Grace For Gethsemane | Joel Osteen

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Grace For Gethsemane | Joel Osteen

Don’t get stuck in blame, in who hurt you, in discouragement. This is a new day.

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God bless you. It’s great to be with you today.
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I’d like to start with something funny. And in Texas, we’re known for everything being bigger.
There was this Texan farmer that loved to brag about the size of his ranch.
And he was in England and met this English farmer, and he asked him how big his ranch was, knowing that he’d probably ask about his.
The Englishman said, my ranch is 35 acres. How big is yours?
The Texan said, well, let’s just put it this way.
If I got in my truck at Sunrise, and started driving across my property.
At sunset, I would still be on my ranch. The Englishman said, yeah.
I used to have a truck like that. No bragging around here. Here we go. Y’all.
This is my Bible. I am what it says.
I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do.
Today, I will be taught the word of god. I boldly confess. My mind is learnt. My heart is receptive.
I will never be the same in Jesus’ name. God bless you.
I wanna talk to you today about grace for Ghassemane.
The word Ghassemane means a place of pressing, It was an olive garden in Jerusalem.
Workers would put olives into a press. They were squeezed. And under that pressure, the oil would come out.
You couldn’t have the valuable olive oil without the pressing.
It’s not a coincidence that before Jesus went to the cross, Before he rose from the dead, he had to go through the garden of Ghassemane.
That’s where he was so overwhelmed and so distressed Knowing what he was about to face, that he sweat, great drops of blood.
He said my soul is in agony, even to the point of death.
He had this season of suffering that he had to endure.
He could have given up and said, father, I’m done here. This is too much.
He could have called angels to come rescue him, but he made this decision, father, not my will, but you will be done.
He passed the test. And we celebrate the resurrection, but the real victory was won in Ghassemane.
That’s where he refused to give up He didn’t get bitter because people betrayed him, didn’t get discouraged because disciples fell asleep, Didn’t live frustrated because the plan wasn’t fair.
He was squeezed. He was pressured. He was uncomfortable.
But he endured the suffering known that the joy that was coming.
Real victory is not one in public. It’s one in private. It’s what you do in Ghassemane.
When you’re taking the treatment, your child’s off course, when your dream is delayed, Paul said in Philippians, I wanna know him in the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering.
You can’t have a resurrection without some suffering.
You have to have a strong will, a made up mind, not a weak mentality, but a warrior mentality.
I am in this for the long haul. I will not give up, start complaining, blaming, doubting.
I know on the other side of this suffering is the power of the resurrection.
Peter said, after you have suffered a little while, you will come out established.
The suffering is not permanent. The squeezing, the pressing is not how your story ends.
Ghassemane is just one stop. It’s just a season.
It’s designed for you to pass through it so you can come into the power, the fullness, the abundance that god has in store.
But the enemy would love for us to get stuck in Ghasimini. Why did this door closed?
Why is this taking so long Why did my child get off course?
You can’t reach your destiny without being pressured, squeezed, thoughts telling you that it’s never gonna work out.
God has forgotten about you. The fact that you feel the pressure that’s a sign that a resurrection is coming.
You wouldn’t be in Ghassemane if you weren’t close to something amazing. Not ordinary, but supernatural.
Doors opening, you never dreamed would open. Business tracking you down.
The right people showing up healing from what looks impossible.
And when you’re in a place of pressing, don’t let it squeeze your faith out Squeeze your hope, squeeze your dreams, turn it around and let it squeeze the doubt out.
God, I don’t see away, but I know you’re making a way. Squeeze the bitterness out.
God, they hurt me, but I know you’re my vindicator. Squeeze the discouragement out.
I lost this loved one, but god I know you have beauty for these ashes. Yeah.
I can’t promise you that you’ll never have a disseminate.
Never feel pressured, overwhelmed, betrayed, but I can promise you there is grace for every disseminate.
The apostle Paul had what he called a thorn in his flesh, something that he couldn’t get rid of.
Three times, he prayed, god, take this away. Get me out of disseminate. I’m uncomfortable.
He couldn’t pray it away. God said, Paul, my grace is sufficient for you.
