The Cosmic Revelation of the Dungeon Master | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Cosmic Revelation of the Dungeon Master | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The most majestic foreshadow of Messiah ever given continues with a journey into a land of darkness, and a dungeon. An incredible revelation of the Messiah, His love and faithfulness, and His presence in the lowest places of your life.

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Messiah is the reason we exist. He’s the bond between god, the father, and the creation. He’s the link.
He’s the bridge between god and us. Okay.
Open up to Genesis 37. Now I just came back.
This is for those who weren’t who are just listening to the message from Israel last night.
And for the first time, when I was there, I took a journey before the tour that I led into the land of Samaria, because that’s gonna be part of the mystery tour that we’re doing, uh, in, uh, in the autumn.
Uh, and that where most tours don’t go.
And that we went on the road of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to Bethel where Jacob laid down and saw the ladder from heaven um, on earth, the actual place to Shiloh, where Samuel heard the voice of god and where the Tabernacle was the exact spot where it was for centuries.
Also to a mountain called Elon Moran, the mountain where Abraham set up an altar, the valley where Josh Oshua led the children of Israel there to Mount Garazim and Mount Ebal where they spoke the blessings and the curses.
If you remember, from the covenant, the 2 mountains where they actually discovered the just not too long ago.
I mean, relatively, they discovered the altar that actually Joshua built that is on that mountain to this day.
And it’s, again, this is in the scenario, so most people don’t go there.
And I actually, the the guide I had for the day, uh, gave me a had a drone and had a had goggles and the drone, and he he had the drone fly over the mountains so I could see the altar of Joshua putting us on there.
I’ll I’ll show you, uh, a little bit. But and and the mountains where the Samaritans still exist.
There’s some there is about 700 Samaritans left who worship on Mount Geism, and actually, they have a place where they actually on on Passover sacrifice lamb.
So I took a picture of it, um, and looking over the valley of where the patriarchs lived where Josh a gathered Israel together and set up a pillar that is believed to still be there where Messiah met the Samaritan woman at the well um, where also, uh, the the the tomb of the man who, uh, we are gonna be looking at today is there, the tomb of Joseph.
He went to Shaqham to find his brothers. And there in there is the tomb of Joseph.
So because of that, that’s the guide who took me through the the the sum area.
The the guy, you recognize the the suspicious looking one on the on the on the Well, that’s the guy, um, named Aaron, and he took me to Samir, and back is Samira.
Now do the now show the other one.
That now we were overlooking it that if you if you look, we’re kinda like on a mountain.
It’s sloping down. I’m on Mount Garrison.
That is the mountain of blessing where Moses told them to speak the blessings in the versus.
That’s also where the Samaritans worship.
Um, but the other mountain there, that’s Mount Ebal, the other one where they were.
On the other side of it is the altar of Joshua.
But right in the middle of that, oh, I see the city there. That is Shechem.
And that is where, m, where the patriarchs dwell, Abraham, Isaac, that’s also, you might see a a little kind of empty area in the middle of the buildings.
That’s where there’s an ancient building and the pillar of Joshua. Also in that you can’t I mean, it’s there.
You won’t be able to distinguish it now.
Is the where the the well of the woman at the well, Jacob’s well, and also there is the tomb of Joseph.
That is also where some of the book of that we’re reading about Joseph took place in that valley so much.
Now, you don’t This is not where most people go because it’s some area, but it’s amazing.
So just kinda leading into what we’re gonna do today because that’s where some of this took place that we’re gonna see.
Alright. Now, let’s get to where we left off, um, and but but also to set this up, we are this is gonna be, uh, as The other ones have been of this series, it’s gonna be deep, so focused because this is what I’m giving you meat and give you very deep things here.
That are all the in what is revealed about Joseph.
We know the story of Joseph, Joseph, uh, but was the son of Jacob, and he was the favored son or the the especially loved son, and he was favored by his father’s, the other the other sons were jealous.
