The Persian Mystery: Israel, Iran, & The End Times! | Jonathan Cahn Prophetic

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The Persian Mystery: Israel, Iran, & The End Times! | Jonathan Cahn Prophetic

With monumental events unfolding before our eyes and the attack of Iran on Israel, are we watching ancient prophecies being fulfilled? Are these part of God’s end-time purposes and the next prophetic event? Jonathan Cahn opens up the prophecies, the mysteries, and the answers!

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What on earth is going on? Israel, Iran, America, the world, is it prophecy?
Is it the end of the age? Are we on the verge of what the scriptures warned us up.
Everybody’s asking what’s happening. This is Jonathan Komp, and in this message, I’m gonna open up the ancient sees, a mystery that lies behind what’s now taking place from the prophecies of Ezekiel to the vision of Daniel, how it actually lies behind what is happening before our eyes right now, and will affect all of our lives.
I’ll even be revealing an ancient entity behind it all.
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It’s all over. Okay. Let’s go.
The Bible says that at the end of the age, the world will be focused on Israel.
And so now the world is again focused on this tiny little nation, the size of New Jersey, Israel.
The Bible says in the last days, Israel will be the center of controversy. It’s gonna be attacked.
Here we are. Israel is at the center of world controversy. And on April 14th, It was attacked by Iran.
And the whole world now teeters on war.
The most powerful nations in the world are in fear of World War.
Is all this part of an ancient mystery and end time prophecy.
On April 14th, 2024, Iran fired a barrage of missiles into the land of Israel.
Some of the missiles came from Iran’s allies, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iraq, Hezbollah.
Israel long its allies, America, the United Kingdom, France, shot down the rockets, even Jordan, shot down missiles coming over its airspace, even Saudi Arabia said they did same.
In the end, one Arab girl was hurt, and there were some damage at an Israeli army base, but not a lot.
99% of the rockets were shot down. But it was unprecedented.
It was the first time ever that Iran directly launched an attack on the nation of Israel.
Iran’s been fighting Israel covertly for years using proxies, using funding, arming, training, Hezbollah to fire missiles into Israel and other terrorist groups, but this was the first time.
The war of the 2 nations came out into the open with a direct strike, a direct attack.
Was it prophesied? Is it part of biblical end time prophecy? Could it ultimately lead to World War?
Iran has been Furiously seeking to get nuclear power nuclear weapons.
What makes that especially dangerous is Iran is especially dangerous to begin with.
As a radical shiite Muslim state led by Radical shiite Muslim Ayatollahs.
It’s the key sponsor of terrorism throughout the Middle East. Combine terrorism with nuclear weapons, and you’ve got an explosion.
The leaders of Iran believe there is to come an Islamic ruler who’s gonna take over the world whom they call Mammakti.
It’s an imitation of the Messiah, and it could perfectly fit what the Bible says about the Antichrist.
It’s not inconceivable that Iran could actually want to start a World War that will usher in the Monte as they see it.
Israel is closely aligned with America, even though recently Biden’s relationship with Netanyahu has dramatically deteriorated.
Russia is a close ally of Iran so is China.
Is it this that could bring about the next war or even a world war?
Does the buy will speak about this. Did it prophecy of this?
The prophet ezekiel was given a prophecy that could be the very next end time major prophetic event.
AZzekiel 38 opens with this.
Now the word of the lord came to be saying, Son of man set your face against gog of the land of Magog.
The prince of Roche, Meshhek, and Thuboe, and prophecy against him and say, thus says the lord god, behold, I’m against you, god, the prince of Roche, Meshhek, and Thuboe.
It goes on. Verse 5. Piras, cush, and Put are with them, all of them with shield and helmet.
Gohmer and all its troops, the house of Togarma, from the far north and all its troops.
Many people are with you. Prepare yourself and be ready.
You and all your companies that are gathered about you and be a guard for them after many days you will be visited.
In the latter years, you will come back into the land of those brought back from the sword and gathered from many people on the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate.
They were brought out of the nations, and now all of them dwell safely.
You will ascend You’ll come like a storm covering the land like a cloud.