God won’t let you go into that pressure without giving you what you need to handle any.
I quit telling yourself I can’t take this anymore. Joel, I can’t raise these kids.
I can’t deal with this sickness. These coworkers are driving me crazy. You’re defeating yourself.
When you’re being squeezed, you have to talk to yourself the right way. I can handle this.
I am strong in the lord. I can do all things through Christ.
In one sense, it was easy for Jesus to heal the blind man, easy to turn water into wine, easy to raise lazarus from the dead, but now Jesus was in Ghassemane.
He was so distressed that he fell to the ground, overwhelmed by pressure.
You don’t get to choose the road you travel.
Sometimes, god will take you to a disseminate, down a path that’s uncomfortable. There’s pressure, adversity.
You didn’t choose it. We like the favor. The blessing, the good times this battle chose you.
And Jesus already knew the outcome.
He already knew he would rise again, be seated next to his father.
He knew the end but in the middle, the pressure was so great. He still questioned.
He said, father, if you’re willing, take this bitter cup from me.
Three times, he prayed that, but the heavens were silent. God never answered.
He didn’t hear a voice boom out, like when he is being baptized, so now I’m pleased with you.
Keep going strong. It’s all gonna work out.
He heard from his father in the good times But in Ghassemane, the most difficult time in his life, not a word.
But god being silent doesn’t mean that he’s not there. That’s a test.
That’s when you have to show god you’re gonna trust him, even when you don’t hear him.
You’re gonna keep believing even though nothing is changing.
When heaven is silent, you need to go back to what god already promised you.
God, I’m in Ghasimony, dealing with this illness, but, lord, you said you’re jehovah Raffa, the lord, my healer.
Lord, I think you’re restoring health back into me. God, I’m suffering from this child that’s breaking my heart.
But god, you said, as for me and my house, we will serve the lord.
Jesus said, father, if you can, take this cup from me.
Nevertheless, not my will, but let your will be done.
It’s okay to ask god to take something away, but you need to add, nevertheless.
God, if it doesn’t happen my way, I’m not gonna complain live bitter, give up on my dreams.
I’m gonna stand strong, endure knowing that this season of suffer is leading to a resurrection, to a new level of my destiny.
God wouldn’t have let you go to Ghasimini if he didn’t have something amazing in front of you.
There are levels of favor and blessing you can only see by going through a season of pressing a season of suffering.
Ghasimini is not the enemy. It’s designed by god.
It’s a strategic place to launch you to the power of the resurrection, to see favor that you’ve never imagined.
But here’s the key before you see public victory, you have to win the private victory.
Before you see your resurrection, you have to pass the test in disseminate.
Had Jesus said, father, take this bitter cup from me because I’m bitter.
I’m not putting up with this suffering. It’s too much. He wouldn’t have seen the resurrection.
He wouldn’t be seated on the right hand of the father.
Are you missing favor and increase because you’re stuck in Ghasimini, bitter over what didn’t work out, upset over the door that closed, angry over who left you.
Try a different approach. If you win the battle in Ghasseventy, pass that test, you will see what god is up to you.
This is not the time to be sour.
This is the time to say, I may not like it, but, god, I trust you.
I know your plans for me are for good.
You wouldn’t have brought me into disseminate if I wasn’t on the verge of a resurrection, a breakthrough, a new level of my destiny.
When Jesus prayed that third time, the scripture says, angels came and strengthened him.
When you have an attitude of faith and times of suffering, you don’t complain in the pressing, you’re trusting god when the heavens are silent, when you’re squeezed, instead of being sour, you’re thanking him that he’s working, That’s when angels are going to show up.
You will feel a supernatural strength to endure when you should be overwhelmed.
A power to keep moving forward when you should be stuck, a courage to believe when you should be doubting.
That’s how you pass the test. You can’t pray away disseminate.
Jesus asked his father to remove this bitter cup.
Father, get me out of this suffering, this pressure God didn’t say, alright. I’ll remove it. I’ll change my plan.
Ghassemane is a setup. That suffering is leading to a resurrection. To something supernatural.
