Excellence – Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

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Excellence – Part 1 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

Need help with your behavior? Search the Word with Joyce Meyer and discover practical ways to be more excellent in your daily life. Watch this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life!

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Most people want to be successful, but what you have to decide is whose definition of success are you going to follow?
In my new book, the pathway to success, I want to walk with you toward a life filled with meaning and purpose the way god sees it.
God has given everything we need for a life that’s fulfilling to us and pleasing to him.
And I want to help you discover it.
Today, we’re offering Joyce’s newest release, the pathway to success for your donation of any amount contact us now at joycemeyer.org or call toll free 1807092895.
This program is made possible by the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
But I think it’s especially important.
To do the right thing when nobody’s looking, except God.
And he’s always looking I’m Joyce Meyer.
I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
When I started the ministry 35 years ago, God put something very strongly in my heart.
And I was actually gonna teach something else here, but I really felt like God wanted me to teach you what he told me when he spoke to me 35 years ago.
He said, I’m gonna tell you three things to do and if you do them, I’ll bless your ministry.
Always do everything you do with excellence Always be a person of integrity.
Keep your word. And don’t ever mess around with the money that goes through your hands in ministry.
He told me things like put things in my heart like if you take a speaking engagement for a smaller church, you’re gonna go and do We call them camp meetings back then.
And, uh, you commit to do that and another much bigger offer comes along.
You go you keep your word to the first one.
And then he said, and keep all the strife out of your life.
Out of your ministry and out of your marriage.
Do not get in the pulpit angry.
And preach because you see only where their unity is their blessing.
And anointing. So I’m 133.
Not only says there’s blessing or there’s unity, but that’s where you’re gonna find the anointing.
And so tonight, I’m gonna talk about the first of those three things which is excellence.
And I’m just calling this choosing to be excellent and I say choosing because if we don’t choose to be excellent, The flesh will always be mediocre.
And mediocre means halfway between success and failure.
And I’d say that we live in a pretty mediocre world today, and it’s getting worse all the time.
And it’s up to us. It’s not up to the unbelievers. It’s up to us.
The believers to set a standard for other people to follow.
We are not to follow them. We are to set a standard for them to follow us.
And there’s enough of us that if everybody will do it, You hear me?
There’s enough of us. I mean, we’re all over the world.
There’s enough of us if everybody will really start to not just go to church, but to serve god with your whole heart, to make a full surrender, and to be willing to do what you know is right, not what you feel like doing.
I was thinking today what would happen if every person let’s just say every person in here would make a commitment for just 30 days to do what you know to be right instead of what you feel like doing.
And I’m I’m not even necessarily talking about sin.
It it couldn’t be sin, but I’m just talking about just doing what you know is right.
You know, it can be little things like, you know, They can offer supplies home.
Come on.
How many paper clips and rubber bands and pens and notepads do you have that you took from the office?
Well, we’ll go on from there.
And See, there’s always anytime we’re not excellent, there’s always a little conviction just a little, you know, that little, like a little hangmail in your spirit.
And when we learn to follow that, then we’ll learn how to be really, really excellent.
People. You know, if I told you after the service, I’m gonna be serving chocolate chip cookies out in the lobby that I baked How many of you would stop and get 1 because you like cookies?
How many would do it just because you wanted to see me?
Forget me. We’re talking about the cookies.
And then what if I said I have added one little tiny new ingredient to the batter.
I just put like about a third of a teaspoon of dog poop in it.
But it it’s starred into this big batch of better and you won’t taste it.
It’s just how many of you would no longer care to get one of my cookies?
Well, see, that’s what we gotta be careful of in the world.
Come on. You understandin’ me.
We don’t wanna be Christians with just a little bit of the world in us where we go to church on Sunday and act like the devil the rest of the week.
Oh, we go to church on Sunday, and then on Monday, we’re sitting with everybody else at work gossiping about the boss and grabbing and complaining and murmuring and grumbling.
We wanna be excellent. And we have to choose to be excellent.
And excellence is not perfection. It’s just taking what you have and doing the best that you can do with it.
You might have an old car. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it clean.
Wow. That went over good.
See, some people say, well, I want a new car. Well, you know what?
Until you keep the old one clean and keep the trash out of it, You may not get a new one.
And it’s it’s It’s so important not to just do the right thing when somebody’s looking.