You and all your troops and many peoples with you. What is it saying?
It is a prophecy of a coming invasion of the land of Israel, an invasion that involves not one nation, but a host of nations, a multitude.
When will it happen? The prophecy makes it clear. It’s gonna happen after many days.
That’s a biblical idiom that generally speaks of the end times.
And it says it will happen in the latter years. That means the end times.
It’s gonna come upon Israel and Israel that has been gathered back from the nations, from many nations.
That’s only happened now from many nations. Only this Israel was gathered from the ends of the earth.
Now here’s another clue. Verse 10. Of Ezekiel.
It says, thus says the lord god, on that day, shall come to pass that thoughts will arise in your mind, then you’ll make an evil plan.
You will say, I go up against the land of unwalled villages.
I’ll go to a peaceful people who dwell safely all of them dwelling without walls. Having neither bars or gates.
Notice it says, a land of unwalled villages. Well, in the ancient world, there were walls all over.
Wall were for protection. That only began to fade out with the use of cannons and gunpowder, where walls weren’t protecting anymore.
It’s only in the world that there is an Israel without walls, but it has an iron dome.
Now can we know the nations that are actually spoken of prophecy of in Ezekiel’s prophecy.
Well, the amazing thing is the prophecy actually names them.
Now the names are those which would have been identified in ancient times, but still, they give us real clues and real evidence.
Now I’m not gonna open up all the names of the invaders. In this video.
Uh, I can do it in the days to come, and particularly the issue of whether Russia is one of those nations.
And even the key nation, that’s a controversy a question and a mystery.
I’m actually opening these things up on Friday nights at Beth Israel when we do prophecy, but I’m gonna open it here in the future.
But Now I wanna focus on just one of the invaders.
One of them is named in the Hebrew Piras. Your bibles may have already translated.
There can be no question as to who this is or was.
This is the most clear cut, one of all.
This nation has not changed as far as its identity for at least two and a half 1000 years.
And it was very distinct.
It was a very different nation, different from the other nations mentioned in the prophecy of Ezekiel.
The others were from Asia Minor or from the northeast of Africa, Northern Africa.
This is far away to the east, one and a half thousand miles away.
So what would it have to do with Israel?
Now this nation has played a major role in Jewish history and a good one.
In ancient times, it was called Paras in Hebrew. In Arabic, it was called Farris.
In Greek, it was called Parsis. It called itself Parsa after one of the tribes of its land.
In Latin, Parsis, or Parsa, became Persia. It is the nation or kingdom of Persia.
When Ezekiel wrote this Persia had not even come into World Empire.
It was just rising up, but it would become extremely important with regard to Jewish history.
It was Persia led by King Cyrus the great that allowed the Jews to go back to Israel to rebuild the temple and the nation.
Later on, it was in Persia that the Jews were almost exterminated because of a Persian leader named Haman or Hammond.
That’s the book of Esther. That’s the holiday of Puram.
Interesting that the first of nations that we know of that sought to destroy the Jewish people as the Jewish people is that nation.
It wasn’t part of a military campaign. It was a campaign of extermination. Persian.
There are persians in the bible you all know they were the Persian Zohr Austrian priesthood.
They came to Israel looking for a king. They were called the Magim or the Majai.
But the Bible says that Persia in the last days will become an enemy of the Jewish people and of Israel.
So what happened to Persia? It existed as Persia for and purposes, it changed its name and called itself Iran.
The first power to seek extermination of the Jewish people. Now this might surprise you.
But when Israel came back into the world, Iran was not an enemy of Israel.
Being shiite Muslim, it was separate from most of the Arab world.
Iran, in fact, was the 2nd Muslim nation in the world to recognize the nation of Israel.
Iran and Israel were actually close. They had close ties. Israel saw Iran as a natural ally.
And after the 6 day war, Iran actually supplied Israel with a large part of its oil.
And there were direct flight between the two countries, Israel and Iran. Actually, they actually had military links.
They were working on developing a new missile together.
But the prophecy of his eagle says that in the last days, the nation of Persia or Iran will be an enemy of the regathered nation of Israel.