We see this in the life of David, seventeen years old, a teenager, out taking care of his father’s sheep, when the prophet Samuel showed up and chose him over all of his brothers as the next king of Israel.
A destiny moment. David heard Goliath taunting the Israelites. They were all afraid.
He went out with a sling shot and a few stones and defeated the giant.
Overnight, he became a national hero, another destiny moment.
He was invited by King Saul to come to the palace and serve as his armor bearer.
He went from no one knowing him to this influential position, the favor of god. Everything was going great.
One good break after another, then King Saul became jealous of David, tried to kill him.
Here, David was honoring Saul, be in his best, but David came in to a disseminate, a time of pressing a time of squeezing.
He had to flee for his life.
He lived out in the desert in caves, in hiding, on the run, Wasn’t fair?
He hadn’t done anything wrong? David could have become bitter. God, where are you? Why’d you let this happen?
But he understood this principle that the suffering was a set up.
It was a sign that a resurrection was coming. David kept doing the right thing.
At one point, he could have killed Saul.
He and his men snuck up on Saul while he was sleeping, David wouldn’t do it.
He knew god had anointed saw, he wouldn’t touch him.
Even though David was suffering, he took the high road and did the right thing.
It wasn’t long after that, this soul was killed in a battle and David was made king.
On the way to your destiny, there will be these moments of favor, god opening doors, bringing right people, causing you to excel, But there will also be some gasemonies, sometimes a pressing squeezing how you handle Ghasimini will determine whether you get stuck there or whether you come into the resurrection.
It’s easy to get bitter when people do us wrong and upset over the medical report, sour over the contract that we lost, But when you understand Giscemity is strategic, it’s necessary for you to go to the next level.
You can’t have a resurrection without a Ghassemane.
You have to pass the test, and here’s the key in the pressure.
Any of us can do the right thing when it’s easy.
When Samuel’s anointing us, when we’re defeating Goliath, when Saul’s calling us into the palace, that doesn’t take much faith.
The test comes when it’s not fair when people betrayed you. The medical report’s not good.
Business went down during Ghasimini. That’s when many people give up Blame god. I can’t take this pressure.
Don’t get stuck in Ghassemane. It was never designed to be permanent.
For you to live there, it’s a temporary season.
If you’ll pass the test in private, then you’ll come into public victory.
And sometimes we’re waiting for god to change things.
Joel, when I get through this suffering, you know, I have a good attitude.
When the pressure is not so much, When these people quit doing me wrong, god, if you’ll take this bitter cup from me, then I’ll start believing again.
No. Add the second part of the prayer. Nevertheless, not my will, but let you, will be done.
You’re saying, god, I know your grace is sufficient.
So I’m gonna keep being my best right where I am.
I’m gonna have a smile when I could be discouraged.
I’m gonna have a song of praise when I could be complaining.
I’m gonna keep thanking you that things are turning in my favor when I don’t see any sign of it.
God, I’m gonna be good to people who are not being good to me.
When you know god in the fellowship of his suffering, like the scripture says, then you’re gonna know him in the power of his resurrection.
You may be in Ghassemane now. God’s been good to you.
You’ve seen his blessings, but you’re in a time of pressing squeezing. He’s uncomfortable.
People have come against you. Strain in your finances. A child has an illness.
You’re on a road that you didn’t choose facing things you don’t understand.
God sees what you’re dealing with. He knows who did you wrong, what wasn’t fair.
When he’s not removing the pressure, That means you have the grace to withstand, to endure, to overcome.
You may not be able to pray it away But when you say, god, I trust you.
I’m not giving up on my dreams. I’m not backing down on what you promised.
I’m gonna stand strong, knowing that you’re in control, that this season of suffering is a sign that a resurrection is coming.
That’s what allows the creator of the universe to go to work.
That’s when angels are dispatched with healing, favor, and breakthroughs. Don’t get stuck in disseminate.
That’s not your destiny. Earlier that evening, Jesus had dinner with the 12 disciples, We call it the last supper, and he prayed over them, told them what he was gonna go through and wash their feet.
He left that night with Peter James and John, and they went to the garden of Ghassemane.
