Prayer of the Day: Wednesday June 12, 2024

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Prayer of the Day:

“Father, thank You for Your promise of restoring a family member who goes off course. Thank You that the seed of faith that was planted in their heart never dies and will blossom at some point. I declare that they are coming back and that together we will serve You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

As this day begins, I call upon your presence. Lord, I kneel before you to raise my humble supplication on this beautiful morning. Almighty God, in you I find my joy, in you my praise finds its voice, for you are the master of my life and of all creation. Only you are worthy of all honors, only to you are songs of glory and majesty raised. Only you have the power to design something so perfect and harmonious, which is nothing but a reflection of your own perfection.

How I long to wake up and surrender into your hands, for that is the most comforting place and where I can feel secure. Thank you, Father, for being attentive to me at all times and smoothing the path to give me confidence. My God, give me your strength, your wisdom to know that everything will be alright. This encounter with you gives me the strength to live. Prayer fills my heart with joy and peace because it is my space of communion with you.

Protect my family, grant us to live this day under your protection without anything disturbing or opposing our purposes. I ask that you bless us with the gift of wisdom so that when difficulties arise, we can resolve them with clarity and confidence. Do not let evil besiege the people I love and protect them from all dangers.

I praise you, Lord, because you created me to be happy and you give me the opportunity to draw near to you through prayer. Today, I am capable of living under your will without lamenting the past and being optimistic about the path you have prepared for me. I am not afraid because I know you never leave nor forsake me; on the contrary, your actions always show that you are with me.

I ask that you do not let my weakness dominate me, I implore your help to resist temptations and that my ears be sealed against the voice of sin. I thank you because in your arms I am protected and feel loved as one who lacks nothing. Make sure that we are always in your sight, I ask that you extend your hand over all who are sick in body and soul.

You make me feel loved because I am important to you, that you are by my side and will give me all I need to keep fighting. I hope today you grant me to live with hope, not letting my fears and anxieties cause me to dwell in darkness and confusion. I want to attain your mercy and that you help me heal the insecurities that prevent me from acting with wisdom and strength.

I want to be healed and that can only be achieved through the action of your Spirit and your infinite love. Help me, Lord, at all times, sending your Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide me through the storms of this day. I fully trust that you will be by my side to support and bless me, so that I can achieve the goals I have set for today. Praised are you, Lord, for allowing me to speak to you through my prayer, where you make it clear that your love for me is infinite. Amen.

I will offer a spiritual communion for all the problems afflicting humanity so that together we can overcome tribulations. I will listen to what the Lord says. God announces peace to his people and his friends; salvation is near to those who fear him and glory will dwell in our land. Psalm 84.

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