But I think it’s especially important to do the right thing when nobody’s looking, except God.
And he’s always looking.
One of the things I’ve challenged myself to do And I’m doing this just because I felt like God put it on my heart.
In my home, every time I get something out and use it, My goal is to put it back where I got it.
And it’s amazing what a difference a room looks like when you walk out of it.
I mean, I was amazed, you know, because like a woman goes in the bathroom and we got makeup and 3 combs and hair dryers and flat irons and lotions and potions and, you know, all kinds of stuff.
And sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I don’t put all that stuff back where it goes right then.
And so sometimes it can look like a cyclone went off in the bathroom.
And I’ve I’ve been taking time to just put the lid back on the toothpaste and put it away.
Just do everything with excellence. You see, that that may sound foolish to you, but I believe if we’re not excellent in little things.
That will never get around to be an excellent in bigger things.
So we have to choose it. You know, we have these little Instagram posts.
As well as being on Facebook and and uh my team, I don’t do this but my team will put captions on these Instagram posts and it’s it always has something to do with what I’m teaching, but it’s not necessarily the title of the teaching.
And I get such a kick out of looking at how many people are watching which titles.
Recently, I had one study the word.
We had 42,000 downloads.
I had one that they called Relax and do nothing.
And it had 300,000 downloads.
Now what does that tell you about where we’re at?
See, they saw the title study, the word.
1 4th of the people were only interested in that.
But if we’re gonna sit and do nothing, everybody likes that.
My son was at my house here tonight, like he he’s our baby, but he’s 42.
That’ll be 43. And, uh, he’s got a playful side to him and he had country song on, and I think they were doing some kind of line dance or something.
He said, Come on mom dance with me. Come on Dance with me.
I don’t know if he thought I couldn’t do it or wouldn’t do it or what, but I got up and started trying to to dance with him and, you know, it was put your right foot here and your left foot there and, you know, do this and that and put you.
So, he’s filming the whole thing. And he puts it on Facebook.
Okay. Now, are you ready for this? We’ve had 1,300 views on that.
It’s actually funny, but it makes me mad.
That people are more interested in seeing me goof around then we’ll study the word.
So maybe I’ve got the wrong career. Maybe I need to take up dancing. I don’t know.
But the reason why I share this with you is because it it shows you where people are at.
And it’s concerning. It’s actually frightening to me sometimes.
To see that 300,000 people would like to sit back and do nothing and only 42,000 would like to study the word.
The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5 20 that we are ambassadors for Christ.
And an ambassador is a representative of another country or another kingdom or another person.
And I love the amplified translation of 2nd Corinthians 5 20 because it says, we are Christ’s personal representatives Let’s just get this.
We are his personal representatives, and he is making his appeal to the world through us.
Now, that is strong.
So that means that I can’t just go out and do what I feel like.
I need to choose to do what I know I should do.
The flesh is strong and it’ll pull you in the wrong direction.
The Bible says in Galatians that the spirit wars against the flesh and the flesh wars against the spirit that they are continually antagonistic toward one another.
So the devil will always work through our flesh, which is your body and the part of your soul that’s not been crucified and belongs to Christ.
And our spirit is the deepest part of us where Christ lives.
Being a person of excellence doesn’t just happen automatically.
We must choose to be excellent on purpose, but this is really important. Excellence is not perfection.
It’s just taking what you have offering it to god and doing the best that you can do with it.
That’s what god asked for us.
But if we don’t choose to do that, to be excellent, we’ll end up living halfway between success and failure.
And did you know that god wants us to be successful?
But his definition of success is not the same of the worlds. It’s actually so much better.
You can find out more in Joyce’s newest book.
And we’re excited to tell you about this because it’s something that we all desire and and we need.
It’s called The Pathway To Success. And today, it’s available to you for your gift of any amount.
So if you’ve been scrambling to the top but making little progress, Or perhaps you reached that goal and you just still aren’t satisfied, this book will be a game changer.
Develop your own pathway to success in line with god’s word and with his help and the health of this book.
Refocus your life and fulfill your beautiful god given purpose.
Again, this is available to you today for your gift of any amount.
Do what you can, and we will get it to you. Just reach out today.
Now coming up, go behind the scenes at Joyce Meyer Ministries.
You see, the Bible tells us to go into all the world and share Christ, and we are doing just that.
