’re full of the Holy Spirit, make sure that you’re a child of God, and you don’t have to worry about anything.
God bless you.

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