And the nation of Persia or Iran will come against it.
But Iran was friendly and was even an ally. I remember, and it was before I even knew the lord.
But I started reading about the end time prophecies from the Bible.
And I went to an event where the speaker was speaking about it.
He cited his Ziegill’s prophecy of Iran coming against Israel in the end times.
And a person asked or said, well, that’s never gonna happen. Iran is an ally of Israel.
But the Bible said it would happen.
Just a few years after that moment, something happened for the next puzzle piece of the prophecy to fall in place.
According to Ezekiel, Iran could not remain an ally of Israel. In the late 19 seventies, the change came.
It was the Iranian revolution. In 1979, the shah of Iran was overthrown.
Taking its place was a radical Islamic regime led by the shi cleric Ayatollah Komeini.
In accordance with Ezekiel’s prophecy, Iran was turned was transformed It went from being an ally of Israel to an enemy of Israel overnight, and not just an enemy of Israel.
It would become Israel’s arch enemy. All in line with biblical prophecy.
Now the Bible says that in the last days, Iran won’t just be an enemy of Israel.
It’s going to attack Israel. From the 19 eighties onward, Iran has been involved with attacking Israel covertly using others.
It has forces all over the Middle East, proxies, surrogates, agents, militias, terrorist groups, When Saddam Hussein was overthrown in Iraq, Iran began moving into Iraq and empowering its militias there.
So also in Lebanon, where the terrorist group, Hezbollah is stationed on the edge of Israel with thousands and thousands of missiles aimed at the Jewish nation.
Iran also has proxies in Yemen. The Houthis.
So in Syria, and the Palestinian Jihad in Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
So Iran the nation that Ezekiel prophesied would attack Israel has already been attacking Israel covertly for years.
And what happened On October 7th, when Hamas invaded Israel and slaughtered over 1200 Israelis.
Behind Hamas was Iran. Iran funded Hamas. Iran trained Hamas. Iran trained Hamas. Iran encouraged Hamas.
Behind October 7th in one form or another was Iran.
The key Iranian leader in the region responsible for arming and training and leading terrorist groups and militias like Hezbollah against Israel to attack Israel, a high leader in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard General, General Muhammad Reza Sahedi.
On April 1st, He was holding a military conference in the annex building attached to the Iranian embassy in Syria.
And Israeli air strikes struck and killed him and others of that meeting.
Now it was only just a few days ago from me recording this.
That it came out that an Iranian communication that was recently translated praised Zah for being behind the Hamas invasion of Israel as in planning it on October 7th.
So what began on October 7th has not stopped? In response to Zahidi’s death, Iran vowed vengeance.
That vengeance came on April 14th. Now regardless of what happens, what just happened? Was it significant?
Was it the fulfillment of biblical prophecy?
Now it’s not yet that the war foretold in Ezekiel has happened, but it was significant.
And it wasn’t in accordance with biblical prophecy? Yes. Ezekiel 38 says that Iran will be an enemy of Israel.
In the last days, and what just happened was a manifestation of what Ezekiel foretold, but it’s more than that.
The prophecy says that Iran will attack Israel on April 14th.
For the first time ever, ever, ever, Iran directly attacked the land and nation of Israel.
Now in past ages, bible commentators would say that Ezekiel 3839 couldn’t be literal. It has to be figurative.
Why? Because the nations it speaks of are too far away from Israel.
To be involved in an alliance and a war.
But on April 14 2024, for the first time ever, We saw the manifestation.
Persia, literally attacking Israel. Mark your notepads. First time ever and something else.
April 14 2024 was the first time ever that any one of the nations identified in Ezekiel 38 as those who will attack Israel actually launched an attack on Israel.
First time ever, was it significant? Yes. Was it prophetic? Yes. Was it biblical? Yes.
The war that Ezekiel speaks of is still to come, but what happened was gigantic.
And now we’re gonna go deeper. I’m gonna open up a mystery.
The Prophet Dead was taken captive from Israel into exile and to the court of a Babylonian emperor, nebuchadnezzar.
While he was there, He would receive revelation from god concerning Israel and the end and the last days.
