Can Man Save The World?

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Can Man Save The World?

God has called us to be stewards of this wonderful world He’s created. Does that mean it’s up to us to save the environment? At what point does caring for the planet become Earth worship? Get answers to your eco-related questions in today’s episode of Real Life TV with Jack Hibbs.

This Real Life TV program is taken from a recent teaching by Pastor Jack. It has been formatted for TV and contains some additional material. We hope you gain new insights as you enjoy this message.

Hey, everybody. I hope you stay tuned after I announced you what the title of this message is, and it’s this.
Can Mann save the world? I mean, that’s all we’re hearing about today.
Well, the Bible tells us in the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth, and he didn’t walk away from it after he created it.
God is built in scientifically in this world of ours incredible checks and balances regarding our environment.
So who’s right? Who’s wrong? Are the environmentalists right? Is god right?
What’s truth out there about this ecosystem that you and I live in?
Isn’t it a that here we are in the 21st century, and I kinda think we’ve become educated beyond our intelligence.
We think that we can create all of these things that we’re really wonder full, and now all of a sudden they’re all bad.
We went from riding a horse to traveling through space to now it’s best to go back to riding a horse.
Friends, that’s not an advancement. In fact, living in Southern California, where we used to be the smog capital of the world, now we’ve got the freshest air.
It’s amazing. Live here. What’s going on? Technology used the right way can be a big blessing.
But is it of Is it scientific? The argument about global warming, climate change, fossil fuels, carbon footprint friends?
Listen. If we listen to one side of story, we’re gonna get all messed up.
I think today, people are choosing to either make man as the god who is gonna try save his world, or let god be god who knows how to run the world.
So friends listen. God cares. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And we can trust him.
And it was here in this world long ago that god placed you and I originally with our mom and dad, Adam and Eve, in a perfect world.
Now, we don’t have that perfect world anymore, but god has given us the ability to mitigate issues.
We’ve been creating a in his image, we are truly special people having been created in his image.
And so friends, listen, man can’t save the world. But we are to be good stewards of it.
There is a balance. God gave it to us, and let’s take care of it.
But by all means, let us not worship it So let’s get into the word and see what god has to say about these things.
Nature is suffering because of the sins of man.
You look around this world, people will say, I can’t believe in your god.
Look at this horrible world. Say, dude, I agree with you with this horrible world.
You got the blame going on the wrong direction. In. We did this.
Our mom and dad did this. Not your mom and dad. Adam and Eve.
They’re the ones that crush this thing.
God creates a perfect, hey, listen, God creates a perfect ecosystem, man ruins it.
I’m gonna step on some toes here. We have to save the planet.
Really? Um, what makes your life so great?
That you can save the planet. Oh, it’s gonna be a collective effort. Yeah?
What are we gonna do? We’re gonna recycle That’s great. What else?
Have you ever stopped to consider how god clean things up in this world after us.
We crash a bazillion gallons of oil in Alaska with the Exxon Valdez and whatever name that harbor was, I forget.
And we supposedly destroy the ocean seabed for a 1000 years they said.
And Everybody’s crying and we’ve destroyed the world.
We should all just, you know, end it all.
And you ought to go look at the documentaries and find out what happened.
It seems now we know that god built into the system, the ocean’s ability to scrub itself and clean itself in the face of disaster years.
And there’s no problem or evidence of that oil spill now at this time.
And it’s a matter of a documentary that you should see. Oh my gosh. This is happening.
But if volcano goes off and pollutes the entire world, and it winds up actually increasing the carbon.
Oh, carbon. Don’t see the word. No. No. No. You can’t have trees or grass. Without carbon.
Nope. Gotta have it.
I I digress, but your battery ain’t helping anybody out here.
We need a and I’m serious. It’s amazing how god’s no. We gotta stay the planet.
Wait a minute. It was here before you got here. And it’s gonna be here after you leave. Yeah.
And, um, it doesn’t need her help.
That’s that just got me knocked off of YouTube right there.
I can feel it. Nature itself is waiting for the redemption the sons of god.
That’s us. Amen. It’s remarkable. Listen to what, um, Doctor D Martin Lloyd Jones said.
With the time we have lived, Doctor Martin Lloyd Jones, Great preacher of yesteryear, pastor, great expositor, uh, of at the Westminster Chapel in London, England.
And he was a medical doctor on top of it, and you can hear him, by the way.
Even though he’s been dead and gone for many decades, uh, you can go to his, uh, YouTube channel and listen to him.
He says the pains of childbirth are real pains. Severe pains, but they are not endless pains.
Such pain only endures for a time. Nora, they hopeless pains.
On the contrary, they are filled with joyful expectations Since under normal circumstances, these pains produce the birth of a brand new child.
That so describes the believers Suffering. It’s not something that befalls us.
It’s something that prepares us, and it’s only for a season.