So get ready for a trip to Europe to see how that is happening There are so many beautiful places And wherever we go, cities, small villages, you’ll find amazing culture that’s all their own.
You’ll find a history and you’ll find people who love their home.
Universally, we love our families, and we have a need to be loved We have questions that need answers.
We have heartbreak that needs healing.
And most of all, we need to know the truth of the gospel, who Jesus is in our lives.
We are here in Germany today, and we are discovering that there are great opportunities to share Jesus here in the surrounding area.
We are called to go into all the world. And together, we are doing just that.
We come back to us by Alenas Trees.
My name is Sabrina Kutendorf.
One of the little striking story that I love is that woman not Christian at all, resting on her couch, listening to the television some program was running, and then her cat walks over the remote and changes the program Joyce appears.
It was too far for the remote. So she just listened to it.
Years after, she wrote us and said, I want to give you my thank you My whole life has changed thanks to Joyce, and thanks to my cat.
That’s just one of many stories.
Staff at the Joyce Meyer Ministry’s German office in Hamburg, Here’s in response to Joyce’s teaching of God’s word.
Stories of hope.
Oh, I love this. Hamburg is a media hub for Europe. But Christians in Germany are few.
You see all the churches still, they’re nice to look at, but what about the life inside?
If you think 30 years ago, about 90 something percent, uh, were members of 1 of the larger churches.
Now it’s less than 50%.
Like Germany, Bulgaria has also seen a change in the number of Believer This nation was deeply impacted 30 years.
There is a spiritual vacuum in Bulgaria, and I think that the people, uh, are looking for something that gives them hope.
I think that the messages of Joycema are exactly touched that part of their lives.
And that is something that I think not only in Bulgaria, but in the entire region of in the Balkans, we need to fear again.
Stoyle Petkov is the director of Studio 865, which handles translating Joyce’s books and teachings into Bulgarian.
The wonderful thing is anyone who would see Joyce’s program here in Bulgaria would think Joyce speaks Bulgarian.
Because it’s so beautifully done.
So How
do you make that happen?
Well, we were very fortunate to have a professional actress who is also Christian.
She gladly accepted the call and, Since 2010, we are dubbing with her, all the messages, and her voice is really recognized.
The teams in Bulgaria and Germany do much more than dub enjoying everyday life for viewers in Europe.
They’re also translating Joyce’s books.
We have had a lot of feedback on the battlefield of the mind because, um, it is such a practical book and a lot of people, no matter what culture, at least here in Europe, people are struggling with their thought life.
One of those people is Marella, who’s now the social media manager at the JMM office in Hamburg.
Joyce’s teachings helped her through a dark time as a teenager and a young adult.
Um, on my other stick, on full. People always said, oh, you little shabby.
And guys always laughed at me and said, no. We don’t want you. You’re too fat for us.
And then I asked myself questions that I never had before. Am I good enough the way I am?
Is my body okay? And suddenly, these issues that had never really been there before were totally crushing me.
Then I slipped into an eating disorder.
At 16, I became anorexic and simply carried this for many years and slipped further and further into it.
I was admitted to a clinic at the age of twenty because I was severely underweight and collapsed.
And I remember that when I packed up my suitcase, I first wanted to take the Bible with me But then I decided against it because I was angry with God and had no connection with him.
But then I saw Joyce Meyer’s book Battlefield of the mind on the shelf, which I got as a gift when I was sixteen, but I had never read.
In the clinic, I opened the book and devoured the whole very quickly, I realized that my thoughts weren’t based on reality.
They always came from the outside, but Joyce had given me this image that when fear knocks on our door, then fate has to open up.
2 days later, I actually found an old Bible in the bookshelf in this clinic.
I started looking for anything that contradicted the lies that had ruled my life all the time.
If I focus on believing the right thoughts, the divine thoughts, Then I can live in freedom, and then I can start to enjoy my life as well.
I am super great feel that Joyce’s content is available in German for me and for many others.
Stories like marillers are the beautiful result as the team continues the translation work, and god touches more and more lives.
The the good thing about us in Germany is we have, so far, only translated half of them, and you know, how many shares is over 100, So that’s already quite a number.
And there’s still a lot of books to be translated.
How are you keeping up with making sure that that message is where people are looking for it.
In the Bible, it says we’re in this world, but not of this world.
And I think it’s important that we never change the message itself because that is God’s word.
It will always remain the same.