In Daniel 10, In the 3rd year of Cyrus King of Persia, a message was revealed to Daniel, who was called Belta Chazar.
The message, it says, was true, but the appointed time for this was long, as in long time away.
And he understood the message. I’m reading from the scripture itself, and he had understanding of the vision and it goes on.
Now on 24th day of 1st month, as I was by the side of the great river that is the Tigris.
I lifted my eyes and looked, and behold, a certain man clothed in linen who was waste was girded with gold of.
So Daniel is at the side of the Tigris River.
He sees a man clothed in linen, but the man isn’t just a man. He’s an angel.
He’s come to Daniel to give him a revelation from god.
He says to him, do not fear Daniel.
For from the 1st day that you set your heart to understand and humble yourself before your god, Your words were heard, and I have come because of your words.
But the czar Malhut Paris withstood me 21 days. Amazing. Amazing.
The angel is saying, sorry, I was late.
I came to give you an answer, but from the day from the day you started praying, but I was stopped.
Wasn’t because of a traffic jam. It was an angelic warfare jam.
The angel was prevented from coming to Daniel because of another entity.
The angel calls the entity the SAR Mahut Paras or the SAR Paras.
The word SAR means prince or head, chief, or captain, or general, ruler, keeper, lord, or master.
The word Mahut means kingdom. The word Paras is the same word that appeared in ezekiel 38.
That’s Persia. So it’s the SAR Piras. Who is the SAR Piras? It’s battling an angel.
So it’s involved in angelic warfare, and it’s battling against an angel of god.
So it’s an entity of evil. It’s a demonic entity.
Why did the tsar Piras try to stop the angel of god?
The angel was coming to give Daniel a revelation.
He said, now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the last days.
For the vision refers to many days yet to come.
The last days or latter days, that is part of end time prophecy.
Your people here, what’s gonna happen to your people in the last days, your people is Israel, the Jewish people.
So the prophecy the angel has come to bring us gonna focus on the Jewish people, the city of Jerusalem, in the last days, the temple of Jerusalem that is yet to be built on the Temple Mount.
And it’s gonna leak up with a book of Revelation.
The Antichrist, the end of the age, the return of Messiah.
This demonic entity is seeking to prevent the end time prophecy and revelation from being given The prophecy that requires the Jewish people to come back to the land at the time they were exiled.
For Jerusalem to be rebuilt, and the temple to be rebilled.
So the tsar Piras, the angel or demon of Persia is seeking to stop the purposes of god, to stop their fulfillment, stop the revelation before they happen.
And this demonic entity, the SAR Piras is particularly focused on the Jewish people on Israel and particularly against god’s purposes for Israel in the end times.
It’s amazing. Because this anti Israel demonic spirit is linked to one specific nation of all nations on earth purja.
Paras is Persia and Persia is Iran.
So the words Paras or thesaar Paras can be translated as the prince of Persia, the lord and ruler of Persia.
And since Persia is Iran, it can be translated as The spirit was the ruler of Iran.
A demonic spirit, ruling Iran. It’s all here in the Bible. What’s happening now?
The Prince of Persia. This unique demonic entity is linked to one particular nation, Iran.
And the title, Sarpharas, could be translated as the Persian Master or the Iranian ruler or the ruler of Iran or the lord and master of Iran.
It is the spirit whose mission is impell the nation of Persia, Iran.
To control that nation, lead that nation, impel, drive that nation, use that nation as his instrument.
Spirits do not die. So the Tsar Piras did not perish in ancient times, but still exists.
And it specifically wars against the nation of Israel and god’s end time purposes for Israel.
So what would we expect to happen? With the return of Israel to the modern world and to Jerusalem.
We would expect that it would trigger and would cause a reaction activate or reactivate the ancient war of the SAR Piras against Israel.
So an actual revelation of the spirit that is ruling Iran.
See, the the news will never tell you this. CNN will never tell you this.
It is no accident that Iran has come against the nation of Israel.
In the last days, it’s not an accident.
That it just sent all those missiles into the land of Israel. The saarpara seeks to destroy.