Well, yeah, but what if ends in death? Are you a Christian? Yes. You’re going to heaven.
Think of that. But we need to remember something.
All of creation is under this expectancy, which is an interesting term.
It it it if you remove the emotional suggestion away from it, it means that the created universe is laboring in its mechanics as it were to do what it was designed to do.
It’s laboring. Think about you. That describes us. We’re part of the physical creation.
The sun is not only the sun’s not the only thing burning out.
Everything is slowing down, including light itself. It’s wearing out? You resemble that remark?
You ever feel like that? It’s okay for the believer. I told you before.
I’ll say it again. When you’re young, it’s great. You’re supposed to be young. Do that.
When you’re older as a believer, I don’t know. I could man.
If I was not a Christian, I’d freak out.
But as as a as you get older, as a believer, it’s like, sweet.
So, yeah, but you, you know, you know, those golden years gold in my foot.
What does that mean? Golden? Oh, it means that your doc that your hospital gown is made out of yellow color.
The golden years. But Paul, the Apostle would say, what’s the problem?
Well, Paul, don’t you see your, like, wired up to these tubes? They got this tank on you.
You’re plugged into a machine. Hey. Paul would say to live is Christ, to die his game.
Think about that. That’s true for all of us as believers, for sure. You know?
It’s amazing. And then finally, we’ll we’ll end with this part, just in verse 20, we’ll pick it up time, but it’s, um, the fact that, uh, when hope is increasing, we can know that the plan of god is unfolding.
Friends, nothing’s falling apart. It’s all coming into place. Yes.
I am very, very much aware of the World Economic Forum and the EU and the USA and the And the, you know, I don’t know, whatever those acronyms are.
We’re all aware of them. United nothing. Don’t yeah. Don’t don’t worry about it. It’s all coming together.
You read your Bible. It’s like, wow. Look at this.
Even though I know we’re all we’re all gonna do the right thing.
Don’t get me wrong, but the results are in god’s hands.
And I’m glad he wrote us his bible. But god’s plan is unfolding.
Man has his plans. Like, how man’s gonna save the world how man’s gonna save himself.
So man creates artificial intelligence to save himself And now it looks like it’s turning on us to eat us alive.
I just find that in I’m sorry. I find that very funny.
We don’t want god in our we don’t want god. We deny god. We’ll play god.
We’ll create something. And, uh, boy, that thing turned on us real quick.
Uh, back in the day, when Clinton was running for office, a bill, Clinton, was running for office.
He had a his his campaign manager. What? Bill? I I’m talking about Bill. 1992.
James Carville, remember James Carville? Yeah. He said, listen. He’s trying to tell the team.
This is famous now. As soon as I say it, you’ll know.
He was telling he was instructing the whole campaign team. You don’t need to talk about anything else.
The economy is so bad. The issue is this. It’s the economy stupid.
Remember those famous words? Those are legendary words now. It’s the economy stupid. James Carville.
You can look it up later. It’s famous. Well, for the believer, listen.
For us, it’s the creation smartie pants.
We can look at what god has made and it even announces to us that things are a skill.
Logic and reason demand The outcome of what’s the word progress or progression No and never has order ever come out of disorder.
For those of you who’ve had basic physics in the 7th grade, entropy is the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Everything is going from an ordered condition to a destroyed condition. Everything is running out entropy.
That’s evidence of what god’s Bible says, isn’t it? But he’s gonna reverse that someday.
His plan is unfolding.
When it says that he subjected it in futility in hope, it means that god, when this when sin happened in the Garden of Eden, and there was this seismic wave throughout the entire universe, both spiritual and physical.
God had built into that explosion, the plan that in that futility, and it was subjected to emptiness or nothingness, that even in that, god had a plan to bring it back together before it ever fell apart.
In other words, god was not surprised that Adam and Eve turn their back on him, and yet he loved them.
That should comfort you. It’s been subjected to in hope.
And so I’ll end with this.
The Bible tells us the world that’s to come.
In Isaiah chapter 35 verse 1, in fact, this is a remarkable portion of scripture you guys because it’s one of the evidences that Jesus And I’m I’m gonna curious if you can catch it.
Jesus used Isaiah 35 to tell John the Baptist disciple Remember when John was in prison?
He got arrested. John’s in prison, John the Baptist.
And his disciples come and they ask Jesus. Jesus John wants to know, are you the 1?
Are you the Messiah? Or do we wait for somebody else?
Well, number 1, that’s a shock because John knew exactly who Jesus was, but guess what?
John was just like us. Sometimes we have laps and faith.
John’s in prison doesn’t look like the kingdom to me. Hey.
I’m following Jesus, and I’m behind bars. What kind of a gig is this?
Flies in the face, right, of modern day so called Christianity.
Hey, come and be a Christian. Send us your money, and you’ll be rich. How does that work?