They hated him. He went down to see them, went to shechem, then went to find them.
And they decided to kill him.
They throw him into a pit, and but then they decide maybe we won’t kill him, but we will tell our father that he’s dead, we’ll we will put, uh, blood on his coat of many colors, and we will give it to the fa, and then we will sell him into slavery.
Well, actually, there are midianites passing by. They sell him into slavery to go down to Egypt as a slave.
They are finished with Josa they think. Now, there’s the message this night is called The Dungeon Master.
When I was growing up, there was a game that was popular called Dungeons And Dragons.
Some people remember that, uh, where they had dungeons and masters, and a lot of darkness associated with that game.
This is gonna be filled with light. This is a different kind of thing.
The story of Joseph is an amazing thing.
Not only could it happen, and it’s an amazing story, but also that it is a foreshadow of Messiah.
And even the rabbis spoke of Messiah They called the Meshiak Ben Yosef’s Messiah son of Joseph, and that is that he because they saw the link between Messiah and the Joseph of the story there that it had to do with a suffering messiah.
So we’re gonna open that up. That’s we’re gonna look at what is very, very deep, but all about messiah.
Now, now keep something in mind. Joseph is the reason why that family exists.
Joseph, it’s because Joseph’s mother was who was Rachel. Rachel Jacob, his father fell in love with Rachel.
But he got tricked on the wedding day to marry the other sister, Leah.
So you have Leah and you have Rachel. Then he he works more and he finally get Finally, marries Rachel.
But from Leah, come a lot of the other tribes, like Judah, like Levi, and like others, But from Rachel, only 2 sons come out of the 12 sons.
One of them is Joseph. Later on, Benjamin, the last born. But Joseph.
So Joseph is really representing the the reason why the whole family is together.
He’s the bond because he represents the bond between Jacob and Rachel.
So real so he’s, like, the reason he’s representing the reason why the entire family exists Well, how is that a a symbol or shadow of messiah?
Messiah is the reason we exist. He’s the bond between god, the father, and the creation.
He’s the link. He’s the bridge between god and us. Even before he came to save us.
That’s why he was the one to save us because he’s the bridge.
So he becomes the bridge for us to get back to god.
But he is the what is called in the gospel of John, the logos, logos. Logos means the word.
In the beginning was the word, the logos, but also means reason, the cause. He is the reason.
He’s the bond between god and us from the beginning, and he’s the reason.
It says all things were created through him. We came into existence through him. And notice Joseph is the dreamer.
He has dreams, and he has dreams about what? His family bowing down to him.
That’s one of the reasons they hate him, but it wasn’t his fault. It was a dream.
And the dream was prophetic because at the end of the they’re literally gonna be bowing down to him, but that is also a picture of Messiah.
At one point, Joe Joseph sees the sun and the moon and stars bowing down.
Well, Joseph is not god, but the logos messiah is And so all things are centering around him.
And so what happens in the in the story, the father Jacob sends the son, Joseph, to his brothers.
So what what is that god the father sends the his beloved son to us?
And he send he goes there and he goes to a place called Shechem.
You just saw a picture of it. In Hebrew, the word Shechem is linked to the to the word burdens.
Messiah goes to a land of burdens, and then he’s thrown into a pit.
Well, Joseph’s thrown in a pit. So Messiah is rejected. Joseph is rejected by his brothers.
He came What did it say in John? The beginning was the word.
The word became flesh and he came to his own, but his own did not receive him.
He comes to his own brothers, which are the Jewish people, representing all of man, but he the Jewish people, and they the the large part rejected him.
He was rejected by man. He was rejected by Israel.
And so just like Joseph is rejected, and so Joseph goes goes is thrown into a pit, must Zaya goes down to the depths of a pit we cannot even imagine.
This is Jonathan Khan. Thanks for watching.
They just I am manifesto and all my books, you can get anywhere Amazon wherever books are sold.

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