Jesus felt so overwhelmed. He asked them to stay up and pray for him.
He went over by himself and fell on the ground, prayed that god would take this cup from him if he could.
Little while he went back to check on his disciples, hoping to get some encouragement, he looked over, and they were asleep.
He woke him up and said, come on, guys.
Couldn’t you stay up for an hour and pray for me? This is the most critical time of my life.
He’s kind of frustrated He asked them again, even more emphatically, please stay awake and pray for me.
He thought for sure they got the message, and he went off for little while and prayed and came back a little later.
Same thing. They were sound asleep. Sometimes when you need people the most, they’re not there for you.
There’s a temptation to think, man, if I had them, then I could get through this, then I could overcome.
But the fact is when you’re in Ghasimani, it’s between you and god.
You don’t need other people.
If someone’s always rescuing you, praying for you, keeping you cheered up, that’s gonna limit your growth.
God will win you away from people so you’ll have to depend on him.
He wants to hear your prayer. You have a direct line to him. He’s always listening.
Jesus woke the disciples up again, and asked him to pray, and he went away and came back the third time they had fallen asleep.
This time, he didn’t try to wake them up. He didn’t try to convince them to pray.
He looked at them and said, sleep on.
He came to a point where he didn’t let it bother him anymore.
He could have kept waking him up, being frustrated.
Instead, he accepted that he wasn’t going to have their support, and that was okay.
He knew he didn’t need them to fulfill his destiny.
When things don’t turn out the way you thought, friends you were counting on weren’t there for you, you didn’t get that promotion you deserve.
The medical report hasn’t improved. You’ve done all you can. You prayed. You believed. You worked hard.
Instead of letting that frustrates you, you need to say like Jesus, sleep on.
You’re not gonna bother me anymore. I’m not gonna try to control things I can’t control.
I’m not gonna lose sleep over who’s not supporting me, over what didn’t work out.
I know God is on the throne. He’s fighting my battles.
He will get me to where I’m supposed to be.
Real victory is not when god does everything you like.
Changes all the negative circumstances, fixes all the people that get on your nerves, real victory is when all that happens, but it doesn’t bother you anymore.
You’ve grown to the point where you don’t have to have all that to be happy.
You’re content while god is working right where you are, knowing that he’s given you grace, not just for the good times, the grace for disseminate.
When there’s pressure, people that fall asleep, doors that don’t open, your attitude is I’m gonna enjoy my life despite what’s coming against me.
Yes. There’s a lot of pressure, but I’m still going to give god praise. Yes. I’m on a road.
I didn’t choose, but I know God is ordering my steps.
I wouldn’t be in this season of suffering unless a resurrection was coming.
Well, Joel, I’m disappointed because these people weren’t there for me. They let me down.
People can’t stop your purpose. If they weren’t there for you, you didn’t need them.
If they walked away, they weren’t a part of your destiny.
If they were supposed to be there, they couldn’t leave. If they weren’t supposed to, they couldn’t stay.
Quit begging them to come back, tell them to sleep on.
God has someone better for you, someone that you can’t get rid of, someone that loves you, that admires you, that sees you as the gift from god that you are.
That promotion you didn’t get. How long are you gonna be sour over that? Tell it to sleep on.
It’s a test. God has a better position. That medical report that hasn’t changed. You’ve done all you can.
Quit worrying, quit living frustrated, tell it to sleep on, One of the best things I’ve learned is to not fight everything I don’t like.
Fight to close doors, fight the person that did you wrong, fight the delays.
We end up living in a fighting mode, where we’re always frustrated.
Two words can save you a lot of heartache, sleep on. God, you’re in control.
I’m gonna do my best and trust you to get me to where I’m supposed be.
After the third time, Jesus found his disciples asleep, something rose up in him.
He said we have to leave right now my time has come.
They walked out of the garden, and there was Judith looking for him.
The principle is you can’t stay in disseminate and reach your destiny.
It’s a place that you’re supposed to pass through.
At some point, you have to rise up and say like Jesus, I’m done being bitter over who left me.
I’m done living upset over what I didn’t get.
Angry over the company that hurt me disappointed by who fell asleep.