The purposes of god for Israel and the Jewish people seeks to stop it from rebuilding the temple to stop the coming of the messiah.
Now keep in mind, this spirit is especially against the Jewish people in the last days, and particularly the reborn nation of Israel.
When did that happen? Israel reappeared in the world beginning in the middle of the last century, 20th century.
At that time, as I told you at the beginning, Iran had good relations with Israel, but it was as if the return of Israel activated this spirit.
That it was only a matter of time before it would explode, and it exploded in the Iranian revolution.
And that’s why what has happened to Iran is not normal It’s demonic.
That’s why Iran has become this evil agent on the world stage. Now we’re not talking about Iranian people.
We’re talking about the government. And what one American president tourism, evil around the world.
Chief sponsor of terrorism. That’s why Iranian leaders have railed against Israel and have called again and again threatened again and again to destroy Israel.
What normal nation does that. No wiring weapons of mass destruction.
Nuclear weapons because demonic spirits are interested and all about destruction.
The nations of the world have tried to control Iran, contain Iran, sanction Iran.
The problem is they think they’re dealing with a nation. They’re not. They’re dealing with a spirit, a demonic spirit.
So it never works because you can’t contain a demonic spirit by diplomacy.
And as demonic spirits seek to possess, so Iran has spread itself across the Middle East, seeking to possess, to control other nations and organizations to possess them for evil.
It’s no accident that Iran’s tentacles stretch into one terrorist organization after the next, and one of those organizations is Hamas in Gaza.
It was Iran that call Hamas to fire its missiles and rockets into Israel.
That Iranian general, what was he doing in Syria when Israel struck. He was planning death and destruction.
And he was planning warfare against Israel. As the demonic spirits seek death and destruction to Israel.
That was the spirit behind October 7th.
That’s why what happened that day, that slaughter, the atrocities, the mutilation, the sadism wasn’t human. It was demonic.
And now what just happened with Iran’s direct attack on the land of Israel. It not only threatened Israel.
It threatens the region It threatens the entire world, the tsar Perras. The demonic spirits want destruction. They’re happy.
Even to see Gaza destroyed or any nation destroy. But most of all, they want Israel destroyed.
Because if they can destroy Israel, they can stop Messiah from coming.
And if they could stop him from coming, they can stop their own defeat.
Now let’s go one step deeper. Now listen to what the angel says to Daniel.
It’s just as amazing. He says, the SAR Piras withstood me.
But Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me. Michael. Who is Michael? That’s Michael.
That’s his real name, Michael. It says one of the chief princes, the word in Hebrew is SAR.
Same word describing that entity, that demonic the Sarparas, but as an angel, Michael, good angel, chief or Richon in Hebrew, the first of angels, the first of these beings, what we call an archangel.
So the angel Michahal, Michael, fights against the tsar Piras, the prince of Persia.
The prince of Iran, Then the angel calls him, Michael, your sir, your prince, your angel.
Then in Daniel 12, the angel says, Then Mikhail, the tsar, the prince, the ruler, who stands for your people, will stand up at that time of tribulation.
So get this. So behind the nation of Persia, Iran, and this, again, you’re never gonna hear this on the news, but this is the real story Behind the nation of Persia or Iran is the SAR Piras.
A demonic entity bent on stopping the purpose of god, particularly for Israel in the last days.
And behind the nation of Israel is Mihael.
The prince, the prince of your people, the tsar, Israel.
So you have the tsar Piras, the ruler of Persia, and you have the tsar Yisrael, the prince of Israel.
So with these 2 entities battling in the spiritual realm, What would we expect to happen in the natural realm on earth?
We would expect that 2 nations would become mortal enemies. And so they have.
And the 2 nations would be drawn to war to battle each other as they have.
Just as these 2 spiritual entities, Sarparas, SARS Rahele, are battling that’s exactly what you have on Earth.
Seats the spiritual realm that determines the physical realm, and it’s all here in the word of god.
Behind earthly realm and the realm of current events are spiritual realities and agents.
And behind the conflict of Israel and Iran is the conflict of 2 entities.
Each one identified 1000 years earlier, each one warring in the angelic realm.