Right? Oh, if you just believe you’ll never have any bumps in the roads that you drive on, oh, if you just have enough faith, you’ll never get sick.
Really? Jesus says, why don’t you go back and tell John the things that he has seen and heard?
And Jesus eludes or in some areas directly quotes Isaiah 35, written 743 years before Christ was born.
It’s talking about the kingdom of god coming. So technically, it’s about the second coming of Christ.
The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.
Think of the California desert. Think of the Arizona Sonora Desert.
Every needle on a cactus is a flower that never develops.
Can you imagine the desert when Jesus comes back? I don’t know. He’s gonna snap his fingers.
He’s gonna speak a word. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but the desert.
Can you imagine you’re going to you’re going to hold a barrel cactus, and it’s going to look like a bouquet.
Wow. It shall bloom abundantly and rejoice even with joy and singing.
The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it.
The excellence of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the lord, the excellent of our god, strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble knees.
Say to those who are fearful hearted, be strong, Do not fear. Behold your god will come with vengeance.
You want justice? You want god to settle the score against evil? Oh, he will.
With the recompense of god, he will come and save you verse 5, then the eyes of the blind shall be opened.
Hey. That’s what Jesus did when he walked on earth.
And the years of the death shall be unstopped. Death people.
They got their hearing back when Jesus walked on verse 6, then the lame shall leap like a deer and the tongue of the dumb sing For water shall burst forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.
The parched ground shall become a pool, and thirsty land springs of water. Is that awesome?
That’s what god is gonna do. Friends, listen.
The Bible warns us, in the book of Romans chapter 1, if you get your eyes off of god, You will wind up interpreting Romans 1 says, nature to be your god.
It says that when you no longer believe in god, you will believe in four footed beast and creeping things on the earth and things that fly and you’ll make those your origins in the Bible.
Rom chapter 1, read it for yourself.
Why would you do that when all of creation is groaning under the sway of the effect of sin.
Let’s be honest, believer and nonbeliever We all agree.
This place is hurtful and painful, but god’s not responsible for any of it.
He bought us the way out of it and are suffering in it.
It’s like being pregnant for 9 months, and you start feeling contractions.
I’m told. I just wanna make that clear here in California.
You start having, woah, what’s this is going on? And then get the car.
We’re going. And to me, I think I speak on behalf of all of us guys.
Um, women are a special creation.
Because most men faint during delivery. Uh, it’s like, what? Wait.
This is happening here. Right? This You’ve you’ve heard the mom to be saying, I can’t wait to I can’t wait to get this kid out of me.
You ever heard mom say that? Mom, to be? I’ve had enough of this.
There’s just I can’t wait for this kid to come.
And it’s just like, you you do know what’s gonna happen. Right? Oh, yeah. Listen. It’s so Christian.
Oh, yes. I do know. I’m willing to go through the pain because it’s only for a season.
And the results or joy. Jesus said a woman has pain and travail until the baby’s born.
And then she’s uh, singing with great joy. I’ve seen it.
When our kids came out, all the screaming and hollering and all that stuff that happens.
And then the baby comes out, and then Lisa goes in in 30 seconds, screaming crying to crying with a smile.
As Jesus says, that’s how it is.
And for us, as believers, we’re in this world, It’s not long.
And soon, we’ll enter the kingdom of heaven.
That’s why Jesus said, you gotta be born again, into the kingdom of god.
And our crying will be turned into joy. Are weeping into laughter.
So friends listen to question remains, can man save the world?
Well, let me ask you this. What has man been able to save so far?
In fact, the last time I checked, man gets us into a lot of trouble You know, Jesus said that the end of the world will come like a woman who’s in labor pains, but after it’s delivered, she begins to weep for joy.
For our new life has come into the world.
Listen, has new life come into you, or are you stuck in a groove thinking What am I gonna do?
How am I gonna save the world? Friends, listen, man cannot save the world. All of creation is groaning.
We all agree under the effect of sin.
Doesn’t take a look out the window long to figure that one out. This world is hurtful and painful.
Place to live and god doesn’t like it neither do you.
He didn’t make it this way. And you should appreciate that.
But god bought us the way out of this world.
It’s called salvation in Jesus Christ through the blood that he offered up for us when he went to the cross.
Jesus Christ died in the cross for your sins and my sins. We’re in this together.
And that when he said, look to me all ye ends of the earth and be saved for I am the lord.
He’s asking you today to look to him. He paid the price that you could never afford.
To give you what you could never have. You see, listen, god is not abandoning this earth.
Man’s not gonna save this world.
This world is cursed because of sin, but Christ came to set us free.
So listen, I wanna pray with you quick and then tell you how you can get more information.
Lord Jesus, I ask in your name that you would open up the eyes of so many right now that are thinking that they are lost and hopeless, and this world is their only salvation.
When in reality, You are their only salvation.
They can be found, they can be rescued, and they can be saved.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, My friends, listen.
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