Sour over this road that I didn’t choose.
I’m leaving excuses, leaving frustration, leaving self pity, leaving guilt. You have to get out of disseminate.
The enemy would love for you to get stuck there, stuck in blame, stuck in who hurt you, stuck in a bad childhood.
This is a new day. Yes. It was hard. Yes, they fell asleep. They betrayed you.
You on a road you didn’t choose. Can I tell you none of that stopped your destiny?
All disseminated did was get you prepared for the next level.
That pressure caused you to develop more muscles, greater trust, greater faith, greater resilience.
The enemy thought it would squeeze your faith out, but it backfired.
It squeezed out the doubt, the bitterness, the uncertainty, Now you’re stronger, bolder, ready for the new things god has in store.
You went through the suffering now you’re prepared for the power of the resurrection.
I can imagine when Satan saw Jesus in the Garden of Ghassemane, his hands in his face and great distress, sweating drops of blood, saying, father, take this bitter cup from me.
He thought he’d won. Looked like a picture of defeat like Jesus was giving up, but don’t judge the rest of your life by a season in Ghassemane.
God wouldn’t have let you go in if he wasn’t going to bring you out better.
He’s up to something. The next morning, Jesus went to the cross, and they crucified him.
It looked like it was over, but on 3rd day, he came out of the grave.
He said, I am he that lives, I was dead. Behold. I’m alive forevermore.
All that suffering was a set up for a resurrection.
That time of distress in the garden, that place of pressure, it wasn’t random, wasn’t just a bad break, it was all a part of god’s plan that would launch Jesus into his purpose.
Early that Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene rushed to the tomb to check on Jesus.
The stone had been rolled away, but Jesus wasn’t there.
And as she was weeping and confused, wondering who took his body?
She heard a voice asking, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?
She glanced back and thought it was the gardener.
She said, sir, if you’ve taken him, please tell me where he is.
Jesus said to her, Mary, Immediately, she recognized him.
She went back and told the disciples that he was alive.
It’s interesting that Jesus was dressed as a gardener.
When he arose, he could address as a carpenter, as a rabbi, as a king, but he chose a gardener.
Maybe he was showing us the significance of the garden of Ghasimini.
Perhaps he was saying I made it through my garden, stay in faith.
I’m gonna help you make it through yours.
The last place Jesus appeared before he ascended to heaven was on the Mount of Olives.
That’s where Gisimini is located. A few days earlier, he was there suffering in agony, great distress.
Now he’s at that very place, victorious, with the keys of death and hell, not suffering, but rainy, not in agony, but in victory, not great distress, but in all power.
Yes, you may go through some gaseemonies, but like Jesus, you’re gonna go back to that very place with great victory.
Great favor, great courage. The enemy doesn’t have the final say, god does. He’s ordering your steps.
And those times of pressing, keep reminding yourself it’s a set up.
That suffering is a sign that a resurrection is coming.
Now quit being frustrated over the disappointments, who left you, what you can’t control, tell it to sleep on, You don’t need that for your destiny.
You keep doing the right thing when it’s hard. You are passing the test.
God sees your because you won the victory in private, you’re about to see a public victory, favor, promotion, healing, vindication, the fullness of your destiny in Jesus name.
And if you receive it, can you say amen?
I’d like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the lord of your life.
Would you pray with me? Just say lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, come into my heart, I make you my lord and savior.
If you prayed that simple prayer, we believe you got born again.
And we’d love to send you some free information on your new walk with the lord.
You can text their number on the screen or go to the website.
But I hope you’ll get into a good Bible based church and keep god 1st place.
3 minutes. Can such a small amount of time make a big difference to your day to turn worry into confidence, frustration to hope, defeat to victory, Maybe you just need a boost of faith.
When we put god first place and get our thinking in line with his, even a small seed of time can make a huge difference.
We have a new resource called 3 minute mornings. Start your day the blessed way.
My challenge is when you wake up.
Before you leave the house, take 3 minutes to speak blessings over your life and to declare god’s favor.
Get your mind going in the right direction.
When you do that, you’re setting yourself up for a blessed victorious thing.
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