Now the appearances of Michael in or Michael in the scriptures are rare.
Outside of the book of Daniel, the most prominent appearance is found in the book of Revelation.
It comes in the vision of the dragon. It says, and war broke out in heaven.
Mikhail Michael and his angels fought with a dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought.
In Daniel, Michael Wars Against the SAR Paras. Revelation, he wars against the dragon. What does that tell you?
The Tsar Piras ruler of Iran, wars on the side of the dragon.
The dragon is the enemy, Hassan Satan. He’s behind it all.
The dragon and the Tsar Piras were warring against Israel are warring. They were warring on October 7th.
And now all these are also behind events that have and will touch America.
Behind October 7th were the terrorists of Gaza. Behind the terrorists of Gaza was Hamas. Behind Hamas, was Iran.
Behind Iran was the ancient entity, the SAR Piras, and behind the SAR Piras is the dragon. The enemy.
On the other hand, behind Israel, is Michael, the angel. Michael. Behind Michael is Messiah.
And Messiah is and behind is the ancient of days god the holy one of Israel.
What does this tell you? What to your life, what does it tell you? Tells you god is real.
His word is true. What he foretold 1000 years ago is coming true in our own day before our very eyes.
God said Israel would come back into the world, and Israel is back in the world.
God said the world would set its focus on Israel, and the world has set its focus on Israel.
God said the nations would come against Israel, and so nations have come against Israel.
God said that in the last days, Persia, Iran specifically would become an enemy of Israel.
And so Persia, Iran has specifically become an enemy of Israel.
God said that in the last days, Iran would attack Israel. And Iran has attacked Israel.
God is real. His promises are good. His word is true. And you can depend on it.
You can stand on it. You can go all out on it. You can rise in it.
You can fight in it. You can win your fight, and you can overcome in it, and you need to do that.
What does it tell us about the spiritual realm?
Well, behind the conflict in our world is the warfare in heavenly realm.
The Tsar Piras fired his flaming arrows into the skies of Israel, but overseeing the skies of Israel is Michael.
Michael, the prince of Israel, the SAR, Israel.
And between the SAR Paras, the SAR of Persia, Iran, and the SAR Yisrael, the angel of Israel.
If I did place money, I’d place my money on the tsar, Yisrael, the angel of Israel, on the god of Israel.
You see in god, there’s no comparison. The god of Israel is god.
The god of all, so for Israel and so for you. Who are god’s people.
And by virtue of the new birth, you are children of Israel in the spirit.
No matter what you were born as you are now in the new birth born again, a child of Israel.
So for you, the enemy will fire his flaming missiles at you. But god will shoot them down.
The enemy will launch his drones against you, but god will shoot them down.
The enemy will hurl his flaming arrows against you but god will shoot them down.
Do not fear that which comes against you. Do not fear the darkness. Don’t fear the world.
Do not fear persecution. Do not fear the powers of this world or the powers of man or of kings or kingdoms because much greater, much much greater as he was in you than he who is in the world.
The one who is in you is the god of Israel.
His name is the almighty the god of all the earth.
You just follow him with all your heart and know that with god, with your god is power and strength and all victory.
For he who keeps Israel will also keep you.
And you who do in the secret place of the most high, you will abide under the shadow of the almighty.
He will be your huge and your fortress, he’ll deliver you from the trap of the Fowler.
You will not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrows or missiles that fly by day nor of the plague that walks in the darkness, because you have made the lord your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you.
He will give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways for he who keeps Israel.
Will keep you. Now you may have guessed, but there’s so much more, and we’ll do it in the days ahead.
It’s gonna be revealed. It’s gonna be connecting. To the revelation and the mystery of the dragon’s prophecy.
Israel, the dark resurrection, and the end of days is coming soon.
Keep it in prayer, but you can be the first to get it all and just go to Amazon or any place where they have books.
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These are prophetic times, dramatic times, Until next time, my friend, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and be strong in the lord.
And in the power of his might, and he will be strong for you. This is Jonathan Khan.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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  1. Fascinating – and very prophetic. So glad to read an explanation about these end times prophecies in God’s Word!

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