How to Make Your Joy Portable | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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How to Make Your Joy Portable | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The Message of the Week – Part II of The Double Joy Scripture – Everyone wants joy, happiness – But only God’s Word reveals the way to live in a life of true joy. Learn the keys of the ‘Double Joy’ Scripture that will ensure both joy and fulfilling of your deepest desires.

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The more you delight in what is not god or not good or ungod, ungodly, the less you will delight in god.
To overcome, this is crucial, a crucial secret, crucial key, this morning.
The first word here is delight. Joy is of god and not just joy, but delight.
In your presence is what? Foolness of joy and delight or some Bible say pleasures forevermore.
You know, we view joy as a consequence of the situation.
In other words, in other words, something happened, so I am joyful.
But here, the Bible says joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It means it comes from you inside.
Now there are things that come from the outside, but they’re not gonna be lasting.
But the real joy of god that’s gonna last is that which is a fruit.
It means it comes into you like a seed and it grows out of you like a fruit.
It’s something that is nurtured. It’s something that is grown.
It’s something that gets stronger or bigger in time if you nurture it. Delight is not just a thing.
It It’s a it’s a here, it’s a verb. Meaning in Hebrew, that word could mean make merry over.
People seek all things to the they do all the people will spend 1,000,000 of dollars to have joy and they don’t get it.
There are millions. They’ll they’ll spend all sorts of hours and time and seminars and and and spending time and money, and they don’t get it yet right here.
They want joy and delight yet right here. The Bible says that joy and delight they’re a it’s a verb.
It’s not just a noun, something you get or you don’t get. It’s a verb.
That means you can do it.
That means you can you have a choice to have joy or delight in any moment.
It means it’s not based on circumstance because it’s a verb.
You know, circumstance can can can can can move things one way or the other, but ultimately, it’s a verb.
You joy. You, joy is a verb in the Bible. And so, and so is delight.
And so you can do it regardless of what’s going on around you.
You have the choice to have joy because you rejoiced. It’s a verb you choose.
There are those who went through the most persecution.
I’ve known people who’ve gone through so much persecution in other countries and yet the most joyful believers.
People in prison cells and yet they’re rejoicing.
Paul and Silas in prison, yet they have the secret of joying and delighting in god.
Anag, but in this case here.
You don’t have to know Hebrew, but in this case, the verb is it it’s it’s it’s which literally which means joy yourself.
Delight thyself in the lord. Del delight yourself. In other words, you what does that mean?
You make yourself delight. You choose to make yourself rejoice. You choose to get your delight here.
The key is The key, you have a choice. You do it to yourself. You’re ministering to yourself. Delight yourself.
The key is what do you delight yourself in? Delight yourself here, it says, in the lord.
They don’t here it is. It goes together. You said, good toe. Back to that. Good enjoy.
God and delight. God is the most good. So we should most rejoice in him.
It is a sin to rejoice in evil, but it’s also a sin not to rejoice in good.
It’s just as bad in the end.
If you don’t rejoice in good, you’re gonna end up rejoicing in bad because you need to rejoice.
It is not holy to not rejoice in what is good. It’s unholy.
And 1st Corinthians says love does not rejoice. In unrighteousness.
But with the truth, see, it it it’s rejoice in what is not righteous is to not rejoice in what is righteous.
Ever since the fall, we’ve had this sickness to rejoice in what is not good and not good for us.
And to to delight in what is bad, the forbidden fruit, the antithesis of re delighting in god.
It’s a delight in what is not good.
When people delight in what is bad, it ends up in the end being bad for them.
Junk food. How do people like junk food? I do too, but sugar. We like sugar.
How do you like things that are fattening? Sugar, fatening, grease. We love it.
That’s sick, but we love it. Somebody said everything I like was either illegal immoral or fattening.
So when it says, the wires got crossed, so we delight in what’s not good.
In sin, it takes away. Sexual sin takes away from joy in the end.
Delight in somebody who is not your your husband or your wife leads to pain in the end.
May makes a temporary pleasure, leads to pain in the end. Delight in drugs.
Drugs gives you drug is the way you people want you want pleasure.
It goes right to the brain for pleasure. And you know what? It destroys your life.
Destroys your brain, destroys you so you can’t even have pleasure. That’s how it works.
If it’s not good, if it’s not right, If you if you delight in what’s not good, it ends up causing you that.
Alcohol, more pornography, you know, feels good for a moment, ends up ends up causing all sorts of damage.
Why are his cross? I mean, you see this?
I mean, I don’t wanna This is this is gonna be this is graphic, but I want you to get but but this is so people get into I mean, how crosses they get into having pain, sadism, masochism, pain causing pleasure.
That shows you how messed up it is.
But that’s the way it is, but you say, well, that’s not me. Of course. No.
You get into gossip, though. In the end, it causes pain.
It actually you get into these things in the and it does cause you pain.
It may not be as graphic as that, but that’s how sick it is still.
When you rejoice in what is not good, it leads you away from what is good for you.
When you rejoice in those things.
So here, the
more you delight in what is not god or not good or ungod, ungodly, the less you will delight in god.
And it goes the other way. It says in in Malachi, god says to the ministers, the priests.
He says this. Malachi 3 13, he says, your words have been arrogant against me, says the lord.
Yet you say, what did we say against you? You have said it is vain to serve god?
What profit is it that we have kept his charge and walked?
We have walked in mourning before the lord of hosts. What’s god saying?
He’s saying you didn’t rejoice in my will.
You here you are the ministers, but you’re not rejoicing in doing the things of god.
And god is saying that is not that that is arrogant and that is a sin.
Believers, if you do god’s
will, but you’re
not happy about it, that is not a a pleasure to go.
It’s like if your if your child is doing what you said, but they’re angry because they’re doing it, you’re not happy about that.
If you’re complaining about ministering or doing god’s will or giving up for god, that’s not you’re not rejoicing in it.
You’re not delighting in it. You’re complaining in it, and that is not leading you to joy.
And you’re not and, you know, and you’re saying, listen.
I’m doing it because I have to, but I don’t really delight in it.
What you’re saying is I really don’t wanna do it. What you’re saying? You see, I’m like a slave.
I have to do it. So the things I do in god, the things I do, I have to do what’s good, but I only because I have to You’re saying I really don’t want to.
That’s not it. If you’re doing you’re in god. You’re doing his will.
You’re doing what’s right or you’re not doing. You’re not going into that sin, but you’re not rejoicing it. It.
As you’re doing as a drag, you’re not you’re you’re you’re you’re not getting it.
It’s not wholly to do good and be miserable about doing good. It’s holy to do good without joy.
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