But if we wanna reach people, if we wanna fulfill the great commission, We have to be where the people are.
Thanks to digital media, we do what we were dreaming to do because digital media gives us visibility to reach the seekers.
Uh, we are not just entertaining somebody on, uh, television in this moment.
This moment when the message reaches them, we have changed lives.
We want people to reconnect with God.
We want people to grow in god, and, um, that is all hearted Joyce Meyer here in Germany.
And I know it is in the US and all the other countries as well.
Every country is different. As we know, every culture is different.
The content and the message of Jesus Christ is the same, but the way we distribute it has to be adapted in a wonderful way the people in that area need it.
We get go through it and see if we have to change something for the special contexts for our country.
So sometimes we change the cover, or we change one of the pictures in the magazine.
So the small like what the people expect here, especially when it’s so an important message.
So it has to look beautiful, and it has to look more beautiful, than other things.
So for me, it’s a big honor to work for something like this.
I had trouble all what can I do?
Uh, this is so little, but then, um, I we see the stories of the people who, uh, watch and, um, who had really big problems in their life and that changed a lot.
And Does it surprise you?
Because know it does me at times that, um, a woman, first of all, from America, is making such an impact in this part of the world.
The reason she’s making an impact is because God has given her a gift.
God is the one speaking through her. And god’s words powerful in any part of the world.
And I think the gift he’s given her is to be very practical and to really talk about topics to be talk about issues that people are facing in on an everyday basis.
As a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries is a financial praying part of everything that we do.
They’re in every one of those places sharing The word of Christ.
It takes all of us together to be able to do this.
Yes. We have this, the conception that we are all doing this together. Especially our partners.
I mean, what could we do without them?
But we know she loves helping others, hand of hope, you know, in many parts, we’re the need is so big.
We want to join in. We give some finances and that’s the way we want to say thank you.
How We have been blessed. So we wanna bless others again.
They may have the ability to give financially, but maybe not the same gifts that god has given joys.
I mean, we are just here in the middle.
We are just bringing god’s content and god’s words together with the finances and we channel it to reach as many people as possible.
People may not realize the impact that they’re having in all of these different parts of the world.
So are they making an impact right here in Germany?
Definitely. Uh, any any dime that is given is given for good.
It creates blessing in many levels. We help the people need.
And I think this combination is a typical thing Jesus would love.
And this seed, I think, will go on and grow and we can continue spreading it for many years to come.
We love seeing wherever we go in the world.
The way this message of Christ impacts people’s lives, how it translates to everyone.
Whether it’s through Joyce’s teaching here in Germany, her books, or an outreach that’s happening in India or somewhere else, when we share the love of Jesus people’s lives change.
I know that’s how it’s been in my life, and that’s why it’s so important to me to share this with everyone else.
So they have the same opportunity. We can join together and do so much more than we ever can alone.
And everywhere we are, here in Germany, other parts of the world, when we go, you are there too, as a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministry.
So we invite you today to give us a call to go to our website joycemeyer.org and join us in this mission together.
We can see lives changed. So make a commitment today to do what you can.
Pray a at it, do what god asked you to do, and join us in partnership.
We are so grateful, and I know that it will make a difference in your life. Too.
Sometimes we just need to get away from it all.
Lady We’re going to Tampa.
It is. The anointing and the favor of god on your life that will sustain you.
Experience a refreshing of your heart soul and senses during a weekend away from it all.
The same god that was back there is the same god that’s with us here He’s still full of purpose.
He’s still full of passion. He’s still full of promises.
Sunny skies. Beautiful mother and god’s word is the perfect getaway.
God is telling you that he will take the mess make a miracle out of it if you’ll give it to him.
Join us for the 2024 love life women’s conference.
September 12th through 14th in Tampa, Florida with Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shire, Christine Kane, and worship with and Violet Clements.
Register today at joycemeyer.org/lovelife.
CATCH this limited opportunity to see Joyce Meyer live.
I believe god is working in my life, and I am expecting something good to happen to me today.
3 unique sessions of practical bible teaching that you can apply to your everyday life.
Your worst day with Jesus will be better than your best day ever was without him.
Choose your city and don’t miss Joyce Meyer Life. For more information, go to joycemeyer.org/joycelive.
We hope you enjoy today’s program.
For more information, visit joycemeyer.org.
This program has been made possible by the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

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