The Trinity Theories – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Trinity Theories – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The Message of the Week – Part III of The One Who is More Than One – It’s one of the most unfathomable, paradoxical, and mind blowing of mysteries. It’s been used by cultists and has baffled believers for ages. Discover the answers!

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So if you think you’ve got god figured it out, you’ve got a problem.
Because if you could figure him out, he wouldn’t be god. He’s gotta be more than you. We’re finite.
He’s infinite. How can the finite figure out the infinite? Can’t.
So don’t think you’re gonna figure out everything about god. That doesn’t have it.
The idea is not to figure out god. The idea is to know god.
Zegariah 1210. Listen. Listen.
On that day, I will pour out my spirit And then it says they will look upon me.
God speaking. They will look upon me whom they have pierced and more and for him, again, me, him as for an only son.
They will look upon me How could you pierce god? It’s god speaking. You can’t get away.
God speaking. And he’s saying they’re gonna pierce it. How can you pierce god unless he has flesh and blood?
Unless he comes as flesh and blood and is killed, which is Isaiah for D3, which is all the prophecies of Messiah.
And right there, he says me and him. They will pierce me and mourn for him. Me him.
It’s all there.
And then at the very end of Zechariah, I’m not gonna go into it, but Zechariah 14, it says, then the lord his feet will stand on the mount of olives.
Now it’s not just saying his presence is gonna be.
It says his feet will stand on the mount of olives. Who’s gonna stand on the mount of olives?
Messiah is gonna stand on the Metabolic, but it says the lord, the same one who went up that way is coming down that way.
Okay. Now that’s Sickariah. It’s near the end of the Hebrew scriptures.
But if you get to the very the next very last book, Malachi, it says this.
Then the lord, who’s the lord god, whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple.
How can the lord come to his temple?
I mean, you know, he can he can his presence can be over Jerusalem and so on, but he will suddenly come to his temple He’s gonna come.
He how do you do that? There’s flesh and blood here. How do you come to a temple?
Now Messiah is the one who comes to the temple. And it says here, the lord will.
But now I wanna show you something in Isaiah, very fascinating. The the verse is Isaiah 48 verse 12.
It says this. Listen. Listen to me. Oh, Jacob, even Israel whom I’ve called, I am he.
I am the 1st I am the last. Okay. You got that. That’s in Revelation. God, who’s the first?
Only god. Who’s the last only god? Alpha Omega. Clear the lord. It goes on.
My right hand spread out the heavens. Okay. Any doubt of who this is?
The lord says, then he says, I’ve called Cyrus I’ve called him.
And it said and so and then it says, I, same law same one speaking, come near to me, listen to this, For from the first, I have not spoken in secret from the time it took place I was there.
And now the lord god has sent me Wait a minute. This was the lord speaking the whole time.
The one who formed the earth, the one who who was the first to last, and then he says, the lord who is the alpha of the amegas says, the lord sent me.
How can the lord send himself?
The lord has sent me, and then listen to how Now the lord has sent me and his spirit.
You got the trinity right there. The lord father has sent me, Messiah, son, and the spirit.
Now they will try to explain well, it’s Isaiah speaking, but this is this is god speaking. Gods.
So clearly, it’s there. It’s there.
And all everything I read to you is not everything I read to you is the Hebrew scriptures.
It’s all there. It’s what the rabbis read. Clearly, the plurality of god is there.
So how do we explain? Now how do we explain the plurality of god? How do we explain?
Now the first thing really what Paul said, Paul said, who can fathom god?
Well, the first thing is we cannot fathom god. Why? Because god is bigger than we are.
So if you think you’ve got god figured out, you’ve got a problem.
Because god, you know, you don’t comprehend. God, god comprehends you. You understand?
You know, you know, and that’s what that, you know, because if you could figure out, he wouldn’t be He’s gotta be more than you.
We’re finite. He’s infinite. How can the finite figure out the infinite? Can’t.
So don’t think you’re gonna figure out everything about god. That doesn’t happen.
The idea is not to figure out god. The idea is to know god.
But I wanna share what some people seek to do, and then I’ll share some things that I think are really good.
One is the egg theory.
And that is an egg has 3 parts, a yoke, a white, and a shell.
But I don’t think much of this because the egg is not 3 and 1.
It’s 1 third, 1 third, 1 third, God, the son is not a third of the trinity.
The father is not a third of the trinity. So my feeling is the egg theory is cracked.
But that’s another thing. Then there’s the water theory.
And I listen, I me people mean well, the water theory is that water at a certain temperature is liquid.
At a lower temperature, it’s ice like we were concerned about today. At a higher temperature, it’s steam.
So all the same, 3 different forms.
The problem is the triune nature of god is not, uh, not not not something where the same reality takes on 3 different appearances.
Now it’s this. Now it’s this. Now the father appears that the son, the they appear as the spirit.
No. Water. If it’s water, it’s not gas. If it’s gas, it’s not ice.
So that but the god god, the father, and god, the son, it’s not either or.
Kinda makes god like the sheriff of a small town who serves as its judge as traffic cop and its dog catcher just because the guy wears different hats doesn’t make him the trinity.
So there’s no mystery there. There’s actually a name for that, but that’s not the trinity, the triune nature.
So Now there’s others which would talk about reality. I’m not and these ones, I’m not judging.
There’s something that could be something very interesting to them. Then I’ll go to what I think is even better.
But interesting, it would seem that much of reality comes in the form of trinity’s example.
The physical world according to physicists, made up of space, matter, and energy. That’s a trinity.
The trinity of space is made up of 3 dimensions. Height, width, and depth.
No dimension can exist without the other dimension.
And you can’t have one dimension, you know, with height without depth. It doesn’t work.
Each dimension exists through the other, just like god in the sense that Trinity height is not depth.
Depth is not height. They’re all distinct, but they exist through each other. Okay.
That could be a shadow of god’s nature. Then there’s another one, time, that’s space. What about time?
Time has 3 manifestations, future, present, and past. Interesting. That’s one way of receiving it. Interesting.
You could say that everything proceeds from the future, or everything comes into the present, everything that’s future is gonna become present And then what you can’t see the future, but the present you see, the present is manifest.
And then it goes into the past where you can’t see, but it’s sealed So with god, it could say everything comes from the father.
You can’t see him. Yeah. And it comes as manifest in the sun. You see him. Manifest.
And then the sun lead when the sun departs, the spirit comes, you can’t see it, and it’s sealed.
Let me give you another one. Sunlight, the sun. How how the sun?
The sun out there, the sun is, you know, whatever it is, ninety million miles away. The sun.
But you don’t see you’re not touching that.
You know, you could never could, but the way you relate to the sun is through the sunlight that travels those millions of miles and reaches you.
And so, actually, the sun is touching you S UN through the sunlight. That’s comes from the sun.
But it’s but it’s the it is the son, but it’s also the radiance of the son.
The Bible says that you have the father, and it says in Hebrews that the son is the radiance of god.
So how do you see the sun? You only see it because the sunlight.
How do you know the father only by the sun? Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you are blessed with the video.
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