When God Shows Out | Joel Osteen

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When God Shows Out | Joel Osteen

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We all face times when what we’re up against is too big for us.
The dream is too great, the problem too strong, the opposition too powerful, people ruled us out and think it’s never gonna happen.
You don’t have the resources. You don’t come from the right family. The medical report is not good.
All the facts say it’s impossible, but god on purpose will have you underestimated.
When it seems the least likely that’s when he shows up the greatest.
I won’t get discouraged when you’re underestimated. It’s a setup.
God put you in that position to show himself strong.
When you defy the odds, everyone will know his favor is on your line.
But when you’re outnumbered, outsized, out educated, out trained. Don’t be surprised if people discount you. Hey.
You’re not talented enough. Not tall enough, not strong enough, not experienced enough.
That may be true, but what they can’t see is what god put in you.
They’re just looking on the outside from a natural perspective, but you have something on the inside, the seed of almighty god.
It will take you where you can’t go on your own. But sometimes doubt will whisper.
You don’t have what it takes. How could you accomplish that dream? Where are you gonna get the funds?
How can you take your family to a new level? You’re barely making it each week.
How can you get the promotion? Your coworker is more qualified.
They have more training, but deep down, you can’t explain it. Something tells you, you can do it.
You were created for this. You know it’s gonna happen. People look at you and think just the opposite.
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. God uses underestimated people.
When you’re looked down on, told it’s not gonna happen. Get ready.
God is about to show out in your life. It’s going to be uncommon.
People are going to be scratching their hands. Thinking, how did he become that successful?
Do you know what neighborhood he was raised in? How did she marry that man? I don’t get it.
How did she beat the cancer? Did you see the report? How did he become the pastor of Lakewood?
He didn’t have the training god loves to take the underestimated and do something awesome.
The reason he puts you in situations that are too big, too strong, too much is not to defeat you, but to establish you.
When god turns it around, when you discover the greatness inside, people will see you in a whole new light.
That’s moving you toward your god given purpose. When you’re tempted to feel overwhelmed, outnumbered, not enough.
Instead of giving up, have a new perspective. I’m underestimated, and that’s okay.
I know God is up to something. I know favor is coming.
I know new doors are about to open. I know healing is on the way.
God is going to defy the odds and do what only he can do.
Don’t be discouraged when you’re underestimated, embrace being underestimated.
God loves to take the underdog and calls him to shine.
When people don’t believe in you, they’re discounting you, All the facts say it’s never going to happen.
You’re in perfect position for god to surprise you.
That’s when he’ll show up and do things that catapult you into your destiny. Think about David.
He had a history of being underestimated.
As a teenager, he was out in the shepherd’s fields, taken care of his father’s sheep.
His brothers were in the army, They had a prestigious position. David was the youngest, the smallest.
He was discounted, sort of seen as the root of the litter When the prophet Samuel came to his house to anoint one of his father’s sons as the next king of Israel, his father, Jesse, didn’t call him in from the Shepherd’s fields.
He thought there’s no way it’s David.
He didn’t have the size, the strength, the talent, These other brothers are bigger, stronger, more experience.
He saw David is less than not good enough. He doesn’t have a chance.
Yet when Samuel looked at the other brothers, he said, it’s none of them.
What’s significant is the oldest son, Eliev, was tall, strong, muscular, attractive. He looked like a king.
He was a perfect choice, but god loves to choose the underdog The least likely, the one others write off.
Jesse told Samuel, I have another son out in the shepherds deals, but I’m sure it’s not him.
David came in. Samuel said, that’s the one. I could imagine Jesse nearly passed out.
You’ll said, Jesse, you look on the outside, but god looks on the inside.
You’re judging by appearance, height, stature, but god looks at the heart I hope you enjoyed watching this clip.
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